You WANT _____? Nah! You don’t really. If You Did, NO ONE COULD STOP YOU!

You want ______?  Money, a better job, fame, success, love, a slimmer body, a 6-pack?WHATEVER!  Fill in the blank then allow me to take a look at your checkbook or your calendar and I will tell you with significant accuracy if you were simply daydreaming, or envisioning your near reality.

You want that? Really?

Some of you say you want something but really, it is a wishful fancy that passes like farted gas. Phssst,,,  It’s gone, and so is the momentary smile it brought to your face.  Then you proceed to fuss and whine about your pitiful life.  Forgive me if I seem to have little patience for the whining, moaning, and groaning.

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When those around you hear all your talk but see no action- whether they tell you or not, trust me – we can smell your ‘crap’ a mile off. So keep wishing and talking.


Define what you want

My kids have stopped coming to me with their ‘nonsense’.  If they need my help they have been conditioned to think through their challenge to be as crystal clear as to what the problem exactly is. They also know to try to solve it themselves first and to let me know the outcome of that effort. Then, and only then will I be willing to help them figure out the next step.  My 7-year-old is even getting the hang of this.  I am training my children to be solution finders, creative thinkers, analytical moguls.

As I write this, I am challenged about the things I want.  I have to tell you, it is not that easy to dream to reality. It is easier to dream for the sake of a mental vacation that lasts a few seconds. However, the dreams that become visions that become reality are a different kind of dream.

James 2:18 “But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

You must have a dream, faith that it can be, then action to pull it into your reality.  Faith without works is dead.  Work without faith is a waste of time (or, as filthy rags – Isaiah 64:6)

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You want it, so have it – for REAL!

But dreaming alone will not pull your ideas from the thought realm into your reality.  This can happen and happens often.  The intangible pictures of our mind can eventually be our tangible reality.  This is the Law of Attraction at work.  It is real, and you have experienced it multiple times in your life.

If you are not aware of the Law of Attraction working in your life, you probably roll through life on default mode, instead of proactive mode.  When your wish became your reality, you attributed that to luck or coincidence.  Honey – let me just wise you up here – THAT IS THE LAW OF ATTRACTION MANIFESTING IN YOUR LIFE!.

The difference between what you want and what you have is your sense of deserving and the amount of focus you give to something.

It is not mumbo-jumbo to deliberately sit and visualize your desire with meticulous detail.  In fact, the more detail you dream the better.  Professional athletes play a game or a move repeatedly in their heads.  The brain wires are being programmed and the brain is not able to separate the dream from the reality in that type of focused, detail thinking. The brain may not separate the dream from the reality, but we can. We are very aware that we are dreaming.

This confusing the brain between reality and dreaming is well studied in the field of psychology with respect to schizophrenia.  The difference here is, the schizophrenic cannot separate their dream from their reality, but we can.

WATCH THIS 1:18 minutes long clip from the movie A BEAUTIFUL MIND to demonstrate how the mind can bring to things into our reality.  With the Schizophrenic, however, they cannot distinguish between the dream and the real.  However, the healthy mind can make a dream become real by taking action, without confusing the dream for the reality.


The more your vision of financial success becomes clear in your
unconscious brain, the more the vision actually re-shapes your brain
. This
improved inner reality motivates your brain to bring your vision into the world.” John Assaraf

We can drag our dreams from our thought world into our reality to live the life we desire. It will not happen by accident.  It will not happen without focus. It will not happen without action. BUT your dream can become your reality with strategic focus and action.

If I saw your calendar and your checkbook, I could tell what matters to you.

  • I challenge you to take a look at both with the filter of what takes the most of your time, money and attention and you will know if what you say you want is what you are working to make your reality.
  • Ditch all the excuses, reasons and justifications.  There truly will never be a ‘good’ or perfect time. Go build your life as you have dreamed it.  Dreaming is free, so dream often, dream freely and dream Big.
  • If it matters, it will be on your calendar as a must do action step.
  • If it matters, you will invest in it.

See you at the top!




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