You Don’t Buy Insurance for YOU! Duh! It’s a ‘Love Beyond the Grave’ Policy.

Insurance.  Ugh!  Just the word alone is a screaming reminder of your fragile mortality.  People have trouble taking action to purchase policies even when they will agree on the solution a policy can provide.

I propose to you that you are thinking about this the wrong way. Forget thinking about your death, and try thinking the same way you would about creating that wedding experience for your daughter on her ‘big’ day.  Helping your son buy his first home. Being there for those newlyweds when they have your first grandchild.  These kinds of thoughts bring up the warm fuzzies, but if you think about it, weddings, homes, and babies cost money.


Insurance Policy & Estate Planning

If you plan ahead, an insurance policy might just be the thing to surrender for the cash needed at that time, and if you have already transitioned to the other side of eternity, then the cash still represents your impact in your absence.

We are all well aware of the disparity and financial gap between the poor and the wealthy. How wealthy people think and how poor people think is where the gap actually exists, but it manifests in money.

How you think about money shows up in the area of insurance.  Insurance policies are simply financial tools and the wealthy line up to use them to their advantage.  Insurance policies are a way to divert cash, protect it from the long, greedy arm of the government, and even create money that did not exist before.    The rich embrace insurance as a strategic money move, where the poor see it as a cost, a spending, a loss of immediate cash access.

The wealthy are concerned about generational wealth and see insurance policies as a transition of wealth tool.  The poor are so focused on the now, their next meal, their next paycheck, that thinking about the next generation is a distant thought.

Proverbs 13:22 “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.

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The disparity between the poor and the rich is less about money and more about mindset. How we think triggers how we move, so poverty is less of a state of cash and more of a state of mind.

The Greedy v. The Needy

The tax man is greedy.  Your loved ones are needy.  Which do you feed?  If you do not have your estate plan in place, your family will have to wait for years then watch the tax man take the biggest piece of the pie before they can get the crumbs.

You don’t buy insurance for YOU – Duh! Insurance is never really about you.  Insurance is really for the ‘others’, whoever they may be. Life Insurance is really LOVE insurance, a ‘love beyond the grave’ policy.

The policy you buy creates a system for you to diligently extract a portion of your income for  the ‘what if’ in life.  Whole life policies have even been used as a quasi-banking tool, where you borrow from your policy to handle emergencies, rather than get that money from a bank – and repay it just as you would any other loan.

Death and taxes seem to be unavoidable, but did you know that even when you die, taxes hit you one more time like a kick in your butt on the way out?  Yep!  Death taxes grab a chunk of your estate.  The government takes one more big grab at your earnings and your heirs get the left-overs. Insurance policies can be used strategically to control death tax tolls.

If you have planned ahead, upon proof of your passing, your insurance policy will pay out immediately and provide the money your family needs for your send off party.  The grander you want it, the more you need to provide.  Have you checked out the cost of funerals lately?  Even if you want to be cremated, you are still looking at about $1000 for your urn, ashes, etc.  A basic funeral with no trimmings costs on average, about $10,000.  If you do not have this cash immediately available, your family will now have a new problem to deal with.

Within days of your passing, your family can barely cry as they make this mad scramble to return you to the dust from which God fashioned you.  The recent rash of ‘Go Fund Me’ funeral begging is a sad trend.  Is this what you want for your loved ones who are already devastated at losing you?  Now they have to beg to bury you too?

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Adulting is Required

There are many difficult things we need to do in life.  Taking tests, washing dishes, caring for incapacitated adults, and much more.  Maturity is about doing these difficult things that may not be fun but must be done.  Buying insurance is one of these adulting moments we just need to do.  You are not buying insurance for you. Insurance policies are a financial strategy to say I love you beyond the grave.


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