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Websites have become so simple to do, and Elementary school-aged child can build one.  Today many entrepreneurs don’t have a website, have a lame website, or use a generic site and wonder why their business is not moving forward.

A client remembers a conversation we had as “painful and eye-opening” when I asked, “Who are you?  Why should I care?  Why should anyone care?  Why would I do business with you?” These questions were asked in response to a review of his lame website which was nothing more than a business card on the web.  However, today, as painful as that conversation was, he thanks me for it.  Revamping his website and putting valuable content out into the world has changed his experience, his business, and his answers to those questions.



Even as I write this, I must admit, my own website is undergoing an overhaul, so if you visit it right now, it does brand me, but several pages cannot be found easily as the reconstruction is underway.  Nevertheless, it is the fact that I am doing the overhaul that triggered my doing this post.  Just like cleaning house, just like putting on a fresh coat of paint, from time to time, websites need an overhaul.

We can have many websites that serve many functions, but you must have a website that brands you!  No matter what you do, I believe this a crucial core component of any business, or leadership.  People do business with people.  Eventually, having lent your brand power to your business or organization, the organization’s brand will take on a life of its own.

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Branding adds value to a product and can even impact the price

Case in point: Steve Jobs and Apple products.  It was Steve Jobs and his early efforts to build Apple that brought it to what is is today.  Until Apple’s brand came into its own, it was Steve, who who knew him, and the reputation and value he brought to the table that lent power to the Apple name.  Today, Apple’s brand stands on its own, even though Steve Jobs is no longer with us.

Have a Website that brands You Not Just Your Company

Who knows who the CEO of Coca Cola is?  That is not common knowledge.  Who knows who the CEO of Publix Supermarket is?  In the start-up phases, these companies were built on the shoulders of its early owners and their reputation, relationships and value brought power to the company’s brand.  Today, owners no longer sit at the helm, but million dollar CEO’s who the public does not know or hear about.  The problem is when these people lose their high-powered jobs, believe it or not, sometimes it takes them a year or more to find other jobs of a similar caliber and paycheck.  Think of Carly Fiorina.  After her forced resignation from Hewlett-Packard, she did not resurface to the public until her failed attempt at running for President on the Republican ticket.  Today, though, we all know her.

I was part of a group of high-powered Executives who have come to realize that they need to brand themselves and are working on doing just that now.  Even though they are at the helm of multi-million dollar companies, failure to brand themselves is like committing financial suicide.  Richard Branson is a brand just as much as Virgin Air is.    Elon Musk is a brand just as much as Tesla Motors is.

Entrepreneurs who are building an MLM, Real Estate or Insurance business need to be just as aware of this.  I particularly point these segments out because the companies they represent will offer a company branded website that is generic to every representative of the organization.  The only unique feature on those sites is a tiny section for the Representatives picture, name and phone number.  For example, I am with Beachbody, but the website I share is  After I interact here, interested leads will be pointed to the more generic Beachbody site, but not before.

A company branded website promoted by a Representative moves the company brand along, but so what?  As ever other Rep has the same generic site, it does not answer the questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why should I do business with you versus the guy down the street?

If you have ever had a favorite hair stylist or Pastor, you will understand why people will go to great lengths to wait or travel to sit under a specific person rather than just the next available.

Build the brand of you. You need to have a website that tells the world about you, what you do, why you do it and pump some value into the world giving the world a taste of how you think, and what you do.  This is your separating factor.  There is only one you, and there is an audience that will resonate only with you and prefer to work with you even though a similar service or product is available elsewhere.  Your website can always link to your generic site, but have your own branded site.

It is possible to build one for free, however, once you understand brand power, the look and feel of your website will also matter to you as it portrays your brand, and unless you want to come across as cheap and corner-cutting, you won’t want your website to brand you that way.  It may be worth a few dollars to get some professional help on this.

For those clients whose books I help publish, the option to have a website built is also an a la carte option.  Many take advantage of this, because many authors do not have the creative interest in website building, but know the value of having a website to help sell their books and brand.

  • Take ActionReview your website, and ask a friend to do the same.
  • Does your website brand you?
  • If yes, what does it suggest about your brand?  Does it suggest you are fun? Professional? Rebellious? Cheap? Luxurious?
  • Does your site offer the feel you want your audience to get when they visit?
  • Is your About You page visible?  Does it share your story?
  • If your website needs an overhaul, are you competent to upgrade it yourself?
  • If you need help, my tech-support teammate can use the extra work, and I happily suggest his services.  If you are interested in seeing samples of his work and connecting with him, simply send me an email asking for that, and I will be happy to share that with you.
  • Do me a favor   Click the HOME tab on this site to see my brand website and offer me some feedback, please. Open it in a new tab, take a peak and leave comments here on this page.  This is my BLOG, and it links from my main site, if you are up to it,   Leave a comment about what you think it says about me.  Mind you; it IS being overhauled as I write this, still, I value your input, and it may even help me tweak my site as I work on it.


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