The DREADED Phone Call. Being READY for Life’s Inevitables.

“Dad is in the Emergency room, AGAIN!”

That was the call I received last night at 7:30 pm.  My parents live 4-hours south of me, so all I could do is sit by the phone waiting for updates.  I did not sleep well.

For someone who sells love extensions through death compensation (aka – life insurance), this discomfort was even worse! I am fully aware that my dad’s will is not up-to-date and even though I provided him with all the tools to update it.  I offered to help him, but apart from the possible privacy of him not wanting me to know his plans, he is competent to the task – just procrastinating.  Tomorrow is never guaranteed, people.


This content is for adults with aging parents.  Do not assume parents:

  • have their life transition plan in place.
  • have the funds for an appropriate send off in place.
  • have considered what’s next for the surviving spouse.
  • have enough money to carry on if one pension goes away.

To assume any of the above is to suddenly find your life significantly impacted with time and income impacting demands that could re-rail your future.

In this post, I offer FREE and affordable resources to make this planning happen with your aging parents.

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My father is 78-years-old.  For a man his age, he is still strong and active, but he is fading.  The family was all together recently, and I inquired as I always do if he had all his life-transition plans in place.  This is an easy conversation for us, not only because of my work, and the fact that I am the eldest child, but also because my dad is dealing with the fall-out of the impact of his brother’s recent death without a will in place.

The thing is, his brother’s death impacted him more than I anticipated.  My father lost more than a brother.  Uncle Rupert was also his best friend and confidante.  Ever since his passing, a lot of my father’s zip has zapped.

This loss of energy is why my father’s will is not up-to-date.  I will be making a trip shortly and taking care of this update one way or the other.  I pray time permits that, however, he does have all the necessary pieces in place and even if things do not go as planned, we should still be fine.

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Things change.  Assets are acquired and sold.  New births and deaths change potential beneficiaries to a will.  No one wants a will challenged by an excluded person whose exclusion was unintentional – trust me.

As a Paralegal, I have witnessed too many family squabbles over asset distributions and at a time when people are grieving the loss of the family member – it seems silly to have these fights but they do happen.

What is even more painful, is when there is a passing with no preparation.  Social media is littered with Go Fund Me funeral begging.  Death is a certainty, yet people fail to plan for it leaving the burden on their grieving family.

This is why I call my insurance products, love extension via death compensation.

Love never goes away even when the one you love does.  Having a life insurance policy in place is one way to demonstrate love beyond the grave.  Life insurance policies pay out quickly and provide urgently needed funds to take care of urgent needs that show up when a family member transitions from earth to eternity.  Life insurance is a product that offers fast financial compensation for the life lost.  All lives are priceless, however, the cost of funerals, mortgages, and continuing life for those still here is not.  The payout from a policy will compensate for income contribution lost.  If this is not a forward thinking way to continue to provide and show love beyond the grave, then what else would you call this?

That is why I call what I do, selling LOVE extension via death compensation.  I refuse to call the payout a BENEFIT!  What benefit is there in losing someone???  I had to reframe many of the terminologies in my industry as I considered what I do from my own perspective.  How would I feel?  How do I feel about it regarding my loved ones?

You need to have the hard conversation BEFORE you get that dreaded phone call.  It will be hard to do, but even harder if not done.  Pick your hard!

None of us like to consider our mortality. In fact, I think insurance is something we procrastinate on because truly, eternity is built into our DNA.  We rarely consider our own deaths, we rarely consider the deaths of those we love because eternity is built into our DNA.  I am convinced of this because the Bible says so.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 He [God] has made everything suited to its time; also, he has given human beings an awareness of eternity; but in such a way that they can’t fully comprehend, from beginning to end, the things God does.”

We are eternal beings in earthly bodies.  I encourage you to read an article I posted earlier titled Exit Insurance.  Two Types You Should Have Before You Go.

So, before YOU get the dreaded phone call, be proactive regarding your aging parents, and while you are at it, take a look at your children and think ahead for them too.  I have some resources for you.

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