Change Your Mind Change Your Life! Why this Works Powerfully.

Change your mind change your life!

Almost any, and every Guru you come across will tell you this – and they should. It’s totally true.

Before you push this phrase to the cute memes file of useless things – I hope to create a conversation in your head that will help you deliberately decide

  • what it is you believe
  • why,
  • if that belief is serving you and,
  • why changing your mind will change your life
  • how religion is powerful in this realm

Sorry, it is not your favorite Guru who came up with this idea. William James (1842) is the originator of this concept, “Change your mind, change your life.”

Belief Drives Action

Beliefs drive our actions. This is called the Pygmalion Effect, or a self-fulfilling prophecy. What you believe will determine how you move, what you do and why you do it.


If a woman believes her husband is cheating on her, every move he makes is suspicious and it will affect her ability to be intimate with him as before. Conversely, if she completely trusts her man, believes him to be faithful – she will be more relaxed, open, and responsive to intimacy. Now, if she believed him to be cheating and found out she was wrong on that, that would blow holes in her belief and she would be able to change her mind about seeing him as a cheater and trust him again.

If you believe your boss is a Hard A$$, then when you mess up you may worry about being let go. Conversely, if you believe your boss is a pushover, you may mess up more often without worry. Now, if you believed him a Hard A$$ and went in scared to find him fair and reasonable, that could blow holes in your belief and allow you to re-evaluate and change your mind about him.

What we believe determines our actions. Therefore, changing what you believe will also change your actions. Within this strategic solution is also a clue to the real problem being solved. You see, the phrase says, “change your mind, change your life” – but what it really should say is, change what you believe, to change your mind, to change your life.

Actions Create Results

If your results are not what you hoped for, nor intended – then, if you deconstruct from your results back to the origin – what you believed; you might be very surprised. Most will not bother to do this. They simply whine about the results and look for someone to drop the blame on. Believing the cause of the bad result is outside of you allows people to never need to include themselves in the review. Include yourself, and the light begins to reveal all sorts of uncomfortable things.

When you look at a season of disappointment and lack of success in your life:

If you believed you would not succeed:

  • could that explain your level of effort and energy to the task?
  • could that explain why you never even started at all?

If you believed the price of the product was too high:

  • could that explain your reluctance to move forward with the deal?
  • could that impact your willingness to ask for the sale?

If you believed that person had their life altogether and were doing well:

  • could that explain why you never approached them with your offer?
  • could that explain why you were sure they would never want to join you even if you did ask?

change your mind, belief,


Change Your Mind

If you can change your mind about your life, you can change your life. This is where the real challenge is. Changing your mind is not easy.

An alcoholic can agree they should stop drinking and still continue to get drunk.

Agreeing you should change will not usher in that change.

It takes much more than an agreement to bring a change of mind. Changing your mind is not easy.

Years and years of programming has brought us where we are today. Our culture, family, associates, experiences and more have created a belief system that we operate by. Changing that belief system is not easy.

Change can and does happen though. Sometimes it happens gradually. Sometimes it happens in an instant. Change always happens when the belief system is challenged and holes are poked in it.

For the person who had a salvation experience, for example – believing your past has been forgiven and you have a brand new slate is like having your new year resolution on steroids. Also, believing in a powerful God who offers external assistance to your weakness allows the Christian to have a mind change so powerful that change in life is inevitable. A real salvation experience has allowed millions all over the world to give up whoring, drinking, drugs for example, in a single moment.

Changing your mind requires a change in your belief system. Your belief system will not voluntarily change itself. Challenge of your belief system is required. You may stumble into an experience that brings change to your belief (positive or negative change), or you can create the environment that is a catalyst to that challenge.

Changing your Belief System

Agreeing you need to change your mind about things is the first step to you moving toward seeking out the environment to help bring that change. Things like changing your network, walking in the shoes of someone else, getting a mentor/Coach, or simply changing your perspective. Regardless, changing your mind requires a challenge to your belief system.

Don’t like your results/life? Change your mind. Do you still think this is just Guru mumbo jumbo?


If you want to enjoy life more abundantly you may need to change your mind about some things. Connect with me for a free discovery session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with just for you resources to help you take your next logical step.

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