BECOME a Profitable Christian. The Becoming (Mindset).

Become a Profitable Christian.  That certainly is my life’s goal, and I encourage you to consider this for your life too.  The thing is, BECOMING anything is a process, and within any process are various levels of mastery.  I have crossed many mile-markers along this journey.  I think this process for me, will be completed when God calls me to my eternal home.

This post is the first component of a three-part series.  Today, I will look at the decision to BECOME (Mindset).  I will update this post when I add the content for the upcoming two segments;

  • The Becoming (Money), and
  • The Becoming (Mastery).

I have already addressed The Profit Mandate for Christians in an archived article you can read (click here), and I have addressed the false assumption that Christians should adopt a lifestyle of poverty in this article (click here).  So for those who have received the idea of the Abundant life Jesus offered and the Adamic requirement of work with a profitable outcome; your next move is to display that in your own life and become a profitable Christian yourself.  The answer to HOW to transition from scarcity to abundance, from a loss position to profitability always starts with mindset.

To Become anything starts with Mindset

Mindset is defined as by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is:

Definition of mind–set

  1. 1:  a mental attitude or inclination

  2. 2:  a fixed state of mind

Becoming anything starts with a decision, a resolve, a mindset.  Even if it seems people accidentally become something, it is because they are unaware of the decisions they have made along the way and how those decisions, how their mind impacts their result.  In retrospect, it is easy to deconstruct how you ended up where you are, and you will see how a series of decisions created that end result.  This time, I am inviting you to INTENTIONAL.

taking action, dreaming, wishful thinking, manifesting, law of attraction, become,

If you intend to become a profitable Christian, then make it a forward walk in that direction. Becoming a Christian is a decision.  Becoming a profitable Christian is also a decision and one that is filled with controversy.  The idea of prosperity and Christianity is like asking some to take a walk across hot coals.  Those who do embrace a ‘prosperity gospel’ may also be going about it all wrong.

The Problem with the popular ‘Prosperity Gospel’

The laid back, ‘entitled’ mentality of the ‘name it and claim it’ game, for those who believe that being saved means cash and luxury should be faith spoken into your grasp is to take the Bible out of context and creates a dangerous reason to head to church.  These people have a god, and it is money, not the Almighty God on High.  The sad thing is, they wear the label of Christianity and create a controversy-filled dividing line within the church, and for those contemplating joining it.

The Bible must be taken as a whole book and it will never contradict itself.  It can appear to contradict itself when portions are taken out of context, and that is why many who ascribe to the common understanding of a ‘prosperity gospel’ have understood that prosperity in the void of work and hustle.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but WORK is a Biblical mandate from the creation of Adam, and prosperity comes from the result of work, also called a harvest in the pages of the Bible. Profit is the realm of more, of an abundance of prosperity.  The correct understanding of prosperity in the Gospel INCLUDES work! The mindset to become a profitable Christian requires an elevated approach to work.

I will expand on this elevated approach to work in future conversations.  For today, I just wanted to lead those who are willing to decide to become a profitable Christian, with the understanding that a change in your mindset will impact your methods, your money and most of all, your results.  It is a becoming, a process, a strategic process, that includes an elevated approach to work.

To Become is to DECIDE to Become

If you intend to become a profitable Christian, then make it is an intentional forward walk in that direction. I would be thrilled to help you on your journey.

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