Heroes Never Die! Be the Hero of Your Family in 6 Easy Steps.

“Heroes Never Die!”  A famous line from the video game, Overwatch.  My sons play this game and I hear these words ring out from the game console over and over.  There is much truth to those words.

In our human reality, heroes do die, yet they do live on in our hearts, memories, and through the legacies of their time on earth.

Who are Your Heroes?

Many we call heroes are heroes because they did something courageous, or they died a sacrificial death, as is often the case of our military.

However, there are other heroes that may never be celebrated by the media or by a large population; heroes to a tiny few, but just as much a hero. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, good friends, athletes, co-workers in the emergency room and so on.  People whose actions demonstrated love, sacrifice, care, generosity and more.  No one else may think them to be heroes but you, but that is all it takes.

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I have attended many funerals in my time.  I even gave the Eulogy at my grandmother’s funeral.  My grandmother was definitely my hero. As people go up to share how the life of the dearly departed has impacted theirs in memorable ways, I walk away knowing a hero was among us.  A hero who did die, but lives on.  Heroes never die!


Heroes Leave Legacies

Everyone leaves the legacy of memories.

Memories are a lasting legacy that we all will leave behind; some good, some bad, Not all legacies are worth celebrating.  For example, some leave a legacy of abuse, and the celebration is that they have died and the abuse will now stop.

Some also leave a legacy that is in more tangible form.



One of my teachers, Grant Cardone – often shares the story of his dad who worked hard to provide his family with a nice home, in a nice neighborhood with a nice lifestyle.  However, his dad died in his mid 50’s, leaving behind young children and a wife who had no real income commanding skills.  They soon found themselves trading the life they knew for a significantly poorer version, as his mother attempted to live within the limited means left behind.  That experience influenced his decision to become obsessed with leaving a legacy that would be continuous and almost indestructible no matter what life, the economy or anything else threw his way.  He decided to build a wealth so generous that his wife and children would never have to give up the lavish lifestyle he has created for them.  Today, Grant Cardone is a multi-millionaire hoping to become a multi-billionaire in his lifetime and beyond.  That is because Grant has built generational wealth.  Passive income that will continue even after his time on earth has passed.

Many celebrities have done this.  For example, Michael Jackson’s wealth probably exceeds what he had access to in his lifetime as his records and assets continue to earn passive income over and over again.

It is possible to leave more than just memories behind.  This is my journey, and I share it here with you.

Leaving Your Legacy

The Bible tells us that a good person leaves a generation for their children’s children.  That can be interpreted to mean they bypassed leaving it for their kids and instead to their grandchildren, or it could also mean they left enough for their children and grandchildren. Some wealthy people build orphanages, hospital wings, or create financial foundations that distribute funds to worthy causes long after they have left life on this side of eternity.

Leaving a legacy beyond memories is very possible, but it must be decided and enacted on during your lifetime.

It is not enough to just generate wealth, there should be strategies in place for its distribution too, or else the government will decide that for you, and they tend to take the lion’s share for themselves. This is called Probate.

Failure to leave a legal directive on how your legacy should be distributed allows your government to decide that for your family. If you have special needs dependents, this is even more important.  The probate process is time-consuming and creates a massive loss of assets along the way.


Be A Hero in 6 Easy Steps

Here are 6 easy steps to be the hero of your family and those you love:

Take Action


1. During your lifetime, be loving and be expressive of that love.

2. Spend time creating special memories.

3. Consider your family beyond your need for your own survival.  There is nothing wrong with building wealth so generous you have more than enough for you to have a quality of life NOW while leaving a contribution to your children’s children.

4. Use strategic financial tools like insurance, a Will or Trusts, to direct the distribution of your assets and legacy to those people and organizations of your choosing and eliminate a government probate from taking that away.

5. Use (DO NOT SUBMIT) this ‘Just In Case’ form to document your vital information for your family

6. Connect with me for a consultation on how to set up your financial legacy through income expanding and protection strategies.



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