Death Loss is Painful. Paying for the funeral you can’t afford, is also painful.

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Losing a loved one to death is very painful. Outliving a child is a parent’s worse nightmare come true. Not being able to afford the honorable goodbye is heart-wrenching.

life insurance, insuring your kids, life insurance for children, outliving a child, The image above was captured from a video which you can click here to watch. I am sure that like me, you look at this picture and you can feel this mother’s pain.

Young people are the least likely to purchase life insurance, and parents struggle with the idea of purchasing life insurance for their kids as if it is some kind of ‘profiting on their death’ or worse, ushering in the death by activating a policy. I am not sure where this myth so many buys into comes from, but let me assure you, I have encountered this kind of thinking repeatedly in my career. I addressed this thinking in a video I made some years ago:

Amazingly, these same parents have the car, home or renter’s insurance – and those things are less valuable than lives. If a parent dies, their lives can never be replaced but with strategic planning, your income could be.

I woke to this post in my Facebook newsfeed. The fact that I know the young man makes it harder because it feels close to home. I am happy to tell you though, unlike most 25-year-olds, this dad does have life-insurance in place. I love his mindset, courage, and determination in light of his diagnosis and he is on my personal prayer-list.


Old age is a privilege that some never get to enjoy. WAITING till you are older to buy life insurance also makes acquiring it more limiting in options and more expensive in price. If you provide an income for your household, life insurance should be a non-negotiable right up there with your car insurance bill. If you are a stay-at-home parent, do not discount the financial contribution you bring to the table, even if it is not in the form of an income. If something happens to you, the things you do now, a paid substitute may have to stand in for you – a paid caregiver, babysitter, house keeper, and so on.

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