CALLED BY GOD, Even If You Don’t Know it.

CALLED BY GOD! No qualification required. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

1 Samuel 3:6-8
“Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord: The word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.

A third time the Lord called, “Samuel!” And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”

Then Eli realized that the Lord was calling the boy.”


This is an important passage that has massive application to every one of us. We are ALL HERE with a unique purpose whether we know God or not.

  • God does NOT call the qualified. God qualifies the called.
  • You may be aware of your calling, but like Samuel, not be aware of the SOURCE of that call.
  • We can ascribe that calling to the wrong source
  • Respond to the call
  • Grow into that call


Some of us know that we are in the wrong job or the wrong course, or the wrong group.  We many not be able to ‘put our finger’ on the why we know, but we just know.  The problem is, knowing that this is not a fit, does not indicate what the better fit should be.  The agitation around a situation should not be ignored.  That agitation is a call of your spirit to fix something, to align something, to do something else.


We all have a calling

So in 1 Samuel 3:6-8, we meet this young boy, Samuel, who is called by God

In 1 Samuel 16:11-13, we meet another.  David is the youngest of the sons of Jesse, a shepherd tending sheep.  This shepherd boy has a calling too.  God has called the most unqualified boy to one day be King of Israel.

We all have a calling.  This calling shows up in our childhood.  We just need to be in tune to the divine to pick up on it this early.  Parents should encourage their children to explore their talents, gifts and interests from an early age, and invest in their exploration and in improving them.  Those that do, give their children an incredible advantage.  These children grow up with a better quality of life simply because they were encouraged to investigate things and plunge into areas they find they enjoy.


Called, even if we do not know the Caller

So we see that Samuel does not know God.  Funny, Samuel lives in the Temple under the highest Priest of the land – and yet the scripture tells us Samuel did not know God.  Well, I could run with just this nugget right here because I think there are many who would wear the label of Christian that are just like Samuel, but I will leave that for another day.

Samuel assumes that Eli was calling him.  The calling was clear, the source was not.  That passion, talent, gift, and bright future many run toward, they do it knowing the rightness of it, without knowing that that calling was ordained by God.  You do not need to know God, to be called by God.  When you are aware of the calling on your life to be __________ (fill in the blank; a doctor, an NFL football player, an online marketer, etc.) you may be sure you are in your ‘happy place’, but not realize why this is such a perfect fit for you.  You respond to a call, but you are unaware of the caller.

Called then Qualified

God does not call the qualified.  Samuel is a child, David the shepherd was also a child at the time of their calling.  Samuel was at least living under the High Priest at the time of his calling so Samuel was already in the place of his future.  David, on the other hand was as far away from his future role as possible.  Who would ever think a shepherd could become King?  Today, we have lots of rags to riches, Pauper to CEO stories that amaze us too.  Where you start does not have to define where you end up.  God qualifies who He calls.


Called, then What? The Response.

Read the entire chapter of 1 Samuel 3 for the context, you will find that God tells this child he will become the High Priest and shares some other prophecy that will clear the way to usher that time in.  God qualifies who He calls.  Samuel would fulfill this job many years later and it would take years to qualify for that top spot.  Here is the takeaway here.  Even when you know your calling, it may take time to fill that spot.  In the mean time, walk in that direction.  Keep learning, keep honing your craft, keep working toward that thing.  When David was a Shephard boy, he was called to be the future King of Israel.  Another example of a calling that would take years to manifest.  Another example of being called by a God you do not know for a job that seems remote from your current experience.

Grow into Your Calling

In the stories of the boy Samuel, and the boy David, the moment they were aware of their calling their lives changed.  They went into training and preparation mode for an experience that would manifest much later in their lives.  We need to grow into our calling.

David, left the sheep to visit his brothers who were soldiers in the army of the current King.  He also ended up in the King’s court as a musician, and later became a soldier himself.  In David’s case, he got within visual distance of the future role. Some of us are there.  Close enough to smell the future, a future still distant.  What I also love about this Bible story is, all the skills David had fed into his future, contributed to his forward move.

Samuel still served under Eli the High Priest for several years while he trained to become a Priest himself.

Personal development is an investment in your person.  As far as I am concerned, this is the best return on investment (ROI) ever!  Investing in you will always pay better than the stock market, real estate or even gold.

Take Action

  1.  You have a calling; acknowledge it, explore it, and invest in it.
  2. Need clarity?  Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.  I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard with customized responses.
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    Great post Trudy. Personal development is everything. As soon as you stop learning, you stop progressing!

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