Network for your Net worth. Your company impacts your Company.

Network.  Who do you run with?

In the last 3 days, I have rubbed elbows with several 6-8 figure earners.  My biggest takeaway was, even when the same content is shared, said, or consumed; these people come at it with a different energy.  Using a food analogy, instead of frying the chicken, they are nuking it.  Same content, a different energy to handle it.

Keeping the right company brings PROFIT! Who are YOU hanging with?


Genesis 13:5 “Lot, who was traveling with Abram, had also become very wealthy with flocks of sheep and goats, herds of cattle, and many tents.”

Just like Lot experienced, hanging with Abram (who became Abraham) brought him to wealth he would never have otherwise.  In fact, once Lot became so wealthy that he separated from Abraham, by Genesis 19, he eventually lost it all and ran away with nothing but the clothes on his back to save his life.

The challenge for many leaders is, we still need leadership. As you pour into those who follow you or work with or for you, it is easy to lose sight that we need the same thing to refill our tanks. Leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners need to be deliberate about networking with their peers and mentors, so they have a chance to receive and be expanded, lifted, encouraged, and supported too.  I find that after every one of these networking experiences, or when I sit under the leadership, I can return to my group with renewed and expanded energy to continue my work and to do it at a higher level.

This networking effort has to be deliberate because the average leader/entrepreneur/boss can feel so overwhelmed with the demands from their organization that it seems impossible to find the time to step away, or their ego convinces them they know it all and do not need it. Neither of these reasons is true – because we all can decide to control our time instead of reacting to others, and no matter how brilliant we are, there is always room to grow.



A new dimension to this challenge is, today, some of those who are ahead of us, are younger than we are.  That is a difficult pill to swallow at so many levels for some.  I am 50-years-old. One of the millionaires I was with yesterday is worth $485M.  He is younger than I am.  In fact, all the 6-8 figure earners I was with were younger than me.  I could not help but wonder if I wasted some of my life.  I gave two-seconds to that thought and moved on to more powerful thoughts that served me, and asked questions, observed, and listened closely.

To those in the room who were younger than the millionaires, you could see hope in their eyes that this is a real possible future result for them. They too asked questions, observed and listened closely.

Had I stayed in my office working in my business,  I would have missed out on these experiences. Having decided to attend these events, I leave energized, elevated, and expanded.

So who are you hanging with? I am a part of several groups of peers, and I am in certain programs under highly successful leaders.  These are all deliberate decisions on my part because these interactions do not happen by accident.


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