Making a Million. Grant Cardone shows how simple.

Making a million.

So many of us want this end result but are clueless how to achieve it. My mentor and former Coach recently published this post on Facebook with clear examples of how to make a million.


I highly recommend you follow this multi-millionaire mogul on his social media pages because just like this wisdom, he shares money nuggets for free all the time. Some of you may even take his course like I did for a deeper commitment to self-improvement and getting closer to our goals.

So making a million seems totally doable from his post.

The next thing to notice is he breaks this down into a timeline as well. I was most interested in the lower half of the list as they suggest ways to achieve that goal in one calendar year. If you are an entrepreneur, take another look at your product line(s) and create sales goals using a similar breakdown. Heck, you could even consider coming up with a subscription sale to hit the $17/month to 5000 people option. WHY NOT?

I hope your brain starts clicking with ideas as mine is.

If you think making a million feels more doable now, comment – DOABLE in the comments box below. Now go make YOUR million! I am sure as heck working to make mine.

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