JOB Security? Buwahahaahahaaaa! Income Security is Better.

Job security. That is fast becoming a concept for the History books.Respected, well-known companies laying off workers or shutting their doors permanently. These have been in the headlines recently and after the most recent post I just could not help but write this blog.

There is No Such Thing as Job Security

Respected, well-known companies are laying off workers or shutting their doors permanently. These have been in the headlines recently and as I have young adult children looking to make their way in this world, this post is as much my maternal advice to them, as it is my suggestion to you.

Too many wrongly believe a j-o-b is security.  Nothing is wrong with having a job, but there is something wrong with thinking that a job is safe like Fort Knox is silly. There is no such thing as job security. Take the job and always have your plan B. Keep your resume up-to-date, and I do not mean that it was freshly written today. I mean, stay relevant so that if you do need to write your resume today, it does not suggest you are a has-been, antiquated, ancient to the times.

We are in a new era and we need new strategies for survival.

Just as the economy changed when farming communities disappeared with the industrial revolution; and manufacturing disappeared for the internet age, we are embarking on a new era and some will be too late to the plate. I do not plan to be among those.

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Routine jobs are being automated.

Kiosks are replacing Fast-Food Workers and customers are embracing the new system.

More work-from-home jobs eliminate operating costs and increase standardization for job-sharing.

The writing is on the wall. A new digital-robotic era is upon us and we need to get realistic about the rate at which this move is progressing.

Stay Relevant

As I crossed the 50-year-old mark I became very aware of my preference for keeping things the way they are, resisting learning new technology and complaining about the speed of change to the next new thing just as I barely grasped the now outdated version. I am determined to stay relevant and I am warning you to do the same.

The one place irrelevance is quickly felt is in our wallets. Jobs are becoming obsolete with technology advancement. Routine jobs are being automated and even turned over to robots. Getting the pink slip is hard, but being replaced by a machine is an ego bruiser for many.

Unless you are training for robotic technology, it is possible your job could be replaced too. Today, robots do many surgeries, and now robot technology is being created to replace many legal careers as well.


We need to go back to being independent as in the days of old. There is no such thing as job security. Placing the control of your income in the hands of someone else is crazy.  Creating our own keep and income, maybe not from farming; but through self-employment.Going back to the days where kids grew up helping in the family business and being groomed to carry it on. Back then, looking for a job was not a ‘thing’.


Money is Necessary. A Job is Not!

We need money. Incomes do not have to come from jobs. There are many income streams and jobs are just one source. Profitable returns on investments, social security, disability income, annuity payouts, alimony, royalties are just some of the ways income can come to us without a j-o-b. Starting a business /Franchise/ Micro-Franchise is also a very good option for generating an income as well.

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Most of all, if you have tapped into a process that is proven successful, hang in there. Be in massive action. Track and tweak. Keep moving. Seeds take a time to grow and return a harvest. If nothing else, I hope I inspired you to keep working on your dream.






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