Finish it! Almost Done is NOT Done. 3 Tips to Becoming a FINISHER.

Finish it!

Are you done?

Ahhh… that would be a NO!

One year after a home renovation begun in my neighborhood, this is still the status of this property. Such a little thing. No big deal – Right? As I considered how they could stop and leave their place in this condition one year later, I realized many of us do this in so many other areas of our lives and think it doesn’t matter.

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Why do people stop short of completing a project?

Why Not finish?

I think it is simply distractions and lack of focus. If you are diagnosed with ADD, then you have a medical explanation for this happening. Even so, people with ADD deliberately look for strategies to keep them focused and on task. Why shouldn’t you?

Not finishing is against my nature. I am a finisher! Now, I will admit, there are things that I start that I decide are not worth my time and I decide to set it aside. That is not the same as not finishing something I decided was worth doing. If I decide to do it. It gets done. Done does not mean perfect. Done for me, means completed to the best of my ability at that point in time.

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I have several published books that prove I can finish what I start. Those are the most public proof I can offer a reader of this post. Please check out my Amazon profile to see I am telling you the truth here.

Bringing closure to something and being able to check it off my task list brings me incredible satisfaction.

One of the books I contributed to is titled, FROM PAIN TO PURPOSE. This was one of my most daunting projects because this project was a collaborative effort with other co-authors. Teamwork is something I avoid because over time I have found most people I meet – even inspiring ones, do not have my work ethic. In fact, there were several other contributors who indicated an interest in being in this collaborative effort that never met the deadlines for submission of content and updates that they were cut from the finished product. Those I did work with, for the most part, I had to encourage, remind, and nudge along to the finish line.

Rev. Tony Davis, one of the contributors honestly admits that he only finished his contribution because of those nudges. Coach Andre’ Williams, another contributor, had this to say about me having gotten to know me well over time:

So, this morning’s walk – seeing this still unfinished home project reminded me not to take for granted this superpower I have of being a finisher. It also inspired me to share my best 3 tips to help you move along to becoming a finisher too.

3 Tips to Becoming a Finisher

  1. Give the project a time slot in your planner. Forget just noting things on a ‘To Do’ list. If time is not scheduled for something, time will not magically become available to get that thing done. Exercising and getting dressed are blocked out on my planner because they take time to accomplish and I cannot be in two places at once. If I do not plan the time for those things to happen then time will move along and things either do not get done or get done in a rush.
  2. Take over or reassign tasks if necessary. If others have a role to play in moving the project along, check in often for updates, reminders and status reports. If someone is becoming a roadblock or slowing the process, if they can’t be moved to move, then find another route to getting the project back on track.
  3. Delegate. A big reason for distractions being welcomed is to avoid boredom. Most projects, even things within your area of passion, may have tasks you hate doing. Like the artist who hates cleaning up after a project. Like the building contractor who would rather not clean up a job site. Delegate or sub-contract out the tasks within a project you can’t or won’t do. Rather than ignore those things or procrastinate because you really don’t want to do them, delegating them away will ensure those tasks still get done.
  4. BONUS TIP: Get an accountability partner. For the self-employed, this may be the most difficult. Reporting to no one often means not getting much done. Join a Mastermind, including a spouse, ask a friend to hold you accountable. Self-management is a skill many have not mastered and becoming your own boss does not magically create this ability.


Clients who I agree to work with will find me to be a person they like/hate. I am immune to excuses. All I hear is blah blah blah, it wasn’t done.  If you decided it was worth doing, then – do it. I am willing to be that Coach, Mastermind, Accountability partner if you wish – but you are perfectly capable of getting anything done that you intend to do.

Today, I encourage you to BECOME A FINISHER!

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