INVESTING in YOU! The Best R.O.I. on your Money.

Investing money 101.  Return on Investment (ROI) is what investors look for, and how they decide which investment is worth pursuing.

Non-investors do not have the same view of money.  They spend without considering ROI and wonder why they are broke and seem amazed, jealous, or surprised that others make money when they don’t.

Check their closets and you may see $500 shoes and $300 purses.  They drive BMW’s and show up at all the trending restaurants and clubs, have little to no savings and a heavy balance on their credit cards.  They claim they want to improve their lives, yet run away from spending what they would spend on a pair of shoes on their personal development or a course that would change their financial future.

Let me be clear, nothing is wrong with enjoying nice things in life – I encourage and applaud this – but these rewards are better enjoyed from PROFIT rather than from DEBT.  I hope you agree on this.



Master your life rather than react to it.  Invest in you, invest in your growth, invest in learning something that will move you closer to your dream. You are worth it, and that will be the best return on the money you spend.

Even things that seem to be great investments such as real estate, business ventures, gold and so on – while they may offer a fantastic return on investment, learning something new, in my opinion, is still the better investment.

Learning how to do strategic real estate investing will cost you something to learn, while winging it and trying to figure it out on your own could cause you to make costly, loss creating moves.  Learning how to read stock charts and how to evaluate companies may cost you money, blindly investing in a stock may put you in a serious loss position.

Investing in your personal growth and development will help you become a wiser, sharper version of yourself.  It is the equivalent of sharpening the axe.  You can spend extra time and effort working to fall that tree with a dull axe, or you could invest some time up front to sharpen the axe and in a few strokes with a sharp blade, bring the tree down.

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Your choice, and I hope you choose you.

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