Cut Your BS (Bull Sh*t) and Find your BS (Best Self).

BS!  That’s all this is – utter BS!  I have heard enough of it to smell it from the setup.  Some call it excuses, reasons, justifications, WHATEVER!!!!  At the end of the day, these are word dances AWAY from the very goals people claim they desire in their lives.

I am not a Life-Coach, nor intend to be.  My mother is a Therapist, and I have heard enough of the crap spewed from folks claiming to come for a fix, but what they really want is an ear to dump their rehashed nonsense they tell themselves over and over again – hoping for an agreeing ear.  For the most part, Therapists encourage this verbal dumping of emotional junk, and I knew I wanted no part of it.


I am a Stewardship Consultant.  There is a difference between a Coach and a Consultant. Click here for an earlier program I did with others on the Coaching Business.

The simplest way to explain this is: Coaches get on the field and involved in the process while Consultants direct the process from a position where we have a better bird’s eye view. It truly is difficult to stay in the Consultant space or the Coaching space definitively, and occasionally there will be a blending or bleed over between the two.

As with any professional, I focus in on a niche.  Stewardship is Biblical jargon for the secular term – Management.  Christians understand Stewardship – or they should.  It starts with an understanding that everything we have is really God’s.  We simply get to control what He has put in our hands.  Some get more to control than others, but all of us have to give an account of what we have done with what He has given to us.  Those who are faithful with a little can be entrusted with more, and get more.  Those who are not faithful with what they have, will not be given more, and even what they have – they tend to lose. For the Bible context, read Matthew 25:14-30.

BS, unfair, unequal distribution,


EVERYTHING God has put under our control should be managed to a profitable outcome. This is the Profit Mandate that Christians live under, and so few acknowledge; let alone, attempt to live up to.  This is why I stepped into this arena, this niche.  It was an under-served, urgent market, for an audience that often deny they even belong to (closet/secret Christians).

People want to offer excuses for not being who they were called to be, who they should be, who they want to be.  To accept responsibility for where they are is to accept their role, and it is way easier and less painful to point the finger somewhere else.

This is what the steward with the one talent did.  Burying our full potential is what we are good at.  We have honed this ability to bury, not do, do less, be average, that anything else is just too much to ask.  So we sing in the shower, rather than pursue a singing career.  We tinker with the hobby, rather than push a product to the marketplace.  Then we whine about why we feel inadequate, unappreciated, uncelebrated, uncompensated.  Worse, we complain about losses to the little we started out with.  It is all explained in Matthew 25:14-30.  Please read this story for yourself.

Get out of the BS and into your BS

With a single decision, you can turn your life completely around.

Of course, I have another Bible story for you.  This one is about the Prodigal son.  You can read that story here Luke 15:11-32. In a nutshell, this young man did not want to wait for his old man to die to get his inheritance so he asked for it now and got it.  He left home, squandered it all, and found himself working with a pig farmer, and being hungry enough to consider eating some of the pig slop.  For a Jew, this was a very low place to end up.  So, this man decided to swallow his pride and return home, with a plan to step into a servant role because even the servants in his father’s household had a better life than he ended up creating for himself.

This story has so much relevance here.  Many of us end up with a life we absolutely hate, but will not acknowledge the decisions we made along the way to bring us to this sad place.  However, it also shows that with a single decision, this young man went from hanging with pigs, to an elevation (if only mentally in this moment) to a servant in his father’s home.  That single decision changed his life and made him step away from the slop, and head in the direction of home.  This story, of course, has a very happy ending because his father restored him to his rightful place as his heir, rather than treat as a servant as he expected.  Good things happen when we take action toward our better self.

This is nothing new.  When you sign your marriage certificate, you are married.  When you sign the closing documents, you own the house.  These outcomes were triggered by a single decision.

In other words, CUT THE BS (Bull Sh*t) and become your BS (Best Self).  I can help.  WARNING!  You will not find a dumping ground for your crap here.  Once I help you see it, you will be invited to bag it up and torch it.  With a lighter load, and a cleaner slate, you will find navigating to your BS (Best Self) is much easier and even faster.  Connect with me for a zero obligation consultation.  I guarantee you will receive the gift of feeling heard, and if it is a mutual fit, we can discuss a continued relationship later.



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