Your Higher Purpose PULLS YOU. Find it.

Higher Purpose.  Find it. Let it pull you higher than your own abilities to climb.


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Pulling you Higher

I recently read an article about the top 10 tips this Pastor got in his first year of planting a new church.  I was stunned that the same tips to build a brand new church in a new location, were excellent tips for building a brand new business – especially, an MLM one.


This was completely resonating with me because I have been part of church plants before, and I have started new businesses, and when it comes to building an MLM, I was floored at the similarity in the steps.

I had to pause and go into massive personal reflection.  Why?  I concluded reading that article knowing deep inside that I found it far easier to plant and build a church than I did to build my business, especially the MLM I am a part of.  It took days after reading that article and making the video below, to finally write this post.

Here is the video

I have been in deep contemplation about my higher purpose because if you follow me you would know that not only am I unapologetic about my Christian faith, but it is the source of my credibility and authoritativeness in the work I do.  So how could I still be wondering about MY higher purpose  Had I not already found it?

I kept thinking and thinking and thinking.  The one thing that kept surfacing was the fact that I have never been paid for my efforts in a church plant, yet I worked harder than if a paycheck was forthcoming.  With my income generating business – I could not push with the same sense of righteousness.  Is money STILL an issue for me?

One thing is for sure,

I know that I have no love of money – however, I know that money is just a tool, an important tool, a vital tool to that could do lots of fantastic things and help me serve more people at a higher level.  I have never worked FOR money.  When someone brings the “how much I can make benefit forward”, I get an immediate aversion to that thing.  If I am going to do it, I will do it because I want to do it, NOT because of how much it can make it.  Money is a RESULT for me, NEVER a reason.  This is why I think I find it easier to church plant.  Money is never a reason for that goal; at least, not for any church I have been a part of.  Money remains a tool for the most part in the world of faith.  Yes, like anything, church does get tainted by the few who make it look bad for the majority – but I never hang with that crowd.

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No matter how I feel right now, this is still an issue I am doing soul searching on, but one thing is for sure, finding

Is Your WHY your Higher Purpose?

As Coaches or Mentors ask you your WHY?  Why do you do what you do – most of us quickly declare that our families are our driving fuel to work on and in our entrepreneurial adventures.  However, so many of us give up along the way in our building efforts.  Are our families that de-motivating?  Is your business building a desire or an obligation?  Is it love, or is it duty?  Is it a joy or is it a must do?

I propose it is all of these things, but most of all, it needs to be love. Love will help us do what is right, even when it is not fun.  Love will help find the joy in the work.

This love I speak of is not just your passion for the thing you do, but more importantly, your love for those you serve.  The kind of love that made Mother Theresa help the lepers in India, that had Princess Dianna take her gloves off when shaking hands with HIV patients.  The kind of love that made Jesus leave heaven’s glory and die on a cross for us.

higher purpose, love those you serve,

                                                Know this…
                                              I LOVE YOU!

We have been called to love, and if we can find this love, we will have found that engine that pulls us from above to a higher place than our efforts, energy and resources could take us.

With that said, I recommit myself to all of you.  It is my honor and privilege to serve those Christian income earners who desire as I do to become a Profitable Steward.  To be so moved to respect what God has put under our control and move it to a profitable outcome, so that one day we can hear the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I love you all.

Thank you3

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