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Please check back on this page from time to time as I anticipate adding new opportunities I feel blessed or comfortable to be associated with.  I go for win/win/win opportunities!  If it is mentioned here, please understand, I may earn something for recommending it to you. So you win, I win, and charities I support win as I am better able to give, and give more.

The charities I support are:

Bridging Freedom:  A local, Tampa Florida based Therapeutic environment for rescued victims of sex trafficking.

A Kid’s Place: A local, Tampa Florida non-profit, providing Foster Care and a loving home to abused, neglected & abandoned kids.

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BeachBody Become a Beachbody Coach / Distributor. There are many wellness opportunities but few with a fitness focus. Amazingly, all the other opportunities that indicate they help with wellness, those leaders DO exercise, but if you listen carefully, they tend to suggest and imply that it is simply the use of their product line that brings weight loss and improved health. We all know that exercise is a key component of any effective wellness strategy. If you exercise as part of your health routine, this is the easiest way to become a Coach without taking certification exams. Of course, you can if you want to, and those are available. Many Certified Fitness Trainers also come on board to an an additional income stream and offer digital resources to their existing clients. This is a Network Marketing opportunity, however, you can run it like a traditional retail or service business and still make an income with a client only base. Recruiting other leaders is an OPTION that allows you to expand your business, influence, and income. Click Here
Write YOUR Book Become an author and add your book to the major online stores for an additional income stream, but even more so, for the extra credibility it offers you as an Expert in your space. Being an Author opens other doors such as speaking engagements, or being a guest on radio, TV and other media. Trudy is a multiple published author. She also helps you self-publish your book. That means, you retain 100% rights to your work. This is an ala carte opportunity helps you get your story done, even if you have to share it via a private recording which is converted to text, and even editing services are available. Already have it written and edited? Then Trudy will help you format it for publishing either as an Ebook Print book or both; and submit it to the popular book retailers such as Amazon for you, with 100% of those book sale funds directed to your bank account.  Click Here
Become an Affiliate of Debt-Free WEALTH Academy Debt-Free WEALTH Academy is where Trudy delivers most of her online courses that she created. Share the courses with your audience, and share in the income generated when someone signs up  Coming Soon.  If you are ready to do this, and the link is not here yet, call Trudy at (813) 760-5624 to expedite your Affiliate access.
Sell Ad spots on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio Christian friendly content,products, programs and opportunities need to be shared with the world. Debt-Free Wealth Radio has been around since 2011, and has grown over time. Trudy added new show segments to meet the needs of her audience and those who asked to participate on the air. Unless someone is personally invited by Trudy, they almost never get on the show for free. If you know someone who wants a ‘Pay to Play’ opportunity, and come on in a paid guest spot for 15-30 minutes, OR, buy a 30-90 second ad spot, this is your opportunity to share in the income generated.  Coming soon.  I am working on the policies and procedures for this and will update this shortly.
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