How to Get Debt Free Wealth in 7 Years or Less!

Debt Free Wealth

Debt Free Wealth! It is not just a nice thought. It can be your reality, and depending on your dedication to that goal, it could be sooner than you think!

If two people earn $2000/month, but one has bills that total $2050 and the other has bills that total $500, the one with the fewer bills can live a better quality of life on that $2000 income. Very often, the thing robbing us from a better quality of life is not the income we feel is inadequate to our needs, but the debt that sucks the value out of every dollar we earn.

Debt Free Wealth

Becoming debt free and having debt free wealth should be a driving goal, so urgent it dominates your financial thinking. If you are tired of being broke! If you are tired of being a slave to to those you owe! If you are tired of literally seeing your income disappear within hours of receiving it, only to be broke days before the next in-flow; then you should be desperate for debt free wealth.

Even within your current income, there are strategies for beginning your adventure to debt freedom. The first thing is to start from where you are right now! Do not wait for some magical thing to happen, or for some future date. Start right now beginning with your personal decision to live debt free from here on.

To Be Debt Free, first be Debt Wise

The next thing is to know exactly where you are – debt wise.

Got Debt?  Get Debt Wise.

I know this is the scariest step, but trust me, it is the most important. Man up to your status, forgive yourself for it, and dig into deleting that debt. You may need to consider bankruptcy. It is no longer considered shameful or embarrassing because many people with good credit have been forced into it since 2008 due to the economic recession. If you can avoid bankruptcy – good, but if you do choose that route, remember, bankruptcy statistics show many never learn the debt free lifestyle, and go on to have multiple bankruptcy filings in their life.

The thing is, thousands of your yet to be earned dollars are already earmarked for your debtors. If you use the Equifax Debt Wise(TM) product recommendation above, you will get an honest display of the hundreds of thousands of dollars and the number of years projected for your financial enslavement you while you go mindlessly about swiping that credit card. You can also choose to follow the recommended Fast Pay Plan that same program offers to delete your debt and KEEP THAT MONEY and your income earning years for yourself!

Once you follow the Fast Pay Plan and begin to see your debt melt away, continue to see that debt payment as a source of funds that are not for your daily living. Instead, put it into safer holding /investment options that will begin to accumulate and grow your wealth. Now you are on the path to debt free wealth!

Get Debt Free Wealth

Of course, you will delete debt even faster if you increased your income. The trick is, to establish a stream of income may even create a hedge against a job loss. Gold and Silver Biz Opp by dfwbcorp

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

Another of my recommendation that has saved many families is: Do not create joint debt! Allow your spouse to be an authorized user on your credit card instead of a co-signer. That way, if you need to file bankruptcy, the debt is not simply shifted to your spouse forcing you both to declare bankruptcy. That also allows for expansion of your ability to invest later. If you wanted to purchase a car or home, you can each trade off on who purchases which since the burden of both purchases is not reflected jointly in your in credit scores. Also, should the unlikely event of a divorce happens – either spouse is not immediately financially destroyed because they now individually carry a burden for a partner that is no longer contributing financially.

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