The Art of Trusting the Process. The SECRET SAUCE of Those Who Never Quit.

Secret Sauce ingredient EXPOSED! The successful never quit. This is true and on the surface that seems to be the secret sauce to their success – the fact that they never quit. However, if you dig a bit deeper, the reason why they are able to hang in there long after many have given up is – they trust the process, even when they cannot see progress.

Needing visible evidence is the hallmark of the superficial. Long before you see a pimple on your face, understand there were days of it brewing under the surface. What you see if the final manifestation of the infection.

Success in any area, especially entrepreneurial adventures, takes time. The success that others can see happens long after the daily grind that the successful put in without the benefit of daily evidence of the results of that effort.


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Success comes with Massive and Constant Action

Babies hang in there by nature. They fall hundreds of times before they learn to walk, and they never stop trying despite the many falls. I have come to conclude that we UNLEARN patience and consistency as we grow up and get used to the world of instant gratification.

This is a very personal post for me because I had to figure out how to overcome my urgency for success and actually stay in the game long enough to achieve it. If you follow me at any level, get used to the idea that I rarely share anything that I am not doing or have done. I am a do as I do Coach/Consultant, not just a ‘bag-a-mout’, as we say in Jamaica. ‘Bag-a-mout’ translates to, talk without action.

It is wise to study those who are successful if you wish to become successful yourself. The successful do not give up. Click here for an article summarising 12 modern-day success stories despite early failures along the way. What is clear is, these people never gave up. What is not shared is, WHY? Why didn’t they quit? Why did they keep going after all those failures? Saying, don’t give up sounds great. Having the energy to hang in there – is not.

It turns out, these successful people trusted a process. If you read the stories they did not just hang in there, they kept repeating a process, with tweaks, but they kept doing the thing they were doing. The singer kept singing and looking for contracts (Katy Perry), the writer kept writing and submitting to publishers (J.K Rowling), the reporter kept reporting heartfelt stories even when they were chastised for their emotional connection to those stories (Oprah).


Success is a Process. Trust the Process.

Some successful people will even take the time to document their process so they can track and tweak. I am ever grateful to those who do, because not only are they able to pinpoint where in their journey the success became obvious, but the tracking offered an opportunity for duplication of their strategies.

I have adopted the success strategy of my mentors and I have learned to trust the process.

One of my favorite bits of entrepreneurial advice I grabbed that is truly a slow road to success is from Grant Cardone.

So, I work on building relationships, not just connections. Honestly, this was difficult for me. By nature, I am a loner. I could just hang out with my hubby and kids, never talk to another human and I would be quite OK with that. However, that isolation will never help me build a business, and most of all – it will never move me to fulfil the Great Commission as directed by Jesus (Matthew 28:16-20).

My work as a Stewardship Consultant/Coach gives me the privilege to partner with God to move Christian income earners to become Profitable Stewards who are living out their God-given purpose and are able to give generously to those things which move their heart.

I cannot influence or impact others if I do not build relationships with them, and building relationships is a slow process. The idea of meeting someone for the first time and saying “Hi, nice to meet you. Buy my stuff”, is outrageous. Yet, that is what many want, hope and expect and will quit when they don’t see that happen. This happens on Facebook all the time. You agree to accept a new friend request and in seconds you get a private message with shopping links. Point out the stupidity and they block you. HUH?

There is a process to building relationships that convert to a sale, and that is the process I trust. It is slower than the arm-twisting, pressure pushing tactics of sales, however, that is the route this girl has decided to go.

One process I follow is:

  • make a deliberate effort to connect with new people every day.
  • deliberately look for ways to connect with them, and give an encouraging word or legitimate compliment
  • interact in ways that will resonate and offer value to that new connection
  • plant seeds along the way that may move that person to do business with me, or be willing to refer me along.

This process is slow, but I trust this process.  I have gotten clients or teammates that from initial meeting to the contract took a year. Some are faster but those are the exception, not the norm. Recently, it seems that timeline has speeded up but honestly, that is because I have had years of building my brand, my reputation, and my connections. Now when people are introduced to me, credibility is faster and trust is also faster. However, some that appear to be fast were secretly watching me for a long while before letting me know they were doing so.

If you are a Christian income earner and you are simply going to work to go home, barely getting by, feeling like you are living to work, instead of working to live – then you may be missing out on the invitation of Jesus to live life abundantly.

John 10:10 “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

Yes, you got the have life part (your ticket to heaven) but you missed the AND have it more abundantly.

If you want to enjoy life more abundantly, connect with me for a free discovery session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with just for you resources to help you take your next logical step.

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it may be time to E5 your business. (express, expense, explore, expose, expand). NOTE: This site is not mobile friendly (yet). Please use a computer to view.

Most of all, if you have tapped into a process that is proven successful, hang in there. Be in massive action. Track and tweak. Keep moving. Seeds take a time to grow and return a harvest. If nothing else, I hope I inspired you to keep working on your dream.




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