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Confidence is the number one criteria for high performance, according to High-Performance Trainer, Brendon Burchard.

I am a student of Brendon Burchard’s High-Performance program and in his research with top performers (Olympic athletes, Oprah, etc.), he concluded that their response to this statement;”I have the confidence to achieve my goals regardless of the hurdles”,  correlated to their high score in other measured areas of the survey.

Confidence is HUGE!


Confidence is a scarce quality

So few have this quality and any little they have is easily derailed by hurdles such as:

  • the opinion of others
  • rejection
  • financial challenges
  • and more.


My friend, Sheena Yap Chan has had a Confidence blog where she has interviewed hundreds of powerful women who have discovered confidence over time. I was privileged to be one of her interviewees.  One common denominator is their lives before discovering this inner strength was weaker and less fulfilling.  Life after discovering or developing confidence was more powerful and purposeful.  Confidence was the turning point to being able to take risks and move more courageously in life.

As I contemplated Burchard’s confidence survey statement, I realized I could honestly answer that I have the confidence to achieve my goals regardless of the hurdles, and I dug deeper to see why do I have this belief, when did I find it, and what is the source.  Having considered this, I realized for the Christian, this is easy to have and get right now.

Confidence Resources

Christians, in my opinion, have an incredible resource to tap that is not available to those who do not ascribe to this life path. Non-Christians may have other resources, but for the most part, they get it from association with powerful things, have to look inside themselves for certainty or develop it within themselves over time. Christians have an external, immediate, powerful source for confidence should they choose to tap into it.

confidence, hero,

Confidence allows the ordinary person to take bold, heroic moves in their lives.


The Apostle Paul declares in Philippians 3:3-4 “[ ] We do not put confidence in human qualifications, even though I certainly have grounds for putting confidence in such things. If anyone else thinks he has grounds for putting confidence in human qualifications, I have better grounds [ ]”

I have “better grounds” too, and if you have had a salvation experience, so do you.

The confidence conversation cannot be comprehensively discussed in this post.  For today, I wanted to encourage you to think about your own inner belief, and if you are a Christian, on your ability to grow in this area of your life.


Biblical Confidence

The Bible has a lot to say about confidence.  In the King James Version, the word ‘confidence’ appears 39 times.  If you use the Complete Jewish Bible, as I do, the word ‘confidence’ appears 23 times.  However, confidence is also covered through other words such as courage, faith, and trust, to name a few, in which case there are now hundreds of references for you.

I was a headline speaker at a Christian Women’s Retreat in October of 2016, and with a whole weekend dedicated to this topic, I assure you – confidence as a topic was still not exhausted. These women gathered to this retreat because confidence is a coveted strength that lends boldness to any life journey.  These women wanted confidence, or to increase their level of personal tenacity.  Confidence is an intangible quality that people are spending time and money to acquire, and we Christians have a powerful FREE resource that we should be tapping into, DAILY!  I encourage you to start now!


My favorite Bible verse that fills me with belief in my ability to overcome is:
Psalm 20:7 “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

This verse captures the resource dividing line between non-Christians and Christians.

Confidence Creates Boldness

Chariots and horses represent confidence received from the power of things. Christians are not immune to receiving from this source.  Certain clothes we put on may make us feel instantly more confident.  Driving a certain car, being a part of a certain club. Things can impart confidence to people, no doubt about that.  However, these things can fail and the permanence of this confidence is often limited to our interaction with the thing. Soldiers without weapons have less boldness going into a fight than when they are outfitted with everything they believe they need for the fight.

The Bible has rich stories of war victories where the odds were crazy stacked against the faithful, yet they boldly entered the fight knowing God was fighting for them and with them. Judges 7 shares my favorite story where an entire battalion of soldiers was eliminated without a single bit of effort from the God confident side.

Godly confidence is available to all Christians.  This fortitude is not understood by those who do not possess this faith, nor can it be easily explained, it defies logic, and it cannot be packaged for resale.


  • If you would like to have Biblical confidence and you do not currently have it, reach out to me and I will share my faith with you, and help you decide if this is a position you can come to in you own belief system.
  • If you claim Christianity as your belief foundation, and you do not currently feel you have tapped into this confidence resource, pray right now and do your own Bible study on this. I love www.BibleGatewaycom as a Bible research resource.  You can choose your Bible version and do word searches through that Bible version here.  Feel free to reach out to me as well.
  • If you have Godly confidence, but it is not showing up as power in your life to help you deal with the hurdles that life presents – then dig deeper into the Word of God and through prayer and be like the Apostles who in Luke 17:5 asked. “The apostles said to the Lord, “Show us how to increase our faith.”


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