Value Sells! Impact before Income. Service before Sales. Love before Fans.

Value sells. How?

Impact before income. Service before Sales. Deposit before Withdrawal. Love before Fans.



Which came first? The chicken or the egg? The cart of the horse?

Yep! Some people have this reward thing all out of sequence and it causing their ‘Happy Score’ to fall.



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I am a do as I do, Consultant/Coach – NOT a do as I say only. So, in true spirit, I had blatantly asked my Facebook friends if I had any impact on them. Here is the post and you can click to see their comments:


I just submitted an invoice to someone who was literally begging me to help her officially, because I had been dropping so much valuable help to her for free, but sporadically. She has specific questions, goals and felt I was the best one to help her considering that what I had already done for her was so impactful. I thought she would challenge my fee or ask for a discount -No! Her response was, “I am working on getting your money.” BAM!

People have options and competition for their hard earned dollars. This is why a SALE always gets people excited and retailers know it. A sale is a way to get something of value for less than it is actually worth to you. This adds more value to the thing being purchased. My point is not to suggest you should discount your services, my point here is


VALUE OFFERED opens the door to sales

This will have people pulling out their wallets and happily shopping with you.

value, price, front-load value,


Create up-front value. Write blogs, make videos, create checklists, whatever! Demonstrate that YOU have solutions, that YOU are offering value and you will distance yourself from the competition and attract more willing buyers.

Value before sales. Impact before income. This is the cart that goes before your Sales Horse.

If you want to increase your income your focus needs to be on the things that increase that income. and offering front loaded value is, in my estimation, the very best strategy, of course, it is not the only strategy, but it is the one thing that separates you from the competition.

It is easy to see folks. If two companies sell the very same product for let’s say the same price, the one offering the perceived value will separate the two.

I remember Googling online for a product I wanted to buy. Google offered the product via several links however I noticed multiple links that lead to the same option. As I clicked on each one, the person had videos, blogs, and reviews on the product. The other links were just to buy the product. without a second thought, I contacted that leader who put all that content out there because he established himself as an authority on that product not just a reseller of it.

There is always others doing what you do, what they cannot duplicate is – how you do you. As your target market comes to the point where they are ready to buy, ready to take out their wallets and exchange their money for something they want more, they will look to the one they remember, the one that stood out, the one that offered them friendly advice when they were still in research mode.

It is not that people are looking for the cheapest option, they are looking for the option that offers the most value for their hard earned dollars. That does not mean the lowest price. If that was the case, no one would buy a Mercedes or a Bentley if all they wanted was the cheapest ride to their destinations.

Whatever it is you sell or offer at a price. Front load the value, position yourself away from the competitive pack and stand out as a leader who knows their stuff, who offers free taste and see content or experiences. Do that and you will create an impact which will lead to impact. Service which will lead to sales, and love that earns you fans.


Take ActionIf you need help with creating value and positioning yourself through front-loaded value, Connect with me for a free 30-minute consultation where I guarantee you will feel heard, and customized resources offered to you whether we continue a relationship or not.


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