Affirm to Attract. We Declare what we Believe.

Affirm to attract.  This is nothing new. The Law of Attraction industry proclaims this regularly to all who will listen.  Even in the Christian world, those who ascribe to a ‘prosperity gospel’ are in the ‘name it and claim it game’, which is their own version of affirming to attract.

Those who want the end result (attracting), will curiously wander into these programs but quit and whine that it ‘doesn’t work’.  They are only half-right.  The doesn’t work part, is all on them.  They didn’t work.  They didn’t work on their belief system, and they didn’t work toward achieving the thing they wanted to attract.

The Law of Attraction is not about becoming magicians who speak something into the air and it magically appears.  There is more going on under the hood, or should I say, under the skull, than is realized or appreciated.

So, let me lift the lid for you.

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Be careful what you expose yourself to.  You might just adopt it.  Here is what Pastor Rick Warren said recently: “Some people are so open-minded their brains fall out.”


First, the correct definition of the word, AFFIRM:

According to Merriam-Webster:

verb  af·firm \ə-ˈfərm\

Definition of affirm

  • to say that something is true in a confident way
  • to show a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea)
  • law: to decide that the judgment of another court is correct

To affirm is not just to say a thing.  To affirm is to say something is TRUE and BELIEVED TO BE TRUE.

You know I’ve got to bring Bible to the table.  After all, my mission is to teach Biblical Stewardship to Christian income earners.  I would fail in my mission if I did not tie my topic to my mission.  So here goes:

2 Corinthians 4: 13 “The scripture says, “I spoke because I believed.” In the same spirit of faith we also speak because we believe”


This conversation happened in private chat, so I had to redact identity tracking portions of this; but you get the drift.  This entrepreneur was resistant to take an action based on a flawed belief.

Then, there are those who will try to chant themselves into a belief they hope to make true.  Guess what, that does not work either.  This realization is the premise for Noah St. John’s book, Afformations (Yes, that is not a typo AffORmations) is based on his journey from chanting constant affirmations that his heart rejected as untrue, no matter how many times he told himself.  In an much exaggerated example to explain this: If a thin, Chinese, Harvard graduate chants all day long, “You are an obese, ignorant Hispanic woman”, he will not believe it in his heart even if he repeats that 1000 times.

This is the same problem with the ‘name it and claim it’, game.

There is also a huge difference between a wish and a want.

Some of you are going, “Huh?”

If you do not know the difference between a wish and a want, you need an update to your internal GPS.

Our actions are driven by our beliefs.  However, our belief system can be flawed or built on incorrect data.

Affirm to Attract – How?

So, how do we affirm to attract?  Glad you asked!

If that thing we intend to affirm is not yet true, but we want it to be true, then I have one other bit of advice.

Ignore the advice to fake it till you make it.  That is a negative approach and it begins with FAKE, unreal, not true.  To affirm something you believe intrinsically as fake will not really help you make your dream come true.  I have dragged many things from the thought world into my reality, so trust me, IT CAN BE DONE!  If it can be done, then maybe – just maybe, you can do it too.

Instead, PRACTICE LIKE IT IS REAL!  I came up with this bit of wisdom from my teenage son.  He would practice football so hard, so often, he was often throwing up on the field.  I used to get mad at the Coach but he insisted John was driving himself to that point, not him.  So I asked my son why would he do that?  He responded:

“Mom, I play the way I practice, so I need to practice the way I plan to play.”

In other words, practice like it is REAL!  Each time he went at it, he visualized he was playing a real game with real stakes.  He got noticed by the top recruiters.  MIT, and Princeton came calling. Injuries prevented him from continuing that path, but Stanford University gave him a full academic ride for 4 years.  This is another example of affirming to attract what you want.  We could not afford a top school for this boy, but he wanted it badly, could not see himself going anywhere else; would not accept any other future, and believed his future included a top school.  That belief drove his actions.  That is why he studied as he did, and played as he did.  He was going to position himself for the future he believed was his.

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That fantastic thing you want – do you believe you deserve it? Do you believe it can and should be yours? Are you taking any step available to you in that direction? Unless your answer is yes to all of these, you have a wish, not a want. Belief is your missing ingredient.

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