PASS THE PLATE PLEASE? Life Insurance is not Sexy, but it is Necessary.

Life Insurance has an awareness month and it happens to be September.  

Serving in this industry has had a huge impact on my thinking and on my life. Regularly having the “what if you died yesterday” conversation really amped up my appreciation for my own life, and the value of each day I wake up on this side of eternity.

The families I meet with are all very different yet I am amazed at how similar we all are. Even as I customize packages to meet these unique needs, the general need is why the insurance industry can anticipate some things.

The saddest and alarming of which for me is the fact that families with children under 18 years old, the most vulnerable – are unprotected or under-protected from an unexpected income loss by death. The care and upbringing of children is a very expensive adventure. Young people think of dying the least, yet young people die every day. To think that someone else will be willing or able to give your children a future because you failed to plan for this situation is unfair to all, but mostly your children. Life insurance is cheaper the younger you are, yet young parents don’t bother to buy it.

Here are two young fathers of toddlers that recently came to my attention. The first one is a 25-year-old whom I know well and thankfully is insured. The other I only know of because his video went viral.

The greatest gift IS love, yes. However – knowing their fathers loved them does not create continuity in the care and lives of these children going forward. Will the government have to step in?  Another man need to step in? Grandparents? Will mom have to spend more time working to make ends meet so the kids have even less parenting access?

When I visit young families, without doubt, they pay a car insurance bill – and a car is replaceable. If they own their home, they also pay the property insurance bill, and a home is replaceable. Yet, to add a payment of often LESS than the car and property bill to protect the income loss to their children is a hardship?  REALLY?

life insurance, death,

Kid visiting grave at cemetery

Is showing love to your family just saying nice words, making heartfelt videos and going on the occasional vacation? All those things are an expression of love for sure, but when a parent passes and their insurance or financial assets left behind continue to provide for and protect their loved ones, it is the ultimate opportunity to say I love you beyond the grave.


  • Having life insurance protection offers peace of mind to family breadwinners and their dependents. It creates that “Ah! It’s gonna be alright!” feeling.
  • Removes the feeling of guilt, shame, and frustration around offering an honorable goodbye to a loved one.  Instead of passing the plate, the final goodbye can happen per final wishes.
  • Life changing! Death might end earned income, but life insurance can provide for continuity of lifestyle for dependents.


If you are a Florida family and you know you are uninsured or underinsured, please connect with me for a free needs evaluation or a review of the relevancy of your existing policies.



Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

Trudy Beerman is a Florida Life-insurance Agent who had to “pass the plate” to bury her beloved grandmother in 2009. Her grandmother insisted she had life insurance. When Elaine’s health deteriorated, Trudy took over her care and her finances to discover her policy only covered accidental death. At her age, agents she contacted said her grandmother was passed the age for acquiring coverage. Her grandmother did not understand what she had bought. Today, Trudy and her team are on a mission to save Florida families from death-triggered lifestyle loss, irrelevant life-policies and surprise debt burdens.

Trudy is the host of Debt-Free Wealth radio, a 7-year-old podcast, and the author of The Creditors are Coming, The Bible on Business, and soon to be released, The Go Fund Me Nation (Oct 1, 2017)

YOU CAN’T SAVE YOUR WAY TO WEALTH. Take Massive Money Action Now!

Save! Save! Save!  The mantra of Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman.  Well, I don’t care what they say.  You cannot save your way to wealth.

“Saving is an OUTCOME of having INCOME. Savings is NOT income creation.” Trudy Beerman

Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

If you listen to Dave Ramsey and Suze Orman long enough, you will cut every corner to save every dollar and spend so much energy doing that, that you forget to put time and energy into making money.

Saving is a money keeping strategy, NOT a money making strategy.  Saving is a good thing to do, but some people have become ‘penny wise and pound foolish’. This is an old phrase that means you are freaking missing the bigger picture!  More money will crush your debt, afford what you want and need, and create a more comfortable life for you and those people and organizations you love.

Save; OR make more money?


MAKE MORE MONEY!    One way to do that is to BUY TIME!  This is counter to some of the saving strategies.  Cutting your lawn may save you $40, but paying someone $40 to cut your lawn may have bought you the two extra hours to grind out more than $40.  The reason why it is accepted that time is money is because most people trade time for money, and use money to buy time.

FAST FOOD is a great example!  We spend a few more dollars than it would cost to make-from-scratch, to give us the time we did not have for the shopping, the prepping, the fixing, and the clean up.  It is WORTH IT to pay those extra dollars to get that time for a more life-improving, money-making adventure.

Hire a babysitter for a few dollars, so you can connect with your customers and bring home that fee plus more.  Sometimes, the money saving things we do are costing us our wealth.  You cannot save your way to wealth.  Go out and MAKE MONEY MOMENTS.

This content was covered on Debt-Free Wealth Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead of reading.  Learning on the go with our mobile-ready, syndicated podcast.

You know someone who needs to hear this message. Show that you care, that you are working on improving you too – SHARE THIS CONTENT! It’s FREE to pass along and you may help someone who needs this. Earning money (income) and keeping money (savings) are two different skill sets.  You can save from earnings, but you cannot earn from savings unless you invest that money – which means your money is working for you, not sitting in a stagnant reservoir somewhere.

Proverbs 21:20  “The wise man saves for the future but the foolish man spends whatever he gets.”

Proverbs 6:6-8 “Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones.  Learn from their ways and become wise!  Though they have no prince or governor or ruler to make them work, they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter.”

The ants WORK (earn), then save!  That is the order of money.

Saving money has its place in the overall financial strategy, however, some have taken this to the penny-pinching extremes and lost the point of the process.

Saving money was simply a way to ensure you had money for ‘rainy days’.  If you make more money, you WILL have money for rainy days as long as you manage that money properly.

Saving is not the focus but it a strategy to finance your next ‘more money’ step.

Saving up for a thing, such as a short-term saving toward an experience or acquisition, or long-term saving for a big ticket item. When you take your eyes off of the making of money to the saving of money, you turn off the income flow.  Instead of a pipeline, you have a stagnating pool.


(a) Complete this FREE FINSNAP (Financial Snapshot) survey to see where you stand. (DO NOT SUBMIT unless you intend to have a Discovery Session with me.  Then,

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The Downgrading of the Middle-Class Lifestyle. 5 tips to improving yours now.

Lifestyle downgrade. Have you had one?

The downgrading of the Middle-Class is a reality many are experiencing. As an immigrant who ran from the poverty of my Third World country to the ‘land of opportunity’, I am appalled at what I see Americans seem oblivious to, or accepting of.

poverty in the USA, disappearing middle class, lifestyle downgrade,

Not only is this lifestyle downgrade easily observable, it has been commented on by notable sources like and The prognosis is, a higher percentage of future generations are likely to be at or below the poverty level. Today’s income earners are earning less and leaving less to their heirs.

A better life is possible here but fewer Americans seem to believe that anymore. They have had a lower lifestyle forced on them and rather than fight back, it seems to me that many are simply shrugging their shoulders and agreeing that ‘it is what it is’ and making the best with that.

So, you were born into poverty. OK! So you lost that job you loved. Ok! So you lost a lot in the recession of 2006-2010. Ok! Do you simply accept your new reality as your new status quo? I think you need to shake it off! Shake it off! Pick up the pieces and start again! Who is with me?


My income was better before the recession and my family lost a LOT during that time. We have spent the last 7 years reversing that deep negative. Break even is not my goal though. It is even more urgent to me than ever before to create an abundance so overwhelming that I could live several lifetimes on that income. A person can dream and work to create that reality, RIGHT? I think so. That is why I moved to the USA.

I am sounding an urgent call to action.

  • No matter what your current financial state, if you live in the USA your lifestyle is already better off than half of the world in terms of opportunity to improve your life. Believe that.
  • Hiding your head in the sand may be easier than accepting your true financial picture, debt and all. Do it anyway. Add up all your debt, including the one to your granny who is counting on you to repay her.
  • Saving is not a wealth building strategy, but saving can build up the starting seed money for your wealth investment. This money could be used to seed an investment program or start a business.
  • Cut out the clutter, the unhealthy calories, and the crap! Have a garage sale, or upload stuff to Ebay which will declutter your space and bring in some extra cash. From here on, make only mindful purchases. Eat healthier and do not spend money without filtering your purchase through these questions:
  1. Do I need it now? Cashflow is important. Do not buy it now if it is easy to get in two weeks when you really need it.
  2. Will I use it, or will it add to the clutter, get lost and never used?
  3. Can I borrow/rent it instead? Some one-time-use items are better borrowed or rented.
  4. Do I love it? This especially applies to clothing and accessories. Too much money is spent on spontaneous purchases, or on things that fit but really do not look good on you. The result is, the money is spent and the item is never or rarely worn. If you love it and will use it often, this is a more mindful purchase.
  5. Is there an alternative option/source? In other words, could you buy it second-hand? Have you confirmed this is the best price available? Could you use something cheaper?

Mindful consumption is the way to go.Stretching your dollars does not mean always going the cheap route. It also means avoiding unnecessary expenditure, untimely purchases, and buying cheap/ugly things that won’t get used because they bring no joy.

I have to admit before the recession I did not use these filters on my purchases but I do now. Amazingly, not only did these filters help us get out of the deep, dark financial hole, but it allows my family to enjoy the same quality lifestyle as we did on much less income.

As a Christian, it was a bitter pill to swallow that I was a poor steward of what God had put under my control. Had I had these habits when my income was better, I believe I would have withstood the recession of 2006-2010 much better than we did. Well, late is better than never in my books. These 5 tips have helped my family immensely.

If you are like me, a Christian income earner who wants to hear “Excellent! You are a good and trustworthy servant. You have been faithful with a small amount, so I will put you in charge of a large amount.” (Matthew 25:21-23), then you need to be like that servant who managed their talent to a profitable outcome.

Learn #ProfitableStewardship and how to become a #ProfitableChristian. Whether you have job income or create your income through a business, you can have this result in your life. This is the journey I am on and I am honored to partner with God to show those who are interested what God has already shown me. Connect with me for a FREE Discovery Session to learn more and to see if this relationship is a good fit for you.

REPRINTED from Linkedin. See original article here.


Trudy Beerman

Trudy Beerman is the Biblical Stewardship Auditor/Consultant who surgically dissects the Christian income earner’s life, challenges their status quo and partners with God to help reinforce bold courage, Biblical operating standards, and a laser-focus on having a profitable return to whatever God puts under your control.

2 Bags & the dog. Evaluating What Matters Most. (We May Lose it All).

2 Bags and the dog. That is all I packed for me.


Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

As I write this post, we are hours away from hurricane force winds of Hurricane Irma to land in Tampa, Florida.

This is the first Hurricane to show up on Earthquake scales. More than twice the size of Hurricane Andrew, and right behind Hurricane Harvey that devastated much of Texas, Floridians are taking Hurricane Irma very seriously.

As I packed to leave home I looked around to evaluate what had to come with me, what had to be secured as best as possible, and what I was resolved to lose if all did not go well.

If anyone asked me to decide these things weeks ago, It would have been nearly impossible to strip my list down to the handful of things I decided on under catastrophic circumstances. In moments like these, you really know what matters most. I am grateful for this insight.

If I could live as minimalistic as I left my home to ‘survive’ should all be blown away by a hurricane, I would have much more money in the bank for sure.  A final glance had me thinking of the hundreds of thousands of dollars left behind that now felt like a waste.

Do we really need all the stuff we buy?

I intend to remember this moment as a filter for future purchases. Writing this blog is strategic to hard-wiring this memory.

Walking out of my house; other than my two bags and the dog, the only other things that came along with me that mattered did not require packing. Family, memories, lessons learned, and friendships are a form of wealth that cannot be adequately quantified.

essentials, minimalistic, hurricane Irma, what matters

Friends from all over have been checking up on me.  Thanks to all who checked up on me via Facebook, text, phone calls, etc.  As I hunker down I am surrounded by husband, my children, and my children’s children. I feel loved. This is the worst of times and the best of times.

So, evacuation or not…

Unless you need to get burned to know that fire is dangerous, let me ask…

Are YOU able to decide on what matters MOST to you? If you had to leave home quickly knowing all you own may be lost forever…


Once you know what those things are, may I suggest you use that as your filter for what you buy in the future? It is a very important exercise and I am sorry it took an actual evacuation for me to have done this exercise. I encourage you to try this exercise before it is not JUST an exercise.


Death Loss is Painful. Paying for the funeral you can’t afford, is also painful.

This is life insurance post. A permitted repost from Linkedin

Losing a loved one to death is very painful. Outliving a child is a parent’s worse nightmare come true. Not being able to afford the honorable goodbye is heart-wrenching.

life insurance, insuring your kids, life insurance for children, outliving a child, The image above was captured from a video which you can click here to watch. I am sure that like me, you look at this picture and you can feel this mother’s pain.

Young people are the least likely to purchase life insurance, and parents struggle with the idea of purchasing life insurance for their kids as if it is some kind of ‘profiting on their death’ or worse, ushering in the death by activating a policy. I am not sure where this myth so many buys into comes from, but let me assure you, I have encountered this kind of thinking repeatedly in my career. I addressed this thinking in a video I made some years ago:

Amazingly, these same parents have the car, home or renter’s insurance – and those things are less valuable than lives. If a parent dies, their lives can never be replaced but with strategic planning, your income could be.

I woke to this post in my Facebook newsfeed. The fact that I know the young man makes it harder because it feels close to home. I am happy to tell you though, unlike most 25-year-olds, this dad does have life-insurance in place. I love his mindset, courage, and determination in light of his diagnosis and he is on my personal prayer-list.


Old age is a privilege that some never get to enjoy. WAITING till you are older to buy life insurance also makes acquiring it more limiting in options and more expensive in price. If you provide an income for your household, life insurance should be a non-negotiable right up there with your car insurance bill. If you are a stay-at-home parent, do not discount the financial contribution you bring to the table, even if it is not in the form of an income. If something happens to you, the things you do now, a paid substitute may have to stand in for you – a paid caregiver, babysitter, house keeper, and so on.

If you live in the USA and need to put insurance in place for your family, we have teammates across the nation to help you. Connect with us for a referral. If you live in the state of Florida, me or my agents would be happy to sit with you to find a policy that is relevant to your needs and matches your budget.

Are you a licensed life-insurance agent looking for a great team with access to leads to serve families who have raised their hands asking for help? Select a phone interview slot with me to determine if this is a mutual fit.

Need a flexible income opportunity in a high-trust career? We have leads and not enough licensed agents. We subsidize insurance school and get you fast tracked to make a part-time or full-time income in the insurance industry. Click here to set up a phone interview with me.

Alone? HELLO… Is it ME You’re Looking For? Connecting With My Ideal Audience.

Am I alone?

Hello. Anyone there?

Is ANYONE seeing and reading this?

Is ANYONE listening to me?

Should I even bother to create content?

There is so much out there. So many ‘Gurus’ and leaders – why would ANYONE listen to me?

I woke up feeling like, “Why Bother?” today. Honestly, being ignored and unheard has to be the worst feeling ever! This is not the first time I have felt this way. This is not the first time the Lord of heaven has had to deal with me on this topic.

I am human. Limited. Weak. Today – lackluster.

I am being totally transparent if only with myself as I have no idea who – if anyone will see this, or even bother to read this. So if only for the sake of a journal entry, I am documenting this moment and getting these thoughts out of my head and onto a screen where I can SEE what I feel, not just feel what I feel. Has anyone else felt like this? Is there anyone else who publicly blogs their deepest pain as I am doing right now? I am really alone in this too?

Well, here is another moment I felt like this, and the answer God gave me back then. I am glad I made a video of it because documenting moments is a great way to remind myself of a time when…

Here is a video I posted on December 17, 2013

Listening back to this I feel like the Israelites who complained about God’s ability having recently been in the middle of his most powerful displays of strength. Forgive me, Father. You have been faithful before, I have zero reasons to continue in this stupid feeling. I am convinced this feeling is the devil trying to steal the joy You have for me this day and I repent in this moment.

My awareness of this feeling created another action in me. I enrolled in a PR Challenge. I decided to sign up for a 5-day Challenge to expand my exposure via the media. I know this Challenge group is going to close soon but here is the link. At the very least, it will have options for you to contact Geeta and see what else she has cooking in the future. HOW TO APPROACH JOURNALISTS

This morning I may have woken up feeling like Elijah. Feeling alone in my quest. However, God declares there are many of you that I am not aware of who feel the same way. I know you exist, and I would love to know who you are and let you know you do not have to walk the journey alone. (1 Kings 19:10 & 18). I certainly don’t want to walk the journey alone. There is power in numbers. That is why there is so much focus on the number of children a man had in the Bible, the number of soldiers, and the fact that the Israelites would be so many that they exceed the sands on the shores.

Psalm 127:4-5 (CJB)

The children born when one is young.
are like arrows in the hand of a warrior.
How blessed is the man
who has filled his quiver with them;
he will not have to be embarrassed
when contending with foes at the city gate.”

alone, influence,


So who is my ideal audience? Even if this piece got seen by millions who do I most want to reach?

I want to speak to Christian income earners living in the USA. Is that you? Are you here reading this? If so, please let me know. Leave a comment below, even if it is just a Hi, Trudy. It would mean so much to me.

This feeling of not feeling heard, of feeling overlooked is exactly why when I do have the privilege of speaking with YOU I give YOU the gift of feeling heard. I am very present to my conversations because that is what I want from others. I believe in the law of reciprocity.

You see, I know that God has asked me to partner with him in a very specific area. I have a very urgent, very specific message for Christian income earners.

God had to show me the hard way, that He expected me to be a #ProfitableChristian, a #ProfitableSteward of what He has put under my control. Having endured that difficult, (unnecessary) lesson, I am compelled to share it with you.

I say the lesson was unnecessary because had I listened to the Word of God, I would not have needed to endure the lesson in person. I was the Christian who had to get burned to know that not being a Profitable Steward was painful and scarring. After learning that lesson, The Lord sent the cloud by day and the fire by night (or so it seemed) to take me out of my stupor. Now, I feel like Joshua bringing those who will, to the promised land.

Are you wanting to go there? Are you desiring to see the land of milk and honey? The land of abundance that God has declared repeatedly throughout His word? The same abundance Jesus spoke of in John 10:10

“The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life, life in its fullest measure.” (CJB)

Or as the KJV version puts it…

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Like Joshua, I have lived through the hardship and I have been spared at the hand of Almighty God, and I know He has thrown a mantle on me to lead anyone who wants to go in the same direction with the map He has entrusted to me. Here is the thing, though many will claim they want it, this is the path for the few. Narrow is this gate.

If you want to enjoy life more abundantly, connect with me for a free discovery session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with just for you resources to help you take your next logical step.

Don’t have a self-generated income option? Complete this form for a discovery session to see if joining my team is a good mutual fit. You will be your boss, but with support to help you build your gig to profitability.

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it may be time to E5 your business. (express, expense, explore, expose, expand). NOTE: This site is not mobile friendly (yet). Please use a computer to view.

Most of all, if you have tapped into a process that is proven successful, hang in there. Be in massive action. Track and tweak. Keep moving. Seeds take a time to grow and return a harvest. If nothing else, I hope I inspired you to keep working on your dream.


5 Tips for Launching Your New Biz While Keeping Your Day Job

Keeping your day job may not be your goal if you took the leap to start a new business, yet for many – this is wise, and for others, absolutely necessary, UNTIL…

Until your business replaces your job income, losing or leaving your day job may be the worst thing for your baby business while you need to keep the lights on at home.

paycheck, purpose, job, entrepreneur, self-employed,


In my world, many of those go getters I am surrounded with started their entrepreneurial adventure with a goal to full time/money freedom. Having a j-o-b and a B-O-S-S causes them to have their finger hovering over the DELETE button with anxiety. This is a different class of people than those who freak out at the idea of starting their own business and consider the j-o-b and the B-O-S-S as stability. My circle has very few of those mindsets.

As anxious as you may be to delete that job and boss, I swallow hard with a lump in my throat and tell you, there may be wisdom in being very strategic about your exit party. Be sure you leave that job when you are good and ready, and not lose it prematurely because your Boss is very aware that your body is there but your mind is on the other side of town.

Here are my five best tips for keeping your day job while launching your biz:

  1. Be present when present
  2. Keep your biz stuff to off-work time (lunch, after hours)
  3. If you promote your biz to co-workers, remember, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate!
  4. Don’t use the office computer for your biz stuff
  5. Keep your performance up.


Be present when present at your Job

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone whose face is on their phone and their fingers are actively texting? You become very aware that you are almost totally ignored and nothing you have said was heard. Don’t be THAT employee! Your Boss will quickly pick up that your focus, attention, and energy are not there. You are physically in the office, but your mind is on the other side of town. They will know, and it will cost you.

Keep your biz stuff to off-work time

  • You are engrossed in crafting the perfect social media post and unknown to you, your boss is behind you reading over your shoulder.
  • You get a client order and excited, you take the call and the details of the conversation are overheard by the agent in the next cubicle.
  • You moonlight doing the same thing you were hired for and figure no one would realize the project you are on with their computer, software, and proprietary formula is actually being done for your client. That client folder accidentally gets picked up off your desk by a co-worker along with the other job-related stuff.

These things can and do happen with many side hustles. I caution you – if you are a Christian, the Bible warns about fair scales. In other words, give your employer what they pay you for.

Proverbs 16:11 “A just balance and scales belong to the LORD; All the weights of the bag are His concern.”

Promote your biz to co-workers? Expect the Haters who may use it against you

In your mind, sharing your side hustle to co-workers is innocent and well intentioned. Many have become your ‘friends’ over time, so you see no harm. However, jealousy over your new joy, or recent private success, or the fact that you seem to have it all – may have the haters come out of hiding.

I have no advice on how to avoid them. Haters often disguise themselves as friends to get close enough to get the intel they need to ensure you get the pink slip. It just comes with the territory, unfortunately. Expect it. Deal with it. Keeping your side hustle a secret may be an option, but a boring one for us risk takers.

marie forleo,

Don’t use the office computer for your biz stuff

So I may be Captain Obvious on this one, but many make this grave mistake. It is so easy to check the computer history and internet visits and even if you try a ‘Clinton style’ file cleaning, the IT department can work miracles you are unaware of. You may be driving the nails into your HR coffin with this one.

As long as you do not have a company issued cell phone, this is your better bet. Many phones have almost computer capability these days and many entrepreneurs successfully run their businesses from their phones.

Keep your performance up

This may be hard to do if you are burning the candle at both ends, staying up late at night to work on your side hustle – but make every effort here.

When you decide to strategically pull the plug and turn in your resignation, it is sweeter when you know they will miss you and the impact of your work there. Also, if your side-hustle ever became a topic of HR discussion, your performance report may be what saves you till you are ready to go.


Are you working on your side-hustle while keeping your day job? Do you agree with my suggestions here? Do you have any others to add?

If replacing your job with a side hustle is your ultimate goal, then look out for my next blog!

Want a side hustle that has the potential to replace and exceed your job income? There might be an opportunity for you to join my team. Click HERE to send in an inquiry.



Contagious Energy in Leaders – the Secret Gift of the Best of the Best.

Leaders exist all around us. You reading this post right now, are a leader to someone – whether you know it or not. The thing is, not all leaders lead those around them to good places and not all intentionally take those following them to think and be better. Finding role models is not easy to do, but may be the crucial step to helping you ‘see’ your brilliant possible future.

As a Vacation Bible School teacher, there were a bunch of 4th-grade boys in the church known for their rowdy behavior. Many a volunteer had their share of frustration dealing with them as they were passed from volunteer to volunteer that had grown weary of their antics. They finally arrived in my group for ‘baby sitting’, because no one really expected them to learn much. The goal was to ‘manage them’ till their parents returned.

Within minutes, the antics began. My group of eager listeners had many disruptions and of course, for the sake of those who wanted to learn, I had to step in. I pulled those young men aside and celebrated them. I pointed out their ability to lead others to action. Instead of leading others to be disruptive, I asked if I could count on their help to get the class to get through the lesson of the day. I assigned each boy a leadership task and I was surprised at how well they executed it.

Their classmates easily followed them and each held their head a tad bit higher for being acknowledged for their leadership and invited to contribute meaningfully.

These young men had a contagious energy, and I believe this is the secret gift of the best leaders I have run across in my time.

Last night at a meeting with Andy Albright, owner of National Agents Alliance, the insurance company I am recently connected with, I observed how we all hung on his every word. He and I spoke briefly and when he shook my hand I almost imagined a transfer of energy beyond just inspiration. He looked me straight in the eyes as we chatted. I felt that every word I said was heard and I felt that he was completely present to the conversation. I knew I was in the presence of greatness and almost imagined him willing me to step into a higher elevation where the air was definitely different.

Andy is worth $485 Million according to sources that I cannot verify. While I cannot provide you with documented proof of his net worth, I can tell you he is the owner and CEO of an insurance agency with thousands of Agents. Andy owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a personal jet. His 15-year-old company has won the trust of some of the biggest and oldest insurance companies in the USA, such as Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica and Columbian Life; so it is fair to say this would not have happened if he was not legitimate. Remember, the life insurance industry is highly regulated. Integrity is required. No financial shenanigans are tolerated and come with heavy penalties for non-compliance with Fiduciary rules.

Andy’s presence gave this meeting a new energy, a very contagious energy. This man has proven to be more than just a celebrity but a change agent in many lives. So many leaders of humble origin name this man as being instrumental in their growth and prosperity. He is so personable and treated the new working class agent with the same grace as he did his top, millions making leaders.

How many leaders do you know that have created this kind of presence and gift to others?

Those who have come in contact with this man want to do their best to receive another even more valuable gift – his applause.

Andy Albright celebrates those who make an effort to improve their condition. He remains immune to noisy hype and rewards performance. A newer Agent and top performer honestly declared from the stage that her push to success was simply to hear Andy tell her “well done”.

Some leaders briefly inspire, and some influence for eternity. The difference is the intangible gift of this contagious energy. If I ever learn how to harness and bottle this energy – I will be a very wealthy woman.

Many of the top brass in the National Agents Alliance has developed this energy so I have concluded it is not a quality people have to be born with and it can be learned. How?

  • Hang with other successful, positive people
  • Do the Do. In other words, do the work so you have your own success.
  • Share your story often and be vulnerable, and honest.
  • Get your mind right. Mindset is the switch from scarcity and negativity to abundance.
  • Look people in the eye when you speak with them, and be present to the conversation.
  • Invest in those who make an effort to learn from you.

There may be other secrets to this energy I have not yet discovered, but I will eventually. It is my goal to not just inspire, but to influence others to profitable stewardship.

Have you experienced this contagious energy from a leader? How are you affected when you get around that person? Please share that with me.

JOB Security? Buwahahaahahaaaa! Income Security is Better.

Job security. That is fast becoming a concept for the History books.Respected, well-known companies laying off workers or shutting their doors permanently. These have been in the headlines recently and after the most recent post I just could not help but write this blog.

There is No Such Thing as Job Security

Respected, well-known companies are laying off workers or shutting their doors permanently. These have been in the headlines recently and as I have young adult children looking to make their way in this world, this post is as much my maternal advice to them, as it is my suggestion to you.

Too many wrongly believe a j-o-b is security.  Nothing is wrong with having a job, but there is something wrong with thinking that a job is safe like Fort Knox is silly. There is no such thing as job security. Take the job and always have your plan B. Keep your resume up-to-date, and I do not mean that it was freshly written today. I mean, stay relevant so that if you do need to write your resume today, it does not suggest you are a has-been, antiquated, ancient to the times.

We are in a new era and we need new strategies for survival.

Just as the economy changed when farming communities disappeared with the industrial revolution; and manufacturing disappeared for the internet age, we are embarking on a new era and some will be too late to the plate. I do not plan to be among those.


Routine jobs are being automated.


Kiosks are replacing Fast-Food Workers and customers are embracing the new system.

More work-from-home jobs eliminate operating costs and increase standardization for job-sharing.

The writing is on the wall. A new digital-robotic era is upon us and we need to get realistic about the rate at which this move is progressing.

Stay Relevant

As I crossed the 50-year-old mark I became very aware of my preference for keeping things the way they are, resisting learning new technology and complaining about the speed of change to the next new thing just as I barely grasped the now outdated version. I am determined to stay relevant and I am warning you to do the same.

The one place irrelevance is quickly felt is in our wallets. Jobs are becoming obsolete with technology advancement. Routine jobs are being automated and even turned over to robots. Getting the pink slip is hard, but being replaced by a machine is an ego bruiser for many.

Unless you are training for robotic technology, it is possible your job could be replaced too. Today, robots do many surgeries, and now robot technology is being created to replace many legal careers as well.


We need to go back to being independent as in the days of old. There is no such thing as job security. Placing the control of your income in the hands of someone else is crazy.  Creating our own keep and income, maybe not from farming; but through self-employment.Going back to the days where kids grew up helping in the family business and being groomed to carry it on. Back then, looking for a job was not a ‘thing’.


Money is Necessary. A Job is Not!

We need money. Incomes do not have to come from jobs. There are many income streams and jobs are just one source. Profitable returns on investments, social security, disability income, annuity payouts, alimony, royalties are just some of the ways income can come to us without a j-o-b. Starting a business /Franchise/ Micro-Franchise is also a very good option for generating an income as well.

job security, income,


If you want to enjoy life more abundantly, connect with me for a free discovery session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with just for you resources to help you take your next logical step.

Don’t have a self-generated income option? Complete this form for a discovery session to see if joining my team is a good mutual fit. You will be your boss, but with support to help you build your gig to profitability.

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it may be time to E5 your business. (express, expense, explore, expose, expand). NOTE: This site is not mobile friendly (yet). Please use a computer to view.

Most of all, if you have tapped into a process that is proven successful, hang in there. Be in massive action. Track and tweak. Keep moving. Seeds take a time to grow and return a harvest. If nothing else, I hope I inspired you to keep working on your dream.






INVITING LIKE A BOSS! Skillzzzzzz…. Get it!

Parties, events, business opportunities, church – these and more require YOU to invite someone to come along.  In some instances, inviting is easy peasy. Other times, I know people who would rather have surgery without anesthesia than invite. Well, since the need to invite is crucial to my success; I am diving in.


if you follow me at all, you know I speak to myself first and included. I rarely blog about things for you in Blogland to do because I said so.

I recently saw a friend post about a purchase she made for a product I sell. I contacted her when I saw her post to get the deets on who she bought from and why not me.  Clearly, she dissed me in buying elsewhere, right? WRONG!

Her response?

She did not know I sold it, heck she was not up-to-date on what I was doing since it had been years since we spoke. Of course, I assumed that because we are Facebook friends she is stalking my page and knows everything I do and is up-to-date on every post I make. Well, not quite, but kinda.

Inviting is an important thing to do and you do not have to be an entrepreneur to need this skill. I totally remember my 7-year-old being anxious about asking friends to his birthday party. He was pretty shy and assumed his classmates did not like him or even know who he was. He was so visibly anxious and agitated, I handed the invitations to his teacher to distribute for him.

invite, inviting, prospecting,


Why is inviting so hard to do?


REJECTION! Yep! I said it.

No one wants to be rejected, not even toddlers.

Funny, true story.  


So, inviting opens us up to some No’s, and maybe even some other painful responses that we are not looking forward to. HOLD ON! This is the first clue…

We ANTICIPATE the rejection and that is enough to halt many in their tracks from even trying. The person(s) in question have not yet given an answer but in our minds they have. We have decided for them that their answer is or will be no.  REALLY?  So, when exactly did you get your psychic powers and if you do have psychic powers, then you can simply read all minds to ask those sure to give you a “Yes!”.


This is so CRAZY! Or Cray, Cray as some of my friends prefer to say.  If you do not have psychic powers do not decide your prospect will say no. What is more likely at play here is the Law of Attraction and because you expect the NO, the Universe did not disappoint.

Did you know that law works in the positive too?


So, let’s say you have decided to be brave, and Invite – Now What?

Inviting like a BOSS! Well, sorta.


I contacted a prospect three days ago by phone and he shared that he had been visited by a Representative from another company for a similar service, but he felt the need to add,

“She must have been new. She was so nervous.”

This was a round-about compliment to me because he found me competent and confident. What he did not know is, I am just as nervous but I am determined to cover that sh!# up!

Some may think this is a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach – but not in TrudyLand. Here, I practice like it’s real. I tell my mind to be calm, it is JUST a phone call. The person on the other end does not know me and there is no rule saying I ever have to speak to them again. So, I treat every encounter as a single event, complete in itself.  This is crucial because if this one does not go well, I will not allow that single event to ruin my entire day or even the next phone call.


The Slimy Invite – We All Get Them


Just because we have all gotten the slimy invite means all invites are slimy. Make sure yours is not. The slimy invite is self-serving with no consideration for the person being targeted. An inappropriate setting, timing, approach or choice of words. Even the most perfect script can be slimed up by the person delivering it. I have come to conclude that unspoken motive has a way of infusing our voices, body language, and facial expression without our realizing it. Invitations are slimy when the motive is slimy.


So How Does One Invite Like a Boss?


Honestly, I am still working on the definitive answer, but I have learned quite a bit on this journey and I have gotten better at the invite over time. This post is a continuation of that journey and I am simply sharing my experience with you via these shares. Plus, documenting the share reinforces the lesson for me, and creates a trail of where I have been when I arrive at where I am.

#1. Decide to invite. It’s just got to be done. Inviting prospects to your presentation, to your event, to your party, to your church, to your office – plan to invite. If you do not plan to invite, invitations will not magically spit from your lips or appear in their mail.

#2. You will get Nos. So what? Roll with it. Most of the time, the no is a rejection of the offer, not a rejection of you.

#3. F.O.R.M. before you invite. Be deliberate about engaging your prospect and build trust and rapport before you ask for the sale. F.O.R.M. is generically appropriate for most invites. F-family, O-occupation, R-recreation, M-message. This is just a template to help you think up things to ask or comment on

#4. Learn to invite. Take classes. I totally endorse this strategy. Unless you were born with this ability naturally, find a way to learn this skill from those who are good at it. I have. I have invested in this skill because I was one that preferred surgery without anesthesia to inviting. I had to learn this skill. The quality of my life depends on it.

#5. Invite. Go do it! In fact, I use a software I was introduced to from one business opportunity to track all my invites, whether they are for that opportunity or not. Thanks to the power of tags, I can sort and group people and keep track of who I invited, what I invited them to, and when to follow-up. What I love about this is, I get the daily reminder to invite six people daily and there is a quantitative tracking on my progress.  When I have no or few sales for the week, chances are, if you check – I also had none or very few invites for the week as well.

Sorry, this software is not generically available, but if you join my team I will share how to get access. I am sure there are either other tracking tools available or simply keep a notebook of your efforts.

Inviting does not guarantee sales or results. NOT inviting guarantees NO SALES and NO RESULTS! I will take my chances with inviting to fail forward. Each invite for me is another practice toward improvement.

All this practice has paid off already too.

Treat Every Invite as Practice for the Next Invite.


The first thing about practicing is, it is no longer scary for me to do it, or honestly, LESS scary for me to do it. There are some BHAGS out there that I am yet to get to (BHAG – Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals or certain people I am still not ready for).

Among the No’s are some Yeses. Those really amp up my energy to keep going.

The script becomes more natural. I found it hard to practice a script but each time I went through it with a prospect, it sounded less ‘scripted’. A script should never be read. Trust me – it will sound very much that you are reading and takes away the power of the well-crafted words. Capture the essence of a script with your own style. Keep the content, but deliver it as you naturally would have any professional conversation.

You will be inviting like a Boss when you can pick up where you detoured from a script with easy transitions that fit the conversation at hand.

Set yourself an invite target. Your ROI will get better with practice so if for now, you need to talk to 100 people to get 3 yesses, eventually you will find inviting 100 gets you 15 yesses, then 30 and so on.

As you can see from this graphic, I have numerical goals of the number of people I need to speak to daily – and that number is further broken down into teammates, existing customers, people in my list (prospects), new additions to my list, and invites.

By ensuring that I speak to a certain number of people every day, and invite at least 6 per day, I will fail forward, or move forward whether my steps are failing or successful ones.

As you can see, I am very transparent that May 17 was the first time I hit every one of my contact targets. Adding new people to my list every day used to be hard for me, but not anymore. Inviting 6 people a day is still a challenge because I will not say Hello, buy my stuff.  Having added someone new to my list, I feel compelled to build a relationship with that person at some level and look for a segway to mention how what I have may be a solution to something they mentioned was a problem or a desire of theirs.

I am working on the goal of Inviting Like a Boss. I am work-in-progress. I have had progress. Every day I have progressed and I will continue to work on this skill set because it is that vital to my success. I invite you to consider working on this skill as well until you invite like a boss.






The Art of Trusting the Process. The SECRET SAUCE of Those Who Never Quit.

Secret Sauce ingredient EXPOSED! The successful never quit. This is true and on the surface that seems to be the secret sauce to their success – the fact that they never quit. However, if you dig a bit deeper, the reason why they are able to hang in there long after many have given up is – they trust the process, even when they cannot see progress.

Needing visible evidence is the hallmark of the superficial. Long before you see a pimple on your face, understand there were days of it brewing under the surface. What you see if the final manifestation of the infection.

Success in any area, especially entrepreneurial adventures, takes time. The success that others can see happens long after the daily grind that the successful put in without the benefit of daily evidence of the results of that effort.


This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio in a bit more detail than shared here. Listen as you read, or instead.


Success comes with Massive and Constant Action

Babies hang in there by nature. They fall hundreds of times before they learn to walk, and they never stop trying despite the many falls. I have come to conclude that we UNLEARN patience and consistency as we grow up and get used to the world of instant gratification.

This is a very personal post for me because I had to figure out how to overcome my urgency for success and actually stay in the game long enough to achieve it. If you follow me at any level, get used to the idea that I rarely share anything that I am not doing or have done. I am a do as I do Coach/Consultant, not just a ‘bag-a-mout’, as we say in Jamaica. ‘Bag-a-mout’ translates to, talk without action.

It is wise to study those who are successful if you wish to become successful yourself. The successful do not give up. Click here for an article summarising 12 modern-day success stories despite early failures along the way. What is clear is, these people never gave up. What is not shared is, WHY? Why didn’t they quit? Why did they keep going after all those failures? Saying, don’t give up sounds great. Having the energy to hang in there – is not.

It turns out, these successful people trusted a process. If you read the stories they did not just hang in there, they kept repeating a process, with tweaks, but they kept doing the thing they were doing. The singer kept singing and looking for contracts (Katy Perry), the writer kept writing and submitting to publishers (J.K Rowling), the reporter kept reporting heartfelt stories even when they were chastised for their emotional connection to those stories (Oprah).


Success is a Process. Trust the Process.

Some successful people will even take the time to document their process so they can track and tweak. I am ever grateful to those who do, because not only are they able to pinpoint where in their journey the success became obvious, but the tracking offered an opportunity for duplication of their strategies.

I have adopted the success strategy of my mentors and I have learned to trust the process.

One of my favorite bits of entrepreneurial advice I grabbed that is truly a slow road to success is from Grant Cardone.

So, I work on building relationships, not just connections. Honestly, this was difficult for me. By nature, I am a loner. I could just hang out with my hubby and kids, never talk to another human and I would be quite OK with that. However, that isolation will never help me build a business, and most of all – it will never move me to fulfil the Great Commission as directed by Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20).

My work as a Stewardship Consultant/Coach gives me the privilege to partner with God to move Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who are living out their God-given purpose and are able to give generously to those things which move their heart.

I cannot influence or impact others if I do not build relationships with them, and building relationships is a slow process. The idea of meeting someone for the first time and saying “Hi, nice to meet you. Buy my stuff”, is outrageous. Yet, that is what many want, hope and expect and will quit when they don’t see that happen. This happens on Facebook all the time. You agree to accept a new friend request and in seconds you get a private message with shopping links. Point out the stupidity and they block you. HUH?

There is a process to building relationships that convert to a sale, and that is the process I trust. It is slower than the arm-twisting, pressure pushing tactics of sales, however, that is the route this girl has decided to go.

One process I follow is:

  • make a deliberate effort to connect with new people every day.
  • deliberately look for ways to connect with them, and give an encouraging word or legitimate compliment
  • interact in ways that will resonate and offer value to that new connection
  • plant seeds along the way that may move that person to do business with me, or be willing to refer me along.

This process is slow, but I trust this process.  I have gotten clients or teammates that from initial meeting to the contract took a year. Some are faster but those are the exception, not the norm. Recently, it seems that timeline has speeded up but honestly, that is because I have had years of building my brand, my reputation, and my connections. Now when people are introduced to me, credibility is faster and trust is also faster. However, some that appear to be fast were secretly watching me for a long while before letting me know they were doing so.

If you are a Christian income earner and you are simply going to work to go home, barely getting by, feeling like you are living to work, instead of working to live – then you may be missing out on the invitation of Jesus to live life abundantly.

John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Yes, you got the have life part (your ticket to heaven) but you missed the AND have it more abundantly.

If you want to enjoy life more abundantly, connect with me for a free discovery session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with just for you resources to help you take your next logical step.

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it may be time to E5 your business. (express, expense, explore, expose, expand). NOTE: This site is not mobile friendly (yet). Please use a computer to view.

Most of all, if you have tapped into a process that is proven successful, hang in there. Be in massive action. Track and tweak. Keep moving. Seeds take a time to grow and return a harvest. If nothing else, I hope I inspired you to keep working on your dream.




Black Lives: Minority Population. Majority Early Deaths. INSURANCE.

Black lives are called Minorities here in the USA. In truth, the African American population makes up only 13.3% of the total population. However, the status of this minority group has been getting headline features in many media outlets.  Americans are being forced to come to terms with some historic trends that are no longer tolerated.

Since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr.; there has been an upswing in public outcry for the condition of African Americans. The conversation is, they feel they have fewer rights and privileges of their white counterparts.

Many whites are agreeing with them and are joining their voices to bring a national call to action for change. This viral Tweet by Rashida Jones is a perfect example of this:


Black Lives Statistics

This conversation has also highlighted other plights of the minority African Americans who make up the majority of the prison population, the majority of those at the poverty line, and the majority of those failing to graduate high-school and college.


black lives, life expectancy,

A chart showing the life expectancy for Americans, by race.


Since I am an observer of these facts, as an import from Jamaica who has become a Naturalized Citizen of the USA, I can be objective without emotion. As a person of mixed race myself, I intend to use my vantage point to highlight some other less discussed issues that I feel also warrant attention.

With poverty so high, and sudden, early deaths also being high, it seems more African American families should own and hold some form of life insurance coverage urgently.

Most life-insurance Agents are white, middle, and upper-middle class people who prefer not to go into the hood, understandably.  When I realized this need, I raised the idea of finding a way to reach this market and my husband said the sale was not worth the risk of my life to venture into certain neighborhoods. While I will agree with this sentiment, it only highlighted the urgency of finding a way to reach this market.

Many Agents of color are also scared to go into the hood because the crime reality is very real, so minority families in the hood are rarely being visited by Agents looking to offer life coverage protection to a group that seems to need it most. If black lives matter, why isn’t the movement and those who serve it, not pushing for this population to own and hold more life insurance. Life insurance is not for the person buying the policy, but for the benefit of the lives that matter who are left behind when they die.


A graphic showing death rates for firearm related injuries.



My Solution Attempt

So, I posted Commission Sales positions on job Boards. I was hoping to attract some candidates who live in the hood who would have no problem reaching this market. I interviewed about 15 whose home address would qualify as ‘the hood’.  So far, I have only one person who seems to be willing to try to see if they could become an insurance agent.

The others I interviewed backed out of the idea of moving forward to get licensed. The reasons I was offered were:

  • They want a job, not commission sales
  • They had a criminal background and were not likely to pass the mandatory background check
  • They did not feel they had the academic capacity to pass a state-issued exam
  • They did not feel they would be well received or have a successful selling experience if they tried to sell insurance to white families
  • The did not feel people in the hood had the money to buy any kind of insurance
  • They assumed the cost of life insurance options was higher than the rates actually are.

This was a sad list I had accumulated and I finally felt compelled to write this post in hopes of extending my outreach.

Insurance is one of the most valuable strategies for transferring wealth to the next generation. The poverty situation of minorities keeps them thinking about survival now, rather than the future abundance of their children


Minorities that do own coverage have very little beyond covering funeral expenses, leaving the grieving family in a serious situation with the main breadwinner gone. If that family had Special Needs dependents, the situation is even worse for those left behind.

The Life Insurance Career is commission based but very lucrative to be in. Since this career is not a wage offer, minorities who are already struggling financially find it harder to embrace the unpredictability of the insurance income.

I believe insurance products should be offered to all families including the poor minorities living in the crime infested hood. With their lives in constant threat, you would think more families would buy insurance for themselves and their children.

Years ago, I had a conversation with a prospect minority family who hesitated on purchasing coverage because they had other financial priorities. However, they did mention in passing that they probably should buy a policy on their son, because the friends he had, and where they hung out, they feared their son being a statistic of their neighborhood. Interesting. They did not see a need to get coverage on themselves but thought it might be a good idea to get it on their son.

This is a very sad post. The implications of everything I wrote here are worrisome. I am making a strong call to action for those who can easily reach this underserved market, and are willing and able to get an insurance license to connect with me. Consider the schedule flexible, income unlimited field of insurance as a career. Training, encouragement, support and a solid income opportunity await you here.

Why does Success Seem so Elusive? 5 Tips to Ensure You Find Your Success.

Success seems elusive. If success was easy to accomplish, more people would have it. Despite the efforts of many, success seems difficult to achieve, and those that do enjoy success find it fleeting even if we do grab it for a moment.

As I write this post, I am actually preparing to share on the Christian Entrepreneur Network’s show on the topic of Biblical Principles for Success. Once that show is made public, I will update this post to include a link to that program.

There are principles for success, and then there are Biblical principles. The Biblical principles are universal truths. Principles for success exist, however, that will not meet the Biblical standard which is the gold standard in my opinion. For example, criminals feel successful when they achieve their goal of scamming or robbing someone. Some sales professionals will have measurable success with strong arm pushy sales tactics. None of these will qualify as Biblical principles for success so, I must clarify that the tips I share will meet the Biblical standard.

When I was growing up, like any child I had my dreams of being successful. As I voiced my thoughts out loud my father quickly lets me know, that in his eyes, no matter how much money, no matter my title, no matter how high up the social ladder I moved, if I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I was not successful. I am so glad I grew up in the home I did because this level of clarity is a missing ingredient for many.

My father may as well have quoted Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

income, money, increase, wealth, success,

If it were easy to be successful, many more people would be. However, the very first thing that is prudent here is to define success. To determine if a person is successful, success must be defined. This is my Tip #1.

If a student brings home a report card filled with ‘C’ grades, they might not be seen as successful. However, if those grades are a huge improvement over prior grades of ‘F’, then success is agreed. Success must be defined for someone to determine if it has been achieved or not.

How do you define your success? Have you even bothered to do that first step? Failure to define success may leave many successful people feeling like failures when they are not. Failure to define success may cause many to claim success when they are not.

Success is measurable. This is Tip #2.

If you have defined what success is, then measuring for it becomes easy. Accomplishments may be measured quantitatively or qualitatively. An example of a quantitative measure is, you made 6 more sales today than yesterday. An example of a qualitative measure is, you feel more energetic today than you did yesterday.

Whatever is measured, tracked, inspected – tends to move toward success. Failing to measure for success rarely causes people to proactively move. Which brings me to Tip #3. Accountability.

Accountability is probably the single most important component of a person moving toward success. Very few people have that strong internal drive and compass to keep moving in an environment where there is no or little accountability. Entrepreneurs who no longer have a ‘Boss’ will struggle with this the most. A Mastermind of peers may be your answer or hiring a Business Coach, and a spouse could be an accountability partner as well.

We all have a lazy streak in us, a ‘get away with as little as possible’ mentality. Mediocrity, average, doing ok is the order of the masses. The herd tends to hang together and the herd is what the leader leads.

Which brings me to Tip #4. Success can be lonely. So few become successful so the pack thins out as people move to the front. The leader is out front, not hanging back with the pack. To lead is to move away from average. If we were examining grades on a class curve, the successful student, the leader, will cause the curve to skew. A single leader can create a massive impact on the average of the herd.

Strong leaders know that leadership is a continuous ladder with unlimited possibilities. Which brings me to my final Tip #5. Leaders continue to learn and know when to shift back to the pack to learn from another leader.

If you watch a flight of birds heading south for the winter, you will realize that the leader at the front of the apex formation rotates from time to time. Leaders get tired.

Leaders need to refresh, learn some more, then take their leadership to a new level later. Leaders really never stop learning. A kid on a little league team who becomes the MVP will move on to a new team when they are older, say a varsity team. They are no longer the MVP there and they get a brand new coach. If they continue to grow in strength in their learning and training they will eventually move up again, maybe this time to a college level team with another coach. If they continue on this path, they may be a strong enough leader from the pack of possible recruits to snatch a place on a pro team where they will get yet another coach and maybe eventually become the MVP of that team. One day, that person goes on to coach their own team, starting their leadership ladder all over again.

The Bible puts it this way. Luke 6;40 says, “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

This is why leaders will continue to learn and move on to new Coaches and Trainers. If they want to find success at a higher level, they will need a new teacher. When fully trained, they will be as competent and as successful as that teacher. The sad thing is, many students do not make an effort to learn while in school and upon graduation cease their learning process. Many adults today have never read a book in years. This is sad, but it is the way of the herd, the average, the pack the mediocre.

Success leaves clues. It is not just a noise of unsubstantiated claims. The Bible gives us another test for separating the wannabes from the real deal. Those who are successful will have proof of that success. This goes back to Tip # 2. Success is measurable.

The Bible puts it this way. Matthew 7:19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 humility, self-control”

In other words. there will be PROOF, clues, evidence!

Start your own Mastermind with a group of your peers and help move each other to success. Need help with that? Take my $7 Start a Mastermind Group online course.

Join my E5 Your Biz Workshop. This program will give you strategies to move entrepreneurs into forward momentum in their business AND is comes with accountability to those actions.


OBAMAcare. TRUMPcare. Who Cares? Our Dependents – That’s Who!

Obamacare or Trumpcare could cause a heated debate which I am not about to engage in. The option to care for our dependents is actually not up for negotiation. At the end of the day, it is our duty to care for those depending on us. Decisions by the government as to which ___care is enforced only serves to make our jobs easier or harder, that is all.

I recently posted a Democratic Tweet to my Insurance Business Facebook page. Honestly, I was not attempting to make a political statement, but I think the responders may have been responding more to the political sentiment than the actual one. For the curious – I am a LIBERAL! I was a Ron Paul fan when he was running. He was a ‘take care of our own’ kinda guy. A bit kooky in personality, but not big on global interference or heavy subsidizing of those who could help themselves. The beauty of being a Liberal is, I will agree with anyone who posts what I agree with. Not agree because they ride a certain side of the political fence.

What do you think? Here is the post in question:


As at the time of this post, 

So based on the emoji’s I was convinced this was a political response by those who viewed the post because parents with Special Needs often have an above average need for healthcare. Trumpcare is still in negotiation at the time of this post, so Obamacare is still in force. The fact that this Democratic sympathizer saw it fit to identify Go Fund Me as “our nation’s leading health care provider” while we are still under Obamacare amuses me. Does this mean Obamacare is not working even for those who support it? Not sure!

I do agree that those who need healthcare the most should never be denied it, penalized, or having to go without because the system does not support their wellbeing.

What Trumpcare will ultimately look like is still up in the air so all those who are afraid of Trumpcare are frankly afraid of their imagination of Trumpcare since it does not yet exist and is being fiercely fought in Congress and by the democratic side of the public.

As a Liberal, I am in wait-and-see mode. I am not sure what this egotistical billionaire will do. What I do know is, as a Parent and adult child of dependents – I focus on my own first. The fact that I sell Financial Services makes me careful to practice what I preach.

I take care of my own and it is my job to do no matter what the government does or does not do. I agree, the system can make my job easier, or it can add challenges and hurdles. I will fight where I must, however – at the end of the day, the care of my dependents is my duty.


So what plans do you have in place? Is Go Fund Me – YOUR Healthcare or Funeral plan?

None of us PLAN to die, but it will happen.  How is the void filled when you are gone?

A life lost cannot ever be replaced, but money can solve a lot of problems.

Click on the picture to be able to read what the pics say.

As income earners, many of these may make up the reasons WHY you work as hard as you do. Our dependents are counting on us, and once we are gone, their lifestyle could change drastically if we have not given that fact serious consideration.

No one buys insurance to have yet another bill to pay.  Duh! We buy insurance because we love those who depend on us – that’s my reason anyway. It is also the reason why I feel honored to serve those who see the point in taking this loving action that keeps giving beyond the grave.

dependents, go fund me,

If you are a Florida Family in need of coverage for your dependents or want some safe money options that will continue to deliver an income stipend even when you are gone, connect with me.

If you live outside of Florida, I will connect you with a teammate who is licensed to serve in your state.

If you believe a career in insurance may be something you want to look further into, connect with me. Having obtained my Real Estate Broker’s license, trained as a Paralegal, and run my own start-from-scratch business, I have found insurance to be the best for me. Why?

  • Litte out-of-pocket investment to get running,
  • flexible schedule,
  • no inventory that ties up wads of funds and takes a while to liquidate,
    less stress,
  • pays very well with no glass ceiling.

This is a professional industry with high trust and requires licensing and a background check. We help you with the licensing. As long as you have no felonies, I invite you to connect with me regarding this income opportunity.

Accountability. The Success Secret of Entrepreneurs.

Accountability is the secret sauce to success!  For all who have been searching for the mysterious elixir, the hidden ingredient, the secret sauce – this is it.

Self-management is the single biggest driver of success, but self-management does not come naturally. Entrepreneurs have no boss. This may even be the reason for becoming an entrepreneur in the first place, however, not having a boss may be the reason for zero or limited success in this adventure. I am not advocating ditching your business for a job! NO WAY! I am simply pointing out that having accountability with consequences is a missing ingredient. For the ‘boss-less’ entrepreneur, but it is a problem that can easily be fixed.

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:

No Oversight = No Accountability

The entrepreneur who works from home may enjoy the option of working in their pajamas, but the distractions to success are higher at home than if the entrepreneur heads out to an ‘away from home’ workspace. Accountability is an overlooked success strategy simply because being an entrepreneur removes oversight from the work equation UNLESS it is deliberately built in. I am suggesting you build it in.

Self-Management is Hard

Self-motivation is possible. Keeping distractions at bay and staying focused on money making activities is possible. Having a structured day and work-hours is possible for the entrepreneur, but this level of self-management is very rare and must be developed. Self-management is the single biggest driver of success, but self-management does not come naturally.

accountability, success, strategy,

At birth, we have parents protecting us and giving us guidance and rules as we navigate life to adulthood. We have teachers, Club leaders, and bosses. Deciding to become a lone ranger entrepreneur is desirable, and once attained, many find the unstructured life new and scary.

Being busy does not mean being active in money making activities. Many entrepreneurs if they are honest, will admit that it is easy to get distracted with buying stationary, tidying up a space, shuffling papers and staring into the abyss as they struggle to dive into the money-making activities that count.

Accountability is the answer, building it in is not easy, but worth the effort.

Building in Accountability

Deliberately looking for someone else to answer to is not on the top of the to-do list of any entrepreneur, but entrepreneurial accountability is a special kind of feedback. Not knowing what kind of accountability to look for makes it harder to find that level of help.

1Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up”.

At the most basic and vital level, is having someone to hear your ideas as you brainstorm. Clearly, your child or pet dog is not the best candidate for this job. Neither is able to ask questions that will put bullet holes in your ideas so you refine them as you need to. A partner or a supporting spouse will be awesome in this role. If your idea is a rabbit trail of distraction to your money making activity, you need to have that pointed out to you and that feedback is valuable.

A mentor is another great way to build in accountability. Find someone you respect who has accomplished something you are working toward. Become their fan and let them know it. Chances are, they will willingly pour into you and be honored that you asked for their advice. Be respectful of their time though and understand that free coaching is not the same as mentoring, although a paid coach can also be a mentor.

Hire a paid business coach. This is the easiest to implement and possibly the most viable strategy for constructive accountability. A good business coach will help keep you on track and ask the tough questions about your results.Need some tough love – I bring it. I can be a hard pill to swallow so my consulting/coaching is not for the faint of heart or those who see success as wishful thinking.

Join a Mastermind of your peers. This Mastermind may be a group of clients lead by a business coach, but many peer groups exist for encouraging fellow entrepreneurs to succeed. I am always a part of such a Mastermind because I create it. I invite other entrepreneurs whom I have vetted to be sure we have a similar drive to succeed and are in action implementing our strategies.

If you are in a Network Marketing opportunity, look within your organization for successful workgroups. You may find a leader further up your upline list, or maybe not even in your line at all but in the organization. Many MLMers will assist others even if they are not part of their group because this business fosters that kind of relationship extension. It is possible to find a group of independent distributors who form a Mastermind to push each other to build their lists, make the sales calls, and work on their sales funnel together.

If you fail to have someone to report to, it is easy for months to go by without any measurable success and fool enough people for a while. However, without results, your empire is a sham and the walls will come crashing in. Tasting the freedom to self-manage to end up returning to the corporate world feels like the ultimate failure for many entrepreneurs. I strongly encourage you to deliberately seek to build in the accountability strategy to success, without creating a new boss of sorts.

For the Christian, we have our personal accountability to God, then our accountability to the body of Christ. However, we should not forget the accountability to each other.

The whole focus of my work and mission is #ProfitableStewardship. Profitable Stewardship is where we recognize that everything we have comes from God and is God’s. We are simply managers and that God EXPECTS us to be faithful with what He has put under our control.

Matthew 25:20 “The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.”

Within the body of Christ, we have our role to play. Often that role happens through volunteering. Some are hired in for a job. Even so, some fail to show up, some do a lack-luster job, some are jealous of others who have what appears to be the more glorious roles, and some of us show up and work hard. There will be leaders in the church asking for, or overseeing this – but many times the Christian is expected to self-manage. Churches depend on volunteers and being an entrepreneur who decides your own agenda gives the Christian entrepreneur the most opportune option of putting God high on the priority list through serving others.

Then, there is the accountability a Christian has to a brother or sister in Christ.

1Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up”.

Galatians 6:1-2 “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Start your own Mastermind with a group of your peers and help move each other to success. Need help with that? Take my $7 Start a Mastermind Group online course.

Join my E5 Your Biz Workshop. This program will give you strategies to move entrepreneurs into forward momentum in their business AND is comes with accountability to those actions.


Expectation. Do You Know How to Increase Your FAITH in Your Success?

Expectation v. Hope.

Expectation is not quite the same as hope. The Merriam-Webster dictionary offered up these definitions:

If you check a Thesaurus, hope and expectation are offered as exchange options for each other, but the definitions show the slight nuance of difference and this tiny difference makes a huge impact in our reality.

I recently looked into this as I have a desire to increase my faith. I want to increase my faith in God, in myself, and in my ultimate success. Since profitable success is my focus, whatever it takes to achieve that is under my scrutiny for possible implementation.

During a power (prayer) walk, I believe what I am about to share with you, was whispered to me. In other words, I do not take credit for coming up with this, but being inspired to see things this way.

Hope has an element of possibility (maybe yes, maybe no). Expectation is more definite. Still not seeing it as I do?  What about this example, a girl with a belly saying “I hope I am pregnant” versus saying. “My expected delivery is in 3 months.”

Hope is positive, but it carries a tiny possibility of failure with it. Hope is powerful as it gives people a reason to try, but hope can quickly turn to despair if the evidence of success is limited or none existent. When I HOPE to succeed, it is not as potent as my declaration of expecting to succeed.


So I realized I had a big problem! At this point, I had to admit, my dream of success was still in the realm of HOPE. I needed to move my mindset to a stronger sense of certainty. I needed to have an EXPECTATION of success.

Success is relative. To many, I am already successful – and I would be ungrateful to think I am not. However, the success I dream about is a continuous stretch that grows me to continue working for my dream, a dream so big that settling for what I have and where I am is not an option for me. You need to define what success means to you.

Do you hope to lose weight or expect to lose it?

Do you hope to have a happy marriage or expect to have it?

Do you hope to find entrepreneurial success or do you expect to have it?

An expectant mindset is very different from a hopeful one. I have now realized that and there is no going back.

expectation, dream, vision,

The Bible offers a definition of faith this way:

Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (KJV)

The CJB version of the Bible transcribes the same verse to say,

“is being confident of what we hope for, convinced about things we do not see.”

I like the CJB version best because it takes up the notch of hope to a new level.  Confident of what we hoped for. CONVINCED about things we do not see.

However, the Paralegal in me likes the KJV version because of the word “evidence.”

My history includes time spent doing crime scene clean ups and being a Paralegal with the Department of Justice. I dealt with a lot of evidence in those days of my life.

Evidence is crucial to confirm or deny a legal theory being presented to the court that will have a life-changing impact on the lives of many. Blood samples taken from a crime scene can confirm the presence of a specific individual at that place, even though none of us saw them there. Evidence takes things out of the realm of possibility and into the space of convinced.

With this new AHA! I had to go back to my Vision Board and revamp my view of the outcomes. I needed to shift my vision from being hopeful to being expectant. This is still work-in-progress because faith is not easy to acquire.

Faith is the single thing a Christian needs to have to please God yet we have so little if any of it.

Hebrews 11:6 “And without faith, it is impossible to please God, [ ].”

As a Christian, I am embarrassed to admit my insignificant level of faith, but I cannot deny it.

If I had the faith necessary my success would never have lived in the realm of hope but would have been firmly established in the space of expectation.

As I prayerfully work on myself, I invite you to do the same.

The secular world finds it easier to do by focusing on the law of Attraction. This is an actual law and it applies to the Christian just as much as it does to everyone else.  The Bible has always referred to this as faithful expectation, and the world calls it the law of attraction. Why can non-Christians find it easier to accept a recent packaging of an ancient concept we Christians have always known about and been invited to enjoy? I did a video on this some time ago that I share with you here:


  • Define or redefine your success with language that states it as an expected outcome rather than a hopeful one.
  • Write out what you consider evidence of your expectation (proof), so that you have the tangible ways to establish when your expectation is fulfilled.
  • Recognize the Bible as a practical, relevant guide to success. Need help with that?  Buy my book, THE BIBLE ON BUSINESS. Grab a copy.
  • Want to join my team and be a part of the #ProfitableStewardship movement? AWESOME! Complete this form for us to see if that is a mutual fit.
  • Need a Coach/Consultant that resonates with your faith to help you show up as a Christian in Business or to run a Christian business (there is a difference); connect with me for a free discovery session. The discovery session helps us determine if this relationship is a mutual fit, that I can help you achieve what you want, and that you are convinced that you should work with me to accomplish that goal.


WARNING! Your Vision LIMITS Your Success. Don’t be Blind, Blinded or Blindsided.

Vision is a thing! According to the dictionary, “Vision” is a noun. It is defined by the dictionary as the ability to see, or a supernatural experience of an apparition. Not all who have eyes have vision or an ability to see. Some of us are blind. Some have been blinded, and some have been blindsided.  In each case, vision is impaired.

Success is limited or expanded by our vision.

John 11:40 “Then Jesus said, “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?”

Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Some of us are blind. Blindness, in this case, is a physical limitation that happened to that person. I am yet to hear of anyone choosing this physical limitation.This medical diagnosis, however, does not mean the blind person cannot have vision.

Science continues to develop technology today that opens up increasing options for the medically blind to be able to see. From braille technology to surgeries or new tech toys. There are some notable people who were medically blind but managed to demonstrate limitless vision. Stevie Wonder, Helen Keller, and Louis Braille are great examples.

Remember, vision is the ability to see, and our eyes are not the only way we can see. We can see with our mind, and this type of seeing is unlimited.  Seeing with our eyes is limited to receiving what is there to be seen. It must be a material substance that can be seen. For example, the human eye cannot see the wind but we can perceive it when we see leaves flying and clouds moving.  Seeing with our mind is limitless because of our ability to imagine is limitless.

Some of us are blinded. Again, being blinded can be something that happens to us, but in this case, some of us do make choices that move us to be blinded. Accidents happen, and some accidents are the result of a choice. I call these ‘accidents waiting to happen’. This is a conversation I have with my kids all the time. I ask them to rethink their actions because the possible outcome has high risks attached to them. Similarly, the Diabetic who ignores their health and continues in the behaviors that worsen their condition may be blinded and their actions may even be the catalyst for bringing that blindness on earlier in their life. This is a long, round-about way to say, our own actions can bring on our current blindness. It may not seem like we chose blindness in this case, but it was the outcome of our decisions or failure to decide. Being blinded can be temporary, and even that is our choice.

Mark 10:51 “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked. “My rabbi,” the blind man said, “I want to see!”

Some of us are blindsided.

Some us take a hit when we are already down, some of us take a hit we never saw coming. In this case, we were blindsided. This happens because of a vulnerability that someone takes advantage of (intentionally or not). Being prepared can lower our risk for this, but being blindsided is impossible to avoid. It is how we respond after that determines what happens next. Those with a compelling vision will find the strength to brush off and get back on track easier than those without vision.

Vision is crucial to success.  The bigger the vision, the more the ‘gravitational pull’ toward achieving success.

vision, dream,

A more popular version of that concept is – if you reach for the stars and miss you at least hit the tree tops – which is always better than staying on the floor.

A few years ago, I realized that I had a vision problem. If you ever heard of the ‘glass ceiling’ to success, let me tell you – it exists! For me, that ceiling was set firmly at $64,000.  I came nose to glass with that ceiling while playing my first round of the Prosperity Game. If someone had told me I had that ceiling and that my success was limited because of it, I would have denied it vehemently – but I could not deny it when I saw my results in that game.

I repeated the game with an expanded mindset, but once again came nose to the glass with that ceiling around $150K. On round 3, I was able to see myself earning and deserving millions of dollars. I hope to have that dream manifest in my reality soon, but my inability to see it before made my having it impossible. Now, it is possible, and I welcome that day.

Click here to play The Prosperity Game (FREE).

One way to avoid being blind, blinded, or blindsided in your pursuit of success is to create and regularly look at your Vision Board. I recently shared elements of my Vision Board on Facebook, and to my surprise, one of my responders asked me HOW to create a Vision Board. I guess I took that skill for granted.  There are many ways to make your board, however, here is my strategy that I think is efficient and effective:

I visited my Vision Board this morning, as I often do. It was my joy to delete my goal of being on TV from that board.  Being on TV was on my Vision Board for the past two years and I was on TV twice in the last two weeks with another show lined up to be aired on local cable in two weeks.

Having a Vision Board keeps your goals before you and is one of many important success strategies to move me along the Profit line.  My ultimate vision is to be a #ProfitableSteward.I want to hear told to me what was outlined in Matthew 25:21, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”


  • I encourage you to play The Prosperity Game. It is an effective way to DREAM, then dream Bigger. Flesh your dream out and then have the content to transfer to your Vision Board later.
  • Need to hear yourself think with OBJECTIVE FEEDBACK from me?  Schedule a FREE Discovery Session with me. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and you will leave that conversation with resources to help you achieve your goal, even if we do not continue our relationship any further.
  • Of course, you can also consider JOINING MY TEAM and being a part of the energy and structure I am a part of to build my Profitability and quality of life.

Surprise! Success has a Price. Are You Willing to Pay?

Success is desirable, yet few achieve it.  Some start out valiantly in the direction of success but quit along the way.  Those who have what we want, paid a price to have it.  The onlookers, the haters, the jealous, the admirer  – all acknowledge the success but may not know the price paid, or worse – choose to ignore there was one.

Success Slips that Suck!

I have been watching this play out in my TV Producer class I just completed.  The price tag for this course in a college setting is $30K+.  In a local vocational school, the price tag was $15K.  I was among the lucky few who qualified for a grant, and so was able to enjoy this course with no cash out of pocket.  The others who also qualified have been M.I.A.  HUH?  How do they receive a gift like this and not take the action to complete the course?

Luke 14:28 “Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Won’t you first sit down and estimate the cost to see if you have enough money to complete it?”

Weight loss, career advancement, financial success, a beautiful marriage – these are some success outcomes that many wish for themselves.  The thing is, it cost something to have these things. Life is not a perfect fairytale. Hardships, setbacks, unfair circumstances are a reality for all of us.  Pushing through these situations to enjoy the outcomes we desire seems to be a missing ingredient in the average person today.

Success comes at a Price

  • It costs something to have what you want, and that price is not always quoted in dollars.
  • For some, it is getting up an hour earlier to head to get that workout done, to make those sales calls when the house is quiet.
  • It may be following up with those who told you “No!”, 7+ more times because you understand No often means, not now, or not with you.
  • It may mean spending some money for a Coach or a new technology to cut your timeline to success in half.
  • It may mean separating yourself from the toxic people in your life.

success, Just know, success comes at a personal sacrifice.

If success was easy to achieve, everyone would have it, and that is absolutely not our reality.

My mentor Grant Cardone, recently posted this graphic to social media and I just had to share it with you.  Before you open your mouth to utter another excuse, reason, justification, as to why you are not on your path to success; let me invite you to ditch your victim mentality and arise in confidence in the name of Jesus.


Bible Verses to Encourage the Success Seeker

Here are a few Bible verses to encourage the Christian income earner to stay strong and pursue success:

Philippians 4:13 (You know this one had to be here) “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”

Psalms 1:1-3 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers.”

Deuteronomy 8:18 “But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”

1. Believe you will be successful, and work as if you believe that.

2. Need accountability?  Would you benefit from having someone in your life to call you out when the BS creeps back into your mind, words, and action?  Connect with me – yep! That might cost you beyond the initial free discovery consultation, but if you move past your BS to success, it will be worth it.

Do you need help to improve in the fitness area of your life? Increase your energy? Increase your confidence about how you look in your clothes or as you present your product or presentation?  Check out my $1 BABY STEPS TO FITNESS  Challenge Group.

All Profit is Income – BUT – Not All Income is Profit. BE PROFITABLE!

Profit. This is the space of more, of extra, of what is left after all expenses.

There are three types of profit that will show up on an income statement:

  • Gross profit
  • Operating profit
  • Net profit

This content was shared on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:

Tax season is the one time of year that all businesses become publicly aware of their profitability.  Of course, this information should be known throughout the life of the business, but for the solo-entrepreneur or the small business owner who is still wearing a lot of hats, doing the accounting, keeping it up to date, analysing the data, and using that analysis to adjust their operation may happen less frequently that they know it should happen.

One of the goals during tax season is also to bring the declared profit line down with every write-off that is possible, so as to justify paying less in taxes.  Bear in mind, your public tax record is also what banks and other growth impacting organizations look at, so if you constantly appear to be unprofitable, and even the IRS will declare your business to be a hobby, and you may lose some of your business write-off privileges eventually.

Profitability is the goal of all business; even the not-for-profits want to generate more than they use up so that that extra can be donated or reapportioned so that they end with a zero profit line, but profit is still their goal, but how they handle that profit is special for not-for-profits.


Today, I want to impress on you to move toward profitability with urgency because it is Biblical to be profitable, and for the Christian income earner – the Bible has a lot to say about profitability and we should pay attention.

It is time to pay attention to your harvest.  Let us look at what the Bible has to say for some Biblical insight into generating and building profitability. I mention many of these in my book


The first thing I want you to note that there IS a Biblical Profit Mandate.  Read more about that here but in a nutshell, God delivered a stern judgment on the servant who buried the talent without at least investing it with the bank for interest. (Matthew 25:26-30)

Whatever has been entrusted to you, God expects you to move it to profitability.  However, we will not all have the same profit results.  Some will find their work effort (sowing seeds) returns 30, 60 or 100 times the investment.

Matthew 13:8 “Still other seeds fell on fertile soil, and they produced a crop that was thirty, sixty, and even a hundred times as much as had been planted!”

The amount returned is not equal.  God’s favor is NOT on the socialistic agenda of equality. Some do get more than others.  However, that does not make any to be less valuable than the other.

Biblically speaking, there is equality in value, but there is no equality in exposure, purpose, or profit. Some of us will be more publicly exposed and some of us will work quietly behind the scenes.  Some will receive more recognition and praise, some may never be thanked.  All are still valuable and their contribution to the purpose of God.

1 Corinthians 12: 18, 22   “But as it is, God arranged each of the parts in the body exactly as he wanted them, [ ]  On the contrary, the parts of the body that seem to be less important turn out to be all the more necessary”.

Understanding that all profit is income but not all income is profit is the foundation of creating profit.  PROFIT IS THE REALM OF MORE, OF ABUNDANCE, OF EXTRA. Too many solo entrepreneurs and small businesses are spending from their inflow without realizing how they are burning the future growth of their business.  It is time to be Profitable and to INCREASE in Profitability.

A young man I was teaching was in the middle of his self-pity party.  He lamented that his lawn-care business brought in a lot of money, but it did not seem to be enough. He lost the business because he never seemed to have money to purchase gas for the mowers or to pay his helpers.

As I dived into his operation, what became blatantly clear is, this man had zero understanding of operating costs and profit calculation.  When his clients paid him, he put that money in his wallet and began to cover his life costs.  Grocery, rent and so on.  Looking into these life costs, there was one recurring expense that showed up – entertainment!  His new income level he felt afforded him some extra toys that got him the attention of a girl he felt was out of his class, and he spent and spent and spent to impress her.

It was a shock to him to hear me tell him that he is the reason his very profitable business failed.

His business was profitable because his operating cost to income and his profit margin all indicated on paper that he was indeed profitable.  The problem was – because he had not taken the time to document his expenses properly, and do his calculation, he was not aware of how much of the inflow of moeny he could extract from the company comfortably, without dipping into the funds he had to retain for operating and growth expenses.

In his case, this was simply mindless stupidity.  For some, it is simply poor time management, or not delegating the accounting to an assistant or a service.

Today, the small business owner has tools to make accounting on the go easier. The first of which is Quickbooks, or even TaxBot.  However, this post is not to go over tools of the trade, nor even line items for calculating profitability.

I urge you, sisters and brothers, to become profitable Christians.

There are too many Christians in line for a hand UP instead of being able to give a handOUT. This must change and I am honored to partner with God in this venture.  I move Christian income earners to become profitable stewards of what God has put under your control.



This is your mission and if you agree to accept it, I am here to assist you accomplish it connect with me.


You WANT _____? Nah! You don’t really. If You Did, NO ONE COULD STOP YOU!

You want ______?  Money, a better job, fame, success, love, a slimmer body, a 6-pack?WHATEVER!  Fill in the blank then allow me to take a look at your checkbook or your calendar and I will tell you with significant accuracy if you were simply daydreaming, or envisioning your near reality.

You want that? Really?

Some of you say you want something but really, it is a wishful fancy that passes like farted gas. Phssst,,,  It’s gone, and so is the momentary smile it brought to your face.  Then you proceed to fuss and whine about your pitiful life.  Forgive me if I seem to have little patience for the whining, moaning, and groaning.

you want, dream, wishes, fear,

When those around you hear all your talk but see no action- whether they tell you or not, trust me – we can smell your ‘crap’ a mile off. So keep wishing and talking.


Define what you want

My kids have stopped coming to me with their ‘nonsense’.  If they need my help they have been conditioned to think through their challenge to be as crystal clear as to what the problem exactly is. They also know to try to solve it themselves first and to let me know the outcome of that effort. Then, and only then will I be willing to help them figure out the next step.  My 7-year-old is even getting the hang of this.  I am training my children to be solution finders, creative thinkers, analytical moguls.

As I write this, I am challenged about the things I want.  I have to tell you, it is not that easy to dream to reality. It is easier to dream for the sake of a mental vacation that lasts a few seconds. However, the dreams that become visions that become reality are a different kind of dream.

James 2:18 “But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

You must have a dream, faith that it can be, then action to pull it into your reality.  Faith without works is dead.  Work without faith is a waste of time (or, as filthy rags – Isaiah 64:6)

dream, law of attraction,



You want it, so have it – for REAL!

But dreaming alone will not pull your ideas from the thought realm into your reality.  This can happen and happens often.  The intangible pictures of our mind can eventually be our tangible reality.  This is the Law of Attraction at work.  It is real, and you have experienced it multiple times in your life.

If you are not aware of the Law of Attraction working in your life, you probably roll through life on default mode, instead of proactive mode.  When your wish became your reality, you attributed that to luck or coincidence.  Honey – let me just wise you up here – THAT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION MANIFESTING IN YOUR LIFE!.

The difference between what you want and what you have is your sense of deserving and the amount of focus you give to something.

It is not mumbo-jumbo to deliberately sit and visualize your desire with meticulous detail.  In fact, the more detail you dream the better.  Professional athletes play a game or a move repeatedly in their heads.  The brain wires are being programmed and the brain is not able to separate the dream from the reality in that type of focused, detail thinking. The brain may not separate the dream from the reality, but we can. We are very aware that we are dreaming.

This confusing the brain between reality and dreaming is well studied in the field of psychology with respect to schizophrenia.  The difference here is, the schizophrenic cannot separate their dream from their reality, but we can.

WATCH THIS 1:18 minutes long clip from the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND to demonstrate how the mind can bring to things into our reality.  With the Schizophrenic, however, they cannot distinguish between the dream and the real.  However, the healthy mind can make a dream become real by taking action, without confusing the dream for the reality.


The more your vision of financial success becomes clear in your
unconscious brain, the more the vision actually re-shapes your brain
. This
improved inner reality motivates your brain to bring your vision into the world.” John Assaraf

We can drag our dreams from our thought world into our reality to live the life we desire. It will not happen by accident.  It will not happen without focus. It will not happen without action. BUT your dream can become your reality with strategic focus and action.

If I saw your calendar and your checkbook, I could tell what matters to you.

  • I challenge you to take a look at both with the filter of what takes the most of your time, money and attention and you will know if what you say you want is what you are working to make your reality.
  • Ditch all the excuses, reasons and justifications.  There truly will never be a ‘good’ or perfect time. Go build your life as you have dreamed it.  Dreaming is free, so dream often, dream freely and dream Big.
  • If it matters, it will be on your calendar as a must do action step.
  • If it matters, you will invest in it.

See you at the top!




WORK does not have to feel HARD. You May Even LOVE It! Pursue What You LOVE!

WORK!  This is one word that rarely brings a smile to a face.  Students would rather play than settle down to work. Employees ache for breaks and the end of the day. Housewives groan at the dishes and dirty laundry. CEOs cringe when their phone rings one more time.  This is not always the case of course – but this is a reality for many.

We Must Work!

Humanity’s purpose is to work.  For those who ascribe to the authenticity of the Bible, work was instituted from the first moments of Adam’s existence in the Garden of Eden.

Genesis 2:15 “The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.”

However, work did not become hard for us until sin set in. As part of the Adamic curse, humans would only eat if they worked, and that work would be hard.

Genesis 3:19 “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”


Work & Sweat

All work burns biological energy by way of calories.  Calories are actually a heat measure – did you know that?

work, calories, heat,


So work can cause us to break a sweat.  Most of us are not aware of the sweat creation going on anymore because we wear sweat deterring deodorants, and work in comfortable, air-conditioned environments that counter the heat our body produces as we work.

Investing may not seem like work anymore since we no longer show up to put out effort – but depending on the risk level – many investors do break a sweat in the investment process.

The Bible is still true today – that WORK is how income is generated and work causes us to burn energy and create heat, that will manifest in our body.


Work & Pain

When we do not like the work we do, the pain to earn that income seems magnified.  When people fuss about ‘hating’ their job that they accepted and agreed to do, well – something is terribly wrong!  Everything that is wrong about that job is  – dare I say it? – ALL IN THEIR HEAD!

Yep!  I said it!  I expect many will disagree, but I am about to make my case for that statement so hold up before you vent. Thank you.

Honestly, I know a Garbage man (aka – Sanitation Worker) who has relaxed in his spirit about his work. Without doubt he is a ‘dirty job’ that will never be ‘fun’, but he no longer magnifies the challenges he noted when he first started the job – but this is a mindset resulting from a decision.

While there can be circumstances beyond our control that can made a good job feel horrid; I propose to you that within every discomfort is a clue to the solution.

My Sanitation Worker friend realized the pay was great and for him, worth all the other challenges he needed to endure to have that paycheck.  So, he simply decided to relax, not allow things to bother him, keep his mind focused on the end result rather than the job process – and BAM!  He was able to do his job and be there now going on 15+ years.  Because of the high rotation of others who could not find their own peace, he was able to rise up in the corporate ranks to earn a high 6-figure income that many in their cushy jobs envy.

Don’t like the commute, but like the job – there are solutions for that. However, it is never a lack of solutions available, but often a lack of creativity and priorities.  So, carpool! Whoops!  Here comes the whine of those who point out that they hate waiting for others.  Take the train and be hands-free! Whoops! Here comes the whine about rubbing elbows with ‘sub-humans’ (prejudice) at the station.

Hate the pay but like the job?  Find a way to make yourself more valuable to the organization. Learn a new skill.  Be the best at what you do so you become the ‘go to’ expert. Make a point of building relationships with upper management.  Whoops!  Here comes the whiners about not wanting to ‘brown nose’, or not wanting to spend their own money to learn a job skill.

The point is, within any problem is often a clue to the solution – IF you focus on solutions.

Most of the time, the problem calls for you to create your own solution, and that might be a call to invest in yourself.  However, that would be a very PROACTIVE move and gosh – that requires you to actually do some WORK!

Self-reflection. Knowing what moves you. Being aware of your passion.  Finding your purpose. These things require WORK!  When you know what your passion is, and you pursue it, I promise you, your work burden drops 100 fold, to the point where what you are doing may not even feel like work anymore.


Work with Purpose

I live in this space.  In fact, I love what I do so much there is an absolute blur between my ‘work’ and fun.  My work is fun.

work, passion, purpose,


Ecclesiastes 2:24 ” A man can do nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work. This too, I see is from the hand of God.”

Let’s not forget the offer from Jesus to exchange our heavy burden for his lighter one. Christians have the unique opportunity to find real purpose in what they do if they tap into their God-given calling.

Matthew 11:28-3028 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”

For some, deciding to pursue your passion is scary.  It is a leap from the predictable known to the unpredictable unknown.  Fear paralyzes them so they simply have moments of wishful fantasy that pass like gas.


Embrace your WHAT IF?

I challenge you to dream your WHAT IF?  However, there is a healthy way to do it, that will move you to action.  I share that with you here.  I challenge you to pursue your WHAT IF!

Are you ready?

Are you ready to pursue your God-given purpose?  If you are already doing so, how about ramping that up in profitability?  Go beyond being self-serving.  Move into that profitable space where you are able to give GENEROUSLY to the things that move your heart.

If you have read this far, I hope you feel personally challenged by this post at some level.

If you want a clarity session with me – 30 FREE minutes of objective, focused feed back as you hear yourself think – connect with me HERE to book your slot.

If you want to become a Profitable Christian (steward) of what God has put under YOUR control by way of your talent, treasure, time and your temple (your body), connect with me HERE

I am Packing HEAT! My Weapon of Choice in the Battle for Profitability.

Weapon choice is strategically based on the target and conditions.  How far away? How dense? Is it windy? These are some of the considerations in weapon selection. Profit may seem like a weird place to consider weapon selection, but for me, it is very necessary.  Maybe I can make the case for you to consider being prepared with yours as well.

Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

Competition. Crazy economy.  Few Customers. These are three huge walls to success for any business in any economy. Yet many thrive in the same circumstance others whine about. I have decided I will be one of those who flies in the face of adversity and rises above all prior levels of success.

It helps to be equipped and prepared. This Monday morning I am both. Are you?

Check out my weapon of choice and I encourage you to engage your weapon too. The fight is on. I am here to WIN! To win for me. To win for my family. To win for my team. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

My Bible is a weapon, and not just any weapon – a lethal weapon that no one can stand against.  You cannot come within proximity of the Word of God and not be impacted at some level.

Isaiah 55:11 “so is my [God’s] word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

To some, the Bible may appear to be a book, but for Christ followers, it is so much more.

Hebrews 4:12 says. “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.”

Again, in Ephesians 6:13-1713 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. [ ]  17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

Bible, Christian, study, weapon, sword,

Not only is it a weapon, but it is a guide.  I discovered this for myself during the deepest dark pit I found myself in, during the recession of 2006-2010.  As a Christian for many years prior, I realized then that I had read the Bible for the sake of reading, NOT for the sake of application. That changed in the pit.  I needed a light in that dark place.  I needed a GPS guide out of that horrid place and the Bible suddenly showed the treasure that was always in the pages.

I share some of those with you in my book that emerged from my insights and AHAs.

So this morning, I am suited up, weapon in hand and ready to crush this week and all hurdles to my success that may be in my way.  Mountains will become rubble.  New trails cut if necessary.

  • The Bible, first of all, relieves me of the burden of success.  I have my part in the process, and God has His.  I am not God and I feel no need to worry about anything that is not in my domain.
  • The Bible offers me hope when nothing in my circumstance suggests I should have hope.
  • The Bible shows me to love people and to love on people – (aka, relationship building), the best recipe for closing sales.
  • The Bible warns me about associating with others whose vision does not match mine.
  • The Bible advises me on the use of debt and the management of money

These are just a few of the many strategies laid out in the pages of this living book.

There are dear people in my life who need me to be their champion, no other champion has shown up, nor stepped up.  Before I look around hoping for that hero to show, I realized that hero had to be me.  I can assure you, the government is not our hero, the President is not our hero, DEBT will not be our hero, and no outsider is our hero.  The hero is me.

Who will be your hero?  Grab your cape and accept that the hero is YOU!  It is easier when you have a powerful weapon that no power can withstand.

Like any weapon, training to use it well without injury is urgent and necessary.  I offer this training close up and personal, or via books, online courses, and webinars.

Let me show you how to use your Bible for the weapon that it is.

Stumbling Blocks & Problems in your Goal Path? Keep Moving!

Stumbling blocks. We all have them.

No matter where we are heading, most of the time there are things on the journey that forces us to slow down. Traffic lights. Accidents. Actions of others. Mistakes we make. Loss of jobs; I could go on and on.

When we encounter these roadblocks many give up.  Some consider giving up because of the frustration, and some roll with the flow and wait to be on their way.  The worst stumbling block is the one you do not see.  For me, the worst stumbling block is a plateau.

trust the process, don't give up, hang in there,

Plateaus may seem like an odd thing to refer to as a stumbling block but for me it absolutely is. It is a stopping point along my success path that is pretty hard to get moving from.  Regardless, a physical block or a mental one – anything that slows our momentum needs to be addressed if you intend to achieve that desired goal.

Stumbling blocks: Pause. Don’t Stop.

Yesterday, I received a submission from a former client regarding her weight loss journey to-date.  She has tried multiple times to lose weight and any success has been temporary.  As I read her comments I understood it all too well.  While I have maintained my success in that endeavor, it seems I have been on a plateau so my success timeline also has a stall, just a different one.

What we share is a desire to keep moving and that desire keeps us searching and open to receive what we need to break through.  As I contemplated her responses, I remembered this cute video that was trending on Social media for a while:

There was a barrier and as each encountered it, each donkey figured out how they were going to get over it.  There was one solution, though, and that cleared the path for that donkey and made it easier for the donkey behind to not have the same hurdle as the others before.  This was my takeaway.

This is the way I prefer to solve problems.  Solve it once and solve it for others.

I do this all the time and the first takers of my wisdom were my children.  In my fifty years of existence, I’ve encountered a lot of stumbling blocks, I have made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of money to fix them or to learn how to solve other problems I had.  Those behind me do not have to repeat that.  If they choose to tap into my wisdom and experience, I am happy to help them shorten their learning curve. Having dealt with the barrier, I remove it for me and for those coming behind me, who – because of my action may not even know that barrier existed since they never had to deal with it.

stumbling blocks, leverage, coaching,



If you are ready to become a profitable Christian, moving what God has put under your control to a profitable outcome, connect with me HERE.

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You Don’t Buy Insurance for YOU! Duh! It’s a ‘Love Beyond the Grave’ Policy.

Insurance.  Ugh!  Just the word alone is a screaming reminder of your fragile mortality.  People have trouble taking action to purchase policies even when they will agree on the solution a policy can provide.

I propose to you that you are thinking about this the wrong way. Forget thinking about your death, and try thinking the same way you would about creating that wedding experience for your daughter on her ‘big’ day.  Helping your son buy his first home. Being there for those newlyweds when they have your first grandchild.  These kinds of thoughts bring up the warm fuzzies, but if you think about it, weddings, homes, and babies cost money.


Insurance Policy & Estate Planning

If you plan ahead, an insurance policy might just be the thing to surrender for the cash needed at that time, and if you have already transitioned to the other side of eternity, then the cash still represents your impact in your absence.

We are all well aware of the disparity and financial gap between the poor and the wealthy. How wealthy people think and how poor people think is where the gap actually exists, but it manifests in money.

How you think about money shows up in the area of insurance.  Insurance policies are simply financial tools and the wealthy line up to use them to their advantage.  Insurance policies are a way to divert cash, protect it from the long, greedy arm of the government, and even create money that did not exist before.    The rich embrace insurance as a strategic money move, where the poor see it as a cost, a spending, a loss of immediate cash access.

The wealthy are concerned about generational wealth and see insurance policies as a transition of wealth tool.  The poor are so focused on the now, their next meal, their next paycheck, that thinking about the next generation is a distant thought.

Proverbs 13:22 “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”.

insurance, wealth gap, policy, wealth transfer, generational wealth,

The disparity between the poor and the rich is less about money and more about mindset. How we think triggers how we move, so poverty is less of a state of cash and more of a state of mind.

The Greedy v. The Needy

The tax man is greedy.  Your loved ones are needy.  Which do you feed?  If you do not have your estate plan in place, your family will have to wait for years then watch the tax man take the biggest piece of the pie before they can get the crumbs.

You don’t buy insurance for YOU – Duh! Insurance is never really about you.  Insurance is really for the ‘others’, whoever they may be. Life Insurance is really LOVE insurance, a ‘love beyond the grave’ policy.

The policy you buy creates a system for you to diligently extract a portion of your income for  the ‘what if’ in life.  Whole life policies have even been used as a quasi-banking tool, where you borrow from your policy to handle emergencies, rather than get that money from a bank – and repay it just as you would any other loan.

Death and taxes seem to be unavoidable, but did you know that even when you die, taxes hit you one more time like a kick in your butt on the way out?  Yep!  Death taxes grab a chunk of your estate.  The government takes one more big grab at your earnings and your heirs get the left-overs. Insurance policies can be used strategically to control death tax tolls.

If you have planned ahead, upon proof of your passing, your insurance policy will pay out immediately and provide the money your family needs for your send off party.  The grander you want it, the more you need to provide.  Have you checked out the cost of funerals lately?  Even if you want to be cremated, you are still looking at about $1000 for your urn, ashes, etc.  A basic funeral with no trimmings costs on average, about $10,000.  If you do not have this cash immediately available, your family will now have a new problem to deal with.

Within days of your passing, your family can barely cry as they make this mad scramble to return you to the dust from which God fashioned you.  The recent rash of ‘Go Fund Me’ funeral begging is a sad trend.  Is this what you want for your loved ones who are already devastated at losing you?  Now they have to beg to bury you too?

policy, life insurance, go fund me,


Adulting is Required

There are many difficult things we need to do in life.  Taking tests, washing dishes, caring for incapacitated adults, and much more.  Maturity is about doing these difficult things that may not be fun but must be done.  Buying insurance is one of these adulting moments we just need to do.  You are not buying insurance for you. Insurance policies are a financial strategy to say I love you beyond the grave.


Here is a FREE planning tool for you.  Simply complete it and PRINT.  Only hit the SUBMIT button if you are a current client and want help with your planning.


If you are in the USA and recognize the value of including insurance in your estate planning, connect with me.  If you are not in the State of Florida, I will be sure to connect you with a teammate in your area who can give you the personalized service to meet your customized needs.


Wealth Scams? The New Wealth Thinking for this Generation.

Wealth scam warning.  Wealth scams have been around for as far back as history can be traced because crime has been around from the beginning of time, all the way back to Cain and Able. If you follow the crime trail, it often leads to money as the motive.  In the case of Cain and Able, that was also the case because Cain was jealous that the tithe Able gave (wealth) was better than his, and Able found favor with God, so Cain killed him (Genesis 4).

As a trained Paralegal, one of the investigative hunts in most court cases is to follow the money.  Some of you may know I did a stint at the Department of Justice.  That experience helped me brand myself as ‘The Speaker who finds a money trail in any topic.’

So when my mentor, Grant Cardone put out a post titled The Five Biggest Scams of Your Life, I felt compelled to respond.

I was not surprised all these ‘scams’ he referred to were in the genre of wealth.  Money, and how to get more of it is what Grant Cardone is famous for, and why I took his course.

old, success,


My company, Profitable Stewardship, Inc. is all about moving the Christian to become a Profitable Steward (manager) of what God has put under our control because prosperity is not entitled, but it is within reach.  Debt-free wealth is the result of being a profitable Christian, but you won’t be profitable if the profit you pursue ties you up in a wealth scam.

Here are the wealth scams Grant Cardone addressed:

wealth scam, Grant Cardone,


I won’t rehash his argument here.  I encourage you to go read the original article because Grant Cardone’s logic is very unique.

I just wanted to bring this conversation to your attention and vent my own thoughts on these ‘scams.’  Bear in mind, my opinion is very likely influenced by what I have absorbed from following Grant Cardone for a while, but my position is absolutely influenced by the Word of God.

Wealth Scam Victim. I got Suckered!

I confess I have participated in every one of these things that Grant calls ‘scams.’

I had a Broker hold our money to invest it in Wallstreet, we had a managed 401K, we own our home, I am a college graduate, and we are part of the middle class.  I am also 50 years old, and this was the wealth path portrayed for those of my generation.

Although Grant Cardone is 57 years old, he had his pulse on wealth and escaped the traditional way of thinking to be the multi-millionaire he is today, so I have to defer to his wisdom and pay attention to this challenge to the status quo.

When we lost our hard earned money in the recession, the loss I lamented the most was the ones managed by other people. Our investments and 401K were in the hands of ‘experts.’

If I crash my car, that is a hard loss.  If someone else crashes my car, that loss feels worse. I am sure many of you can relate to that feeling.

Wealth Scam: Let the Experts do it

#1 and #2 on Grant’s scam list can be solved by learning to manage your own money to profitable increases rather than turn it over to ‘experts.’  The process of learning to manage your own money also comes with an enhanced acumen in analyzing money-making opportunities to sniff out the scams.  To that end, I encourage you to consider signing up for a Grant Cardone workshop, as I did, to hone your money and sales skills.


My confidence, my mindset, my drive and yes, my results have been incredibly impacted because of my learning from Grant Cardone.  You must invest in yourself!


Wealth Scam: Buy a Home

The first scam is, you cannot buy a home, you can only buy a house.  A home is where the heart is.


Grant Cardone understands that so he can make anywhere he chooses to live, his home. Home is where you do family and love.  That can truly be done at any address, so there is no need to feel you must acquire a debt for a property you cannot cash flow.  As a licensed Real Estate Broker, I must agree with Grant Cardone on this one.  Owning real estate for any other reason is a scam.

Grant Cardone is a major player in the real estate market, yet he denounces home buying. At the last time I checked, Grant Cardone had a $350 Million real estate empire. 

This one may be a head-scratcher for many, but not for me. My home is not a wealth generating machine.  My home is a money sucking adventure. The way Grant does real estate, he uses it to create cash flow and wealth.  Owning and residing in your home does none of that.  Just know, your home sits on the ASSET side of the bank’s balance books, and it should sit on the DEBT side of yours.

What owning a home does for me is create a sense of stability and roots, however, knowing what I know now – I am game to ditch this thing and cut the geographical ties to a single location that costs me money rather than earns it for me.  Thanks to the recession, we are still upside down on this ‘non-asset,’ so now is not the time to release it.  How did we ever buy into the idea that holding a non-income generating expensive thing could count as a wealth creator is beyond me?  We truly have been scammed.

A home is primarily a lifestyle statement and the way Grant Cardone does lifestyle, he remains flexible to move on the ladder freely without drag or anchors.  He can trade up his current penthouse suite for a nicer or different one as his life dictates because he rents where he lives, and owns the real estate that cash flows.

The Bible on Property Investing

The Bible would agree with that strategy.  Proverbs 24:27 says

“Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.” (ESV)

The lifestyle you enjoy should be one you can afford.  “and after that build your house,”  Your house is a reflection of the lifestyle you can afford, and should not be a false impression of a lifestyle you cannot afford.

Building your house also implies EQUITY!  A house with equity is a money maker.

Please note too, the verse said build your HOUSE, not home.  Home is truly where the heart is. So many live in mansions that never feel like home.

A house can become a home, but the Bible said, with the income from your work in your field, build your house.  A house is a non-emotional asset, a potential money maker.


Wealth Scam: Pursue Pointless Learning

College is highly overrated and today’s college graduate is under performing.  College is a great wealth scam because most students go there just because…  Fill in the blanks.  I went to college because____.  Very often, “my parent said so”, to get a good job, to meet a husband and more are all reasons that of themselves have nothing to do with pursuing your passion or calling.  Most go to college without even knowing what their life’s purpose is, so they take classes mindlessly, that leverage to an increased debt burden and unhappiness later.

Learning should be a leverage to increased skills to earn money.  Going to college to get a liberal arts degree that prepares a person to do absolutely nothing is a scam.  Learning is good, but purposeful learning is key. I am a perpetual student and always will be.  I believe my investment in Cardone University gave me more money leverage than my Bachelor’s degree because among the courses I did really want,  the college said I had to take courses I had zero interest in if I wanted the piece of paper that said I graduated.

Technical or trade schools are discounted by the educated snots- and today, there are more skilled jobs available than jobs for glorified, college trained paper pushers.

Proverbs 22:29 “Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”

Wealth Scam: Hang out in the Middle

I agree with Grant that the Middle Class has to be the worst wealth scam of all.  When did being in the middle become a thing to celebrate?  A thing to achieve and be comfortable with. The middle for me is a plateau rest on my road to the top of my potential. I regret the lost years of complacency when I agreed that the middle class was a comfortable place to stop.  Today, it is my new launching pad to my next level.

Jesus said he came so that I could have life more abundantly (John 10:10).  I want life more abundantly.  Abundance is not the middle road.  Abundance is not mediocrity.  Abundance is more than I need, extra, overflow.  I want that.  Abundance will allow me to give generously and joyfully to the things that move my heart.  Having just enough will always make giving painful because when I have just enough – or worse, not enough, then to give is to deplete from my own place of need.  So, why settle for the middle?





  • I intend to challenge you at your core.
  • Challenge you to do much more.
  • to move from the floor
  • to get your A$$ out the door
  • to break your score.
  • I want to hear you ROAR!
  • Need help?  Here’s your chore – forget being a whore, trading your best and still feeling poor.
  • Connect with me and learn to fly.  But first things first, clarify your why.  Do not deny your potential sky.
  • Jesus offers you an abundant life
  • I partnered with Him to reduce your strife
  • I’ll hold your hand, and pray with you.  I’ll put you under the surgical knife.
  • Your mind will lift, your fear diminish.  I help you take action until you finish.
  • Then you will say – it was good to do this.  I don’t donate, I teach you to go fish.
  • Target market, find the right bait. Your profit is out there, why wait?
  • Do it now, there is no time better.  I hope this rhyme makes your appetite wetter.
  • I am the Profitable Christian’s Consultant.  I help you create your life abundant.
  • That’s what you want, I sure about that.  Complete this form, let’s have a quick chat.

Dark Days Ahead. Are You Ready for a Blackout? I May Have YOUR Light!

Dark days are looming ahead according to recent news.

If you thought the recession of 2006-2010 was bad, are you ready for more dark days?  If your home lost power, I am sure you have a flashlight and candles handy just in case.  Well, are you even minimally prepared should the economy follow the dark path projected by financial analysts?

Political decisions can create a temporary band-aid to a bleeding economy; but eventually, the hidden realities will spill out and take many by surprise.  I am hoping to help you avoid that.

My husband has been inspecting 60 foreclosed homes a week for the last 5 years.  I keep hoping he will run out of homes to inspect but that has not happened yet.

As a former Trader, I continue to follow certain market news and charts.  This January 24, 2017, CNBC news release is the most troubling and the fact that it made the news means what the white collar Executives have known long ago is now (much later) being shown to the public. Still, many have not seen this news, will not see this news, or ignore the ramifications of it. I hope you will at least be made aware, and even better, be prepared, just in case.

dark days, recession, economy,


TWO DAYS INTO A TRUMP PRESIDENCY WE GET THIS NEWS? You think they did not see this coming and waited for this time to tell us? Brace Yourselves!  This should come under the idea of insider trading as far as I am concerned. They KNOW something.  If they are selling, who is buying?  I think there are suckers in the market and I hope it is not you.

The News Networks Warn of Dark Days Ahead

The other news I watch is anything to do with job creation/loss.  Pre the 2016 election, several companies had left the USA for cheaper labor and easy import options.  Several jobs were deported to the benefit of foreign countries, and more were positioned to follow.  President Trump worked aggressively to stop the bleed of American enterprise leaving our shores, and even got some already gone to agree to return – but is it enough?  Is it too late?

The forecast for the upcoming years do not look good, and I truly do not care which President caused or inherited the problem, the problem could hit our wallets and our homes and that is what I care about.


Be Prepared! Have alternative Options.

This past weekend, there was a storm watch here in Tampa, Florida.  This storm had caused the death of 15 in Georgia and was headed our way.  Our city was on watch and even my cell phone rang off a few state triggered alarms begging us to be prepared, and to be ready to act on that information.

Consider this your noisy alarm.  If you are reading this, you are at least informed, aware, and hopefully prepared for dark days, or will be.

Pre the 2006 recession, my family had a financially comfortable existence but we had nothing in place for disasters.  The disaster in the form of the recession hit, and wiped out our comforts and even threatened our very basic existence.  We survived that storm and kept our home and cars, but others were not so lucky.  Many had these basic amenities (for the average American family) ripped from their possession.

What concerns me is, our family has just recovered at a fair level from our recessionary losses, but not enough to have a nest egg for another big hit.  What about you?  I am working aggressively to build in that buffer and I truly hope there is enough time to do so before what seems to be looming ahead touches down.

One of the first things to go in crazy economic times are jobs – and with income losses, other lifestyle challenges are inevitable.  Having multiple income streams will help if the eggs in one basket suddenly disappear.

Some of you may be painfully aware that adding another j-o-b may help bring in more money, but it strips away time with loved ones and personal play time.  Flexible, online, and passive income opportunities are simpler ways to create additional income baskets.

Trying to start a new income opportunity in the middle of a financial crisis creates mindset and belief distractions and low confidence going into it – which can stack the odds against your adventure from the start.  Dark days lead to dark circumstances. Starting to build your options now, when there is an income flow to your home when the economy is still humming along, makes the best sense.

If you already have multiple income streams, now is the time to review and pump them up.

Have Multiple Income Options

I am a Solution Master! I am a candle in a dark room, a light in a dark world.  Before you say that sounds inflated, I know this about myself because the Bible says so.

Matthew 5:14-16 ““You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.   In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

I may have your income opportunity here for you.  Connect with me to position your family now for additional income rather than have all your eggs in one basket – a basket you have zero control over.



Wealth Expansion: Abundance is on the Rise. Join the Millionaire Wave.

Wealth expansion has been quietly happening in the same economy that many are whining about.

The gloom and doom over the demise of the economy is an opinion held only by those who insist on seeing it that way. A little research reveals that in the same economy that many are crying over, many have moved forward to make millions. PROOF that when the glass has 50% content, some will choose to see it as half-full, but there will always be those who insist on calling it half-empty.

In a recent post by Paul Ebeling, based on his research, he made this astounding comment:

“America’s affluent have gained significant ground. [ ] In a 5-year span, the number of people in the $20-to-$100-M band spiked 63.5%; those occupying the $100-to-$1-B strata, grew by 61%.”

Another mention that caught my eye was his mention of how women are contributing to this wealth expansion:

“last year 62% of those in the $25-M-and-above category were dual-career spouses, up from 39% in Y 2012.”

I encourage you to read Paul’s full article for other amazing insights, however, having read it myself, I felt compelled to share this encouraging news with my audience who may never have come across Paul’s public post.

Wealth Expansion. Join the Wave


New millionaires are not inheriting wealth, and women are no longer passive recipients of lux lifestyles by marrying well.

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Christian income earners, more of us need to join the millionaire pool.  This is my goal, not because I want an expanded lifestyle, but because I want to make more impact on the things that move my heart.

This entire conversation can be summed up by these verses found in 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

“[ ] he who plants sparingly also harvests sparingly. Each should give according to what he has decided in his heart, not grudgingly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Do not miss the Biblical connection made here between work, abundant harvest, and giving.

I enjoy giving and look forward to doing it in a much bigger way.

Yesterday, God gave me a life lesson that I want to share with you that I hope blesses you as much as it encouraged me:

One of the things we can ask God for is an abundant return on the seeds we sow, or in other words, a profitable return on our work and investments.  When we ask, expect to receive it.

The Christian income earner who cannot have a hopeful outlook has taken their eyes off of Yeshua (Jesus).

Matthew 14:29-30“Come!” answered Jesus. So Peter got out of the boat and started walking on the water to Jesus. 3But when he noticed the strong wind, he was afraid and started to sink down in the water. “Save me, Lord!” he cried.”

Be in action.  Work. Invest. Give.  However, do so with the mindset that your glass is half-full. A positive outlook is mandatory regardless of your circumstances, or your feeling on the current President running the country.

I am not a millionaire – YET! However, becoming a millionaire starts with the belief that you can be and that you will be, then taking income building activity in that direction.

There are too many ‘broke’ Christians in line for a handOUT instead of being in a position to offer a handUP.  This needs to change because prosperity is NOT entitled, but it IS within reach.  I feel honored to partner with God in this process to remind Christian income earners that Yeshua (Jesus) did say in John 10:10

“[ ] I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

If you are ready to become a (more) Profitable Christian, on a mission to be a better manager (steward) of what God has put under your control by way of time, talent, treasure, and temple – connect with me for a free consultation session.  I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard, and regardless of whether we continue working together or not, you will leave that conversation encouraged, and with resources to consider for your adventure ahead.

Momentum. 5 Effective Activities that Propel Personal Success.

Momentum accelerates success.

Success seems elusive to some and easy to others.  As increasing success is my own personal endeavor, I constantly study success and implement those strategies that propel me forward. I am always on the hunt for activities that accelerate momentum. However, some people are prolific procrastinators, and this post is for you.

Procrastinators are dreamers by nature.  This is actually a GREAT quality, however, their dreams remain dreams and all their great intentions never somehow seem to be actualized. The worst part about procrastinating is – you are able to see a brilliant future, but never acquire it.  Regret seems to hit Procrastinators at a deeper level because the coulda’ shoulda’ woulda’s scream in pain when they do any life review.

I am not a procrastinator, and procrastinators piss me off.  Once I identify one in my midst, after investing something to see if they will snap out of it, if there is no change, I try to weed them out of my team or working groups as soon as possible.

The truth is, procrastinators are also visionaries.   Visionaries are initially attractive personalities I gravitate to.  I love to be around big thinkers, but big thinkers with small action piss me off royally.  So, forgive the venting.  This post is my attempt at a wake-up up call that I hope SOME of you will not put off for later – YES YOU!


momentum, finishing, procrastination, success, procrastinate,


So, if you want to visualize that brilliant future you keep dreaming about, or more importantly, if you are on my team and a procrastinator – I have a gift for you.  Here are 5 Momentum Based Activities that I have seen repeatedly, propel personal success  – and has certainly moved me along my success timeline:

  1. Have a WRITTEN Plan that is broken into acceleration propelling steps
  2. Pen your steps into tasks on your calendar
  3. ‘Bite the Frog’ (aka – do the hardest things FIRST)
  4. Delegate, delay or delete activity that does not require your personal touch
  5. Review tomorrow’s acceleration activity, the night before


Watch this video for an expansion of the above tips.

Here are 7 powerful Bible verses on the danger of Procrastination & use of TIME:

Proverbs 13:4
“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

Proverbs 12:24
“The hand of the diligent will rule, while the slothful will be put to forced labor.”

Ephesians 5:15-17
“Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is.”

Proverbs 20:4
“The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing.”

Proverbs 27:1
“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.”

Luke 9:59-62
“To another he said, “Follow me.” But he said, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” And Jesus said to him, “Leave the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” Yet another said, “I will follow you, Lord, but let me first say farewell to those at my home.” Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.””

James 4:17
“So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.”

Verses above are from the ESV version and as a list can be found at

If you are in any work group I am a part of, and I find you to be a procrastinator of the very things YOU agree to do, then I am giving you fair warning, I will give a chance to step up your game, after that, I will remove your interaction with my space.  I will not allow your inactivity to distract, delay, or frustrate mine.

If you are a client of mine, and I find this to be true of you, then again, fair warning; I will give a fair chance to step up your game, however, I will end our time together.  It will be the best thing for us both.  You won’t waste your money, and I won’t waste my time.  You see, people are always willing to exchange their money for something of value – and there are few things more valuable than RESULTS!  You won’t get them if you are not in action, I will not participate in a continuation of you spending your hard-earned dollars where there are no milestone increments toward your success.

One way I screen out procrastinators is through my FREE Prosperity game.  I encourage all those I work with to complete it.  Those who do not, will not have a chance to engage my personal time, even though they may access my other virtual or passive services (online courses, webinars, etc). FYI – you do not need to work with me to play this free game and document your dream of your brilliant future.

TIME is the most precious asset we all have.  Time is the one non-renewable asset that is more precious than everything we can own cumulatively.  I won’t waste mine.  You should not waste yours, and I certainly will not allow you to waste mine for me.  Here is a link to my Calendar Product described in my video above.

Procrastinators – there is still hope for you.  Your ability to dream and to dream big is an asset very few have.  If you ever decide to take action on those dreams you will be a force to reckon with.  I challenge you to implement those 5  Momentum Based Activities that Propel Personal Success.  If you do, I give you my personal guarantee, your year will be one of phenomenal victories and fabulous rewards.

The Confidence Creator. You CAN get Confidence Now!

Confidence is the number one criteria for high performance, according to High-Performance Trainer, Brendon Burchard.

I am a student of Brendon Burchard’s High-Performance program and in his research with top performers (Olympic athletes, Oprah, etc.), he concluded that their response to this statement;”I have the confidence to achieve my goals regardless of the hurdles”,  correlated to their high score in other measured areas of the survey.

Confidence is HUGE!


Confidence is a scarce quality

So few have this quality and any little they have is easily derailed by hurdles such as:

  • the opinion of others
  • rejection
  • financial challenges
  • and more.


My friend, Sheena Yap Chan has had a Confidence blog where she has interviewed hundreds of powerful women who have discovered confidence over time. I was privileged to be one of her interviewees.  One common denominator is their lives before discovering this inner strength was weaker and less fulfilling.  Life after discovering or developing confidence was more powerful and purposeful.  Confidence was the turning point to being able to take risks and move more courageously in life.

As I contemplated Burchard’s confidence survey statement, I realized I could honestly answer that I have the confidence to achieve my goals regardless of the hurdles, and I dug deeper to see why do I have this belief, when did I find it, and what is the source.  Having considered this, I realized for the Christian, this is easy to have and get right now.

Confidence Resources

Christians, in my opinion, have an incredible resource to tap that is not available to those who do not ascribe to this life path. Non-Christians may have other resources, but for the most part, they get it from association with powerful things, have to look inside themselves for certainty or develop it within themselves over time. Christians have an external, immediate, powerful source for confidence should they choose to tap into it.

confidence, hero,

Confidence allows the ordinary person to take bold, heroic moves in their lives.


The Apostle Paul declares in Philippians 3:3-4 “[ ] We do not put confidence in human qualifications, even though I certainly have grounds for putting confidence in such things. If anyone else thinks he has grounds for putting confidence in human qualifications, I have better grounds [ ]”

I have “better grounds” too, and if you have had a salvation experience, so do you.

The confidence conversation cannot be comprehensively discussed in this post.  For today, I wanted to encourage you to think about your own inner belief, and if you are a Christian, on your ability to grow in this area of your life.


Biblical Confidence

The Bible has a lot to say about confidence.  In the King James Version, the word ‘confidence’ appears 39 times.  If you use the Complete Jewish Bible, as I do, the word ‘confidence’ appears 23 times.  However, confidence is also covered through other words such as courage, faith, and trust, to name a few, in which case there are now hundreds of references for you.

I was a headline speaker at a Christian Women’s Retreat in October of 2016, and with a whole weekend dedicated to this topic, I assure you – confidence as a topic was still not exhausted. These women gathered to this retreat because confidence is a coveted strength that lends boldness to any life journey.  These women wanted confidence, or to increase their level of personal tenacity.  Confidence is an intangible quality that people are spending time and money to acquire, and we Christians have a powerful FREE resource that we should be tapping into, DAILY!  I encourage you to start now!


My favorite Bible verse that fills me with belief in my ability to overcome is:
Psalm 20:7 “Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.”

This verse captures the resource dividing line between non-Christians and Christians.

Confidence Creates Boldness

Chariots and horses represent confidence received from the power of things. Christians are not immune to receiving from this source.  Certain clothes we put on may make us feel instantly more confident.  Driving a certain car, being a part of a certain club. Things can impart confidence to people, no doubt about that.  However, these things can fail and the permanence of this confidence is often limited to our interaction with the thing. Soldiers without weapons have less boldness going into a fight than when they are outfitted with everything they believe they need for the fight.

The Bible has rich stories of war victories where the odds were crazy stacked against the faithful, yet they boldly entered the fight knowing God was fighting for them and with them. Judges 7 shares my favorite story where an entire battalion of soldiers was eliminated without a single bit of effort from the God confident side.

Godly confidence is available to all Christians.  This fortitude is not understood by those who do not possess this faith, nor can it be easily explained, it defies logic, and it cannot be packaged for resale.


  • If you would like to have Biblical confidence and you do not currently have it, reach out to me and I will share my faith with you, and help you decide if this is a position you can come to in you own belief system.
  • If you claim Christianity as your belief foundation, and you do not currently feel you have tapped into this confidence resource, pray right now and do your own Bible study on this. I love www.BibleGatewaycom as a Bible research resource.  You can choose your Bible version and do word searches through that Bible version here.  Feel free to reach out to me as well.
  • If you have Godly confidence, but it is not showing up as power in your life to help you deal with the hurdles that life presents – then dig deeper into the Word of God and through prayer and be like the Apostles who in Luke 17:5 asked. “The apostles said to the Lord, “Show us how to increase our faith.”


The DREADED Phone Call. Being READY for Life’s Inevitables.

“Dad is in the Emergency room, AGAIN!”

That was the call I received last night at 7:30 pm.  My parents live 4-hours south of me, so all I could do is sit by the phone waiting for updates.  I did not sleep well.

For someone who sells love extensions through death compensation (aka – life insurance), this discomfort was even worse! I am fully aware that my dad’s will is not up-to-date and even though I provided him with all the tools to update it.  I offered to help him, but apart from the possible privacy of him not wanting me to know his plans, he is competent to the task – just procrastinating.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed, people.


This content is for adults with aging parents.  Do not assume parents:

  • have their life transition plan in place.
  • have the funds for an appropriate send off in place.
  • have considered what’s next for the surviving spouse.
  • have enough money to carry on if one pension goes away.

To assume any of the above is to suddenly find your life significantly impacted with time and income impacting demands that could re-rail your future.

In this post, I offer FREE and affordable resources to make this planning happen with your aging parents.

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as you read, or download it for on-the-go consumption.

My father is 78-years-old.  For a man his age, he is still strong and active, but he is fading.  The family was all together recently, and I inquired as I always do if he had all his life-transition plans in place.  This is an easy conversation for us, not only because of my work, and the fact that I am the eldest child, but also because my dad is dealing with the fall-out of the impact of his brother’s recent death without a will in place.

The thing is, his brother’s death impacted him more than I anticipated.  My father lost more than a brother.  Uncle Rupert was also his best friend and confidante.  Ever since his passing, a lot of my father’s zip has zapped.

This loss of energy is why my father’s will is not up-to-date.  I will be making a trip shortly and taking care of this update one way or the other.  I pray time permits that, however, he does have all the necessary pieces in place and even if things do not go as planned, we should still be fine.

insurance, time, life,

Things change.  Assets are acquired and sold.  New births and deaths change potential beneficiaries to a will.  No one wants a will challenged by an excluded person whose exclusion was unintentional – trust me.

As a Paralegal, I have witnessed too many family squabbles over asset distributions and at a time when people are grieving the loss of the family member – it seems silly to have these fights but they do happen.

What is even more painful, is when there is a passing with no preparation.  Social media is littered with Go Fund Me funeral begging.  Death is a certainty, yet people fail to plan for it leaving the burden on their grieving family.

This is why I call my insurance products, love extension via death compensation.

Love never goes away even when the one you love does.  Having a life insurance policy in place is one way to demonstrate love beyond the grave.  Life insurance policies pay out quickly and provide urgently needed funds to take care of urgent needs that show up when a family member transitions from earth to eternity.  Life insurance is a product that offers fast financial compensation for the life lost.  All lives are priceless, however, the cost of funerals, mortgages, and continuing life for those still here is not.  The payout from a policy will compensate for income contribution lost.  If this is not a forward thinking way to continue to provide and show love beyond the grave, then what else would you call this?

That is why I call what I do, selling LOVE extension via death compensation.  I refuse to call the payout a BENEFIT!  What benefit is there in losing someone???  I had to reframe many of the terminologies in my industry as I considered what I do from my own perspective.  How would I feel?  How do I feel about it regarding my loved ones?

You need to have the hard conversation BEFORE you get that dreaded phone call.  It will be hard to do, but even harder if not done.  Pick your hard!

None of us like to consider our mortality. In fact, I think insurance is something we procrastinate on because truly, eternity is built into our DNA.  We rarely consider our own deaths, we rarely consider the deaths of those we love because eternity is built into our DNA.  I am convinced of this because the Bible says so.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He [God] has made everything suited to its time; also, he has given human beings an awareness of eternity; but in such a way that they can’t fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things God does.”

We are eternal beings in earthly bodies.  I encourage you to read an article I posted earlier titled Exit Insurance.  Two Types You Should Have Before You Go.

So, before YOU get the dreaded phone call, be proactive regarding your aging parents, and while you are at it, take a look at your children and think ahead for them too.  I have some resources for you.

BECOME a Profitable Christian. The Becoming (Mindset).

Become a Profitable Christian.  That certainly is my life’s goal, and I encourage you to consider this for your life too.  The thing is, BECOMING anything is a process, and within any process are various levels of mastery.  I have crossed many mile-markers along this journey.  I think this process for me, will be completed when God calls me to my eternal home.

This post is the first component of a three-part series.  Today, I will look at the decision to BECOME (Mindset).  I will update this post when I add the content for the upcoming two segments;

  • The Becoming (Money), and
  • The Becoming (Mastery).

I have already addressed The Profit Mandate for Christians in an archived article you can read (click here), and I have addressed the false assumption that Christians should adopt a lifestyle of poverty in this article (click here).  So for those who have received the idea of the Abundant life Jesus offered and the Adamic requirement of work with a profitable outcome; your next move is to display that in your own life and become a profitable Christian yourself.  The answer to HOW to transition from scarcity to abundance, from a loss position to profitability always starts with mindset.

To Become anything starts with Mindset

Mindset is defined as by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is:

Definition of mind–set

  1. 1:  a mental attitude or inclination

  2. 2:  a fixed state of mind

Becoming anything starts with a decision, a resolve, a mindset.  Even if it seems people accidentally become something, it is because they are unaware of the decisions they have made along the way and how those decisions, how their mind impacts their result.  In retrospect, it is easy to deconstruct how you ended up where you are, and you will see how a series of decisions created that end result.  This time, I am inviting you to INTENTIONAL.

taking action, dreaming, wishful thinking, manifesting, law of attraction, become,

If you intend to become a profitable Christian, then make it a forward walk in that direction. Becoming a Christian is a decision.  Becoming a profitable Christian is also a decision and one that is filled with controversy.  The idea of prosperity and Christianity is like asking some to take a walk across hot coals.  Those who do embrace a ‘prosperity gospel’ may also be going about it all wrong.

The Problem with the popular ‘Prosperity Gospel’

The laid back, ‘entitled’ mentality of the ‘name it and claim it’ game, for those who believe that being saved means cash and luxury should be faith spoken into your grasp is to take the Bible out of context and creates a dangerous reason to head to church.  These people have a god, and it is money, not the Almighty God on High.  The sad thing is, they wear the label of Christianity and create a controversy-filled dividing line within the church, and for those contemplating joining it.

The Bible must be taken as a whole book and it will never contradict itself.  It can appear to contradict itself when portions are taken out of context, and that is why many who ascribe to the common understanding of a ‘prosperity gospel’ have understood that prosperity in the void of work and hustle.

Sorry to bust your bubble, but WORK is a Biblical mandate from the creation of Adam, and prosperity comes from the result of work, also called a harvest in the pages of the Bible. Profit is the realm of more, of an abundance of prosperity.  The correct understanding of prosperity in the Gospel INCLUDES work! The mindset to become a profitable Christian requires an elevated approach to work.

I will expand on this elevated approach to work in future conversations.  For today, I just wanted to lead those who are willing to decide to become a profitable Christian, with the understanding that a change in your mindset will impact your methods, your money and most of all, your results.  It is a becoming, a process, a strategic process, that includes an elevated approach to work.

To Become is to DECIDE to Become

If you intend to become a profitable Christian, then make it is an intentional forward walk in that direction. I would be thrilled to help you on your journey.

  • Remember to follow up to see the additions to this series. Simply click the ‘Thumbs up’ in the bottom right corner of this page and you will be notified when I roll out a new post. 
  • Connect with me for a FREE consultation.  I guarantee you the gift of being heard, and whether we continue to work together beyond that call, you will get resources you can choose to tap into to help you on your journey from a self-help strategy.
  • If you are ready to become a Profitable Christian, a better steward (manager) of what God has put under your control, and to move those things to a profitable outcome, Click here
  • If you ARE a Profitable Christian or running a profitable organization using Christian principles, them please complete this form for me to consider you as a GUEST on the new segment of Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.
  • The Bible truly is a relevant, practical guide to success.  Consider grabbing my 40-day devotional to see some of what God shared with me during some very dark days in a horrible financial pit.

The Profitable Christian. BE ONE! Here’s How.

The Profitable Christian.  Are you one?

The Christian income earner should have profitable abundance in all areas of their life: Time, Talent, Temple, and Treasure.  If this is not your current experience, or you want to increase in those areas, this content is for you.

A Profitable Christian is who I am. That is also who I am BECOMING!  This is my life’s mission at the end of which I hope to hear. “Well done, you good and faithful servant!’ said his master. ‘You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come on in and share my happiness!’” (Matthew 25:21)

I am nowhere near a significant realm of profit to the point of being able to be extravagant, but I am profitable.  My most favorite result of profitability is my ability to give generously to the things that move my heart.  Christmas 2016 I was able to give every member of my family at our two gatherings, a gift, which for some was money.  There were many Christmases in and since the 2006-2010 recession that I was unable to give anyone a gift at all.  We were surviving and generosity was a wishful option.  Who else knows this experience?

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead:

Being Profitable Is NOT an Option for Christians

The fact is, the passage in Matthew 25:14-30 outlines profitability as a MANDATE for the Christ follower, NOT an OPTION!   Read more on this in my earlier article, The Profit Mandate.

Matthew 25:20-21 “The servant who had received five thousand coins came in and handed over the other five thousand. ‘You gave me five thousand coins, sir,’ he said. ‘Look! Here are another five thousand that I have earned.’ 21 ‘Well done, you good and faithful servant!’ said his master. ‘You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts. Come on in and share my happiness!’”

Not only is profitability expected, but it makes God happy, and when we are profitable, we get to SHARE in God’s happiness.

This is why I feel like I am partnering with God to do the work that I do here at Profitable Stewardship, Inc.  Here, I teach Biblical Strategies on management (stewardship) of Time, Talent, Treasure & Temple to Christian income earners.  The focus is on wealth expansion and profitable abundant living in these key areas of the Christian experience because PROSPERITY IS NOT ENTITLED BUT IT IS WITHIN REACH.  Profitable Christians can enjoy  Debt-Free Wealth and give generously to the things that move their hearts.

We take an unapologetic Christian approach to our topics because we believe the Bible is a practical, relevant guide to success.

My goal is to deliver high value at high standards to my audience.

The Christian income earner should have profitable abundance in all areas of their life: Time, Talent, Temple, and Treasure.  If this is not your current experience, or you want to increase in those areas, help is available for you.

For those Christians who ascribe to a ‘Prosperity Gospel’, I challenge your laid back, ‘Name it and Claim it’ game! While I do ascribe to the Law of Attraction, and I do believe in speaking things into existence; I do not believe these things happen without work and moving faithfully toward the expected outcome.  MOVING – action, activity, WORK!

God WORKED for 6 days and RESTED on the 7th.  God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden to WORK!  We MUST WORK!  That abundance that God intended for us went hand in hand with WORK!.  When we were booted out of the Garden we still had to work, except this time, it would be by the SWEAT of our brow!  EFFORT!  PAIN! ACTION!

Today, there are too many ‘broke’ Christians in line for a handOUT instead of being in a position to offer a handUP!  This MUST change, and I am privileged to partner with God in this mission.

Your Profitable Mission

If you intend to become, or increase your position as a Profitable Christian, you are in the right place.

Whether you are a Christian income earner with a JOB or you are a Christian income earner who is creating your income through investments or entrepreneurial activity – you are under a MANDATE to be profitable.  This is your mission and if you choose to accept it, you will find many resources, training, and help here at Profitable Stewardship, Inc.

The pathway for the Christian income earner with a JOB is a bit different from the Christian income earner who generates their own income stream(s).  However, some of the opportunities you will find here at Profitable Stewardship, Inc. to move you to (or increase) Profitability are:

EVERYTHING listed here is done with an expectation that your PARTNER (in business and/or life) will be involved with your journey.  Even if your partner is silent in the decision or income process, they MUST be supportive, informed and included at some level.  Tips to encourage and include them are built into my work and insisted on with my clients.

Choosing Profitability

The road to becoming a profitable Christian is not an easy nor smooth one, but choosing to not take it is unwise.  Which Christian wants to spend their life years being busy about un-essential, unprofitable, time-wasting actions?  Which Christian wants to simply bury what God has put under your control (time, talent, treasure, temple) only to hear as was rebuked in Matthew 25:26-28, “26 ‘You bad and lazy servant!’ his master said. ‘You knew, did you, that I reap harvests where I did not plant, and gather crops where I did not scatter seed? 27 Well, then, you should have deposited my money in the bank, and I would have received it all back with interest when I returned. 28 Now, take the money away from him and give it to the one who has ten thousand coins.”


If you are ready to become a Profitable Christian (Steward, Manager of what God has put under your control) connect with me.  I look forward to connecting with you.



2016 in Review. It was a very good year.

2016 was an AWESOME year for us at Profitable Stewardship, inc.  I hope you had a good year too, but it is now over and 2017 is just around the corner.  I thank each one of you who happen to receive this because it means you offered me your email, and we interacted at some level.

Let's Stay Connected!

I made many presentations in 2016.  Maybe you were in one?  I hope to see you in one of my audience, online or in person in 2017.

Some of you were clients, supporters, and some just checking out my stuff to see if there was anything that resonated with you. Regardless, together, you contributed to my year and I thank you.


Here were some highlights:

2016 Statistical Highlights:

  • 36% increase in FB likes on my fanpage
  • 26% increase in Youtube subscribers
  • I helped 6 brand new authors produce their first Print and Ebook.
  • I published my latest book, From Pain to Purpose. This book showcases my journey and was co-authored along with 4 other contributors and this book is a compilation of compelling true stories to move you from darkness to light.
  • While my audience demographics is overall 59% female 41% male, I saw a 21% increase in my reach to the 18-34-year-old audience, a group I was unable to reach in the past.

My Christmas Gifts to All of you

1. Download a copy of my FREE Clean Eating Book + 11 Food Planning Tips + Workbook (normally $27)






2. Many of you will make new year resolutions to take better care of yourself. To help you on your Stewardship of your Body journey for 2017, please take advantage of this offer of FREE ACCESS to a ZERO EXCUSE option for Exercise from HOME Videos/Nutrition & Clean Eating Recipe solutions.

Join my Facebook, Faith-based Stewardship of the Body Group for encouragement, accountability, support and Yippee! (celebration of accomplishments) as we pour loving self-care into our body, the Temple of the Holy Spirit - in 2017.

BECOME a Profitable Steward of all God has put under your control.  Abundance in life, and an abundant life is not entitled to us, nor does it happen by accident.  For you to have a harvest of 30, 60, or 100 fold in 2017, you need to be a Profitable Steward.  Not sure how?  Connect with me for a zero cost, zero obligation consultation.  I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard, that you will leave with resources, some free - and enough to help you decide if it makes sense to continue a working relationship going forward.  Connect with me.

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AMERICANS ARE DYING YOUNGER! Why I Sell Life Extension & Death Compensation.

Americans are dying younger, and lifestyle reasons are largely to blame.

Christians need to understand that Biblical stewardship is the ticket to an abundant life.  Stewardship of the body offers us more years to live, and stewardship of everything else give and more life in those years.




This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead




Census statistics show Americans are dying younger.   This show is for those who want to defy the odds and reduce the pain of their passing.

Americans, life expectancy 2015, dying younger,


According to a 12/8/2016 article in USA Today, AMERICANS ARE DYING YOUNGER! 


Stewardship is the Ticket to an 'Abundant Life' experience

If you have followed this show, you know I talk a lot about Biblical stewardship of the body and stewardship of our finances. This is even more urgent a call to action now than ever before!

We must take better care of ourselves and contribute to our own life extension.  However, since death is inevitable, no matter how much longer we live, when we die, we can impact the loss to our loved ones by leaving a significant financial compensation behind.


The key comment from this article is:

"My major concern is that we know the exact cause of the fall in life expectancy — mortality is rising across a wide variety of illnesses," said Skinner, who was not involved in the study. "It’s not entirely easy to figure out what to do about it."

Professor Skinner may not know what to do about it, but the Bible tells us exactly what to do about it.

Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy - I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly.”

When you experience losses because of theft, murder or destruction of property, this is not of or from God.  The devil prowls and is out to take from you.  Some of us are very vulnerable victims.

Today we have alarms on our cars, and in our homes, we have things in safes, we take our pets to the vet, we send money to victims of disasters, but while we do all that, we leave ourselves open to be victims of theft, murder, and destruction.

Some of the destruction happens at our own hands.  We may not call it suicide, but honestly, we probably should.  Just because we do not take our lives in an instant does not mean we have not systematically shortened out lives by our own hands.

This USA today article points out that extreme sports, poor nutrition, toxic exposures, and lack of movement are things we do to ourselves or expose ourselves to.  This article did not say there was an increase in road or plane accidents or even an increase in deaths due to war or terrorist activity where we could say the death toll was because we were victimized.

Americans wake up!  We are killing ourselves, and just because we have taken the slower or more exciting route, the world does not call it suicide, but it should.


Abundant Life & Abundance in Life

Jesus came that we could have life and have it abundantly.  That was His mission.  That was always the plan for humanity from the day God put Adam in the garden of Eden.  However, from the very beginning, we were bent on self-sabotage.  We did not follow God’s instruction then, and we continue to be guilty of not following God’s instruction now.

The Bible TELLS US to pursue the best there is in this world.  If you pursue the best you will have the_____ fill in the blanks with me people.  If you pursue the best, you will have the??? BEST!  Yes!

The Bible tells us  in Philippians 4:8  "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Think about these things.  Thoughts lead to actions. Actions lead to experiences and acquisitions.  Focus on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous, and of good report.  You will have life and have it more abundantly.

If you focus on these things you will consume better food, you will have higher self-esteem, you will value yourself more and take better care of you.  You will also value your contribution to your family more and understand that the day they lose you is not just an emotional pain, but a loss of other things you contribute to their lives.  Money can provide a cushion for a lot of those losses, so leaving behind a financial compensation to help replace some of the things you do, is a huge help.

For example, grandparents, all that free babysitting you did, that legacy you leave behind can help pay for a babysitter.  Husbands, all that yard work you used to do,  when you are gone, money can pay for lawn services.  Wives, all that home-making, money-management you do, when you are gone money can pay for house-cleaning and accounting services.

Money has an answer for everything according to Ecclesiastes 10:19


So, Over here at Profitable Stewardship Inc (PSinc), I teach Biblical Stewardship, but I sell life extension strategies and death compensation to income earners with cash-challenged dependents.

Biblical stewardship of the body is a discipline of self-loving care of your Temple.  You take care of your body, and you will defy the statistics that USA today’s article indicated as the reason for plunging life expectancies.

Biblical stewardship of everything else (time, assets, and what God has uniquely gifted you with) will move the Christian income earner to move into the space of profit.

Profit is the realm of more, of abundance, of being in a position to give a hand up and to be generous to the things that move your heart – in other words, an abundant life.  A fulfilled life.  And when that life is over, a financial legacy that compensates those left behind in your absence.



This article put out by USA Today defines a trend happening here in the USA.  This is an URGENT call to action.  WE Christians need to do a better job of receiving that abundant life Jesus offers and stop being vulnerable to the thief whose only interest is to kill, steal and destroy.

This is also an urgent call for more of you to step into this space to serve those reaching out for this help. Many are desperate for answers.  The health and fitness industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. However, the world’s strategy is so superficial. It is meeting needs at the superficial level.  Here at Profitable Stewardship Inc, we help the Christian income earner become a profitable steward of all that God has put under our control

Without a doubt, our body is the first and most important asset God has given us to manage and we are doing a very poor job.  Join my team and learn how you can be on a mission to help change this for those around you.

Another thing is, cha-ching! Health only seems to get our attention when it affects our wallets, so here at PSinc, I also show Christian income earners how to become Profitable stewards of their financial assets, and how to ensure they leave a compensation behind when they are no longer here with their families.  Money is an answer to everything including compensation for your passing.

I need help!  Christian income earners need help. Your friends and associates need help.  Join my team and be a light in this dark world. We can be like lighthouses.  A beacon to ships in trouble letting them know help is nearby.

Are you ready to take action?   Are you ready to become a Profitable Steward?

CLICK HERE for an Application form, to connect with Trudy to discuss if joining her team is a mutual fit at this time (USA residents only)



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PYRAMID SCHEME or Legit Opportunity? 5 Easy Tells to Check.

Pyramid Scheme. That is what many think within minutes of the presentation of an ‘exciting’ income from home opportunity.

In truth, Pyramid Schemes (aka – Ponzi Schemes) have been around for centuries and continue to exist today.  It is a real fear that has real consequences, and recruiters should acknowledge this fear as they showcase how their opportunity is not at all a pyramid scheme.

Are All MLMs Pyramid Schemes?

MLMs (Multi-Level Marketing) and Direct Selling opportunities have unfortunately been lumped in as the same thing as a Pyramid Scheme for those who do not know better.  I really can’t blame the outsider for thinking that way. Fraud operations always wear the disguise of legal structures until it is discovered for what it truly is.

Today, many ‘ground floor’ opportunities may still really be Pyramid Schemes and the closer to the ground the opportunity is, the few bits of evidence there is to be sure.  It is after a few years of operation that the evidence shows up and the operation gets closed down with many left with massive losses, possible criminal charges, and new enemies from those who felt they were dealing with a trusted associate.  I learned the ground floor lesson the hard way.

Long existing opportunities do not get a free pass either.  You would think that standing the test of time is a pretty good enough indication of corporate credibility.

In a July 15.2016 article, the 36-year-old Herballife company got a major operational FTC slap. and will have to completely restructure if it hopes to continue in existence.  A damaging paragraph from that article is:

“it’s virtually impossible to make money selling Herbalife products. As explained in the complaint, our analysis shows that half of Herbalife “Sales Leaders” earned on average less than $5 a month from product sales. For folks who invested the most to build an actual retail business – a brick-and-mortar store that Herbalife called a Nutrition Club – the majority made nothing or even lost money.”

That family member, friend or associate who excitedly shares their new find with you, hoping you will join them – are not doing so knowingly suckering anyone into a Pyramid Scheme.  Only the greedy owners and administrators would know that their operation is not legit.  These innocent investors inadvertently spread the operation till it gets on the radar of the authorities.

So how can we tell?

Should we simply avoid all business opportunities that come our way?

Clearly, the answer is NO!  Being open to an income opportunity is wise.  Going in without due diligence is not.


Due Diligence is a Must for ANY Financial Risk Exposure

There is a reason why successful MLMs, Direct Selling, and similar opportunities seem attractive to those open to listening.  I speak to this directly in an earlier blog (click here to read), but in a nutshell, these opportunities provide a super-affordable, turn-key opportunity with many done-for-you services built in, including training and access to administrative, and personal development support.  Almost any business you could want to start from scratch today has an MLM/Direct Sales version in existence.


According to the US Census Bureau, “The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 400,000 new businesses are started every year in the USA, but 470,000 are dying.”

So, no matter the business model you choose; most lose their start-up capital shortly after opening their doors.

According to the SBA, the average start-from-scratch entrepreneurial adventure costs $3K – $30K, and most go into that with no real budget or plan to spend $3K.  It is pretty challenging to create an investment budget when you go into the uncharted waters of an all-on-you-to-figure-it-out operation.

$3K start-from-scratch versus $500 or less for a turn-key with success stories; and the MLM suddenly seems an easier, low-risk decision.   It truly is a financial risk to invest in any business, but honestly, it is a very low financial risk to invest in an MLM or a Direct Selling business model.  This may be the reason so many go in and out of these programs like revolving doors.

Having researched the definition of a pyramid scheme and having taken a look at both the USA Federal Trade Commission & Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) guidelines; I feel I can offer five tell-tale signs that the opportunity you are watching the presentation for, or currently in, may ultimately get the FTC designation of being a pyramid scheme.

pyramid scheme, illegal,


Here is what to check for in the opportunity you are in or considering:

Download Your own copy of this FREE checklist so you can compare it against any MLM, Network Marketing or Direct Selling opportunity you are considering, or currently in. NO EMAIL REQUIRED!  However, if you find value here, I will ask you to consider signing up below for (easy to unsubscribe) access to more #ProfitableStewardship strategies to your inbox. emoji-smile


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Pyramid Scheme Definition

According to Investopedia (a very credible resource for all things financial) the definition is:

“A pyramid scheme is an illegal investment scam based on a hierarchical setup. New recruits make up the base of the pyramid and provide the funding, or so-called returns, the earlier investors/recruits above them receive. A pyramid scheme does not involve the selling of products. Rather, it relies on the constant inflow of money from additional investors that works its way to the top of the pyramid.”


The ‘Sniff Test’ in Action

1. There are no products for sale

This is the classic, and purest form of a pyramid scheme.  It is simply a money cycling program with nothing more behind it than a promise of more money to those higher up the chain, so there is a heavy incentive to build an army of recruits to push the recruiter higher up the pyramid from the base.

The Federal Trade Commission is automatically suspicious of all new MLM and Direct Selling companies until time proves they are legitimate.  TIME!  That is why I caution about ‘ground floor’ opportunities.  There is a rigorous standard that these companies have to show they meet, and it takes time for all those components to show up and be validated.

But My Biz Opp Sells Products?  So it could not be a Pyramid Scheme, Right?

Technically; but there is more.  For one thing, the FTC has a definition for PRODUCT-BASED Pyramid Schemes.  In this case, the company has a product(s) but that is just a cover because the product is inconsequential to the recruiting drive, nor is any effort made to push product sales.

2. The Real Money Comes from RECRUITING v. Product Sales.

Page, 7 of this FTC guideline document, says:

“FTC guidelines and most state statutes include a key element in defining pyramid schemes – the payment of money by the company in return for the right to recruit other participants into the scheme. If the primary emphasis is compensation from recruiting, rather than from the sale of products to end users, it is considered a pyramid scheme. How such primary emphasis is to be determined has until now been a formidable challenge for investigators.”

It is this ‘formidable challenge for investigators’ that causes a delay from ‘ground floor’ to shut down; however, if the opportunity cannot pass the 5 Tells, I would recommend you keep your money in your wallet.

FOR EXAMPLE: I was approached to consider a fashion jewelry opportunity (I will not mention the company name).  The Rep is a friend, so she dropped her guard as she chatted and mentioned that she made $200 for helping a new recruit throw her first home product party,.  I asked the appropriate questions to flush out that the $200 she would make on this new recruit was more than the hostess was likely to make from product sales at the party, even if she had stellar event sales.  Also, she (the Rep) would make $0 for helping this recruit throw party #2.

This is a perfect example of an opportunity I would stay clear from.  Even if this company has not gotten FTC slapped YET, there is a good chance one would come at some point, maybe even orders to shut down permanently.  In this example, the focus and financial incentives were to get the recruit in the pool, but not on helping the newbie build a sustainable business of their own.  Truth be told, this could also be a simple case of a rogue Rep who is on track to misrepresent a totally legitimate program.  Sad.  That is a real possibility, and some MLMs suffer from the claims of unethical Representatives.

More MLMs are getting better at dodging the FTC’s issue with big recruiting UPFRONT incentives.  For some MLMs, you can become a Rep and still earn an income for $0 invested. Some charge under $50 for getting your website and back office set up, with none of that sign-up fee going to the recruiter. Look for these plans.  Where these exist, the recruiter has more vested in seeing the recruit succeed on the back end. So very often, the push is to sign you up PLUS roll you into a product package where they will earn a commission.

3. You need a massive downline to make back your sign-up investment.

Well, if it cost you $0 or less than $100 just to sign up for the opportunity to earn an income, that can hardly be seen as needing a massive downline to recoup your investment, because most people ‘throw away’ this kind of cash on a night out on the town.

However, when it comes to earning the usual $500/month bait that many of these companies tease the recruit with, the good ones will show you company strategies to making $500/month with a zero to small downline.  If you need more than three levels of recruits to make $500 with no other strategy for doing so, consider this one as possibly not passing the ‘sniff test’.


4. There is no financial benefit to the recruiter beyond signing you up.

This one is not a consideration of the FTC or the SEC, but it is a HUGE ‘Tell’ in my books and a ‘knock-out’ filter as far as I am concerned.


A recruiter that will not direct a new recruit to a resource(s) for leadership, support, training, even if they are not the one directly doing it – is stink, stink, stink!  Even if the FTC gives this one the all clear, you may want at least find another leader to sign up with.   It should benefit those above you to help you succeed.  This is actually the best feature of the MLM business model. Without it, you should probably RUN and keep your wallet in your pocket!


5. Has the company been around at least 7 years?

This is not an FTC or SEC concern, but it is for me.  I learned the hard way of going in on a ‘ground floor’ MLM which never made it to its 5th year anniversary.  Not only did I have personal losses, but those I innocently recruited just before the wrap-up I did not know was coming – also had real losses. This business opportunity promoted sales for a product line I still purchase today from other sources.  Since this company passed all my other 4 ‘Tells’ and still locked its doors, I felt compelled to add this filter to my ‘sniff test.’

Because so many start-ups fail, the 7th-anniversary survivors seem to have passed some invisible hurdle that launches the company into a massive growth spurt.

This is a ‘catch 22’ one.  A company may not make it to 7 years if there are no early risk takers, but for me, I have decided that I will not be one of those.


Take Action

1. If you are already in a business opportunity, run what you know about it through my sniff test, and call your upline if you need more information to be able to check them all.

2. if a lifestyle upgrade or financial independence is your goal – honestly, a J-O-B is not likely the answer. It truly is a financial risk to invest in any business, but it is less of a financial risk to invest in an MLM or a Direct Selling business that the start-from-scratch model.

Investing in any business opportunity is STILL the fastest way to wealth.

Naturally, I use these 5 ‘tells’ to evaluate the companies I choose to get involved in.

If you are curious about being on my teams and adding to your income or creating a full-time income, using the affordable, turn-key option of a home-based business.You only need to ask.

So if you are going to take a risk and invest in you, do your due diligence, and connect with me to learn more.


Magic Wand Advantage! Get Yours & Rocket Past Your Competition.

Magic Wand offers.  Have you ever gotten them?

I strongly recommend you look for business magic wands because they do exist.

Magic Wand & Facebook Games

If you play Facebook games, you absolutely have been offered magic wand options.  Even the most hardcore entrepreneurs play these games.  I know – because Facebook so kindly shows you which of your friends also play, and trust me – some really successful entrepreneurs show up in my feed.  After all, we all need something relaxing to do that still works our brains in the realm of strategy exercises and wiring in a fun way.

Magic wands are a fast, easy way to crush your game with a very high score.  Stuck? A magic wand to the rescue, and Voila!  You are unstuck and racking up top points.  Want the high score advantage before you even start playing your opponent?  Engage your magic wand(s) and Voila!  Your score gets multiplied many times over.  Leaderboards show you ranking higher than your competition, and Facebook even offers the option to gloat, and showcase your higher score to your game playing friends.

I tend to avoid Facebook magic wand offers because (1) I think they are a waste of my money, and (2) I really enjoy honing my skill in the games I play.  Every time I win without the use of magic wands the win feels more exciting to me – but this weekend, that changed for a moment,

I was in a Solitaire Facebook tournament, and I had been on a winning streak, and in the final round of my 4th game, I was stuck, and my opponent had only one point more than I did, but that one point was enough to give them the win.  I engaged a magic wand that I had earned and never used, and – Yes, you guessed it – I won!  The win felt just as exciting as all the others where I did not need the wand for the win, but having used the wand to win, I was inspired to write this blog.

magic wand


Business Magic Wands

Magic wands in business are like a shortcut, or fast track hack that give entrepreneurs a competitive advantage.  While I have not been interested in using magic wands in Facebook games, I have absolutely looked for and accessed what could easily be the business equivalent of magic wands.

As I studied the Magic Wand offer in my Facebook game (see A, B, C in the pic above), I realized the options to a competitive advantage in this game were very similar to the strategies to creating a competitive advantage in business.

PLAY ONLY.:  I see many start-up businesses that simply push play!  The jump in with all their eggs in a basket that has holes or is poorly structured.  Zero training, experience or mentorship, yet they are off at the race only to realize after the fact, just how tough it is to carve out some success in their niche. Most simply give up unaware of the existence of magic wand offers, while some who are offered magic wands simply choose not to use them.

OPTION C:  “Complete all three quests to win 1 Magic”.  Consistency and hard work will pay off, and the outcome of such diligence can be the offer of a business magic wand.  Maybe your service caught the eye of a big client, or you so wowed those you serve, you got a bunch of referrals.  Consistent hard work can create business magic.  Absolutely!  However, this is a slow road with few guarantees.

OPTION B: Invite and Earn 4 magic wands.  There is value in providing a solution to others for a win/win outcome.  In business, this magic wand could look like a JV affiliate relationship, a commission check for referring business back to a vendor you use and so on.  Many leaders will find they climb the success ladder faster when they prove their value to a bigger player in the system.

OPTION A:  Buy Magic!  Honestly, this is the easiest way to gaining your competitive advantage in any market.  Money can buy you access to the high-speed elevator to success. Money can get you the corner location in a busy traffic zone.  Money opens doors, Money can buy a massive start-up visibility and put them in front of the biggest players in the game. There was a time I could not justify spending money on courses or coaching with top leaders, however, that has changed.  Now, my thing is working to build my money reservoir so I  can afford those top tier tickets to access this business magic wand.  One ‘money shot’ with a top leader can open the doors to access others, but to get that picture you need to be where they are.  Taking courses offered by top leaders is also another magic wand, even if their training is the same content as a lower level coach, the network you also access along with the course, is not.  Sitting at a mastermind with top earners elevates the air we breathe or something because the energy and contribution in the room are very different when the players in the room are playing a bigger game.

There was a time I did not see the value of spending money on courses or coaching with top leaders, however, that has changed.  Even Bible wisdom shows this makes sense.  If you want what a leader has, follow the leader!

Luke 6:40 “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

Now, my thing is working to build my money reservoir so I  can afford those top tier tickets to access this business magic wand.  One ‘money shot’ with a top leader can open the doors to access others, but to get that picture you need to be where they are.  Taking courses offered by top leaders is also another magic wand, even if their training is the same content as a lower level coach, the network you also access along with the course, is not.  Sitting at a mastermind with top earners elevates the air we breathe or something because the energy and contribution in the room are very different when the players in the room are playing a bigger game.


602995_472933259421806_1165063534_n  Mia 2 gc-sees-me


I have other social proof of where money has given me top leader visibility, but I selected these based on who I think is most likely to read this post.  Unless you play in my arena (Biblical Stewardship), most of the others I pay to access are big fish in ponds you may have never heard of.

Get Your Magic Wand

magic wandSo, where can you find magic wands in your industry?  They exist, and I encourage you to search them out and see the criteria to access them.  Some magic wands are time savers, and time is even better than money.  That is why we are so willing to buy fast food.  The money we exchange for the time we did not have to spend shopping and cooking feels worth it.  Look for time-saving magic wands.  These could be found in the form of outsourcing, hiring an assistant, or automating activities.

Some magic wand options are like getting access to a secret short cut. Look for ways to obtain cross promotion or referrals and magic wand the heck out of those to get you more credibility and trust in your space.  Here is a link to some of the testimonials I have picked up over time.

Proverbs 16:16 “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!”

In other words, wisdom (learning more) is worth more than the money paid to learn.

When you can, buy your magic wand.  I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on retreats, courses, and coaching.  While it is difficult to show a direct correlation between my paying for those and my increase in productivity or profit, I am convinced just by looking at my results that I only have them because of my exposure to the highest tier training and networks I can currently afford.  I travel to and attend company events.  I shmooze with leaders, I send gifts, and I look for opportunities to support them and add value to them.  I will continue to do so, and I can tell you, if it costs $1M to have a one-on-one conversation with Tony Robbins, if I had the $1M I would pay it, even with no guarantee that I would make that money back.  I am of the opinion that paying to get close to certain leaders is worth every penny to tap into their energy, brilliance, and special air they breathe.

Business and relationship magic wands are worth the effort, or money it takes to acquire them. GO GET YOURS!

Take ActionAre you a Christian income earner who is ready to embrace Biblical Stewardship strategies to increase your profit?  Even in you have a job, there are ways to make more and keep more of the money you earn.  The Bible is full of practical. relevant strategies to your success.  Connect with me for tips, resources, and strategies to your inbox as well as a free consultation, and start your journey to becoming a #ProfitableSteward.




The Brand of YOU. You have a brand, whether you know it or not.

The Brand of YOU

What is your personal brand representing to those around you?  Do you even know?  Do you even care?  Do you understand that how you are seen by your public can impact your company, church or program?  For example, what Bret Farve meant to the Greenbay Packers, and what Michael Vick’s personal brand did for the Atlanta Falcon’s during his dog fight drama.

Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

This content was shared in greater detail on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen AS you read, or INSTEAD.


You Represent Something, and You can Lend Your Brand Power to a Company.

There is a new Sprint commercial and it uses the face of Paul Marcarelli, the actor that the Verizon brand made famous with the line, ”Can you hear me now? – Good!”

This commercial is a strong example of how a person can lend brand power to a company.

Paul Marcarelli face had been well branded to the concept of clear, easy cell phone reception so when Sprint used Paul Marcarelli in their ad, they strategically aligned themselves to be equals with Verizon, which was of the two, the more powerful brand.

The fact that you represent something, and that something is your branding is the same reason why some actors get stereotyped into certain roles and if they do not manage their careers deliberately.  For example, why the brand of Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus had transition challenges as they moved from the sweet girl next door brand of their early Disney careers, into musical sex vixens as adults.

What about you?  What is your personal brand representing to those around you?

The Brand of You; – it exists and most people are unaware of that fact that they are indeed a brand.


The Evolution of the Trudy Beerman Brand

In 2011, in an attempt to rebuild my income, I joined a social media marketing workshop that I had no idea would revolutionize my life.  I joined with the goal of building brand exposure to my business, and was told that the better path was to build the brand of you.

The brand of Trudy?  What the heck was that?  Once it was explained to me, I revolted and gushed 1 million reasons why that was not happening!  No Way!  Not for me!  Was she crazy? Hogwash!  That was certainly going to be a waste of time, and certainly nothing that appealed to me.

Today, the Trudy Beerman brand evolved as a result of what I can only describe as a private civil war.  I was figuratively at war with myself – a war between my private and public self.  The face I showed the world and the authentic me that few got to know.


How Branding Works

Legally, a corporation is considered a ‘person’.  Did you know that?  A legally established business entity is able to transact contracts and business in its own name and that alone should be a highlight factor that a company is a separate entity from its owner. Repeat – SHOULD BE!  A company name is a legal name and can and should be a unique brand all to itself.

You see, a person can help brand a company, but it is harder for a company to brand a person.  That is the way the equation works.  Nike looks for star athletes because Nike wants to ride the brand of the athlete, not the other way around.  The athlete will enjoy the money of the Nike association, but Nike is reinforcing that its brand is the brand of athletes not just clothing. 

So back to my social media marketing course.   I was willing to promote, advertise, build the brand of my new company – but it seemed preposterous to me to promote, advertise, or build the brand of Trudy Beerman.  I just could not wrap my brain around it.

Building the brand of you and the brand of your business is easily seen in the analogy of having a baby.  Let’s look at two mothers.  Mother (YOU) and baby (YOUR COMPANY) are very connected initially until the baby is recognized as a separate being.   Mother #1 makes deliberate, sometimes difficult choices to eat well, and live a healthy lifestyle and gives birth to a healthy baby.  Mother #2 is a drug addict who give no thought to her unborn child and gives birth to a baby born in very poor health or even drug addictions from day one.

The brand of you will impact the developing brand of your business, church or program.  The brand of you will cast an initial shadow to your corporate brand and eventually, both will stand as independent brands.


Personal Brands Build Corporate Brands, not the other way around!

Apple used to be an unknown that moved to the public’s eye on the shoulders of the brand of Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs is a brand.  Steve Jobs as a brand represents quality, innovative technology.  It is the reputation of Steve Jobs when Apple was unknown, it is his relationships and reputation with those he did business with that was initially borrowed by the Apple brand until the Apple brand established itself.

brand of you, branding, personal brand, corporate brand,


I could deny it no longer and building the Trudy Beerman brand was no longer an option for me, starting with a website with my name,  It felt weird at first,  to be honest with you, but over time, I have grown and I am no longer uncomfortable with the idea that I am a brand.

Recognizing that I am a brand has also helped me be very aware of the fact that I do represent something to those around me, and I became more sensitive to exactly what that might be.   Trust me, if you are not deliberate about creating your brand, you will have one handed to you. It is very important that you decide what your brand should be and be deliberate about moving to craft that public brand.


Brand. Test. Tweak. Test.

I have done brand testing over the years and based on those responses, tweaked my message.

For example:

  • my message on debt-free wealth, was being received as if I were a credit repair resource.  That was not my intended message.
  • Another brand testing result was, I noticed my audience shift to be 61% male.  I was surprised because my audience had always been 73% female in the age group 33-57.  I traced that shift back to a brand tweak of me saying that I served the ‘breadwinners’ audience.  What I wanted to convey was, I was targeting income earners, but the phrase ‘breadwinners’ somehow triggered many women income earners to feel I was not speaking to them.

Now, my branding message is:

I help Christian income earners create, manage and distribute profitable legacies through the instruction and application of Biblical Stewardship strategies.

I recently did a new brand test, and I was very pleased with the response.  However, there was one response that reminded me that the development of the Trudy Beerman brand still has work to do and may still be rubbing my audience in a negative way.  You see, putting yourself out there can be seen as conceited, arrogant, and even self-serving.  These are part of the identity issue that many fight against when considering developing their personal brand.


I am certainly not perfect and I still have some tweaking that needs to be done, but the results suggest I am on the right path.

As I build the Trudy Beerman brand, the brand of Profitable Stewardship Inc, comes along for the ride.  The fact is, I must build both brands, and the company brand can only come to be a recognized brand over time, as it borrows some of the reputation cast onto it from the Trudy Beerman brand.  This company has no discernible, distinct personality yet.  A company cannot have a personality without a person.  However, legally, Profitable Stewardship inc is a person.

Except for haters who will simply just hate on you no matter what; it is wise to check in with those around you to see how they see your brand and adjust accordingly.  This is not egotistical or arrogant.  This is a healthy approach to building solid relationships.

So for now, Profitable Stewardship inc, is like a new born baby growing into its own brand personality.  Until it does establish a unique brand, it is very dependent on the Trudy Beerman brand, and trust me, I am very aware of this.

Take ActionIf you are a Christian income earner who wants to become a #ProfitableSteward, CONNECT WITH ME!

The person I serve best is one who has embraced the concept of stewardship, that we are simply managers of everything God has put under our control, and want to move what you have to the realm of profit, where a harvest is enjoyed, 30, 60, 100 fold.  We are under a profit mandate to bring what God has put under your control to a profitable outcome so that you hear what was declared in Matthew 25:21 “Well done, you good and faithful servant!’  [ ]. ‘You have been faithful in managing small amounts, so I will put you in charge of large amounts.”

Heroes Never Die! Be the Hero of Your Family in 6 Easy Steps.

“Heroes Never Die!”  A famous line from the video game, Overwatch.  My sons play this game and I hear these words ring out from the game console over and over.  There is much truth to those words.

In our human reality, heroes do die, yet they do live on in our hearts, memories, and through the legacies of their time on earth.

Who are Your Heroes?

Many we call heroes are heroes because they did something courageous, or they died a sacrificial death, as is often the case of our military.

However, there are other heroes that may never be celebrated by the media or by a large population; heroes to a tiny few, but just as much a hero. Fathers, mothers, grandparents, good friends, athletes, co-workers in the emergency room and so on.  People whose actions demonstrated love, sacrifice, care, generosity and more.  No one else may think them to be heroes but you, but that is all it takes.

heroes, hero,

I have attended many funerals in my time.  I even gave the Eulogy at my grandmother’s funeral.  My grandmother was definitely my hero. As people go up to share how the life of the dearly departed has impacted theirs in memorable ways, I walk away knowing a hero was among us.  A hero who did die, but lives on.  Heroes never die!


Heroes Leave Legacies

Everyone leaves the legacy of memories.

Memories are a lasting legacy that we all will leave behind; some good, some bad, Not all legacies are worth celebrating.  For example, some leave a legacy of abuse, and the celebration is that they have died and the abuse will now stop.

Some also leave a legacy that is in more tangible form.



One of my teachers, Grant Cardone – often shares the story of his dad who worked hard to provide his family with a nice home, in a nice neighborhood with a nice lifestyle.  However, his dad died in his mid 50’s, leaving behind young children and a wife who had no real income commanding skills.  They soon found themselves trading the life they knew for a significantly poorer version, as his mother attempted to live within the limited means left behind.  That experience influenced his decision to become obsessed with leaving a legacy that would be continuous and almost indestructible no matter what life, the economy or anything else threw his way.  He decided to build a wealth so generous that his wife and children would never have to give up the lavish lifestyle he has created for them.  Today, Grant Cardone is a multi-millionaire hoping to become a multi-billionaire in his lifetime and beyond.  That is because Grant has built generational wealth.  Passive income that will continue even after his time on earth has passed.

Many celebrities have done this.  For example, Michael Jackson’s wealth probably exceeds what he had access to in his lifetime as his records and assets continue to earn passive income over and over again.

It is possible to leave more than just memories behind.  This is my journey, and I share it here with you.

Leaving Your Legacy

The Bible tells us that a good person leaves a generation for their children’s children.  That can be interpreted to mean they bypassed leaving it for their kids and instead to their grandchildren, or it could also mean they left enough for their children and grandchildren. Some wealthy people build orphanages, hospital wings, or create financial foundations that distribute funds to worthy causes long after they have left life on this side of eternity.

Leaving a legacy beyond memories is very possible, but it must be decided and enacted on during your lifetime.

It is not enough to just generate wealth, there should be strategies in place for its distribution too, or else the government will decide that for you, and they tend to take the lion’s share for themselves. This is called Probate.

Failure to leave a legal directive on how your legacy should be distributed allows your government to decide that for your family. If you have special needs dependents, this is even more important.  The probate process is time-consuming and creates a massive loss of assets along the way.


Be A Hero in 6 Easy Steps

Here are 6 easy steps to be the hero of your family and those you love:

Take Action


1. During your lifetime, be loving and be expressive of that love.

2. Spend time creating special memories.

3. Consider your family beyond your need for your own survival.  There is nothing wrong with building wealth so generous you have more than enough for you to have a quality of life NOW while leaving a contribution to your children’s children.

4. Use strategic financial tools like insurance, a Will or Trusts, to direct the distribution of your assets and legacy to those people and organizations of your choosing and eliminate a government probate from taking that away.

5. Use (DO NOT SUBMIT) this ‘Just In Case’ form to document your vital information for your family

6. Connect with me for a consultation on how to set up your financial legacy through income expanding and protection strategies.



Jesus, BROKE? Nah! Don’t Buy that B.S. The Way, The Truth & the Life.

Jesus was broke.

I have had so many people tell me this as an anti-argument to Christian prosperity, till I am absolutely SICK of it!

More so, those who insist that Jesus was broke, point to this as an example of how Christians should exist on earth.  These people point fingers at affluent Christians as if they committed the worst sin possible.  How dare they?  How dare any of us who claim to be Jesus followers aspire to prosperity?  What kind of Jesus followers are we?

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead:

To those who read specific verses as if they represent the entire Bible, expect them to share

Leviticus 5:7 + Luke 2:22-24, proving Jesus was born into a poor family:

Leviticus 5:7 “If you cannot afford a sheep or a goat, you shall bring to the Lord as the payment for your sin two doves or two pigeons, one for a sin offering and the other for a burnt offering.”

Luke 2:22-24 “The time came for Joseph and Mary to perform the ceremony of purification, as the Law of Moses commanded. So they took the child to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord, as it is written in the law of the Lord: “Every first-born male is to be dedicated to the Lord.” They also went to offer a sacrifice of a pair of doves or two young pigeons, as required by the law of the Lord.”

Then expect them to share Matthew 8:20 to show Jesus lived a life of poverty as an adult:

Matthew 8:20 “Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.”

These are the classic verses offered to suggest and insist that Christians who follow Jesus should do the same.  Live in poverty, and perpetuate that cycle as they give birth to the next generations.

However, this kind of thinking represents a very poor comprehension of the PURPOSE and RESULT of Jesus’s coming to earth and his mission.

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 “[ ] I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.”

The “I have come”, part – speaks to the first part of my point – Jesus CAME from heaven.  I came from Jamaica, and I now live in the USA.  Jesus CAME from heaven.  Let us see how heaven is described by John in Revelation 21:10-27.  Let me highlight a few verses here:

Revelation 21:18-19 “The wall was made of jasper, and the city itself was made of pure gold, as clear as glass. The foundation stones of the city wall were adorned with all kinds of precious stones.”

Jesus is a King, and owner of all.  Jesus is NOT BROKE!

However, be became broke, to come into our experience so that he really could say he was the WAY – the way back to God, the way to abundant life.


Jesus, undercover boss,


Just like the CBS Undercover Boss shows, Jesus came disguised as one of us, and walked our walk, lived our life, shared in our temptations – to end his time revealing who he was and why he came.  Jesus left heaven to restore messed up humanity to our rightful place of enjoying an abundant life.



John 10:10 “[ ] I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.”

To top that off, those of us who receive Him as the way, the truth and the life – will enjoy MANSIONS that he has gone to prepare for us.

John 14:2 “There are many rooms in my Father’s house, and I am going to prepare a place for you. I would not tell you this if it were not so.”

So Christians, why are you NOT enjoying an abundant life?  What does ‘abundance’ even mean?

Well, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

Definition of abundance

  1. 1:  an ample quantity :  profusion

  2. 2:  affluence, wealth

  3. 3:  relative degree of plentifulness


Taking the Bible out of context is a dangerous thing to do, and frankly very short sighted.

The reason why a prosperity gospel exists is because many Christians have embraced the idea that the only reason we were expelled from Paradise in Genesis was due to sin.  Jesus came to offer us repentance and restoration to what God always intended for us to enjoy.

Genesis 3:22-23 “Then the Lord God said, “Now these human beings have become like one of us and have knowledge of what is good and what is bad. They must not be allowed to take fruit from the tree that gives life, eat it, and live forever.” So the Lord God sent them out of the Garden of Eden”

I challenge the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ as it is generally understood (see video), but I do agree that the good news of the gospel includes the abundant life.

Jesus was NOT broke, but we were.  I hope you choose to receive Jesus as the way, the truth and the life – ABUNDANT LIFE!


Take Action

If you are a Christian income earner who would like more information on becoming a PROFITABLE STEWARD of what God has put under your control, connect with me for a FREE 30-minute consultation;  I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard, and you will leave with resources tailored to your goals, whether we continue a working relationship or not.

Trudy Beerman here.  I am super simple to find, and I do look forward to connecting with you.

EXIT INSURANCE! Two Types You Should Have Before You Go.

Insurance is a “shhh” topic.  We do not really like to talk about it because it brings us to consider our mortality or the mortality of those we love most.  YUCK!

Yet, ignoring this topic brings deeper pain on the other side of death than it does while we are still breathing.  Failure to have insurance, especially the two types I will mention in a bit, create major grief for all involved.

The two types of insurance I think we should ALL have are:

  1. Eternal Life insurance
  2. Earthly Life & Assets insurance

This content is available on Audio. Listen INSTEAD or continue Reading:

1.Eternal Life – Insurance

As a Christian, I believe and constantly share the FREE insurance of having an eternal life in heaven.  Eternity is a given.  We all will have eternal life following our earthly death – we are just not all guaranteed to spend that eternity with Jesus.  I hope you will choose to spend your eternity in the mansion created just for those who have chosen the narrow path.  Sometimes when something is free for the taking, we undervalue the gift.   However, this gift is priceless – so it had to be offered for free if we were to ever have a chance to receive it.

John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

2 Thessalonians 1:9 “They [those who do not come to the Father] will suffer the punishment of eternal destruction, away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might”.

I did not say these things.  Jesus said the ONLY way to the Father (which is in heaven) is through him [Jesus].  If you do not agree, argue with Jesus, not me.  I want for everyone I can reach to avoid eternal destruction.  The destruction is eternal – never ending.  YIKES!

Just like any earthly insurance policy, the just-in-case factor of “if this is true” is worth considering because if it is, and you failed to get this insurance, it is an ‘OOPS! Too Late!’ situation that has eternal consequences.  If it ends up not being true (unlikely – but just supposed), then what harm is there in believing a life-enhancing book that encourages a clean, law-abiding, relationship building – life?

If you need me to share more on this with you, it would be my absolute pleasure. Simply, connect with me.

insurance, time,

GONE!  Tick Tock Tick Tock! The 2 minutes of your life it will take you to read this article .However, I hope you see this time as an INVESTMENT in improving the quality of your life on earth. TAKE ACTION! Tomorrow is NOT promised!

2. Earthly life – Insurance

Few will argue on the value of obtaining the life insurance as a sound financial strategy.  Even the wealthy manipulate the use of strategic policies to transfer wealth tax-free as part of their legacy.  Insurance is a tool used to cover losses on assets, the most valuable of which is your LIFE!

Property insurance covers property, however, money can replace these assets.  Life insurance covers your life – and money can hardly ever replace life, but it does stand in the gap for the income, or potential income of the person covered.

Life insurance policy values are calculated on a needs basis, or a human life value basis. Since this is not an insurance training course, I will just point out that neither of these monetary results can make up for the real loss of life, but the money helps those left behind cope better with the loss.

Take Action

ACCESS Insurance

The good news is, I can help you with both!  Well, honestly, there is a limitation to this help –

  1. I can only help if you reach out and request it
  2. Take the BEST self-care of your body that you can. After all, we are made In His Image!
  3. On the earthly insurance side, regardless of your state – the insurance I sell is limited to USA residents only.


Decisions. What If…? How Documenting Destroys Delays.

Decisions.  Sometimes we hate to make them, and some are truly hard to make.  Especially the ones surrounding death and dying.

What if…?  What if…?

If you or a loved one suddenly passed, would the immediate family know where your financial paperwork was, who had the right to access it, and how?

I truly believe that eternal life is so encoded in our DNA (Ecclesiastes 3:11) that none of us naturally think about death, want to think about death and avoid the discussion for the most part.  However, death is a fact of life and I am challenging you to give it a moment of consideration for the sake of those around you who matter the most.  There are some decisions that just must be faced.

decisions, death, eternity, DNA,

  • Do you have a will?
  • Where is it?
  • Is there a Power of Attorney?
  • Is there an insurance policy and who do we contact to notify about the passing?



These are some of the urgent decisions that must be addressed and executed within a very short window of time, once someone is deceased.

Amidst the tears, someone has to take the reigns and take care of business, and we can make this grief-stricken job easier with a bit of forethought and action.

Below are two FREE resources for you.  At the very least, it will get you thinking about some of the things you should have in place, or check with your aging parents about.

Take Action




1. If you do not already have funds to take care of final expenses, please connect with me to discuss options within your budget. (USA residents only)

Some options to consider in the meantime are:

  • Burial expense policies
  • Mortgage insurance policies (these pay the mortgage totally off, for a set number of months or years to allow an easier transition time once an income earner has passed)
  • Life insurance policies (term or whole)
  • There are other options; of course, please connect with me for a more customized discussion of your needs.

2. Please do not ignore these decisions AGAIN!  In the case of your aging parents, approach them with these very questions and forms.  Tomorrow is not promised.  When you love someone, you take action that shows you clearly considered their challenges in a difficult time.

3. Have more questions? Need more help? I am super simple to find, and I do look forward to connecting with you.  Connect with me here and set up a time for us to chat.

Resource #1:  PLEASE PRINT this form for your private records, DO NOT SUBMIT it to me.  Once you create this document, PRINT IT and place it in your safe, with your lawyer, or a trusted family member.


Resource #2: PLEASE PRINT this form for your private records, Do NOT SUBMIT it to me. Once you create this document, PRINT IT and place it in your safe, with your lawyer, or a trusted family member.



A Career in Insurance. An Income Machine that Works! Fear Not.


That word scares most, and even some brave enough to try it, tip toe in then bolt right out.

I hope to kill that fear right now, especially in the arena of insurance sales.  Hang with me, because this could just be the income machine you have been looking for.

The fastest way out of debt is not doing without and cutting back. These are solid strategies for sure, but these are not the fastest way out of debt.  The fastest way out of debt is to make more money, and selling insurance is a fantastic way to generate a very comfortable, time-freedom life for you and your family.


This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead:

The Insurance Career

Amazingly, no college degree is necessary to earn the kind of income doctors, and lawyers make, in the insurance industry only a state-issued professional license is required

No college degree is required to play in this space where mega money is discussed, planned, and distributed.

Since I have a college degree, my Real Estate Broker’s License, and my Insurance license – I can tell you, if I could do it all over again, I would have eliminated two of the three.  Knowing what I know now – insurance as a career and insurance as a vehicle for wealth has, in my estimation has been easier to acquire and hold than any piece of real estate, easier to sell, and easier to liquidate; without accepting the burden of debt that came with six years of college.


Trust and Respect

Insurance is a professional industry to play in.  The insurance space straddles the world of medical history in the risk assessment area, the area of legacy distribution in the legal arena, and the world of asset valuation in the top tiers of personal expenses (planes, cars, homes), The fiduciary obligation means the trust level has to be high.  With high trust, comes high respect.

sales, value, branding,

Insurance sales done right side steps the mythical image of the sleazy salesman that tends to dominate the mind when the idea of Sales as a career is brought up.  As relaxed as some offices are- for the most part, insurance agents still dress the part of the professional, even if it is on the classier end of the business casual dress code.

insurance, sales, professional,



To Be, or Not to Be – Captive

Not all insurance companies are created equally.  I did a stint with one that had me as a ‘captive agent.’  Trust me, captivity is NEVER a good thing!  Even the official definition of the word is scary.  According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary,

Definition of captive

adjective cap·tive \ˈkap-tiv\

  1. 1a :  taken and held as or as if a prisoner of warb (1) :  kept within bounds :  confined (2) :  of or relating to captive animals <captivebreeding>

  2. 2:  held under control of another but having the appearance of independence; especially :  owned or controlled by another concern and operated for its needs rather than for an open market <a captive mine>

  3. 3:  being such involuntarily because of a situation that makes free choice or departure difficult <a captive audience>

Being a captive agent meant they had the right to limit my pursuit of other income streams and limited what I could honestly offer clients to serve them in the best and most effective way. Being a captive agent meant it was their way or the highway.  I chose the highway and found another place to rest my license that gave me my wings.

What is even better, this company has a system for generating quality leads for us that were well worth the dollars to acquire them.  Just last night at an Agent meeting, 19 people in the room (about 70%) of Agents had helped families with customized policies that week.  I had not seen that success rate in my former company, nor in many other sales networks, I am aware of.

Insurance is also a major vehicle used by the wealthy to transfer tax-free wealth to the next generation.  Guess what; ordinary people do this too.  For an amount that works in your spending plan, monthly payments on a policy can create peace of mind in case family breadwinners become permanently disabled, diagnosed with a terminal disease, or suddenly pass away.


Is Insurance Sales a Fit for You?

For the person with a nurturing personality: Helping families cover their assets and create legacy transfers and creating peace of mind – is a very satisfying feeling for the policy writing Sales Agent.

For the person who loves the detail and covering all the bases:  Trust me, there are many things to uncover in an interview, many questions to answer from concerned clients, and numbers to review.

For the ‘cut to the chase, show me the money’, no-nonsense personalities: that hard drive attitude will win you more zeros on your paycheck and guess what, with some of the companies in our haystack, you can find those paychecks are being deposited on a daily basis.  With the average policy, $500 – $700 paydays are not difficult to create at all.

For the ‘why bother if it’s not fun’, personality:  our crew has regular get-togethers, strangers quickly become friends, there are tons of trips, and pancake breakfast meetings, that sometimes it is hard to get back down to business.

You are your own boss!

Yeppers!  You may have a hiring Agent and a Team leader helping you scratch your career itch, but they will only push you and help you to the degree that you intend to work.  The company I am associated with pins no minimums or quotas, and just as there are no floors, there are not glass ceilings either.  The only limit that exists here are the ones you put on your wallet.

Many make decent money with us running a part-time gig.  Many see that part-time income and compare it with their day job and ditch their day job to go full-time here.  I have seen this phenomenon happen in as short as a five-month window.  Of course, results vary and success is never guaranteed.  However, this company offers BOSS training at a fraction of the cost if you were to do the same course on your own dime, then they offer quality leads, and constant, top shelf training and mentorship.  This is truly an environment for winning for anyone who can follow instructions, has ambition and a desire for personal prosperity.

Take ActionWell… did I do it?  Did I give you enough to at least challenge your thoughts on the career field of insurance?  Interested in more information?  Know anyone else who might be?  If you live in the USA, connect with me and I will help you get plugged in, trained, and ready to rock your new insurance sales career.

The Bible: A Builder’s Guide to Building Your Empire.

Building an Empire is the goal of seasoned, accomplished entrepreneurs.  We are beyond the idea of just creating a nice little business and have our vision on building an empire that makes a massive contribution – not only to our bottom line but even to the world.

However, empires do fall.  The bigger they are, the harder they fall too.  So, if the goal is to build an empire, then building it to last means building it right – from the foundation all the way up.

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, then I challenge you to consider YOUR foundation.  Your empire should be built on the ROCK!  The Word of God should be your foundation to the work of your hand.  Trust me, trying times will come to test what you have built.  Even when damage happens, empires built on the Rock will still be standing versus those built on sand. (Context, Luke 6:48)

Today’s post was inspired by a verse I came across during this morning’s devotion and I felt compelled to make notes first for me, that I post publicly to share with you.

Jeremiah 22:13 “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.”

There is so much to celebrate as well as to heed in warning, packed into this verse.  This post will be inadequate to convey all I see, but this will hopefully get you thinking.

First, as a Christian entrepreneur, a Marketplace Leader, I hope you can agree with me that the Bible is a relevant, practical guide for success.  If you didn’t before, I hope you will consider that going forward and dive in with fresh eyes.  I came to that conclusion as I read the Bible for business guidance, and I share many of those nuggets with you in my book The Bible on Business, and I help you find your business glasses through my online course, Leadership Secrets from the Bible. No Guru Needed.

Jeremiah 22:13 “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.”

  •  The warning is not set to stop us from building a palace, but from building it by unrighteousness.  Build your palace by all means, but build it in righteousness.

A palace is typically associated with a royal leader.  This is the identity every Christian entrepreneur should hold, as well as the sense of deserving to be in this spot.

1 Peter 2:9 “But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.”



Embrace the identity of royalty.  Too many of us have bought into a broken concept of prosperity, deserving, and belief system.

The next portion of the verse speaks directly to a Human Resource issue that begs discussion in further detail later.

  • Let me briefly say, I think that Christian entrepreneurs should have a goal to create income opportunities for others, not just themselves.
  • These income opportunities should even have a preferential opportunity for our ‘own people’, and
  • we should pay them fairly.

Providing opportunities for our own people is the national cry here in the USA.  It should start in families, towns, cities, states, and then also at the national level.  Outsiders are fine, but why not start at home?  What father thinks to care for outsiders before his own children?  What nation should provider for aliens before its own nationals?

Christian entrepreneurs would do well to take this suggestion seriously and when possible, hire from their ‘own people’.  Yes, vet your applicants for the appropriate skill sets necessary. Beyond that,the faithful Christian who lives by the code of Biblical conduct should be an ethical, productive employee. The Bible records that Joseph proved to be very valuable to Potiphar & Pharoah, Daniel to the Kings he served, and Jacob to Laban.  If you want to run your business on Biblical principles, it stands to reason that ‘your own’ would be those who understand the vision and embrace that culture of the organization.

Jeremiah 22:13 “Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.”

“making his own people work for nothing, not paying them for their labor.”

There is a sad assumption that being Christian means we should be willing to work for free as if we do not have bills, and needs.  Ministry and serving used to be a noble goal, and Priest the most highly respected – but today, there are more closet Christians hiding their faith in fear of being ridiculed, fired or mistreated.

1 Timothy 5:18 “For Scripture says, “Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,” and “The worker deserves his wages.”

Also, Colossians 4:1 “Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven.”

These additional verses were mentioned in support of the focused verse of this study.  Paying your own and paying them fairly is the hallmark of a good employer.  Jobs that pay well attract and retain the best employees.  If your goal is to grow into an empire then you will need good support along the way.

Unless your plan is to stay small as a sole entrepreneur, hanging on the left side of the Kiyosaki quadrant, then you will need others if your plan is to build your empire.

kiyosaki-quadrant, empire, business,

Take the warning in this verse to heart, because if you read the whole chapter of Jeremiah 22 where the context comes from, you know that God was very angry, and in the NIV Bible translation, this chapter falls under the headline: Judgement Against Wicked Kings.


I take that job seriously, and I intend to hear, “good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25:21) at the end of my tenure, instead of “wicked lazy servant”, (Matthew 15:26).  What about you?


Want Something? Do What you CAN until you can do what you WANT!

Want something you don’t currently have?  Well, sow that seed!


It is so easy to whine and cry about what we want and don’t have, why we are so unlucky, such a victim, so broke – OR…

We can take a page from the Farmer’s book, and go sow that seed!

This content was covered in more detail on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen in here:

The Parable in Matthew 13:1-23 about the Sower took on a whole new perspective for me this morning.  The message was first for me, and here I share that insight with you.  Hopefully, this resonates with someone who also needs this reminder.   Whatever it is you want, that is the seed you must plant.  Just because you do not see a harvest right away, you need to keep sowing seeds until you do

The Sower did not change the seed!  However, the soil changed.  The seed is a tiny version of the thing you want, and may not even look anything like the fruit at the moment.  The first few attempts may even seem like failure but keep at it.  The goal does not have to change even if the method or route does.  I bet if you needed to arrive at a destination, your GPS offers multiple routes, and will even re-route you if you go on a detour along the way.

  • Want more money? Start looking over your spending habits for leaks and plug those holes.
  • Want a puppy?  On your next apartment search, rule out all the properties that do not allow pets
  • Want to become a cosmetologist? While you research possible schools and the funds to attend, why not watch multiple Youtube videos on the art of applying makeup, and you practice on your friends.
  • Want to be more attractive?   Why not start to pay more attention to your skincare, your hair care, your nutrition and more.
  • Want to feel abundant?  Go find someone in desperate need and donate something to them.  Trust me, you will walk away feeling very abundant.

sow, reap, fruit, want,


The point I am pointing out here is, the result you seek may not be immediately available but that does not mean you cannot walk in the direction of it.

If all you have is a shovel, use it until you can afford the commercial grade Back Hoe.  Keep moving in the direction of your dream.


Whatever you are in prayer for, participate with God in the process to bring it to be.  Before the flask of oil became several buckets worth, the widow had to, in faith, go gather buckets.  There IS something you can do along the way to getting what you want.  Take that step now.

Take Action

Let me help you see your brighter future despite your meager current situation.  Connect with me for a FREE, zero obligation, zero wallet consultation session.  You will receive the gift of feeling heard, and you will walk away with insight and resources whether or not it is a mutual fit for us to continue working together.

Get Likes & Comments on your Social Media posts: SOLUTION.

Zero likes or comments, post after post suggests there is zero reason to look at the post, or worst, the page.  Human tendency is to avoid being the first to do anything, while the herd mentality of the crowd makes it easy to simply join in. NAKED, ignored posts is the entrepreneur’s challenge.

It is natural to have increased curiosity to those posts which others have already deemed worthy of participating in, and posts with activity tend to get even more activity.  Some are lucky enough to even go viral.

While I am yet to figure out how to make a post go viral, I have created a solution to the naked post.


Similar Tribes that exist limit the type of post you offer be very specific – such as Facebook posts only, blogs only, and so on.  This Tribe allows an entrepreneur to request interaction to any url, whether it be a twitter link, an MLM post on Facebook, a Youtube video and so on.

My social media Tribe is established to create the initial buzz to a post, video, tweet or blog.  The Tribe is not set up for cross-marketing nor internal recruiting, let me be very clear on that.  The sole purpose is for Tribe members to deliberately interact with your post so that YOUR AUDIENCE will be more likely to engage with that very post because of the initial buzz they find there.  When a member posts to a daily thread, we all like, comment, and create that initial buzz. Your post will not be naked when your fans show up.

Our Strategy seems to match Facebook’s algorithms for showing your post to your audience too.

Here is how we increase your likes and comments

Membership to this Tribe is FREE, however, remaining a member, however, is not easy.  There are rules of engagement we do insist on and this membership is regularly scrubbed and deliberately kept low to only the more active members.  This is a reciprocating relationship here. If you post to the thread, you are expected to LIKE and COMMENT on the others in the thread for that day.  Failure to do so, or inactivity to the Tribe is the easiest way to have your membership scrubbed.  If this sounds interesting to you, listen to this audio for more info, and click HERE to request to join.

This content was shared on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:

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TIME VAMPIRES! 10 Strategies to Improve the Productivity of your Day.

TIME VAMPIRES!  They suck the life right out of your day, leaving it empty of productivity.  Who is really to blame for this, though?  Are you only a spectator of your life, or are you the director of it?  Are you the ocean foam, or the undercurrent moving the waves of your life?

“All you do it sit on your ass playing with your computer!

Words that sparked a very heated tension between my sister-in-law and my husband.  The back-story is, she said this to him in an ‘argument’ regarding who should take the heavier time burden in the care of their 85-year-old mother.


Just yesterday my mother called, and she started the conversation with, “what are you up to today?”  On the surface, this seems respectful of my time, and trust me; this is a huge improvement over what I use to deal with.  To decode that statement, she was basically saying SHE would decide if what I had on my agenda was in her estimation more important than what she was about to ask of me.


I responded with,

“Mom – my day has been planned, and my priorities are clear.  Let me know what it is you need, and I will do my best to assist you.”

Clearly, your relationship with the Time Vampire of the moment will influence your response.

If you are looking for STRATEGIES TO IMPROVE THE PRODUCTIVITY OF YOUR DAY and put YOU back at the TOP of your own Agenda, this is the content for you.

This content includes a checklist which assumes you have a life outside of work, or that you intend to have one.  Family, friends, vacations, and being present during those moments matter to you.  If that is the case, then you are working to live, not living to work.  In other words, your work finances your lifestyle; not your life and everyone in it, has to support your ability to go off to work.  If work supports your life rather than your life supporting your work, then that mindset will also drive your priority setting for your time.

The audio and video media included here, shares different points on this topic.

Time Management Strategies are important

Whether you have an office away from home or not, the following checklist includes all time-tested, effective strategies to help you manage how people interact with you that impact your time productivity.

Because people will attempt to access your attention via multiple routes, some strategies mentioned may be specific to online, phone or in-person distractions.

Sometimes, family, friends, co-workers and Associates seem to disrespect your time or worse, treat you as if you have nothing to do? Without being a jerk, you must let people know that your time is valuable, and it is up to you to establish that value.  Those who work-from-home will have the most challenging time with this because there are many who will assume you have nothing to do and treat your time as such.


10 Time Strategies that will Improve the Productivity of your Day.


There are various groups of people who will demand your attention:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Colleagues
  • Co-workers
  • Employees
  • Vendor – suppliers
  • Vendor – sales
  • Prospects
  • Top clients
  • Clients

The guidelines you set for each distraction group will vary, but there should be some basic Agenda setting policies in place that you modify based on who is making the demand for your time at the moment.

All of these strategies require you, the entrepreneur to have the intention and the discipline to maximize your productivity, while still interacting with the world around you..

checkbox 1. Move as much of your offline business, online when possible.

  • I could hardly believe it, but a friend reached out to me yesterday, and although I know him to be a veteran florist with two locations, I was surprised to hear he did not have a website for his business because 95% of his work comes through his FTD connection.  However, now he wanted to expand his healthy gift basket business for the upcoming holidays, and since FTD is a floral based niche, he was clueless how to establish a new product line to the public.  Of course, he needed a website, and an ability to make sales online.
  • An effectively built website with a blog can reduce your personal time because a website can tell a story, display his products, take his orders and collect money for him 24/7 then he can simply fulfill then.  Get in the habit adding to your FAQs on your website so that your customers know that most if not all they need will be answered there.

checkbox 2. Know the time of day when you are most productive, and schedule the work that requires your focus during that time.

  • I am an early riser and find that 5 am- 11 am is my most productive time when I have the most focus.  I protect that time like gold, and my first available public booking spot is at 11 am.  That does not mean I will never take an appointment inside my focus time, but that would happen only for top priority people and projects and kept at a minimum.  Are you more productive in the morning, noon, afternoon, evening, late at night?  Do you even know?  Become self-aware and figure this out.

checkbox 3. Set office hours and make them public on your agenda; if possible, on your website. Train people who demand your time to book you through that system.

  • Encourage those who need your attention to book your time through a booking process.  (website booking is the simplest, and most grab all the information you need to decide if that person should have that time and allows you to reschedule easily)  While many keep this private, I actually think public office hours with public access to requesting that time allows for the transparency that you are actually busy, an appreciation for your time, and more likelihood of the time request being kept within your designated slots for public interaction.

checkbox 4. Synchronize your calendar.

  • Google for work is possibly one of the best tools I can recommend for this.  There are many calendar tools, online, and off – that are effective, but Google for work is #1 in my books.  On a single calendar, you can create public office hours that are bookable in increments of your choosing.  Then consistently send all the people who need your time to use that system. You can put your private appointments on that same calendar and block your availability without exposing what that time block is for.  The Google calendar is also functional on your mobile device.  Google for work is more professional because your company branding is applied to the entire Google suite that costs $9.99 per email in the system; (3 employees with company emails – $9.99 x 3).   You can still use your free personal calendar, it demands more personal input.

checkbox 5. Plan your day before you spend your day.

  • Seems simple, but some just jump into their day in reactionary fashion without creating a plan or reviewing their agenda.  This leads to missed or late meetings, and things of lower productivity becoming time vampires.

checkbox 6. Have a private contact access that is not published anywhere and only available to those you have given top priority to access you no matter what is going on.

  • Now my husband and I have top priority access with each other during office hours, but we also understand that there will be times we will not take each other’s call.  However, I know of a friend who has a secret text code with her husband that if she uses it, he knows to stop whatever he is doing to check in her.  She never abuses this and so far, has only had to use it once around a very serious emergency.

checkbox 7. Limit your social media distractions.

  1. If you do use Social Media as part of your Marketing strategy, then stay focused on work while there.


checkbox 8. Turn your phone ringer off during your ‘focused’ project time, and make voicemail your time manager.

    • By allowing messages to go to voicemail, you will be able to attend to these and respond at a specific time designated on your agenda for responding to these calls.


checkbox 9. Prioritize your call answering and response.

    • Do you know who should have your top priority access? If you make a point of making these people a priority, since they probably represent 80% of your income, or outreach,you will keep that flow strong. Jesus had many followers, and many disciples, but he spent 80% of his time with his core 12.   Chatting with family and friends are great, but you need to be firm about time vampires having access to your productive time.  Time for co-workers and colleagues.


checkbox 10. Use webinars and conference calls to reduce in-person meetings?

  • Do you even need a meeting or can that matter be handled via shared networked documents with change trackers?



Bonus #1:  BEST (most expensive strategy):  Get an office space away from home, with established office hours, with a Personal Assistant who manages your agenda according to effective rules for internal and external engagement.

Bonus # 2:  Hire a full-time Personal Assistant and train them to be an effective Gate Keeper, skilled at filtering your distractions.  Can’t afford a full-time, in-house Assistant?  Consider at least a part-time Virtual Assistant.

Bonus # 3: Optimise your rest, fitness, and nutrition to enhance your energy level to function at your optimum capacity during the day.


Take Action


  1.  thumb-time-chart
  2. FREE:  Download my Time Planner.  It is designed as a wall-mounted, interactive visual day planner.  Once you have this done it is easier to note the items on your Google for work, or leave posted for those coming into your office to see as a quick view of what time slots you have available.
  3. Need a Clarity Session to help you hear yourself think, have an objective sounding board for your options, or have some fresh ideas to consider?  Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.  I promise you will have solid solutions come out of that call, and we will both be in a position to determine if a continues working-relationship is feasible.


Affirm to Attract. We Declare what we Believe.

Affirm to attract.  This is nothing new. The Law of Attraction industry proclaims this regularly to all who will listen.  Even in the Christian world, those who ascribe to a ‘prosperity gospel’ are in the ‘name it and claim it game’, which is their own version of affirming to attract.

Those who want the end result (attracting), will curiously wander into these programs but quit and whine that it ‘doesn’t work’.  They are only half-right.  The doesn’t work part, is all on them.  They didn’t work.  They didn’t work on their belief system, and they didn’t work toward achieving the thing they wanted to attract.

The Law of Attraction is not about becoming magicians who speak something into the air and it magically appears.  There is more going on under the hood, or should I say, under the skull, than is realized or appreciated.

So, let me lift the lid for you.

affirm, belief,

Be careful what you expose yourself to.  You might just adopt it.  Here is what Pastor Rick Warren said recently: “Some people are so open-minded their brains fall out.”


First, the correct definition of the word, AFFIRM:

According to Merriam-Webster:

verb  af·firm \ə-ˈfərm\

Definition of affirm

  • to say that something is true in a confident way
  • to show a strong belief in or dedication to (something, such as an important idea)
  • law: to decide that the judgment of another court is correct

To affirm is not just to say a thing.  To affirm is to say something is TRUE and BELIEVED TO BE TRUE.

You know I’ve got to bring Bible to the table.  After all, my mission is to teach Biblical Stewardship to Christian income earners.  I would fail in my mission if I did not tie my topic to my mission.  So here goes:

2 Corinthians 4: 13 “The scripture says, “I spoke because I believed.” In the same spirit of faith we also speak because we believe”


This conversation happened in private chat, so I had to redact identity tracking portions of this; but you get the drift.  This entrepreneur was resistant to take an action based on a flawed belief.

Then, there are those who will try to chant themselves into a belief they hope to make true.  Guess what, that does not work either.  This realization is the premise for Noah St. John’s book, Afformations (Yes, that is not a typo AffORmations) is based on his journey from chanting constant affirmations that his heart rejected as untrue, no matter how many times he told himself.  In an much exaggerated example to explain this: If a thin, Chinese, Harvard graduate chants all day long, “You are an obese, ignorant Hispanic woman”, he will not believe it in his heart even if he repeats that 1000 times.

This is the same problem with the ‘name it and claim it’, game.

There is also a huge difference between a wish and a want.

Some of you are going, “Huh?”

If you do not know the difference between a wish and a want, you need an update to your internal GPS.

Our actions are driven by our beliefs.  However, our belief system can be flawed or built on incorrect data.

Affirm to Attract – How?

So, how do we affirm to attract?  Glad you asked!

If that thing we intend to affirm is not yet true, but we want it to be true, then I have one other bit of advice.

Ignore the advice to fake it till you make it.  That is a negative approach and it begins with FAKE, unreal, not true.  To affirm something you believe intrinsically as fake will not really help you make your dream come true.  I have dragged many things from the thought world into my reality, so trust me, IT CAN BE DONE!  If it can be done, then maybe – just maybe, you can do it too.

Instead, PRACTICE LIKE IT IS REAL!  I came up with this bit of wisdom from my teenage son.  He would practice football so hard, so often, he was often throwing up on the field.  I used to get mad at the Coach but he insisted John was driving himself to that point, not him.  So I asked my son why would he do that?  He responded:

“Mom, I play the way I practice, so I need to practice the way I plan to play.”

In other words, practice like it is REAL!  Each time he went at it, he visualized he was playing a real game with real stakes.  He got noticed by the top recruiters.  MIT, and Princeton came calling. Injuries prevented him from continuing that path, but Stanford University gave him a full academic ride for 4 years.  This is another example of affirming to attract what you want.  We could not afford a top school for this boy, but he wanted it badly, could not see himself going anywhere else; would not accept any other future, and believed his future included a top school.  That belief drove his actions.  That is why he studied as he did, and played as he did.  He was going to position himself for the future he believed was his.

noel in the news

That fantastic thing you want – do you believe you deserve it? Do you believe it can and should be yours? Are you taking any step available to you in that direction? Unless your answer is yes to all of these, you have a wish, not a want. Belief is your missing ingredient.

Are you a Starter who Rarely Finishes? This is for you. Be a FINISHER!

A starter may seem to be an action taker.  They are usually willing to get going, maybe even powerfully.  The sad thing is, a few weeks later, you see those people starting yet another exciting project, without finishing the one they were on before.  On that note, nor are they likely to finish the new shiny thing that just grabbed their attention.

A starter who never finishes may simply:

  • have shiny object syndrome,
  • are self-sabotagers in denial, or
  • are just people with no vision or clarity about purpose.

Either way, all these people have a BIG problem!  FINISHING WHAT THEY START!

Today I invite the Starter to Be a Finisher!  In my books, Done is better than Perfect!  I have many personal flaws, but thankfully, this is not one of them.  I get stuff DONE!  I am a FINISHER!

There is no magic or secret to this ability.  I simply see everything I start as a ‘project.’  I chop my project into mile-makers and milestones toward the finish line.



How I went from Starter to Finisher

25 years ago, although few know it, I was in the swimsuit manufacturing business.  I had a 50-member production team working various machines that did very specific steps in the manufacturing toward the finished product.  From time to time, certain ladies would call in and their spot on the line was vacant and I would have a lot of unfinished pieces piling up at their station.  This was a huge problem.  The others beyond that point had no work to do, and I had no finished swimsuits to sell.  I had to retrain many staff to be able to handle multiple stations should that  happen again.  This was the best solution ever!  Yes, I ended up with fewer pieces produced each day on the line, but I did have completed, product available for sale, and everyone was busy toward that goal.

I believe my ability to get stuff done was also further honed during my time as a columnist and contributor to various newspapers and magazines.  These media have hard deadlines that must be met.   I became a strong finisher over time.

money, success, plateau, starter, finisher,

Fitness programs, new business opportunities, even marriages are sadly among the common things that people fail to stick with.  All noble or worthy adventures they willingly started, but somewhere along the line, lost energy or attention for.  No ‘stick-to-it’ ability.

2 Corinthians 8:10-11 “[ ] Now it would be to your advantage to finish what you started so that your eagerness in wanting to commence the project may be matched by your eagerness to complete it.”

GOALS TRACKED ARE GOALS ACCOMPLISHED!  This is the Goal Tracker Software + mobile App I use:

Click Here!


If you are a starter, non-finisher; I can help you.

Take Action PROFIT will not happen from unfinished work. Loss of money, energy and time invested is the only outcome for starters who never finish.  Profit is the payoff, and profit is the playground of those who enjoy abundance.  Become a profitable steward.

I do look forward to connecting with you.

Lifestyle is less about Money and more about Values. Fruit Finders 101

Lifestyle is not a true reflection of wealth. Bling flashers are not always as wealthy as they hope they can fool you into thinking.  Simultaneously, billionaires in hoodies & flipflop created casual Fridays, and the understated wealth causes them giggles as they learn who likes them for who they are and not just their money.


Lifestyle is less about Money and more about Values. Fruit Finders 101



It is unlikely that the wealthy do not have very nice things that are easy to see, but often they are right out in front of us and because we do not play in their space, we cannot recognize it.  Lifestyle icons such as  BMWs Audis, Mercedes for example, all have entry models that cost about $40,000-$60,000 and go up in 35% increments for each successive line.   I will be honest to say I do not know one model from the other, so having a BMW does not put all BMW drivers in the same social class. Watches and shoes are another way the wealthy may display understated wealth.

This content was covered on Debt-Free Wealth Radio.  Listen as you read, or instead.

Lifestyle on Display

Fooled by the lifestyle on display? Don’t be!  This content is for those who know there is much behind the masks.  Lifestyle posts of recent purchases, trips, cars or mansions tend to trigger jealousy or desire in onlookers.  The thing is, these results do not always reflect the choices of the wealthy.  In fact, many who are wealthy have much more than is visible or displayed on social media.  While not always the case, the flash of the display is sometimes all that is had, sometimes even borrowed and passed off as owned, or is later returned or repossessed.

Kanye West, masks, glitter not gold, not as it seems, lifestyle,


Jay Z, lifestyle, not as it seems, understated wealth,

“The more men try to showboat their wealth, the more likely he is spending beyond his means with credit card debt.” Financial Samurai in –  Some wealthy guys deliberately cover up the bling to see if women and ‘friends’ are truly interested in them or just their money.

The point I want you to take away is,


Behind the Mask

All that glitters is not gold, but many will fall into the shiny object syndrome trap and spend their money on depreciating, deteriorating, disintegrating assets.  A fool and their money are soon departed.  So the fakers mask that poverty with flashes of wealth, and some wealthy mask their wealth with unflashy options.  What you see is not always what is.

I remember when I was actively selling gold and silver – I still do, by the way – just it is more part of the product line than the main line of offers, so when I was selling the stuff one buyer who I determined could afford the items said to me, what use would a bar of gold have since he could not wear it.  For him, his bling had to be on display for it to be of value.  Others who have it keep it hidden in a bank vault and the only time others become aware of it, is the reading of the will.

I will not use this post to declare that one way is right or wrong or better than the other, just that we are all different in our value system and it drives our behavior.

  • So for those who have been fooled to find out later, I hope you have learned your lesson.
  • For those who have been fooled and overlooked a real catch, (women misreading men based on what they display, or car salesmen judging buyers by their car); you may honestly never know what you lost.
  • For those who have an open mind, I encourage you to dig deeper than the surface.  Success always leaves clues, and they may even be hiding in plain sight, or hidden treasures only found by those who invest the time and effort to go looking.

One thing I will tell you is, bling is great bait.  We are intrinsically superficial people.  We are attracted to shiny objects, but some of us stay at surface level while others of us hone our ability to identify by more than the obvious.  I used to watch those shows where people bring what they think are heirlooms or treasures for expert review to hear their masterpiece was a cheap replica, or the assumed junk found in the back of an attic was an original worth thousands of dollars.


Success Leaves Clues

Growing up, I had many citrus trees in my yard.  As a child I could not tell the difference just by looking at the trees, the leaves looked similar; the citrusy smell was similar. However, in the season, one bore grapefruit, another navel oranges, another tangerine, one had limes, and another had lemons.  In time, if not immediately, there will be undeniable, irrefutable clues as to the truth of what we see.  Filter your network using clues based on your value system rather than what they choose to make obvious.  For those of us determined to surround ourselves with positive people who are going places and being very deliberate about limiting those who have been a negative influence – then you must learn this secret.

The Bible says in Galatians 5:22-23 “But the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control.”

The Label can be misleading. Read the ingredients! Trudy Beerman


Success leaves clues and clues will be found if you seek them.






Mile Markers & Milestones. Be a Progress Tracker

Milestones are major points along a journey.  Mile markers are smaller progress markers along the way.  Both are fantastic ways to not progress to a goal, however, too often, we focus on how far we have yet to go, rather than how far we have already come.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, ready to give up, focusing on how much is left to be done, remember – Reflection on mile markers and milestones are important on the road to success. Be a Progress Tracker!

Today (19th August 1966) is my 50th year of life, and it has been a good life.  Today is not just another mile-marker on the journey of my life, but it is a major milestone.  A Jubilee happens every 50 years, and it just so happens that my 50th birthday also falls in the year that the Jews would celebrate their 70th Jubilee – if they were still celebrating it.  As a Christian, this makes my birthday extra special.



Mile Markers & Milestones. Be a Progress Tracker


Anything worth accomplishing should be tracked, and it is easy to forget what has been accomplished when you are in the middle of a challenging experience.  Mile-markers and milestones are worth noting along a journey because they are a measure of progress, and a huge momentum maker to help continue the push to the end.

Are YOU tracking YOUR progress?  There are many ways to track progress and I want to remind you that 50 years is a number, a numeric, quantifier of progress, but there are qualitative markers too – and sometimes, these are the ones that get overlooked the most, yet – when measured, reflect the more significant moves toward a result.

This content was covered on Debt-Free Wealth Radio.  Listen in here

I know I have lived a life of few regrets not because I count my regrets, but because I create and remember the many qualitative moments along the way.  Graduating High shool and the sense of adulthood as I moved on to college and a whole new way of life, the many friends I met and the fun we had during college, my first (yes, disastrous) marriage and the two beautiful children we had that are a major part of my joy.  My re-marriage to my soulmate of 18+ years and our children together. The books I have written, the people I have served, and their feedback of the impact I have had on their lives and so much more.

milestones, mile marker, progress,


What about you?

Milestone Sabotage

Have you ever tried to lose weight, lose a few pounds, ponder on the effort that took and how many more pounds are still left to go, and feel ready to forget it – binge down your favorite meal and push that failure to another day?  I have.  Guilty!

If your goal is weight loss, the numbers on the scale are one way to track changes, but it is not the only way, and may I suggest – not even the ideal way.

Have you ever had your body fat measured?  I lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months but only 1/2% improvement in my body fat.  That means I probably lost muscle mass and that means I have also likely slowed my metabolism. That is a ‘catch-22’ because a slower metabolism means I need fewer calories and if I eat the same way I always do, I will actually gain weight.

We sabotage our progress in many ways, many of those happen at the subconscious level that we would never openly admit to, and even vehemently deny.  Yet we do it!


Progress Happens Anyway!


Even when it is not obvious to you, progress happens anyway.

Have you measured your body?  Changes in inches may show up before changes on the scale.  The health markers like blood pressure and cholesterol?  Any improvements there? If you never measure it, you will never know – and a key measure of progress may go un-noticed, and therefore, uncelebrated.  Yet -it happened.  The fact that you were oblivious to that progress did not stop it from occuring.

Progress can and should be measured with quantifiable parameters, these are the easiest to compare for sure but do not forget the qualitative ones.  What about how your clothes fit?  The pep in your step? Do you feel sexier when naked? More confident? These are more valuable qualitative improvements that weight loss

What about how your clothes fit?  The pep in your step? Do you feel sexier when naked? More confident? These are more valuable qualitative improvements that weight loss bring that are harder to measure, but make a massive impact.

How much happier are you?  Is there more peace in your life? Is your day less chaotic?  Are your friends engaging?  Did you notice the aroma of the coffee or flowers recently? Are your senses more alert allowing you to feel more intensely?

There are so many overlooked mile markers and milestones that impact our move toward a goal, or that make a journey more fun on the way.

Arriving at a goal or destination is highly overrated.  The journey and the progress is where most awesome things happen.  Stay alert.  Watch for those mile-markers.  Celebrate those milestones.  Then, before you know it – you have arrived, and your only question is – WHAT’S NEXT?


Reflection on mile-markers and milestones are important on the road to success.  Be a Progress Tracker!


Make BIG, BOLD Offer Claims. Here’s Why!

Big, Bold Claims are the way to go.  This may seem counter to the going training to under-promise, then over-deliver.  Making a big, bold claim is to over-promise, then over-deliver.  Too many entrepreneurs and sales agents are scared to go this route.  This is the rarified air that very few play in.  This puts the bar so high, higher than most even dare to dream, much less make an attempt for.

Yet, my mentor, Grant Cardone encourages those of us who want to be profitable at what we do, to do exactly that. I am a graduate of Cardone University and I have to tell you, I endorse this message. Watch this video:

There is an example of this in many places of the Bible.  God sent many incredible prophecies through Moses which we read about in the Exodus of the Children of Isreal to the Promised Land.  The New Testament has my favorite example, and it is uber-relevant to us today.

A BOLD Bible Offer

Jesus said in John 10:10 ” [ ] I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly”

Is what Jesus told us true? YES! Is that truth a reality for each believer? NO! Why not? Because, just like our bold claims around our offers, customer experience can never be guaranteed, only the opportunity for the bold experience CAN!

CHRISTIAN INCOME EARNERS. Do you believe in your products, programs, and offers? Does your offer solve a problem? Recognize, people don’t want to pay for STUFF, but they will gladly pay – and top dollar too, for SOLUTIONS!

Can you SEE the money, honey?

money, focus on money, bold,

Trudy Beerman – the Speaker who find the ‘MONEY TRAIL’ in any topic.

So, since I practise what I teach – here are some of my bold promises to you.  If any resonate with you, I fully expect you will take me up on it!

Take Action

1. EXPAND YOUR PROFITABILITY 30, 60, 100 TIMES OVER than you experience now.

A $500 investment in yourself, over a 12-week – $42week billed up front (or at your pace), packs the holes in your foundation, nourishes your field and preps your harvest.  Yes, the birds will get some.  Yes some effort on your own will show weak potential that comes to nothing because the weeds or the rocks have killed it’s delivery – but there is that area of harvest that yields 30, 60, 100 times your investment that you are yet to tap, or upscale to. Learn how here.  This online + weekly consult will review your current strategy to include God, God’s favor, and your increased profit.  Click HERE for more info.

2. 8 Weeks with me and you will:

  • feel sexier when you get naked with your spouse,
  • lose 20+ pounds;
  • look better in your clothes,  and be a better Steward of your Temple
  • be a better Steward of your Temple

all manifested with hard to dismiss PROOF!:  You and others will SEE it.  You will FEEL it,  The tape measure and the scale will CONFIRM it and your medical check up will RECORD it. Click HERE for more info.

3. Have an I DO for ALWAYS!

Avoid being a society statistic!  Decide there will be NO DIVORCE in your future.  Designed for engaged couples, this course has you stepping out of the twilight zone of romance for a moment and get real with your partner.  Using the common claims for divorces, this course has exercises to have you have ‘those’ conversations now!  Ditch the baggage, or decide to handle it together BEFORE the I Do!  Click Here for more info

CYA. Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets

CYA is a well-known acronym for ‘cover your ass’, a strategy that is understood in the situation where the activities could leave you exposed to problems later, so you create an insurance cover, possibly by documenting and holding on to evidence you may need later. It is also the acronym that summarizes my work.

I have been in prayer, asking God for a short phrase to capture what I do and I finally got it!

Have you heard the phrases, Just do it or  never leave home without it,?  These are catchy slogans that communicate an effective directive.  I have been in prayer asking God for a tagline that captures my work in a short directive and I got ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’


I hope one day it will be a catchy thought that resonates with many, for now, it definitely captures in a few words an effective directive to my audience who follow the work I do.

This content was covered on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen as, or instead of reading:

I am thrilled to have this 7-word phrase, CYA: ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’.  There are so many things that I do and I have been very strategic about them.  I do not  have all my eggs in one basket because I learned the hard way that because things move in cycles and seasons, it is wise to have multiple streams of income.  Yes, there will be main streams and passive streams but I encourage you to have multiple streams.

If you follow me at all, you know that I teach Biblical Stewardship, Christian jargon for the management of what God has put under our control.  I teach Biblical Stewardship, moving Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth and give generously to the things that touch their heart.

To execute that mission, I offer various products, programs, and presentations, which to some may appear that I am into many things.  The danger for any entrepreneur is to appear scattered.  In the pursuit of multiple streams of income, I have found it very strategic to think vertically or horizontally.  Instead of having random activities that could each be a distraction or need a different focus and energy, it is better to have activities that support and feed into each other.



Under the phrase, ‘Create Your Abundance’, I help Christian income earners shift their focus from debt management to wealth creation.  It seems that within the Christian finance space, the focus is on debt management.

I understand the heart of the Christian in debt. I am convinced Christians in debt are not in debt because they do not have morals or intentions to repay, but their income does not support their lifestyle so that thing that costs a few hundred dollars more than their income is funded with debt.  However, earning more income is a faster strategy for eliminating debt that simply doing without, doing less, sacrificing more, and telling the kids no all the time.

There are many ways I help the Christian income earner create their abundance.  First, I determine if my client has a job or is an entrepreneur because the strategies will be different to both.  These include but are not limited to, publishing your book, learning to create your own online or digital product, investing, creating a prosperity mindset, expanding your online reputation and influence to reach and impact more prospects, and even income opportunities.

Under the phrase, ‘Cover Your Assets.’, my team and I offer financial products such as mortgage insurance, life insurance, income for life opportunities, and legal resources.  These truly do ‘CYA -cover your ‘ass’ from exposure to loss.
Without a doubt, the 7-word phrase, create your abundance and cover your assets is a quick overview of what I do and spares the mouthful of all these things I just said.

If you look again at that list, before you decide all these streams seem disconnected,  I assure you they are not.  I can hardly offer to help the Christian income earner create their abundance without having the tools, resources and structure to do so.  Having helped them address their prosperity, it seems unfinished to leave that abundance exposed to loss.


Networking Application

Can you sum up what you do in a short phrase too?  When we get introduced to others at a networking event, it is vital that you have your ‘elevator pitch’ so to speak that gives a solid summary of what you do, and possibly open the door to a genuine conversation to learn even more.

Prayers do get answered,  I had this one before the Lord for weeks and I finally got this 7-word phrase ‘Create Your Abundance and Cover Your Assets.’, or CYA (squared).

If you are a Christian income earner, you are the person I am best suited to help.  While my strategies would work with most people, my work is salted with lots of scripture and the Bible is without a doubt, the authority and credibility I rely on more than all the credentials I have earned in the financial industry.  I hold qualifications as a Paralegal, a Real Estate Broker, an Insurance Agent, an Instructor Trainer for Safety Services, Youtube certifications and more. This does not include my experience as a professional writer, radio host and more.  These would indeed be a mouthful to share and could seem disconnected to the average prospect, but when it is summed up under the simple phrase that I move Christian income earners to create their abundance and cover their assets, this is simple if left at that, and hopefully opens the door for a conversation to share more.


Take ActionNeed help? Clarity in your strategy?
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Putting the Shopping Cart Before the Value Horse

Shopping Cart  with BUY NOW!  HURRY! signals everywhere with no value offer, no branding, no customer education, no buy incentive, no visible owner, no guarantee?  YEP!  These do exist. New MLMers are often the most guilty.

Three entrepreneurs recently approached me to help them increase their income yet this was their online presence and they had zero intention to change it and got annoyed at my suggestions to do so.  Let me assure you, I declined to work with them.

RESULTS WITHOUT WORK?  This is not an equation for sustainable results.

There are no good shortcuts to success.  Asking for the sale without establishing trust, credibility, and value is the worst way to hope to make a sustainable income, yet this approach continues today.  This is the case of putting the shopping cart before the value horse.


This content was shared on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:

I may decline to help you if you won’t work!

I recently declined to work with  3 prospects who had approached me for help either with their start-up or their branding.  Back to back, each one wanted to offer their product or service for sale while remaining incognito or without creating a value proposition as I suggested.  One even suggested that she would hire a puppet (yes, that was her word) to represent her business, with a gag-order on the back end so that her identity remained anonymous.  I declined to work with them because it was clear I was not a fit to assist them with their declared goal.

sales, value, branding,

The whole thing felt like dealing with a shady salesperson.

Shopping Cart BEFORE the Value Horse

Putting the shopping cart before the value horse may get some buyers, but without a frontend offering value, support, credibility and warranty information, it is a buyer’s beware shopping experience.  The shopping cart before the value horse is why lemon laws and the buyer beware clause exists because there are still sellers whose set up to the sale is less than the ideal shopping experience.

Of course, these entrepreneurs that asked for my help had no intention to do anything illegal or unethical, they were just trying to get an end result without the work required to deliver that outcome.  There really are no shortcuts folks.  The days of throwing up a website with a sales page just being a money machine are over.

Throwing up a buy now page may have worked in the early days of the internet, but today shoppers have options and do research before swiping their cards.  When there are multiple options for the same or similar offer, buyers will go where they feel they find the most value.  Value does not always mean finding an offer at the lowest price.  Value propositions could also mean offering additional bonuses, a nicer shopping experience, free follow up service, superior manufacturing process or ingredients and so on.

One prospect who asked for my help, for example, handcrafted homemade soaps, lotions, and other skin products from natural ingredients.  Her website, however, was just one big buy now fest.  There was zero branding.  As someone who prefers as close to God’s original over man-made, I buy this kind of product.  However, nowhere did I see (as might be expected):

  • reference to the source of the ingredients or their source of acquisition
  • comparison to man-made versions
  • the process of manufacturing,
  • the story behind the start-up,
  • videos,
  • customer education
  • assurance of safe and sterile manufacturing processes
  • the qualification of the product maker
  • guarantees
  • could I trust this purchase?


The other prospect wanted to offer social media services.  However, she did not have any proof that she had any personal success in this industry, even on a personal level.  Her plan was to hire someone who knew this stuff, collect the money and remain out of site.  I suggested to her, that if she did not know social media herself and was not buying a franchise with a turnkey set up, how would she know if her hire was doing the job right, as quickly as they could, in a way to offer quality results for the customer.  How could she offer leadership or direction to her employee if she did not know the job herself?  What is worse is, she kept referring to this person she hoped to hire as a puppet.  Not only did that rub me the wrong way as disrespectful to her expert’s ability, but a puppet is also moving to the tune of the puppeteer, and we already determined she did not know the thing she wanted to offer for sale.  I give her credit for identifying a niche that has the potential for offering a solid income stream.  I have to say, if she could convince an expert to work for her, do all the work, while she remains hidden from the public and collecting the money – I say, go for it.  At the end of the day, the buck stops with leadership and if a customer has an issue, the puppet would have to move the responsibility and issue up the chain, so I still am not sure how she could remain totally anonymous in the equation.


Brands built on Value

When Bill Gates or Steve Jobs were working in their garages building their empire, people did business with Microsoft and Apple in the beginning because of their efforts.  Once the brand was established, had a track record, stood for an experience in performance, the brand took on a life of its own.

I recently read the startup story of Firehouse Subs.  Two brothers, both firefighters were always broke.  They had the idea to start the Sub-house and after much research and lots of debt, trial and error, they started their sub shop.  Because they adopted the best qualities of their competitors, they were soon known for offering quality food at a fair price, with a cool story.  Firefighter costumes and references gave the brand a heroic feel.  Today, those of us who buy a firehouse sub may never have heard of Chris & Robin Sorenson, but in the startup days, it was who knew them, trusted them, and were willing to support them that gave them their foot in the door.  The brand remained true to who they were and what they were passionate about and had a clear theme.  Today you can try the hook and ladder sub, and resonate with their growth they lovingly refer to as a ‘controlled burn’.  Chris and Robin may no longer be behind the grill or the cash register, but their presence is felt, and their story is still visible on their website.  Chris and Robin Sorenson are not invisible even though the Firehouse Sub brand no longer needs them to have its own pull and presence.  There is now a track record, and 900 franchise sub shops later, this brand is a true rival to the Subway brand and other popular sandwich shops.

Some of the biggest brands today still share these attributes.  Ford motor company had its start up on the shoulders and story of Henry Ford.  JP Morgan, now JP Morgan Chase, built its reputation on the shoulder, success and story of JP Morgan.  Warren Buffet is still visible today lending power and credibility to Buffet Partnership Holdings, Berkshire Hathaway and its holdings.  Does he need to remain visible to make his millions?  I doubt it, but he remains visible and in the public eye anyway.  The public is very willing to do business with anything Warren Buffet is associated with.

cart before the horse, sales cart,So putting the shopping cart before the value horse makes little sense in today’s market.

So, if success like Firehouse Subs, Microsoft, Apple, or Warren Buffet is what is dreamed of, then it makes sense to follow those leaders in their examples.


Create an offer that is for a quality product or service, demonstrate delivery of it with outstanding customer service and experiences, price it appropriate to the value proposition and build a reputation for value, quality, and service.  Over time, your brand will not only emerge, but it will separate from the pack of competitors to be recognizable on its own without the need for the presence of the owner.  It is absolutely possible to step back from the day to day running of your business.  Setting up systems, staffing and support are definitely the hallmarks of growth and the way for an entrepreneur to spend more time working on their business instead of in it.

Let’s just get the sequence straight.  Put the value horse before the shopping cart and you are likely to get more and more buyers who have a great experience they are willing to repeat, recommend and even become loyal fans of.

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Hungry? Your Appetite Drives Your Income Satisfaction.

Hungry?  How hungry?  The homeless have been hungry enough to eat from a dumpster.  While I am not advocating dumpster diving, I am suggesting that desperate hunger will propel us to take massive action; crazy action; an action that will not make sense, and maybe not appeals to others to duplicate.

Complacency dulls your hungry

Mediocrity and complacency, even contentment abates the hunger drive.  As a student, with some effort of revision, I always passed exams and most often with a grade of ‘B’.  Occasionally, I would get an ‘A’, but that was either because that subject was easy for me, or on that particular day, I put out a bit more effort.

For all my years right up to the first year of my Master’s program, this is how I operated.  I have never failed an exam in my life.  I never really had to study much either.  My mother and I had many arguments because semester after semester, I would bring home what was undoubtedly a great report card, but she was never satisfied.  Why? Because my teachers always commented that I was operating at less than my potential.  In the first year of my Master’s program, my Professor called me into her office and said, “Trudy, you have no equal in this group.  However, I get the feeling you figured who was your closest rival and just decided to outdo them.  I suggest to you, that you try to outdo you.  If you focus on doing YOUR best  and improving on that best each time, you will begin to tap into your true potential”

Well, I left her office angry and challenged.  I don’t think that message took effect until later, and honestly – I may still be missing the mark.  The reason is, satisfaction with mediocrity. My mediocrity.  That is where the problem lies.  I get enough feedback from my environment telling me what I have done is good, sometimes I even hear it is great.  However, it is not always my best, or beyond my best – meaning, a stretch toward personal growth.

As I share this with you, I am so, so tempted to delete all of the above.  To see myself admit that I am still not always doing my best, or stretching to grow is like slapping my own face. Making this public confession is exposure of an embarrassing fact, one I know most would never guess based on the quality of my work.

Hunger Challenged

However, I have been in deep reflection.  I have been studying at Grant Cardone University (online sales school) and he has challenged my status quo.  At the outset of his course, he asked us to write our dream goal.  Of course, my dream was to have $1M.  Having declared that in writing, Grant comes back in the next module and insists we 10X that.  I clutched my throat in panic.  For every goal we wrote, we were to 10X it.  The idea is, to BECOME the person who would achieve that goal.  Grant suggested that having potentially attainable goals were the problem.  The bigger the goal, a goal so big it seemed impossible to accomplish; would push us to reach beyond ourselves.  Maybe we would never actually attain it.  In fact, Grant shares that his personal goal is impossible to achieve in his lifetime, but that does not mean he won’t achieve it.  The efforts he is putting in now, he fully expects to continue on after he is dead to continue contributing toward the fulfillment of his goal.  In other words, he is creating a system that keeps on delivering.


I recently completed this course, and I am a changed person.  The first change is in my mindset of course. However, that shift is impacting my actions, my thinking, my words, my encouragement, my motivation and my energy.

old, success, hungry,


Hunger is a driving force to hunger satisfaction.  The Bible reminds us of that in Proverbs 16:26

“A working man’s appetite acts on his behalf, because his hunger presses him on.”

hungry, Proverbs 16:26,

Debt: Hunger Cop Out

If you are making money but it is not enough to meet your needs, and you are financing your life on debt (credit cards and loans) so that you can enjoy things beyond what your paycheck permits – QUIT THAT!  Debt dependency is your cop-out for coming up with the better solution, which is – EARN MORE!.  However, taking action that would earn you more is harder than swiping a card. Taking action that would earn you more is scarier than the debt collector.  Taking action that would earn more demands you step out of the comfort zone and enter a realm of risk and unknown territory.  This is the zone of personal growth.  Your resume shares where you ARE.  Your hunger will determine how far you will go.

However, taking action that would earn you more is harder than swiping a card. Taking action that would earn you more is scarier than the debt collector.  Taking action that would earn more demands you step out of the comfort zone and enter a realm of risk and unknown territory.  This is the zone of personal growth.  Your resume shares where you ARE.  Your hunger will determine how far you will go.

If you are hungry enough, you will go dumpster diving, Some will even resort to crime. However, if you have BIG DREAMS and personal integrity -you will look for legal, ethically leveraged ways to that bigger paycheck.  That is where I am at.  It is an amazing place to be.  This is the zone of compound interest.  This is the zone of 1+1=3. Yes – such math is possible, maybe not on a calculator.  If one man can do X and another can do Y, pooling their efforts they may achieve an exponential outcome that is not simple addition.

You may remember from your high school chemistry class. When you combine hydrogen peroxide with potassium iodide, the result is a prodigious volume of oxygen gas. Perform this reaction in a standard beaker, and this gas — which is colorless — will just dissipate without much incident. But throw some dish soap into the mix and it becomes possible to visualize just how much gas is being produced by the reaction. The process is also pretty exothermic (i.e. the reaction produces a fair bit of heat), which is why these kids burned themselves doing the same experiment.

This is the leveraged action I am striving for in my life now.  Here is a poem we were made to recite in elementary school daily, back in Jamaica:

Good, better best

never let it rest

till you good is better

and your better, best.


Take ActionWhat action can you take today to make your ‘good’, better, and your better, your best?

Need help to move from debt to profitable stewardship?  Need help to take the talent God has put under your control and making more, bringing it to a profitable outcome?

Matthew 25:20 The man who had received five bags of gold brought the other five. ‘Master,’ he said, ‘you entrusted me with five bags of gold. See, I have gained five more.’

Connect with me for a zero-commitment consultation during which time you will receive the gift of feeling heard, and resources you can tap into, whether we continue a relationship beyond that call or not.

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ASSET MANAGEMENT. The Stewardship Guide.

Asset management is often a financial focus, however, money is simply a RESULT; Money is a product an OUTCOME, a reward, a RESULT of the utilization of the real assets each of us have.  The wealthy understand this and it is why they are able to earn more than the average person. When we can shift our understanding that money is simply a result we can manipulate that outcome even better.  You see, there is no shortage of money, but there is a shortage of the things that create the outcome of money.

God has given me a Word for you, and I am privileged to partner with Him in this work.

PROSPERITY GOSPEL?  This is the most powerful message on Abundance you will hear as a Christian.





This content was shared on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:


asset, time,Time is a non-renewable asset and the most precious of all the asset classes. DON”T WASTE IT!  Time is often the most ignored until a deadline looms that has costly consequences.



asset, body,Our body is a depreciating asset.  From the moment of birth, death is imminent.  After a period of rapid growth, there is a continuing decline brought on by aging and influenced by our state of personal care.  OUr body is how we do life on this side of eternity. CARE IT and care it better than you do your car, your house, or how the curators care for priceless, historic monuments.


asset, mind,Our mind is a renewable asset, but if unused, abused, or drugged, with time can deteriorate too.  Engage in the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) .  This is called personal development in the secular world.  Even when our bodies die, our mind is the essence that lives on via our spirit. It is the true you, and when our minds are gone, even when our bodies are around, those who know us best will determine that we are gone.


asset, money, wealth,Money is not where real value exists. Money is an unlimited, easy to create asset – even if the government resorts to printing it. Money is a result of how we use our real, God-given assets. The assets we possess that generate money is where we should put our focus because that is how we can manipulate wealth. Focus on real asset management for true wealth creation.


asset management, stewardship,


Prosperity & Gospel


In Genesis, we see God put man in paradise.  Work was still required, but abundance was our reality.  Sin entered and brought death with it, and the need to survive and thrive by the sweat of our brow.

However, God sent the second Adam in Jesus to restore us.  Jesus tells us his mission when he said, he came so we could have life and have it more abundantly.  Or as stated in John 10:10, “I have come so that they may have lifelife in its fullest measure.”
There is only one gospel and anything else is dangerous to preach.  Man has been guilty of this modification for centuries.  Paul reminds of this in  2 Corinthians 11:4 New International Version (NIV)
“For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the Spirit you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough.”

Those who ascribe to a prosperity gospel where accepting Jesus means mansions and Cadillacs appear in your reality is not Biblical.

Nor is poverty.  Christians should be poor is another message being shared and is a deviation of the truth.



Jesus came and entered into our depravity.  Our depraved condition that resulted from sin.  Jesus came from where heaven where streets are paved with gold to a bed of hay to restore us to a heavenly eternity.

Prosperity & The Mission Field


Like Paul, many missionaries are Tentmakers, financing their lives and living very frugally so they can bring the gospel, the good news to regions where it is unknown.  They have opted out of personal prosperity channeling those funds to the mission field.  Some of us share in that mission by also channeling some of our prosperity to that mission field, and I encourage us to continue and to do more.

There are too many ‘broke’ Christians in line for a handout instead of being in a position to give a hand up and this has to change.

Before big government became the norm, a new world concept that did not exist in history, it was people of faith that did charity and works of generosity.  Orphanages and homes for the aged originated with men and women with a Godly world view, following in Jesus’ footsteps to help and feed the poor.

The Bible tells us further in Matthew 25:34-46 (full context)

37 “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink?38 When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? 39 When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’


Prosperity & Why The Christian Income earner should pursue it.


Being satisfied with earning enough for you and your family’s comfort is not enough.  We need to use our God-given talent to do what the profitable steward who got 2 made 2, and the one that got 5 made 5 did.  We need to earn more. More is the real of profit, of abundance. This is the place where generosity is not only possible, but it is easy for generosity to be joyful.

There will be no pain in the giving.  Nothing wrong with sacrificial giving but the ONLY PLACE the Bible asks us to do that is when it comes to tithing.  Sacrifice, giving off the top the best of the best – that is reserved for our gifts back to God.

In the story of The Widow’s Mite, Jesus talks about the rich giving some from their wealth, while she gave sacrificially from her all.

Luke 21:3-4 “So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all; for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had.”

Again, in Genesis, Cain gave some from his harvest, and Abel brought the best, the first, the top 10% – that is sacrificial giving.
Hebrews 11:4 “By faith Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts”.

Giving the best you have away, is sacrificial and the Bible asks that when the giving is to God.  Tithing is not the giving of something from our wealth, tithing is the realm of sacrificial giving from the top, from the first, from the best.  Giving to worthy charities, we give something from our wealth, we are never asked in the Bible to be sacrificial in our giving to others.

This is a conversation that is continued here on this website and with those I serve.

Take Action

  1. Join me in the movement to become a profitable steward.  If you are a Christian, this should be your mission.  None of us want to be the one who took what was received and bury, go back to God as we were with the talent uninvested, unprofitable and heard wicked, lazy servant.
  2. Become a profitable steward and enjoy debt free wealth. Prosperity is not entitled, but it is within reach.
  3. Need to learn how? Connect with me for a zero-commitment, 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will be heard and resources or help offered specific to your need to help you move forward in increasing your exposure.  You will get help on this call whether or not we continue a working relationship beyond that call or not.


Sales Income: Obscurity kills Sales. Get Known! Get Famous!

Sales is one sweet way to unlimited income.  Get Known! Obscurity will cause you and your offer to be ignored. If you need an income boost, via an increase in sales to your offer – the strategy with the most impact is; get famous!

As a kid I remember being told “Children should be seen but not heard”.  I also remember that those who always sat at the front, always raised their hands, always tried to do their best were considered ‘brown nosing’,or trying to be the ‘teacher’s pet’.  These were negative implications intended to shut down efforts to notoriety.  I believe this continues today.  It certainly showed up in my Facebook feed recently and triggered me to write this post.

billboard, get famous, obscurity, sales, income,

I am amazed when people freely voice their opinion that suggests the decisions of others are silly, not knowing how they arrived at it, or why.  In the Facebook post above, it is an easy thing to see that this gentleman who opted for the billboard will quickly be recognized in his community.  After people see his picture day after day as they go about their business, his face becomes a familiar staple.  If they run into him somewhere, even if he is not instantly recognized, he will feel familiar to them.  Familiarity opens the door for more comfortable conversations, and bypasses that sense of the relationship being cold to lukewarm.

A loved Pastor walks into a room and is instantly surrounded by people hoping for a moment of his time.  The High-School Football Quarterback walks into a room often with an unofficial entourage of ‘fans’, and all the kids on campus knows his name.  An agent makes the most sales for the month and makes the company leader board for the third time in a row, and others stop thinking it is a fluke and now flock to get tips and strategies and everyone is now watching them.  Becoming a celebrity in your space opens the door for an easier reception of whatever you offer, and a wider audience willing to give you the time of day to hear what it is you offer.

So, as you can see in my response above, I applaud Corey McDonald for seizing the opportunity to spend on a billboard.  Are their other marketing strategies he could have spent his advertising dollars on?  Yes!  Are they as or better effective than a billboard?  Who cares! The billboard has value at the ultra local level.

Whatever works.  Whatever it takes.  Whatever needs to be done to allow us to stand apart from the pack, to get seen, is worth considering.  Even Hollywood embraces negative publicity because it once again puts their name in the public light.  Well, I am not one for negative publicity because my reputation matters to me, but where there is success, expect haters.  Where there are Haters, expect negative publicity – it comes with the territory.  Very often, Haters are jealous of your accomplishment because it spotlights that that accomplishment can be done and they did not do it. Rather than grow, they would rather cut someone down to their small size.  Expect Haters, then Ignore them.

In the area of Sales, our childhood lessons of staying out of sight, not making waves, and blending in have killed the brave spirit necessary to build our income to happy levels.  As adults, choose for yourself to do what you must to accomplish what you want.

If what you want is more income, then sales is a fantastic route to limitless income.  Get famous, and positioning your offer to a wider audience becomes so much easier, making that income increase more likely with the very same effort you make to get just one sale, simply because you can make one pitch to multiple people who are open to paying attention to you.

I may be able to help you too.  The following is a list of ways I may be able to help you get more visibility, increase your global internet reputation, and / or change your mindset about staying in the shadows:

INVESTING in YOU! The Best R.O.I. on your Money.

Investing money 101.  Return on Investment (ROI) is what investors look for, and how they decide which investment is worth pursuing.

Non-investors do not have the same view of money.  They spend without considering ROI and wonder why they are broke and seem amazed, jealous, or surprised that others make money when they don’t.

Check their closets and you may see $500 shoes and $300 purses.  They drive BMW’s and show up at all the trending restaurants and clubs, have little to no savings and a heavy balance on their credit cards.  They claim they want to improve their lives, yet run away from spending what they would spend on a pair of shoes on their personal development or a course that would change their financial future.

Let me be clear, nothing is wrong with enjoying nice things in life – I encourage and applaud this – but these rewards are better enjoyed from PROFIT rather than from DEBT.  I hope you agree on this.



Master your life rather than react to it.  Invest in you, invest in your growth, invest in learning something that will move you closer to your dream. You are worth it, and that will be the best return on the money you spend.

Even things that seem to be great investments such as real estate, business ventures, gold and so on – while they may offer a fantastic return on investment, learning something new, in my opinion, is still the better investment.

Learning how to do strategic real estate investing will cost you something to learn, while winging it and trying to figure it out on your own could cause you to make costly, loss creating moves.  Learning how to read stock charts and how to evaluate companies may cost you money, blindly investing in a stock may put you in a serious loss position.

Investing in your personal growth and development will help you become a wiser, sharper version of yourself.  It is the equivalent of sharpening the axe.  You can spend extra time and effort working to fall that tree with a dull axe, or you could invest some time up front to sharpen the axe and in a few strokes with a sharp blade, bring the tree down.

profit, profitable stewardship, debt-free wealth, investing,


Your choice, and I hope you choose you.

Take Action Need help?  Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you whether we continue a relationship or not.

Value Sells! Impact before Income. Service before Sales. Love before Fans.

Value sells. How?

Impact before income. Service before Sales. Deposit before Withdrawal. Love before Fans.



Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The cart of the horse?

Yep! Some people have this reward thing all out of sequence and it causing their ‘Happy Score’ to fall.



This content was covered in greater detail than shared here, on Debt-free WEALTH Radio. Listen here

I am a do as I do, Consultant/Coach – NOT a do as I say only. So, in true spirit, I had blatantly asked my Facebook friends if I had any impact on them. Here is the post and you can click to see their comments:


I just submitted an invoice to someone who was literally begging me to help her officially, because I had been dropping so much valuable help to her for free, but sporadically. She has specific questions, goals and felt I was the best one to help her considering that what I had already done for her was so impactful. I thought she would challenge my fee or ask for a discount -No! Her response was, “I am working on getting your money.” BAM!

People have options and competition for their hard earned dollars. This is why a SALE always gets people excited and retailers know it. A sale is a way to get something of value for less than it is actually worth to you. This adds more value to the thing being purchased. My point is not to suggest you should discount your services, my point here is


VALUE OFFERED opens the door to sales

This will have people pulling out their wallets and happily shopping with you.

value, price, front-load value,


Create up-front value. Write blogs, make videos, create checklists, whatever! Demonstrate that YOU have solutions, that YOU are offering value and you will distance yourself from the competition and attract more willing buyers.

Value before sales. Impact before income. This is the cart that goes before your Sales Horse.

If you want to increase your income your focus needs to be on the things that increase that income. and offering front loaded value is, in my estimation, the very best strategy, of course, it is not the only strategy, but it is the one thing that separates you from the competition.

It is easy to see folks. If two companies sell the very same product for let’s say the same price, the one offering the perceived value will separate the two.

I remember Googling online for a product I wanted to buy. Google offered the product via several links however I noticed multiple links that lead to the same option. As I clicked on each one, the person had videos, blogs, and reviews on the product. The other links were just to buy the product. without a second thought, I contacted that leader who put all that content out there because he established himself as an authority on that product not just a reseller of it.

There is always others doing what you do, what they cannot duplicate is – how you do you. As your target market comes to the point where they are ready to buy, ready to take out their wallets and exchange their money for something they want more, they will look to the one they remember, the one that stood out, the one that offered them friendly advice when they were still in research mode.

It is not that people are looking for the cheapest option, they are looking for the option that offers the most value for their hard earned dollars. That does not mean the lowest price. If that was the case, no one would buy a Mercedes or a Bentley if all they wanted was the cheapest ride to their destinations.

Whatever it is you sell or offer at a price. Front load the value, position yourself away from the competitive pack and stand out as a leader who knows their stuff, who offers free taste and see content or experiences. Do that and you will create an impact which will lead to impact. Service which will lead to sales, and love that earns you fans.


Take ActionIf you need help with creating value and positioning yourself through front-loaded value, Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you whether we continue a relationship or not.


Job = Security? BWAHAHAHAA!

Job = Security?  Bwahahaha!

To all the people who have ever been given the pink slip – if you don’t already know not to put your future and success in the hand of someone else, when will you know?


Job = Security? Bwahhahahaaa!

Create Your Income Streams.


Jobs = security is a fallacy pushed since the industrial era.  Once the government got people off their farms and out of a mindset of self-sufficiency, they paraded big government, jobs, and social security as the new financial path.  Generations later, this is a deep hook that is painful to remove but just must be.

We must return to self-sufficiency at some level.  Even in the higher academic settings theoretical instruction, good only to help you get a job where you need to learn the job skills on the job are pushed over vocational training.  Learning to self-sustain and create our own income streams will become more and more urgent in the years to come.  Starting now is better than starting later.

In fact, the goal is multiple streams of income because things happen in seasons.  The profitable harvest of today will not yield in another season.  Farmers know this, and that is why crop rotation and other strategies are in place for them.

Let’s talk about the golden handcuffs we call jobs and how to shift into creating alternative income streams for the ‘what if…’, ‘just in case…’, and ‘God forbid…’ days that could very well be on our horizon.

Nothing is wrong with having a job, but to put your future success in the hands of an employer is not a good idea

jobs, security, job security,


This expanded version of this topic was discussed on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio.  Listen here for more.

* When I had a part-time employee o my payroll

* An experience of my client having a job he didn’t like but paid well. He then exchanged it for a job that he did like, but due to downsizing, they let him go.  In between both jobs, he allowed his plan to study for his insurance license to go by the wayside because he got complacent.

* Client job she liked, pay she did not, then her department shut down and she got 3 months severance pay.  She took a lifestyle shift, decided to go back to school to become a teacher while building an MLM

Why you should treat your job the same way the employer views you.  Be prepared to walk away when the job no longer fits into your life and negatively impacts other potential income streams – for example, your McDonalds job insisting you show up for work during a time a private client has scheduled to meet with you for your personally owned side business.  If this happens too often, you will kill your unlimited income potential for a limited one.  



Take Action

Begin now to create multiple income streams for the what if, just in case & God forbid moments in life.  Start transitioning into self-generated income now.  How?


  • Married?  Have one partner start that self-generated income while the other keeps the job
  • Invest
  • Start a business
  • Sell something (affiliate, your stuff) part-time, online
  • Learn a new skill
  • Find an MLM (micro-franchise, there is one in almost every interest, turnkey, small startup tons of support)
  • Work with me on my teams, connect with me for more information

Need help? Clarity? A sounding board with an objective response?  Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you whether we continue a relationship or not.

Bury Yourself! Too Many Go Fund Me Funerals. The Insurance Answer.

Funerals seem to be a ‘Go Fund Me’ top request.  The sad thing is, this is a professional begging facilitation that families resort to.  The person being buried did not have insurance to pay for their death and that bill is forwarded to those left behind.  On top of  grieving the hole in their heart for the missing person, Go Fund Me is an option for trying to avoid a hole in their wallets too.

Go Fund Me was not around when my grandmother died.  Thing is, the family also had to chip in to give her a final farewell.  She died in 2009 having just lost her retirement to the Wall Street failure of the 2006-2010 recession.  She did not have life insurance.  She thought she did.  I remembered her mentioning it often, but when I checked, an agent had convinced her to buy the cheaper accident insurance.  She died from health and aging complications so that insurance was no good.


insurance, go fund me, funeral,


Thinking about your inevitable death is never fun, but for the love of those left behind, it truly is necessary.  In any financial plan, accommodations must be made for this day.  It is going to happen, the X factor is the when.

If the person passing is the family’s main income earner, the problems left behind escalate even more.  Can kids attend or finish college?  Will the wife and kids lose their home?


The Insurance Answer

The older you are when you look into the insurance answer, the more this solution will cost you, and the fewer options available for to you.  Christian income earners, please do not be guilty of failing to address this important stewardship issue.  Your stewardship of your family, how you care for and manage your family is very important, and your legacy does not have to end when you die.  A profitable steward will leave profit behind and possibly even more, having died.

Insurance is not necessary if you are affluent with enough to cover a funeral, pay off your home and other debt and leave money for your family – but even the wealthy use insurance strategically.  Insurance is leverage.  Insurance is using OPM (other people’s money).  Insurance is exposing very little of your money over long periods of time for a possible payout that exceeds what you put in.

For example, if a 40-year-old man qualifies for an insurance product that costs him $70/month for a $250,000 payout to his family.  Let’s say, he pays into this for 15 years, at which point he dies.

$70 x12 months = $840/year

$840 x 15 years = $12,600

$250,000 – $12,600 = $237,400


If you died now, will your family need to beg to be able to say their final farewell?

If you died now, will your family need to walk away from their home and life and be in poverty?

Take Action If your answers above have you thinking you need to take corrective action, I do have a resource for you.




Your Website. Your Brand. Brand You!

Websites have become so simple to do, and Elementary school-aged child can build one.  Today many entrepreneurs don’t have a website, have a lame website, or use a generic site and wonder why their business is not moving forward.

A client remembers a conversation we had as “painful and eye-opening” when I asked, “Who are you?  Why should I care?  Why should anyone care?  Why would I do business with you?” These questions were asked in response to a review of his lame website which was nothing more than a business card on the web.  However, today, as painful as that conversation was, he thanks me for it.  Revamping his website and putting valuable content out into the world has changed his experience, his business, and his answers to those questions.



Even as I write this, I must admit, my own website is undergoing an overhaul, so if you visit it right now, it does brand me, but several pages cannot be found easily as the reconstruction is underway.  Nevertheless, it is the fact that I am doing the overhaul that triggered my doing this post.  Just like cleaning house, just like putting on a fresh coat of paint, from time to time, websites need an overhaul.

We can have many websites that serve many functions, but you must have a website that brands you!  No matter what you do, I believe this a crucial core component of any business, or leadership.  People do business with people.  Eventually, having lent your brand power to your business or organization, the organization’s brand will take on a life of its own.

website, brand, brand you, no branding,

Branding adds value to a product and can even impact the price

Case in point: Steve Jobs and Apple products.  It was Steve Jobs and his early efforts to build Apple that brought it to what is is today.  Until Apple’s brand came into its own, it was Steve, who who knew him, and the reputation and value he brought to the table that lent power to the Apple name.  Today, Apple’s brand stands on its own, even though Steve Jobs is no longer with us.

Have a Website that brands You Not Just Your Company

Who knows who the CEO of Coca Cola is?  That is not common knowledge.  Who knows who the CEO of Publix Supermarket is?  In the start-up phases, these companies were built on the shoulders of its early owners and their reputation, relationships and value brought power to the company’s brand.  Today, owners no longer sit at the helm, but million dollar CEO’s who the public does not know or hear about.  The problem is when these people lose their high-powered jobs, believe it or not, sometimes it takes them a year or more to find other jobs of a similar caliber and paycheck.  Think of Carly Fiorina.  After her forced resignation from Hewlett-Packard, she did not resurface to the public until her failed attempt at running for President on the Republican ticket.  Today, though, we all know her.

I was part of a group of high-powered Executives who have come to realize that they need to brand themselves and are working on doing just that now.  Even though they are at the helm of multi-million dollar companies, failure to brand themselves is like committing financial suicide.  Richard Branson is a brand just as much as Virgin Air is.    Elon Musk is a brand just as much as Tesla Motors is.

Entrepreneurs who are building an MLM, Real Estate or Insurance business need to be just as aware of this.  I particularly point these segments out because the companies they represent will offer a company branded website that is generic to every representative of the organization.  The only unique feature on those sites is a tiny section for the Representatives picture, name and phone number.  For example, I am with Beachbody, but the website I share is  After I interact here, interested leads will be pointed to the more generic Beachbody site, but not before.

A company branded website promoted by a Representative moves the company brand along, but so what?  As ever other Rep has the same generic site, it does not answer the questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I do business with you versus the guy down the street?

If you have ever had a favorite hair stylist or Pastor, you will understand why people will go to great lengths to wait or travel to sit under a specific person rather than just the next available.

Build the brand of you. You need to have a website that tells the world about you, what you do, why you do it and pump some value into the world giving the world a taste of how you think, and what you do.  This is your separating factor.  There is only one you, and there is an audience that will resonate only with you and prefer to work with you even though a similar service or product is available elsewhere.  Your website can always link to your generic site, but have your own branded site.

It is possible to build one for free, however, once you understand brand power, the look and feel of your website will also matter to you as it portrays your brand, and unless you want to come across as cheap and corner-cutting, you won’t want your website to brand you that way.  It may be worth a few dollars to get some professional help on this.

For those clients whose books I help publish, the option to have a website built is also an a la carte option.  Many take advantage of this, because many authors do not have the creative interest in website building, but know the value of having a website to help sell their books and brand.

  • Take ActionReview your website, and ask a friend to do the same.
  • Does your website brand you?
  • If yes, what does it suggest about your brand?  Does it suggest you are fun? Professional? Rebellious? Cheap? Luxurious?
  • Does your site offer the feel you want your audience to get when they visit?
  • Is your About You page visible?  Does it share your story?
  • If your website needs an overhaul, are you competent to upgrade it yourself?
  • If you need help, my tech-support teammate can use the extra work, and I happily suggest his services.  If you are interested in seeing samples of his work and connecting with him, simply send me an email asking for that, and I will be happy to share that with you.
  • Do me a favor   Click the HOME tab on this site to see my brand website and offer me some feedback, please. Open it in a new tab, take a peak and leave comments here on this page.  This is my BLOG, and it links from my main site, if you are up to it,   Leave a comment about what you think it says about me.  Mind you; it IS being overhauled as I write this, still, I value your input, and it may even help me tweak my site as I work on it.


Using Debt to Generate Wealth. Bible Guidelines

Debt is bad. Yes, it is.  The average person pursues and accepts debt as if it were candy, but it the baited hook to take the fish to it’s death – or it could be.

Debt is paraded as an answer to prayer, the solution to the problem, the life-saver in a moment of crisis.  However, debt is a slowly tightening noose, and if the debt in question is a student loan or IRS debt – then there is no way to declare bankruptcy and walk away.

The Bible says in Romans 13:8, “Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for whoever loves others has fulfilled the law.”

The blog title was written tongue in cheek.  The strategy of using debt to generate wealth should only be done by those who have already established a debt-free mindset.  Hating debt and seeing it for what it really is, means if you reluctantly use debt to achieve a specific goal, the debt-free mindset will drive this person to borrow as little as possible and repay it with utmost priority.  The average person does not have this discipline so I would never advise this, unless they do so under an eye of accountability.

This content was shared on Debt-Free WEALTH Radio. Listen as you read, or instead:


debt, debt-free, debt freedom,

The Bible does speak very negatively about debt, while at the same time giving guidelines for it. There are guidelines for those who lend and warnings to those who borrow.  I have read the Bible several times with my ‘money glasses’ on so that those lessons jump out at me.  Some of those lessons led me to write the book The Bible on Business.  However, the topic of debt and how it should be used to generate wealth, deserves its own scrutiny.

Debt Will Generate Wealth – Be the Lender

Being a LENDER is a fantastic money-making adventure.  So, in the world of debt, be the lender and not the borrower.

Psalm 112:5 CJB     “Things go well with the person who is merciful and lends, who conducts his affairs with fairness”

Proverbs 22:7   “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.”
The Bible also makes a point of when you lend to a ‘brother’ versus a stranger.
“You may charge a foreigner interest, but not a fellow Israelite, so that the Lord your God may bless you in everything you put your hand to in the land you are entering to possess.”

Earning interest on money loaned is a BOSS way to build wealth.  This is why banks and credit card companies offer loans.  They are in the money-making business.  Today, it is possible for the average person to enter the loan market as a lender.

Peer to Peer lending programs like and make it possible to earn an income through lending even small amounts of money.  Some astute investors even use their whole life, life-insurance policies as lending vehicles for offering loans to family members to be repaid with interest.  Many family banks have been created on this strategy.

Debt Can Generate Wealth – As a Borrower

This is the scary section of this post.  Enter carefully and only enter if you have an exit strategy before going in.

What you borrow matters.

The Bible story in 2 Kings 4:1-7 shares about a widow who was told by Elisha to borrow as many jars as she could from her neighbors.  These jars would be instrumental in her miracle, and afterward, she was to sell the oil, pay her debt and live on the rest.  Read the 2 Kings 4:1-7 for the story and the context but there are some points I want to make

1.Sometimes we can borrow tools or valuable things other than money to generate new wealth.

2.She borrowed from her neighbors, those who would know her best.

3. She borrowed something she could return.

4. The loan of the items was for the short-term.

In the early 1990’s I used to manufacture swimwear for a living.  The very first sample batch I made were done on sewing machines I borrowed from friends.  Having established that I could make this product, I was able to secure my own machines and create a new stream of income for my family.

In an earlier blog, we see where Saul borrowed money from his servant (1 Samuel 9:5-7) because at the time they were away from home and Saul was cash strapped at the moment cash was needed. Sometimes cashflow timing makes borrowing worth considering.  If the opportunity presents itself and your money will come later, then using debt to jump on the opportunity can be justified.

Secured debt is a strategy for ensuring what you borrow will be repaid even if the reason for the debt does not go as planned.  However, the Bible does have guidelines for secured debt as well.

“Do not take a pair of millstones—not even the upper one—as security for a debt, because that would be taking a person’s livelihood as security.”

The Millstone reference here is the income generating tool.  This must be protected.

A millstone is a stone used to grind grain. When grain is milled, two stones are actually used: the bed stone, or base, which remains stationary; and the runner stone, which turns on top of the base, grinding the grain.  The takeaway here is, do not expose the way you earn income to being lost as security to debt.

It may seem counter-intuitive to offer your home as security for a debt, but honestly, I would rather put my home up, than offer my business or business equipment as collateral.  Most people have the understanding of what is an asset all wrong.  The average person sees their home as an asset.  A home can become an asset eventually, not automatically.

Using the Accounting definition for Asset we see it says “An asset is an item of economic value that is expected to yield a benefit to the owning entity in future periods. If an expenditure is instead consumed within the current period, it is classified as an expense.”

Until your home has significant equity built up, it is a HUGE EXPENSE!  To pay for the right to live in that home, you must generate an income to pay this expense, and that is where your millstone comes in.  Your income generating tool.

On that note, let me remind you that the Bible also says that BEFORE you build your home, you should secure your income and ability to own that home.

Proverbs 24:27 “Don’t build your house and establish a home until your fields are ready, and you are sure that you can earn a living.” (GNT)

This may not sit well with most, and I do not write this expecting a flood of agreement.  The Bible rarely agrees with secular teaching.  So many put their income generating ability at risk and protect the income sucking thing, when the reverse should be true.  If you can’t pay for the home you will lose it anyway, so why expose your income generation to risk at the expense of the home?  It is better to put the home up for security is how I see it.  Even better, don’t buy the home if you do not have a clear income stream to pay for it over time.

Some of you may know I hold my Real Estate Broker’s license.  My Bible style of doing things is not a match for what the world teaches.  Here is an excerpt from my book, The Bible on Business that speaks to this issue of being able to afford the home BEFORE you buy it and how that applied in my real world business experience.

If you must borrow money for any reason, you must do so with a plan to pay it back.

Psalm 37:21, “The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.”

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PAY THE CHRISTIAN! Your Result is a Cash Exchange Away?

Christian leaders across the globe have a common problem – money.  For many:
  • there is not enough of it; while some are perceived as having ‘too much’,
  • they are not paid enough; while some get paid higher than top CEOs,
  • some raise more than is needed; while some can’t raise enough,
  • some shouldn’t charge; while some ‘charge too much’,
  • some are afraid to ask for it; while some seem to ask too often.

You get the picture.  Money and Christianity have been an issue within the church and for outsiders looking in.

In my own life, I saw my father leave the top spot with Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical corporation for full-time Christian Mission.  This same man who had no problem asking for and expecting salary increases, now had a problem asking for and receiving a survival compensation from the Mission field.

I see my brother maintain a full-time job to finance his life so that he can do another 40+ hours to keep a church running that can hardly afford to pay him part-time income.

In my own consultations, I have had people expect assistance without expecting to pay. Discussing a fee seems to draw an expression of surprise from them because they assume that wearing a Christian label is a badge that translates to FREE in every language.

So many use the example of Jesus being poor as some example that Christians should be poor.  Again, the fact that Paul was a Tentmaker, supporting his own ministry to the gentile world, as somehow, Christians should self-finance their mission to the world.

The paradise of Genesis 1, versus our current condition is a result of us exchanging our perfection for the inferior substitute.  People forget that Jesus came into our condition to restore us to our rightful place.

Let me clear this up right now – PAY THE CHRISTIAN!  It is a Fallacy that Christian equals FREE!

Many of you may not realize it, but the writing prompts for many of my blogs,comes from an inspiration out of my morning Bible study, as is the case this morning.

1Samuel 9:8 “The servant answered Saul again, “Here, I have with me a quarter of a shekel of silver, and I will give it to the man of God to tell us our way.”

Here is the backdrop to this highlighted verse: 1 Samuel 9:5-7

“When they came to the land of Zuph, Saul said to his servant who was with him, “Come, let us go back, lest my father cease to care about the donkeys and become anxious about us.” But he said to him, “Behold, there is a man of God in this city, and he is a man who is held in honor; all that he says comes true. So now let us go there. Perhaps he can tell us the way we should go.” Then Saul said to his servant, “But if we go, what can we bring the man? For the bread in our sacks is gone, and there is no present to bring to the man of God. What do we have?” The servant answered Saul again, “Here, I have with me a quarter of a shekel of silver, and I will give it to the man of God to tell us our way.” *********************************************************************************************************** 

Saul wanted information to guide his next steps. He already tried ‘winging it’ and the D.I.Y. approach, and by the time we get to this passage in Samuel 1:9, Saul was running out of time. He was looking for his donkeys with no luck. The donkeys were an important family asset, however, by this time, they were not more valuable than Saul’s safety and he knew his father would be more worried about the condition of Saul than the condition of his lost donkeys. Saul’s time was valuable, and he was willing to pay for the information to speed up his progress to acquire the result he wanted.

Christian Business Application from the Bible

Here are some noteworthy business applications from this story:

1. Saul was on a mission but his strategy was D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself, ‘winging it’)
2. The D.I.Y. approach was not bringing Saul the result he desired
3. His efforts were unprofitable for so long, his family was now concerned
4. Saul’s last option was to quit or get help
5. Saul realized he had a problem that he could not solve on his own.
6. Saul was willing to pay for a solution.
7. Saul’s problem was urgent, and time-bound.
8. The man of God had the solution to his problem.
9. In this moment, Saul had a cash flow problem.  He did not have a flow of cash.
10. Saul borrowed the money he needed  from a resource knowing his ability to repay the debt later.

This post will start a new series pulling from the points above.  Today, I just want to set the foundation that the Christian community should seek, and support the Christian solutions to their problem.  Too many Christians would rather pay a secular source, before they pay a Christian source.  Worse, many Christians do not make a conscious decision to seek an Biblical or Christian answer to their situations.

I say it often and I will say it again right now:

Christian, God has better for us, God gives more, abundance, prosperity,

Christian entrepreneurs are in the problem-solving business.  Just like our secular peers, we come to the marketplace with offers that solve someone’s problem.  Just like our secular peers, we have operating costs and living costs that the business needs to finance.  If you are working to run a profitable operation, as any profitable steward should, then beyond break-even, the Christian entrepreneur should be delivering value that deserves profitable compensation.

I challenge Christian income earners not only to support your Christian brothers and sisters first but also, to not expect top level service for free or a discount just because the provider is Christian.

In 2016, I continue to be surprised that some people think that because a company or leader is Christian means, their services, and products should be offered for free. If you read 1 Samuel 9:7 you will see that Saul could not even imagine asking the man of God for this valuable information that would immediately impact his result, without offering a value exchange in compensation.  So why do people in the 21st Century believe this should now be FREE?

Information can be sold the same way that products and services can be sold.  Information comes at us in the form of books, video, audio, live stream, face to face consultations and more. Saul wanted information, and this information would save him time, and bring him his desired result faster than if he kept his money in his pocket and tried to figure things out on his own.

In my business as a Stewardship Consultant, this is what I do to earn my primary income.  I offer time-saving, results-oriented information that moves the Christian income earner to become a profitable steward who enjoys debt-free wealth and gives generously to the things that move their heart. Some of that information is given for free.
Some of that information is behind a paid gateway.

If Saul continued doing what he was doing, he knew he would have to quit his mission and return home empty handed.  If you are a Christian income earner and you are working hard but not getting the results you desire as fast as you want it, you may also feel the heat of your family’s concern.

Maybe, like Saul, you realize that time is running out on you, and those who love you are about to be concerned that you are out there on your own and not producing results to the point where quitting your mission seems like a better bet than continuing as you are.

When you recognize your need for help, I challenge you to seek a Christian solution.  Sometimes those with a relationship with God have the secular answer plus God-given wisdom and discernment as a bonus. If you would be willing to pay the secular option, be equally happy to pay the man or woman of God who also offers a solution, in fact, I encourage you to look for such a resource first.

Your solution will always be worth more than the money you pay for it – or it should.  That is what value-based business is all about, and the most profitable ventures over deliver in the value arena.

Christian, money, value,

You see, the reason why a SALE feels so awesome is, because the buyer perceives they got more value than the price they paid deserved.  Paying what is fair is the absolute minimum.  Paying more than is fair, is a rip-off. The profitable steward delivers high value, higher than the price paid.  If you are not sure how to deliver value this way, this is part of what you learn in your consultation with me.

Take Action1.  Check the next bit in this series, where I explore when debt is an appropriate move even when you have a debt-free wealth agenda.
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CALLED BY GOD, Even If You Don’t Know it.

CALLED BY GOD! No qualification required. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

1 Samuel 3:6-8
“Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord: The word of the Lord had not yet been revealed to him.

A third time the Lord called, “Samuel!” And Samuel got up and went to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”

Then Eli realized that the Lord was calling the boy.”


This is an important passage that has massive application to every one of us. We are ALL HERE with a unique purpose whether we know God or not.

  • God does NOT call the qualified. God qualifies the called.
  • You may be aware of your calling, but like Samuel, not be aware of the SOURCE of that call.
  • We can ascribe that calling to the wrong source
  • Respond to the call
  • Grow into that call


Some of us know that we are in the wrong job or the wrong course, or the wrong group.  We many not be able to ‘put our finger’ on the why we know, but we just know.  The problem is, knowing that this is not a fit, does not indicate what the better fit should be.  The agitation around a situation should not be ignored.  That agitation is a call of your spirit to fix something, to align something, to do something else.


We all have a calling

So in 1 Samuel 3:6-8, we meet this young boy, Samuel, who is called by God

In 1 Samuel 16:11-13, we meet another.  David is the youngest of the sons of Jesse, a shepherd tending sheep.  This shepherd boy has a calling too.  God has called the most unqualified boy to one day be King of Israel.

We all have a calling.  This calling shows up in our childhood.  We just need to be in tune to the divine to pick up on it this early.  Parents should encourage their children to explore their talents, gifts and interests from an early age, and invest in their exploration and in improving them.  Those that do, give their children an incredible advantage.  These children grow up with a better quality of life simply because they were encouraged to investigate things and plunge into areas they find they enjoy.


Called, even if we do not know the Caller

So we see that Samuel does not know God.  Funny, Samuel lives in the Temple under the highest Priest of the land – and yet the scripture tells us Samuel did not know God.  Well, I could run with just this nugget right here because I think there are many who would wear the label of Christian that are just like Samuel, but I will leave that for another day.

Samuel assumes that Eli was calling him.  The calling was clear, the source was not.  That passion, talent, gift, and bright future many run toward, they do it knowing the rightness of it, without knowing that that calling was ordained by God.  You do not need to know God, to be called by God.  When you are aware of the calling on your life to be __________ (fill in the blank; a doctor, an NFL football player, an online marketer, etc.) you may be sure you are in your ‘happy place’, but not realize why this is such a perfect fit for you.  You respond to a call, but you are unaware of the caller.

Called then Qualified

God does not call the qualified.  Samuel is a child, David the shepherd was also a child at the time of their calling.  Samuel was at least living under the High Priest at the time of his calling so Samuel was already in the place of his future.  David, on the other hand was as far away from his future role as possible.  Who would ever think a shepherd could become King?  Today, we have lots of rags to riches, Pauper to CEO stories that amaze us too.  Where you start does not have to define where you end up.  God qualifies who He calls.


Called, then What? The Response.

Read the entire chapter of 1 Samuel 3 for the context, you will find that God tells this child he will become the High Priest and shares some other prophecy that will clear the way to usher that time in.  God qualifies who He calls.  Samuel would fulfill this job many years later and it would take years to qualify for that top spot.  Here is the takeaway here.  Even when you know your calling, it may take time to fill that spot.  In the mean time, walk in that direction.  Keep learning, keep honing your craft, keep working toward that thing.  When David was a Shephard boy, he was called to be the future King of Israel.  Another example of a calling that would take years to manifest.  Another example of being called by a God you do not know for a job that seems remote from your current experience.

Grow into Your Calling

In the stories of the boy Samuel, and the boy David, the moment they were aware of their calling their lives changed.  They went into training and preparation mode for an experience that would manifest much later in their lives.  We need to grow into our calling.

David, left the sheep to visit his brothers who were soldiers in the army of the current King.  He also ended up in the King’s court as a musician, and later became a soldier himself.  In David’s case, he got within visual distance of the future role. Some of us are there.  Close enough to smell the future, a future still distant.  What I also love about this Bible story is, all the skills David had fed into his future, contributed to his forward move.

Samuel still served under Eli the High Priest for several years while he trained to become a Priest himself.

Personal development is an investment in your person.  As far as I am concerned, this is the best return on investment (ROI) ever!  Investing in you will always pay better than the stock market, real estate or even gold.

Take Action

  1.  You have a calling; acknowledge it, explore it, and invest in it.
  2. Need clarity?  Connect with me for a FREE 30-minute consultation.  I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard with customized responses.

Wages v. Wealth. INCOME is needed. A Job is NOT!

Income options abound, yet too many are locked into a job-only income source.  The key to wealth is your mindset.

$6 for a cup of shaved ice, and I bought two.  A 20-pound bag of ice at a local retail store is $3.50, and that can make a heck of a lot of cups of shaved ice.  The truck selling this novelty that you customize with your favorite colored sugar bomb had an employee on board who makes $12/hour.  With my purchase alone, the owner grossed this employee’s hourly wage, and it took him about a minute from start to handing me my order.  $12/hour is much higher than the local minimum wage in Florida of $8.22, so on the surface, this seems like a great job.

$12/hour job, or invest $120K in buying into Kona ice truck franchise.  One person saw a ‘good’ job; another saw a great business opportunity.  One has a paycheck they can budget on right down to the payment date, and the other exposed themselves to high debt, high risk, an instant payroll, and an unknown future.

This is a perfect example of low risk, low reward, versus high-risk high reward.


Money is a necessary tool for human survival in the modern society.  However, income in necessary, a job is not.  There are many ways to earn money and a job is only one way, but for many – the only way they consider or are open to.

For the job only income earner, while you are fattening the wealth of your employer, maybe one day, like Jacob in the Bible, you will realize that real personal wealth will never come from salaries and wages.

Income option: Wage or Wealth?

Read Genesis 30 for context, but in a nutshell, Jacob worked for 20 years for Laban and had no opportunity for wealth until Jacob struck a deal to switch from wages to commission based income.

Genesis 30:29-32

29 “Jacob replied, “You know how hard I’ve worked for you, and how your flocks and herds have grown under my care. 30 You had little indeed before I came, but your wealth has increased enormously. The Lord has blessed you through everything I’ve done. But now, what about me? When can I start providing for my own family?”

31 “What wages do you want?” Laban asked again.

Jacob replied, “Don’t give me anything. Just do this one thing, and I’ll continue to tend and watch over your flocks. 32 Let me inspect your flocks today and remove all the sheep and goats that are speckled or spotted, along with all the black sheep. Give these to me as my wages.”

With this strategy, not only was Jacob able to quit working for Laban but when Jacob left Laban to return home, he left as a very wealthy man.

income, entrepreneurship, wealth,


Job income can be a foundation for future wealth, but you must be strategic about using that income to participate in wealth creating activity.

Within the story found in Genesis 30, Laban enjoyed the blessing of Jacob’s work but tried cheating him out of fair wages several times.  This is not to say your employer is, or will cheat you – but to point out that the employer’s first priority is their profit.

Similarly, you need to consider your own profit.  While you have your job, there is no reason you cannot also generate other income streams.

My target market is Christian income earners, however within that group I further segment into job income earners, and self-generated income earners.  Money strategies are very different depending on what group you are in, and mindset is very different too. One group tends to want to play it safe, the other are risk takers.

There are just too many ‘broke’ Christians needing a handout instead of being able to offer a hand UP to those in need.  This needs to change.  Tithing is also at an all-time low, according to, the leading data company that tracks religious statistics.  Scarcity rules a group whose Bible tells them that Jesus came that we would have life, and have it more abundantly.  Abundant living is not scarcity living.  I find Christians with a scarcity mindset to be mind-boggling.  My work is definitely cut out for me.  This is no cake walk I have embarked on.

I will always invite Christian income earners to become profitable stewards who enjoy debt-free wealth, and give generously to those things that move their heart.  The first thing I need to help these Christians with, is to adopt a mindset of abundance, the abundance the Bible speaks of, the one where our Father in heaven tells us, “The Lord is my Shephard, I shall not want” because “He spreads a table before me in the presence of my enemies.”

Take ActionIf you are a Christian income earner, I invite you to join the movement and BECOME (it is a becoming, a process), to become a profitable steward who moves what God puts under your control to a profitable outcome.  Profit is the realm of more, the realm of abundance.  Join me.