Contagious Energy in Leaders – the Secret Gift of the Best of the Best.

Leaders exist all around us. You reading this post right now, are a leader to someone – whether you know it or not. The thing is, not all leaders lead those around them to good places and not all intentionally take those following them to think and be better. Finding role models is not easy to do, but may be the crucial step to helping you ‘see’ your brilliant possible future.

As a Vacation Bible School teacher, there were a bunch of 4th-grade boys in the church known for their rowdy behavior. Many a volunteer had their share of frustration dealing with them as they were passed from volunteer to volunteer that had grown weary of their antics. They finally arrived in my group for ‘baby sitting’, because no one really expected them to learn much. The goal was to ‘manage them’ till their parents returned.

Within minutes, the antics began. My group of eager listeners had many disruptions and of course, for the sake of those who wanted to learn, I had to step in. I pulled those young men aside and celebrated them. I pointed out their ability to lead others to action. Instead of leading others to be disruptive, I asked if I could count on their help to get the class to get through the lesson of the day. I assigned each boy a leadership task and I was surprised at how well they executed it.

Their classmates easily followed them and each held their head a tad bit higher for being acknowledged for their leadership and invited to contribute meaningfully.

These young men had a contagious energy, and I believe this is the secret gift of the best leaders I have run across in my time.

Last night at a meeting with Andy Albright, owner of National Agents Alliance, the insurance company I am recently connected with, I observed how we all hung on his every word. He and I spoke briefly and when he shook my hand I almost imagined a transfer of energy beyond just inspiration. He looked me straight in the eyes as we chatted. I felt that every word I said was heard and I felt that he was completely present to the conversation. I knew I was in the presence of greatness and almost imagined him willing me to step into a higher elevation where the air was definitely different.

Andy is worth $485 Million according to sources that I cannot verify. While I cannot provide you with documented proof of his net worth, I can tell you he is the owner and CEO of an insurance agency with thousands of Agents. Andy owns a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a personal jet. His 15-year-old company has won the trust of some of the biggest and oldest insurance companies in the USA, such as Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica and Columbian Life; so it is fair to say this would not have happened if he was not legitimate. Remember, the life insurance industry is highly regulated. Integrity is required. No financial shenanigans are tolerated and come with heavy penalties for non-compliance with Fiduciary rules.

Andy’s presence gave this meeting a new energy, a very contagious energy. This man has proven to be more than just a celebrity but a change agent in many lives. So many leaders of humble origin name this man as being instrumental in their growth and prosperity. He is so personable and treated the new working class agent with the same grace as he did his top, millions making leaders.

How many leaders do you know that have created this kind of presence and gift to others?

Those who have come in contact with this man want to do their best to receive another even more valuable gift – his applause.

Andy Albright celebrates those who make an effort to improve their condition. He remains immune to noisy hype and rewards performance. A¬†newer Agent and top performer honestly declared from the stage that her push to success was simply to hear Andy tell her “well done”.

Some leaders briefly inspire, and some influence for eternity. The difference is the intangible gift of this contagious energy. If I ever learn how to harness and bottle this energy – I will be a very wealthy woman.

Many of the top brass in the National Agents Alliance has developed this energy so I have concluded it is not a quality people have to be born with and it can be learned. How?

  • Hang with other successful, positive people
  • Do the Do. In other words, do the work so you have your own success.
  • Share your story often and be vulnerable, and honest.
  • Get your mind right. Mindset is the switch from scarcity and negativity to abundance.
  • Look people in the eye when you speak with them, and be present to the conversation.
  • Invest in those who make an effort to learn from you.

There may be other secrets to this energy I have not yet discovered, but I will eventually. It is my goal to not just inspire, but to influence others to profitable stewardship.

Have you experienced this contagious energy from a leader? How are you affected when you get around that person? Please share that with me.

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