Dark Days Ahead. Are You Ready for a Blackout? I May Have YOUR Light!

Dark days are looming ahead according to recent news.

If you thought the recession of 2006-2010 was bad, are you ready for more dark days?  If your home lost power, I am sure you have a flashlight and candles handy just in case.  Well, are you even minimally prepared should the economy follow the dark path projected by financial analysts?

Political decisions can create a temporary band-aid to a bleeding economy; but eventually, the hidden realities will spill out and take many by surprise.  I am hoping to help you avoid that.

My husband has been inspecting 60 foreclosed homes a week for the last 5 years.  I keep hoping he will run out of homes to inspect but that has not happened yet.

As a former Trader, I continue to follow certain market news and charts.  This January 24, 2017, CNBC news release is the most troubling and the fact that it made the news means what the white collar Executives have known long ago is now (much later) being shown to the public. Still, many have not seen this news, will not see this news, or ignore the ramifications of it. I hope you will at least be made aware, and even better, be prepared, just in case.

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TWO DAYS INTO A TRUMP PRESIDENCY WE GET THIS NEWS? You think they did not see this coming and waited for this time to tell us? Brace Yourselves!  This should come under the idea of insider trading as far as I am concerned. They KNOW something.  If they are selling, who is buying?  I think there are suckers in the market and I hope it is not you.

The News Networks Warn of Dark Days Ahead

The other news I watch is anything to do with job creation/loss.  Pre the 2016 election, several companies had left the USA for cheaper labor and easy import options.  Several jobs were deported to the benefit of foreign countries, and more were positioned to follow.  President Trump worked aggressively to stop the bleed of American enterprise leaving our shores, and even got some already gone to agree to return – but is it enough?  Is it too late?

The forecast for the upcoming years do not look good, and I truly do not care which President caused or inherited the problem, the problem could hit our wallets and our homes and that is what I care about.


Be Prepared! Have alternative Options.

This past weekend, there was a storm watch here in Tampa, Florida.  This storm had caused the death of 15 in Georgia and was headed our way.  Our city was on watch and even my cell phone rang off a few state triggered alarms begging us to be prepared, and to be ready to act on that information.

Consider this your noisy alarm.  If you are reading this, you are at least informed, aware, and hopefully prepared for dark days, or will be.

Pre the 2006 recession, my family had a financially comfortable existence but we had nothing in place for disasters.  The disaster in the form of the recession hit, and wiped out our comforts and even threatened our very basic existence.  We survived that storm and kept our home and cars, but others were not so lucky.  Many had these basic amenities (for the average American family) ripped from their possession.

What concerns me is, our family has just recovered at a fair level from our recessionary losses, but not enough to have a nest egg for another big hit.  What about you?  I am working aggressively to build in that buffer and I truly hope there is enough time to do so before what seems to be looming ahead touches down.

One of the first things to go in crazy economic times are jobs – and with income losses, other lifestyle challenges are inevitable.  Having multiple income streams will help if the eggs in one basket suddenly disappear.

Some of you may be painfully aware that adding another j-o-b may help bring in more money, but it strips away time with loved ones and personal play time.  Flexible, online, and passive income opportunities are simpler ways to create additional income baskets.

Trying to start a new income opportunity in the middle of a financial crisis creates mindset and belief distractions and low confidence going into it – which can stack the odds against your adventure from the start.  Dark days lead to dark circumstances. Starting to build your options now, when there is an income flow to your home when the economy is still humming along, makes the best sense.

If you already have multiple income streams, now is the time to review and pump them up.

Have Multiple Income Options

I am a Solution Master! I am a candle in a dark room, a light in a dark world.  Before you say that sounds inflated, I know this about myself because the Bible says so.

Matthew 5:14-16 ““You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.  Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.   In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”

I may have your income opportunity here for you.  Connect with me to position your family now for additional income rather than have all your eggs in one basket – a basket you have zero control over.



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