CYA. Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets

CYA is a well-known acronym for ‘cover your ass’, a strategy that is understood in the situation where the activities could leave you exposed to problems later, so you create an insurance cover, possibly by documenting and holding on to evidence you may need later. It is also the acronym that summarizes my work.

I have been in prayer, asking God for a short phrase to capture what I do and I finally got it!

Have you heard the phrases, Just do it or  never leave home without it,?  These are catchy slogans that communicate an effective directive.  I have been in prayer asking God for a tagline that captures my work in a short directive and I got ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’


I hope one day it will be a catchy thought that resonates with many, for now, it definitely captures in a few words an effective directive to my audience who follow the work I do.

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I am thrilled to have this 7-word phrase, CYA: ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’.  There are so many things that I do and I have been very strategic about them.  I do not  have all my eggs in one basket because I learned the hard way that because things move in cycles and seasons, it is wise to have multiple streams of income.  Yes, there will be main streams and passive streams but I encourage you to have multiple streams.

If you follow me at all, you know that I teach Biblical Stewardship, Christian jargon for the management of what God has put under our control.  I teach Biblical Stewardship, moving Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth and give generously to the things that touch their heart.

To execute that mission, I offer various products, programs, and presentations, which to some may appear that I am into many things.  The danger for any entrepreneur is to appear scattered.  In the pursuit of multiple streams of income, I have found it very strategic to think vertically or horizontally.  Instead of having random activities that could each be a distraction or need a different focus and energy, it is better to have activities that support and feed into each other.



Under the phrase, ‘Create Your Abundance’, I help Christian income earners shift their focus from debt management to wealth creation.  It seems that within the Christian finance space, the focus is on debt management.

I understand the heart of the Christian in debt. I am convinced Christians in debt are not in debt because they do not have morals or intentions to repay, but their income does not support their lifestyle so that thing that costs a few hundred dollars more than their income is funded with debt.  However, earning more income is a faster strategy for eliminating debt that simply doing without, doing less, sacrificing more, and telling the kids no all the time.

There are many ways I help the Christian income earner create their abundance.  First, I determine if my client has a job or is an entrepreneur because the strategies will be different to both.  These include but are not limited to, publishing your book, learning to create your own online or digital product, investing, creating a prosperity mindset, expanding your online reputation and influence to reach and impact more prospects, and even income opportunities.

Under the phrase, ‘Cover Your Assets.’, my team and I offer financial products such as mortgage insurance, life insurance, income for life opportunities, and legal resources.  These truly do ‘CYA -cover your ‘ass’ from exposure to loss.
Without a doubt, the 7-word phrase, create your abundance and cover your assets is a quick overview of what I do and spares the mouthful of all these things I just said.

If you look again at that list, before you decide all these streams seem disconnected,  I assure you they are not.  I can hardly offer to help the Christian income earner create their abundance without having the tools, resources and structure to do so.  Having helped them address their prosperity, it seems unfinished to leave that abundance exposed to loss.


Networking Application

Can you sum up what you do in a short phrase too?  When we get introduced to others at a networking event, it is vital that you have your ‘elevator pitch’ so to speak that gives a solid summary of what you do, and possibly open the door to a genuine conversation to learn even more.

Prayers do get answered,  I had this one before the Lord for weeks and I finally got this 7-word phrase ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’, or CYA (squared).

If you are a Christian income earner, you are the person I am best suited to help.  While my strategies would work with most people, my work is salted with lots of scripture and the Bible is without a doubt, the authority and credibility I rely on more than all the credentials I have earned in the financial industry.  I hold qualifications as a Paralegal, a Real Estate Broker, an Insurance Agent, an Instructor Trainer for Safety Services, Youtube certifications and more. This does not include my experience as a professional writer, radio host and more.  These would indeed be a mouthful to share and could seem disconnected to the average prospect, but when it is summed up under the simple phrase that I move Christian income earners to create their abundance and cover their assets, this is simple if left at that, and hopefully opens the door for a conversation to share more.


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