Job = Security? BWAHAHAHAA!

Job = Security?  Bwahahaha!

To all the people who have ever been given the pink slip – if you don’t already know not to put your future and success in the hand of someone else, when will you know?


Job = Security? Bwahhahahaaa!

Create Your Income Streams.


Jobs = security is a fallacy pushed since the industrial era.  Once the government got people off their farms and out of a mindset of self-sufficiency, they paraded big government, jobs, and social security as the new financial path.  Generations later, this is a deep hook that is painful to remove but just must be.

We must return to self-sufficiency at some level.  Even in the higher academic settings theoretical instruction, good only to help you get a job where you need to learn the job skills on the job are pushed over vocational training.  Learning to self-sustain and create our own income streams will become more and more urgent in the years to come.  Starting now is better than starting later.

In fact, the goal is multiple streams of income because things happen in seasons.  The profitable harvest of today will not yield in another season.  Farmers know this, and that is why crop rotation and other strategies are in place for them.

Let’s talk about the golden handcuffs we call jobs and how to shift into creating alternative income streams for the ‘what if…’, ‘just in case…’, and ‘God forbid…’ days that could very well be on our horizon.

Nothing is wrong with having a job, but to put your future success in the hands of an employer is not a good idea

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This expanded version of this topic was discussed on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen here for more.

* When I had a part-time employee o my payroll

* An experience of my client having a job he didn’t like but paid well. He then exchanged it for a job that he did like, but due to downsizing, they let him go.  In between both jobs, he allowed his plan to study for his insurance license to go by the wayside because he got complacent.

* Client job she liked, pay she did not, then her department shut down and she got 3 months severance pay.  She took a lifestyle shift, decided to go back to school to become a teacher while building an MLM

Why you should treat your job the same way the employer views you.  Be prepared to walk away when the job no longer fits into your life and negatively impacts other potential income streams – for example, your McDonalds job insisting you show up for work during a time a private client has scheduled to meet with you for your personally owned side business.  If this happens too often, you will kill your unlimited income potential for a limited one.  



Take Action

Begin now to create multiple income streams for the what if, just in case & God forbid moments in life.  Start transitioning into self-generated income now.  How?


  • Married?  Have one partner start that self-generated income while the other keeps the job
  • Invest
  • Start a business
  • Sell something (affiliate, your stuff) part-time, online
  • Learn a new skill
  • Find an MLM (micro-franchise, there is one in almost every interest, turnkey, small startup tons of support)
  • Work with me on my teams, connect with me for more information

Need help? Clarity? A sounding board with an objective response?  Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you whether we continue a relationship or not.

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2 thoughts on “Job = Security? BWAHAHAHAA!

  1. Rich Payne

    Good stuff as usual Trudy. Depending on a job is not a good idea. Your proposed solutions make sense.

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