2 Bags & the dog. Evaluating What Matters Most. (We May Lose it All).

2 Bags and the dog. That is all I packed for me.


Trudy Beerman

by Trudy Beerman

As I write this post, we are hours away from hurricane force winds of Hurricane Irma to land in Tampa, Florida.

This is the first Hurricane to show up on Earthquake scales. More than twice the size of Hurricane Andrew, and right behind Hurricane Harvey that devastated much of Texas, Floridians are taking Hurricane Irma very seriously.

As I packed to leave home I looked around to evaluate what had to come with me, what had to be secured as best as possible, and what I was resolved to lose if all did not go well.

If anyone asked me to decide these things weeks ago, It would have been nearly impossible to strip my list down to the handful of things I decided on under catastrophic circumstances. In moments like these, you really know what matters most. I am grateful for this insight.

If I could live as minimalistic as I left my home to ‘survive’ should all be blown away by a hurricane, I would have much more money in the bank for sure.  A final glance had me thinking of the hundreds of thousands of dollars left behind that now felt like a waste.

Do we really need all the stuff we buy?

I intend to remember this moment as a filter for future purchases. Writing this blog is strategic to hard-wiring this memory.

Walking out of my house; other than my two bags and the dog, the only other things that came along with me that mattered did not require packing. Family, memories, lessons learned, and friendships are a form of wealth that cannot be adequately quantified.

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Friends from all over have been checking up on me.  Thanks to all who checked up on me via Facebook, text, phone calls, etc.  As I hunker down I am surrounded by husband, my children, and my children’s children. I feel loved. This is the worst of times and the best of times.

So, evacuation or not…

Unless you need to get burned to know that fire is dangerous, let me ask…

Are YOU able to decide on what matters MOST to you? If you had to leave home quickly knowing all you own may be lost forever…


Once you know what those things are, may I suggest you use that as your filter for what you buy in the future? It is a very important exercise and I am sorry it took an actual evacuation for me to have done this exercise. I encourage you to try this exercise before it is not JUST an exercise.


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