It’s Crowded at the Bottom. Work like Olympic Athletes on Your Biz!

Athletes in the Pro and Olympic zone play in a stratosphere few even visit.  Those who win at this level are unquestionably seen as to best of the best.  The lower down the totem pole, the crowd thickens up.  The very bottom of the playing field is very crowded.  Separating from this population and heading for the top should be the goal of every leader and entrepreneur.

So, I am playing in a field that is growing more crowded each day.  More and more Christians are seeing the power of speaking authentically about the impact of their faith on their results. Each time I research my industry, a new face or organization shows up as offering a similar offer.  Honestly, I welcome them.  More of us ARE needed here.  Even the Bible endorses this:

Matthew 9:35-38Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.  When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

So I embrace my fellow workers in the field, however, I began separating from the crowd with my unique selling position, or USP.  Click HERE to read more on what that is and how I do it.

I don’t wake up each day excited to be average nor ordinary.  I am not even working to simply out-do the others competing in the same arena.  I want to leap out of groups the way little league players move up to High School, then get chosen for College Teams, then selected for the Pro Teams, then again for the overall MVPs.  To stay with the little league and be the best there is not enough for me.  I want to be on the gold stand at the Olympic level of my field.

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There is no playbook, template, step-by-step method, or formula available for me to copy to achieve this dream.  I may have to write that book once I arrive at the top; in the mean time, post like these are my way of leaving a trail of my dream and execution of my efforts to achieve it.

My simple strategy is, work each day the hardest I can, maximizing my potential and available resources.

This does not mean I will always hit my target, nor does it mean I will always be the best, but this strategy does guarantee I will be my personal best most of the time, and push my growth daily.

Work Your Business like Pro Athletes Do:

Pro athletes do not ‘wing it’, they have a Coach, not just for their sport, but often for other areas of their lives as well. They change coaches as they absorb all that coach can teach and move on to another coach at the higher level.

Luke 6:40 “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

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I have had many coaches in my time.  My current experience is, I can’t afford the personal attention of Grant Cardone -the Coach I want.   So I opted for the next best thing he offered that I could afford. I bought access to Cardone University, I am a part of his Mastermind group that meets on Wednesdays, and I participate in as much of his live opportunities as I can.  I have had opportunities to speak directly to him, and I keep working to grab his attention as much as possible.  On my vision board is my plan to one-day rub elbows with him as a close associate or friend.  This two-second video clip speaks to the manifestation of this vision and is a treasure of mine.


Pro athletes never stop training in their game.  Just because they win at the highest level does not give them permission to stop training.  Training is constant, although the type of training modality will change depending on whether they are in pre-season, in-season, or off-season. Writing blog posts, speaking at events, creating online courses, making videos, working on my website and so on and the degree to which each gets a focus are examples of things I do to work on my game and build my reputation. The move value I bring to the table, the more I pump quality content to those I reach, the better I hone my skillset.

Pro athletes invest in their edge.  Keeping an eye out for the latest development, course, or success strategy is a must.  You cannot remain on top or out front if you are not an early front runner of anything that offers leverage in your game.  I am a ‘perpetual student’, as my mother likes to call me.  Even my college graduate son, recently commented in surprise,

“Mom, why are you always taking courses?”

To which I responded, “All the wisdom you get from me that you constantly call on me to get, do you think I just wake up with all this in me?  No!  I am learning it from somewhere to be able to share it with you.”

Pro athletes give back.  Most do anyways.  It is not uncommon to see pro athletes turning up at Charity events, lending their name or time to help that organization raise more funds.  It is not uncommon to see pro athletes showing up at events to inspire the next generation to find their greatness.  Giving is the greatest contribution of self and the zone of highest personal satisfaction.  That is an anomaly many don’t understand.  There are takers and there are givers.  Takers will never experience the level of personal satisfaction that givers experience, and if you are a taker you will probably disagree with me if you have never given before.  Yes, receiving is fun.  The kid who gets the gift at Christmas does enjoy receiving that gift – but that joy is not matched by the joy the giver receives in being able to give.

In the same way, I give back to others.  In the online space – I give to perfect strangers by putting quality content that is accessible to all for free.  In my personal circles, I am ready to offer encouragement or help to those in need, and at the private level, I keep cash on hand deliberately to offer to the poor who reach out their hand and ask for help.  In addition, I invest in the next generation of leaders.  My movement to become a profitable steward who enjoys debt-free wealth is also my personal journey.  It is not enough that I have enough for my family to be fine, we want to have more than enough that allows us to joyfully and generously give to those people and organizations that move our hearts too.

Sometimes I feel frustrated that I have not ‘arrived’ at a certain level that I strive for yet – but my husband made a bold prediction that I long to see manifest.  He said, “Trudy, I think one day you are going to wake up and be suddenly launched so high so fast, that your head will spin”.  That brought a smile to my face, and added pep to my step.  It is just a dream, but dreams manifest into reality when you drag it from the thought world by daily action steps toward making it come true.

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