Bury Yourself! Too Many Go Fund Me Funerals. The Insurance Answer.

Funerals seem to be a ‘Go Fund Me’ top request.  The sad thing is, this is a professional begging facilitation that families resort to.  The person being buried did not have insurance to pay for their death and that bill is forwarded to those left behind.  On top of  grieving the hole in their heart for the missing person, Go Fund Me is an option for trying to avoid a hole in their wallets too.

Go Fund Me was not around when my grandmother died.  Thing is, the family also had to chip in to give her a final farewell.  She died in 2009 having just lost her retirement to the Wall Street failure of the 2006-2010 recession.  She did not have life insurance.  She thought she did.  I remembered her mentioning it often, but when I checked, an agent had convinced her to buy the cheaper accident insurance.  She died from health and aging complications so that insurance was no good.


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Thinking about your inevitable death is never fun, but for the love of those left behind, it truly is necessary.  In any financial plan, accommodations must be made for this day.  It is going to happen, the X factor is the when.

If the person passing is the family’s main income earner, the problems left behind escalate even more.  Can kids attend or finish college?  Will the wife and kids lose their home?


The Insurance Answer

The older you are when you look into the insurance answer, the more this solution will cost you, and the fewer options available for to you.  Christian income earners, please do not be guilty of failing to address this important stewardship issue.  Your stewardship of your family, how you care for and manage your family is very important, and your legacy does not have to end when you die.  A profitable steward will leave profit behind and possibly even more, having died.

Insurance is not necessary if you are affluent with enough to cover a funeral, pay off your home and other debt and leave money for your family – but even the wealthy use insurance strategically.  Insurance is leverage.  Insurance is using OPM (other people’s money).  Insurance is exposing very little of your money over long periods of time for a possible payout that exceeds what you put in.

For example, if a 40-year-old man qualifies for an insurance product that costs him $70/month for a $250,000 payout to his family.  Let’s say, he pays into this for 15 years, at which point he dies.

$70 x12 months = $840/year

$840 x 15 years = $12,600

$250,000 – $12,600 = $237,400


If you died now, will your family need to beg to be able to say their final farewell?

If you died now, will your family need to walk away from their home and life and be in poverty?

Take Action If your answers above have you thinking you need to take corrective action, I do have a resource for you.




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4 thoughts on “Bury Yourself! Too Many Go Fund Me Funerals. The Insurance Answer.

  1. martinrpringle

    Nope – We’re all sorted in this family!! Great post Trudy.
    It is amazing the amount of people who don’t cater for when they pass on. Also, a lot of people don’t bother with Life Insurance because they are “fit and healthy”, so in their mind, they don’t need LI. However, when you are fit and well, is the perfect time they nee to get things like this sorted because it is too late if something happens to them unexpectedly!!

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