Lifestyle is less about Money and more about Values. Fruit Finders 101

Lifestyle is not a true reflection of wealth. Bling flashers are not always as wealthy as they hope they can fool you into thinking.  Simultaneously, billionaires in hoodies & flipflop created casual Fridays, and the understated wealth causes them giggles as they learn who likes them for who they are and not just their money.


Lifestyle is less about Money and more about Values. Fruit Finders 101



It is unlikely that the wealthy do not have very nice things that are easy to see, but often they are right out in front of us and because we do not play in their space, we cannot recognize it.  Lifestyle icons such as  BMWs Audis, Mercedes for example, all have entry models that cost about $40,000-$60,000 and go up in 35% increments for each successive line.   I will be honest to say I do not know one model from the other, so having a BMW does not put all BMW drivers in the same social class. Watches and shoes are another way the wealthy may display understated wealth.

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Lifestyle on Display

Fooled by the lifestyle on display? Don’t be!  This content is for those who know there is much behind the masks.  Lifestyle posts of recent purchases, trips, cars or mansions tend to trigger jealousy or desire in onlookers.  The thing is, these results do not always reflect the choices of the wealthy.  In fact, many who are wealthy have much more than is visible or displayed on social media.  While not always the case, the flash of the display is sometimes all that is had, sometimes even borrowed and passed off as owned, or is later returned or repossessed.

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“The more men try to showboat their wealth, the more likely he is spending beyond his means with credit card debt.” Financial Samurai in –  Some wealthy guys deliberately cover up the bling to see if women and ‘friends’ are truly interested in them or just their money.

The point I want you to take away is,


Behind the Mask

All that glitters is not gold, but many will fall into the shiny object syndrome trap and spend their money on depreciating, deteriorating, disintegrating assets.  A fool and their money are soon departed.  So the fakers mask that poverty with flashes of wealth, and some wealthy mask their wealth with unflashy options.  What you see is not always what is.

I remember when I was actively selling gold and silver – I still do, by the way – just it is more part of the product line than the main line of offers, so when I was selling the stuff one buyer who I determined could afford the items said to me, what use would a bar of gold have since he could not wear it.  For him, his bling had to be on display for it to be of value.  Others who have it keep it hidden in a bank vault and the only time others become aware of it, is the reading of the will.

I will not use this post to declare that one way is right or wrong or better than the other, just that we are all different in our value system and it drives our behavior.

  • So for those who have been fooled to find out later, I hope you have learned your lesson.
  • For those who have been fooled and overlooked a real catch, (women misreading men based on what they display, or car salesmen judging buyers by their car); you may honestly never know what you lost.
  • For those who have an open mind, I encourage you to dig deeper than the surface.  Success always leaves clues, and they may even be hiding in plain sight, or hidden treasures only found by those who invest the time and effort to go looking.

One thing I will tell you is, bling is great bait.  We are intrinsically superficial people.  We are attracted to shiny objects, but some of us stay at surface level while others of us hone our ability to identify by more than the obvious.  I used to watch those shows where people bring what they think are heirlooms or treasures for expert review to hear their masterpiece was a cheap replica, or the assumed junk found in the back of an attic was an original worth thousands of dollars.


Success Leaves Clues

Growing up, I had many citrus trees in my yard.  As a child I could not tell the difference just by looking at the trees, the leaves looked similar; the citrusy smell was similar. However, in the season, one bore grapefruit, another navel oranges, another tangerine, one had limes, and another had lemons.  In time, if not immediately, there will be undeniable, irrefutable clues as to the truth of what we see.  Filter your network using clues based on your value system rather than what they choose to make obvious.  For those of us determined to surround ourselves with positive people who are going places and being very deliberate about limiting those who have been a negative influence – then you must learn this secret.

The Bible says in Galatians 5:22-23 “But the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.”

The Label can be misleading. Read the ingredients! Trudy Beerman


Success leaves clues and clues will be found if you seek them.






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