Sales Income: Obscurity kills Sales. Get Known! Get Famous!

Sales is one sweet way to unlimited income.  Get Known! Obscurity will cause you and your offer to be ignored. If you need an income boost, via an increase in sales to your offer – the strategy with the most impact is; get famous!

As a kid I remember being told “Children should be seen but not heard”.  I also remember that those who always sat at the front, always raised their hands, always tried to do their best were considered ‘brown nosing’,or trying to be the ‘teacher’s pet’.  These were negative implications intended to shut down efforts to notoriety.  I believe this continues today.  It certainly showed up in my Facebook feed recently and triggered me to write this post.

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I am amazed when people freely voice their opinion that suggests the decisions of others are silly, not knowing how they arrived at it, or why.  In the Facebook post above, it is an easy thing to see that this gentleman who opted for the billboard will quickly be recognized in his community.  After people see his picture day after day as they go about their business, his face becomes a familiar staple.  If they run into him somewhere, even if he is not instantly recognized, he will feel familiar to them.  Familiarity opens the door for more comfortable conversations, and bypasses that sense of the relationship being cold to lukewarm.

A loved Pastor walks into a room and is instantly surrounded by people hoping for a moment of his time.  The High-School Football Quarterback walks into a room often with an unofficial entourage of ‘fans’, and all the kids on campus knows his name.  An agent makes the most sales for the month and makes the company leader board for the third time in a row, and others stop thinking it is a fluke and now flock to get tips and strategies and everyone is now watching them.  Becoming a celebrity in your space opens the door for an easier reception of whatever you offer, and a wider audience willing to give you the time of day to hear what it is you offer.

So, as you can see in my response above, I applaud Corey McDonald for seizing the opportunity to spend on a billboard.  Are their other marketing strategies he could have spent his advertising dollars on?  Yes!  Are they as or better effective than a billboard?  Who cares! The billboard has value at the ultra local level.

Whatever works.  Whatever it takes.  Whatever needs to be done to allow us to stand apart from the pack, to get seen, is worth considering.  Even Hollywood embraces negative publicity because it once again puts their name in the public light.  Well, I am not one for negative publicity because my reputation matters to me, but where there is success, expect haters.  Where there are Haters, expect negative publicity – it comes with the territory.  Very often, Haters are jealous of your accomplishment because it spotlights that that accomplishment can be done and they did not do it. Rather than grow, they would rather cut someone down to their small size.  Expect Haters, then Ignore them.

In the area of Sales, our childhood lessons of staying out of sight, not making waves, and blending in have killed the brave spirit necessary to build our income to happy levels.  As adults, choose for yourself to do what you must to accomplish what you want.

If what you want is more income, then sales is a fantastic route to limitless income.  Get famous, and positioning your offer to a wider audience becomes so much easier, making that income increase more likely with the very same effort you make to get just one sale, simply because you can make one pitch to multiple people who are open to paying attention to you.

I may be able to help you too.  The following is a list of ways I may be able to help you get more visibility, increase your global internet reputation, and / or change your mindset about staying in the shadows:

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2 thoughts on “Sales Income: Obscurity kills Sales. Get Known! Get Famous!

  1. Tom Watts

    Hey Trudy, great post! Familiarity is key to getting sales, whether that’s online or offline. No one is going to buy from you if they don’t trust you, and making your face recognizable is a good way to start the process!

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