Get Likes & Comments on your Social Media posts: SOLUTION.

Zero likes or comments, post after post suggests there is zero reason to look at the post, or worst, the page.  Human tendency is to avoid being the first to do anything, while the herd mentality of the crowd makes it easy to simply join in. NAKED, ignored posts is the entrepreneur’s challenge.

It is natural to have increased curiosity to those posts which others have already deemed worthy of participating in, and posts with activity tend to get even more activity.  Some are lucky enough to even go viral.

While I am yet to figure out how to make a post go viral, I have created a solution to the naked post.


Similar Tribes that exist limit the type of post you offer be very specific – such as Facebook posts only, blogs only, and so on.  This Tribe allows an entrepreneur to request interaction to any url, whether it be a twitter link, an MLM post on Facebook, a Youtube video and so on.

My social media Tribe is established to create the initial buzz to a post, video, tweet or blog.  The Tribe is not set up for cross-marketing nor internal recruiting, let me be very clear on that.  The sole purpose is for Tribe members to deliberately interact with your post so that YOUR AUDIENCE will be more likely to engage with that very post because of the initial buzz they find there.  When a member posts to a daily thread, we all like, comment, and create that initial buzz. Your post will not be naked when your fans show up.

Our Strategy seems to match Facebook’s algorithms for showing your post to your audience too.

Here is how we increase your likes and comments

Membership to this Tribe is FREE, however, remaining a member, however, is not easy.  There are rules of engagement we do insist on and this membership is regularly scrubbed and deliberately kept low to only the more active members.  This is a reciprocating relationship here. If you post to the thread, you are expected to LIKE and COMMENT on the others in the thread for that day.  Failure to do so, or inactivity to the Tribe is the easiest way to have your membership scrubbed.  If this sounds interesting to you, listen to this audio for more info, and click HERE to request to join.

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