Get Out of Obscurity! Why Being Popular Feeds Your Bottom Line.

Obscurity is the bane of success.  If no one knows you, you will find it difficult to be prosperous.  Even if you want a j-o-b, who knows you helps fast track this goal too.

  • the state of being unknown, inconspicuous, or unimportant.
  • a thing that is unclear or difficult to understand.

Is there a fast track to success?  I think so.  In fact, I know so.

The fast track to success is – to achieve Popularity, Celebrity, or Rock Star status.

Those in the news get their message out the fastest and with the most impact.  So, for those of you who like being behind the scenes as I did, if you have a message, product or program you want to share, getting out of obscurity is the fastest way to that goal being accomplished.

Popular kids, athletes, and members – we all know them. That’s the thing – we ALL know them. Even though popular people may not be identified as ‘celebrities,’ they are, and they have fans who subconsciously follow them.  These people have fast credibility and strong influence. Big companies look out for these people, and soon you see them being given freebies so they wear a certain thing, drink a certain thing, or get invited to certain places because these companies are anticipating that their ‘fans’ will follow, and we do.

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I love my solitude; I tended to shy away from crowds, and most of all – I preferred to be ‘behind the scenes.’  However, this was the recipe for obscurity and obscurity will not help me accomplish my goals, nor get this urgent message of Profitable Stewardship out to those who need to hear it. From as early as I can remember, I hated the spotlight.  I remember a moment that my family shares for laughs often, I won a prestigious award as a child, and my family, so proud all gathered to watch me go forward to collect it.  I got a new dress and enjoyed dressing up for the event, however, as the moment came closer panic welled up in me, and when they called my name I threw a tantrum and did not want to leave my seat to go on stage to collect my award.  I drew attention to myself that day – the WRONG KIND of attention and that left me scarred. I never wanted to go on stage ever again.

Later as an older teenager, I was nominated Ms. St. Hughs – my high school alma mater along with a few other potential candidates.  We needed to start our campaign to win the spot.  I did the ground level campaign no problem, but this was not a beauty contest, and I had to earn the votes through three areas: speech, a talent, and student votes.  Guess what, I won by a landslide in the student votes, but was booted off stage for the talent because I was paralyzed in front of the crowd.  Because I could not share my speech or talent on stage, I did not win and had another embarrassing memory to my timeline.  By the way, this full story is shared in the audio version of this post.  Click to listen.

Fast forward to today. I can stand before an audience and share.  A few years ago, I decided to learn how to step out of this discomfort, and today, I easily present on stage, make videos, and appear before audiences without that fight or flight fear taking control over my destiny.

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Getting out of obscurity is the best way to ensure FAST SUCCESS!   This is why Donald Trump – like him or hate him, has so much free publicity,  His Presidential campaign has cost significantly less than all the other candidates because almost everything he does is considered ‘newsworthy’ and those who love him, but even more so – those who hate him, are all talking about him.

Get out of obscurity.  People do business with people.

Companies are built on the reputations of their leaders, and eventually, you will lend the company some of your credibility and popularity; but it all starts with you.

So as I studied those who have had massive success in their space of influence I came up with two common strategies, that each break down to several components. I have begun to use many of them and figured I would share them with you too.


Getting out of obscurity requires offline and online strategies.

Offline strategies tend to be more local efforts.  If you have a brick and mortar location, for example, you want customers, visitors, and others to be walking in through your door.

Local advertising, speaking at local events, being a member of the local chamber of commerce, being a volunteer in high profile charity events, your signage and your prominent easy to find location are just some offline strategies that will help bring traffic and more customers to your door or visitors to your church.

Because I did not have a brick and mortar, I honestly neglected building in this area, an error I am working to correct.

Those of us who have built online businesses, should not forget the value of offline efforts of getting out of obscurity.  I shared the value of attending local events to building your online business in one of my recent shows, but let me tell you, if you do not have some measure of popularity in your own home town, creating your own event and putting butts in those seats is nearly impossible.  For those of you in Network Marketing or Direct Sales, try inviting people to hear your presentation whether at a home party or at a hotel event and see how important it is to have that offline connection and popularity.  Popular people with local fans can fill that room fast and will see success faster than those who are in obscurity and no one knows you.

However, just because you have a physical location and a geographic boundary does not mean you should not play in the online space to help build your brand and the popularity that takes you out of obscurity.

Your website will be the most important bridge to your online and offline success.  Today, those who live in your town are doing online searches to find services they need.  If you do not have a website, or you have an ineffective website, you will miss out on local traffic and the income that comes with it.  Most times my family orders meals from local restaurants online.  Some deliver after receiving the order, some make the order and hold it for our pick up.  Some we simply research while we decide where we will go to enjoy our next date night.  Your business must have a website.  Your online presence can and should increase your offline success.

There are many online strategies that can boost your popularity, and these are actually quite easy to get done, even if they are not easy to do yourself.  I love technology, so I do a lot of my own online stuff, but trust me, I know my limits and I hire out much of it.

This podcast is an example of an online effort to come out of obscurity.  Writing blogposts are another way, but websites, blogposts and podcast get found faster with the proper SEO search enging optimization, and a better Alexa score.

SEO and your Alexa score can be impacted by behind the scenes technological help.  I use a software engineer to help me with much of this, and the results he has achieved for me are not only measurable, but powerful.

Within the offline and online, strategies you still need to:

  • show up, and show up consistently
  • offer content of value, that people will want to engage with.

I stay away from deliberately creating negative posts just for the sake of being a ‘devil’s advocate’, but I do not shy away from controversial conversations that apply to my industry.  Controversy is a great way of getting out of obscurity.

There are so many free platforms that help you build your online presence and as Grant Cardone says, if you have a favorite social media, you do not understand social media.

Periscope, youtube, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn are all free.  These platforms help to build your brand and share your message to a global community for free.  Within those platforms are strategies to increase your visibility even more – become even more popular.  However, you cannot bump up something that does not exist so if you are not already using these free platforms you need to start.  Once you start, show up, show up consistently, and provide content that people will want to engage in, then boost that even more with SEO and other technological strategies that move your brand to the front of the room

You cannot lead from the back of the room.  Decide right now to get out of obscurity. Step up on the stage and step up there boldly, confidently, and urgently.  Your success will fast track when you do.

Take Action1.  Share this content with someone who needs to hear it.  You have an offer or message to share, and you know others that do too.  Share this content and together we can all fast track out of obscurity.

2. Get those tongues wagging.  Embrace the haters. They move your message along too.  As Grant Cardone says, today they love me, tomorrow they hate me both days I get paid.

3. If you want more help with getting out of obscurity, I am launching a new course:  

                                  Building your Reputation

Offline and Online strategies to fast track you out of obscurity and into success.

Interested in getting information on the launch and more details?  Connect with me via the link here and updates will be shared with you so you do not miss out.

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    I enjoyed your post Trudy. Can’t make a difference in our lives and others by staying in obscurity all the time. Appreciate you creating this!

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