Are you a Starter who Rarely Finishes? This is for you. Be a FINISHER!

A starter may seem to be an action taker.  They are usually willing to get going, maybe even powerfully.  The sad thing is, a few weeks later, you see those people starting yet another exciting project, without finishing the one they were on before.  On that note, nor are they likely to finish the new shiny thing that just grabbed their attention.

A starter who never finishes may simply:

  • have shiny object syndrome,
  • are self-sabotagers in denial, or
  • are just people with no vision or clarity about purpose.

Either way, all these people have a BIG problem!  FINISHING WHAT THEY START!

Today I invite the Starter to Be a Finisher!  In my books, Done is better than Perfect!  I have many personal flaws, but thankfully, this is not one of them.  I get stuff DONE!  I am a FINISHER!

There is no magic or secret to this ability.  I simply see everything I start as a ‘project.’  I chop my project into mile-makers and milestones toward the finish line.



How I went from Starter to Finisher

25 years ago, although few know it, I was in the swimsuit manufacturing business.  I had a 50-member production team working various machines that did very specific steps in the manufacturing toward the finished product.  From time to time, certain ladies would call in and their spot on the line was vacant and I would have a lot of unfinished pieces piling up at their station.  This was a huge problem.  The others beyond that point had no work to do, and I had no finished swimsuits to sell.  I had to retrain many staff to be able to handle multiple stations should that  happen again.  This was the best solution ever!  Yes, I ended up with fewer pieces produced each day on the line, but I did have completed, product available for sale, and everyone was busy toward that goal.

I believe my ability to get stuff done was also further honed during my time as a columnist and contributor to various newspapers and magazines.  These media have hard deadlines that must be met.   I became a strong finisher over time.

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Fitness programs, new business opportunities, even marriages are sadly among the common things that people fail to stick with.  All noble or worthy adventures they willingly started, but somewhere along the line, lost energy or attention for.  No ‘stick-to-it’ ability.

2 Corinthians 8:10-11 “[ ] Now it would be to your advantage to finish what you started so that your eagerness in wanting to commence the project may be matched by your eagerness to complete it.”

GOALS TRACKED ARE GOALS ACCOMPLISHED!  This is the Goal Tracker Software + mobile App I use:

Click Here!


If you are a starter, non-finisher; I can help you.

Take Action PROFIT will not happen from unfinished work. Loss of money, energy and time invested is the only outcome for starters who never finish.  Profit is the payoff, and profit is the playground of those who enjoy abundance.  Become a profitable steward.

I do look forward to connecting with you.

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