Want Something? Do What you CAN until you can do what you WANT!

Want something you don’t currently have?  Well, sow that seed!


It is so easy to whine and cry about what we want and don’t have, why we are so unlucky, such a victim, so broke – OR…

We can take a page from the Farmer’s book, and go sow that seed!

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The Parable in Matthew 13:1-23 about the Sower took on a whole new perspective for me this morning.  The message was first for me, and here I share that insight with you.  Hopefully, this resonates with someone who also needs this reminder.   Whatever it is you want, that is the seed you must plant.  Just because you do not see a harvest right away, you need to keep sowing seeds until you do

The Sower did not change the seed!  However, the soil changed.  The seed is a tiny version of the thing you want, and may not even look anything like the fruit at the moment.  The first few attempts may even seem like failure but keep at it.  The goal does not have to change even if the method or route does.  I bet if you needed to arrive at a destination, your GPS offers multiple routes, and will even re-route you if you go on a detour along the way.

  • Want more money? Start looking over your spending habits for leaks and plug those holes.
  • Want a puppy?  On your next apartment search, rule out all the properties that do not allow pets
  • Want to become a cosmetologist? While you research possible schools and the funds to attend, why not watch multiple Youtube videos on the art of applying makeup, and you practice on your friends.
  • Want to be more attractive?   Why not start to pay more attention to your skincare, your hair care, your nutrition and more.
  • Want to feel abundant?  Go find someone in desperate need and donate something to them.  Trust me, you will walk away feeling very abundant.

sow, reap, fruit, want,


The point I am pointing out here is, the result you seek may not be immediately available but that does not mean you cannot walk in the direction of it.

If all you have is a shovel, use it until you can afford the commercial grade Back Hoe.  Keep moving in the direction of your dream.


Whatever you are in prayer for, participate with God in the process to bring it to be.  Before the flask of oil became several buckets worth, the widow had to, in faith, go gather buckets.  There IS something you can do along the way to getting what you want.  Take that step now.

Take Action

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