EXCUSES? Re-frame Them into BOSS Reasons for Your SUCCESS!

Excuses. Explanations.  Reason. Justifications. Blame. Defence. I could go on and on. The Thesaurus offers almost 40-word options to the word ‘excuse’. We all have them. The problem is when we offer them up repeatedly in whiny fashion to remove/reduce guilt as to why success is still unattained.

I certainly had mine.  I remember being very angry at my life, that my kids and their schedule and needs kept me ‘home bound’ and challenged to create my schedule of success.  I could not attend this conference, or do that thing, or have enough time to pursue or complete that. When the conversation of how ‘bad my life was’ came up, I was quick to point the blame at my inability to move to success and even heard myself refer to my kids as my ‘ball and chain’.

I am embarrassed to admit this publicly where I can be quoted.  However, I am just being transparent with you.  I have been there.  I have done it. I delayed my own success, and I blamed others.


Excuses Hide the CLUES to Your WHY

In one of the many courses I paid for, I was asked to define my “WHY?” for doing what I chose to do.  I immediately cited my kids as an integral core for doing what I do.  My wanting more for them than we could currently provide was why I attempted to engage in a business from home.

As I re-read what I wrote, the ball and chain hit me in the head and I woke up.

I was privileged to be home with my kids.  The fact that we decided to survive on one income, allowing me the freedom to be home, flexible, and with my kids was something to celebrate, not to whine about.  I am sure I made my husband flinch a number of times with the things I let escape from my complaining mouth.

The fact that I had the OPTION to decide how my day flowed, what I did at what time was a blessing, and it was this freedom and my desire for more that made me not settle into the role of ‘Suzy Homemaker’ but push to research the HOW I could make money from home.

Subliminally, the why pushed me to decide to have a home-based business, but realizing my why in my conscious state is what triggered my ‘AHA!’ and my mental switch from dishing out excuses to embracing my reasons.

By re-framing my excuses into reasons, I was fueled to success.

Common Excuses

Excuses are common because we have all used them. We have all heard the very ones we use.

Think about it for a minute!  Think about YOUR excuses you often, and quickly rattle off.  Here are some common ones you have used or heard:

  • I don’t have the time.
  • Technology scares me
  • I tried that before and it didn’t work
  • I can’t do public speaking
  • I am way too busy
  • I don’t have the money
  • My spouse won’t let me
  • That seems too complicated for me
  • I’m interested, but maybe later
  • It seems awesome, but it costs too much
  • I’m too young
  • I’m too old
  • I’m too ill
  • I’m too shy
  • I don’t have a network of friends who will support me
  • I have a criminal background so no one will give me a chance


I am sure there are more, but these are very common I am sure you will agree.

Every one of those excuses can be re-framed into a reason for success. In fact, I guarantee these very reasons are BOSS reasons for your success IF you re-frame them.

If success is your desired outcome and these reasons are a hurdle, then either accept defeat and quit reading and wallow in your self-pity, or decide that those ‘excuses’ are the very reason WHY you need success.



Here are a few re-frame examples:

  • BECAUSE I do not have time now, I need to do this so that in the near future I WILL HAVE time to do what I want.
  • BECAUSE I am broke now, I MUST do this so that I will never be broke again.
  • BECAUSE I am too busy, I MUST address my priorities and give my time only to those things that move me forward.
  • BECAUSE I have a criminal background and others are less likely to give me a chance I MUST create my own opportunity.
  • BECAUSE my spouse won’t let me, I must figure out a way to create a better platform of trust and personal freedom because not having freedom inside a marriage is suffocating and limiting to the growth of our love.
  • BECAUSE I tried that before, I know what mistakes I made and know to tweak or avoid those in the future.
  • BECAUSE I am shy I need to take those baby steps to either develop my boldness or to continue till I find those opportunities that are perfect for ‘behind the scenes’ type of people.



You can see the hurdle, or you can use that hurdle to burn as fuel to your success.

It truly is a mindset shift and I invite you to shift.

SHIFT HAPPENS! I hope it will happen for you.

Keep Your Excuses to Yourself Please

Frankly, I cannot stand a whiny victim.  I will offer help long enough to determine if that person will insist on wallowing in their excuse vomit, or are willing to clean up their act and use those hurdles as stepping stones.

I cannot allow negativity around me because it can become contagious and toxic and could infect my space, so having observed it, I am quick to help solve it, or move along.  If I have to remove myself from being around you, please do not take it as an insult.  I must protect my own mind and heart from those who vomit up that crap on a continuous basis.  I am not just intending to survive till I die.  I intend to thrive successfully.  I am, everyday, becoming a more #Profitable Steward (manager) of what God has put under my control.  I destroy my excuses as use them as fodder for my success fire that burns constantly within me.

If you are ready to become a (more) profitable steward too, then connect with me.  Be prepared to cut up that stash of excuses and reframe them into fuel for your success.  Find that fire within.  It can and will exist if you light it and keep it burning. I am super simple to find, and I do look forward to connecting with you.


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