Stumbling Blocks & Problems in your Goal Path? Keep Moving!

Stumbling blocks. We all have them.

No matter where we are heading, most of the time there are things on the journey that forces us to slow down. Traffic lights. Accidents. Actions of others. Mistakes we make. Loss of jobs; I could go on and on.

When we encounter these roadblocks many give up.  Some consider giving up because of the frustration, and some roll with the flow and wait to be on their way.  The worst stumbling block is the one you do not see.  For me, the worst stumbling block is a plateau.

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Plateaus may seem like an odd thing to refer to as a stumbling block but for me it absolutely is. It is a stopping point along my success path that is pretty hard to get moving from.  Regardless, a physical block or a mental one – anything that slows our momentum needs to be addressed if you intend to achieve that desired goal.

Stumbling blocks: Pause. Don’t Stop.

Yesterday, I received a submission from a former client regarding her weight loss journey to-date.  She has tried multiple times to lose weight and any success has been temporary.  As I read her comments I understood it all too well.  While I have maintained my success in that endeavor, it seems I have been on a plateau so my success timeline also has a stall, just a different one.

What we share is a desire to keep moving and that desire keeps us searching and open to receive what we need to break through.  As I contemplated her responses, I remembered this cute video that was trending on Social media for a while:

There was a barrier and as each encountered it, each donkey figured out how they were going to get over it.  There was one solution, though, and that cleared the path for that donkey and made it easier for the donkey behind to not have the same hurdle as the others before.  This was my takeaway.

This is the way I prefer to solve problems.  Solve it once and solve it for others.

I do this all the time and the first takers of my wisdom were my children.  In my fifty years of existence, I’ve encountered a lot of stumbling blocks, I have made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of money to fix them or to learn how to solve other problems I had.  Those behind me do not have to repeat that.  If they choose to tap into my wisdom and experience, I am happy to help them shorten their learning curve. Having dealt with the barrier, I remove it for me and for those coming behind me, who – because of my action may not even know that barrier existed since they never had to deal with it.

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