PASS THE PLATE PLEASE? Life Insurance is not Sexy, but it is Necessary.

Life Insurance has an awareness month and it happens to be September.  

Serving in this industry has had a huge impact on my thinking and on my life. Regularly having the “what if you died yesterday” conversation really amped up my appreciation for my own life, and the value of each day I wake up on this side of eternity.

The families I meet with are all very different yet I am amazed at how similar we all are. Even as I customize packages to meet these unique needs, the general need is why the insurance industry can anticipate some things.

The saddest and alarming of which for me is the fact that families with children under 18 years old, the most vulnerable – are unprotected or under-protected from an unexpected income loss by death. The care and upbringing of children is a very expensive adventure. Young people think of dying the least, yet young people die every day. To think that someone else will be willing or able to give your children a future because you failed to plan for this situation is unfair to all, but mostly your children. Life insurance is cheaper the younger you are, yet young parents don’t bother to buy it.

Here are two young fathers of toddlers that recently came to my attention. The first one is a 25-year-old whom I know well and thankfully is insured. The other I only know of because his video went viral.

The greatest gift IS love, yes. However – knowing their fathers loved them does not create continuity in the care and lives of these children going forward. Will the government have to step in?  Another man need to step in? Grandparents? Will mom have to spend more time working to make ends meet so the kids have even less parenting access?

When I visit young families, without doubt, they pay a car insurance bill – and a car is replaceable. If they own their home, they also pay the property insurance bill, and a home is replaceable. Yet, to add a payment of often LESS than the car and property bill to protect the income loss to their children is a hardship?  REALLY?

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Kid visiting grave at cemetery

Is showing love to your family just saying nice words, making heartfelt videos and going on the occasional vacation? All those things are an expression of love for sure, but when a parent passes and their insurance or financial assets left behind continue to provide for and protect their loved ones, it is the ultimate opportunity to say I love you beyond the grave.


  • Having life insurance protection offers peace of mind to family breadwinners and their dependents. It creates that “Ah! It’s gonna be alright!” feeling.
  • Removes the feeling of guilt, shame, and frustration around offering an honorable goodbye to a loved one.  Instead of passing the plate, the final goodbye can happen per final wishes.
  • Life changing! Death might end earned income, but life insurance can provide for continuity of lifestyle for dependents.


If you are a Florida family and you know you are uninsured or underinsured, please connect with me for a free needs evaluation or a review of the relevancy of your existing policies.



Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

Trudy Beerman is a Florida Life-insurance Agent who had to “pass the plate” to bury her beloved grandmother in 2009. Her grandmother insisted she had life insurance. When Elaine’s health deteriorated, Trudy took over her care and her finances to discover her policy only covered accidental death. At her age, agents she contacted said her grandmother was passed the age for acquiring coverage. Her grandmother did not understand what she had bought. Today, Trudy and her team are on a mission to save Florida families from death-triggered lifestyle loss, irrelevant life-policies and surprise debt burdens.

Trudy is the host of Debt-Free Wealth radio, a 7-year-old podcast, and the author of The Creditors are Coming, The Bible on Business, and soon to be released, The Go Fund Me Nation (Oct 1, 2017)

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