Decisions. What If…? How Documenting Destroys Delays.

Decisions.  Sometimes we hate to make them, and some are truly hard to make.  Especially the ones surrounding death and dying.

What if…?  What if…?

If you or a loved one suddenly passed, would the immediate family know where your financial paperwork was, who had the right to access it, and how?

I truly believe that eternal life is so encoded in our DNA (Ecclesiastes 3:11) that none of us naturally think about death, want to think about death and avoid the discussion for the most part.  However, death is a fact of life and I am challenging you to give it a moment of consideration for the sake of those around you who matter the most.  There are some decisions that just must be faced.

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  • Do you have a will?
  • Where is it?
  • Is there a Power of Attorney?
  • Is there an insurance policy and who do we contact to notify about the passing?



These are some of the urgent decisions that must be addressed and executed within a very short window of time, once someone is deceased.

Amidst the tears, someone has to take the reigns and take care of business, and we can make this grief-stricken job easier with a bit of forethought and action.

Below are two FREE resources for you.  At the very least, it will get you thinking about some of the things you should have in place, or check with your aging parents about.

Take Action




1. If you do not already have funds to take care of final expenses, please connect with me to discuss options within your budget. (USA residents only)

Some options to consider in the meantime are:

  • Burial expense policies
  • Mortgage insurance policies (these pay the mortgage totally off, for a set number of months or years to allow an easier transition time once an income earner has passed)
  • Life insurance policies (term or whole)
  • There are other options; of course, please connect with me for a more customized discussion of your needs.

2. Please do not ignore these decisions AGAIN!  In the case of your aging parents, approach them with these very questions and forms.  Tomorrow is not promised.  When you love someone, you take action that shows you clearly considered their challenges in a difficult time.

3. Have more questions? Need more help? I am super simple to find, and I do look forward to connecting with you.  Connect with me here and set up a time for us to chat.

Resource #1:  PLEASE PRINT this form for your private records, DO NOT SUBMIT it to me.  Once you create this document, PRINT IT and place it in your safe, with your lawyer, or a trusted family member.


Resource #2: PLEASE PRINT this form for your private records, Do NOT SUBMIT it to me. Once you create this document, PRINT IT and place it in your safe, with your lawyer, or a trusted family member.



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