To Have a Better than Basic Existence, You Need More Money. Go Get You Some.

You need more money.

Ecclesiastes 10:19 “[ ] money has an answer for everything.”

Yes, it is an astute financial strategy to live within your means. If your income is inadequate to support the life you insist on having, and to enjoy that lifestyle means racking up debt, then maybe it is time you found better and/or other legal ways to increase your money.

Temporary hardship as a strategic move to permanent lifestyle improvement is worthy. Perpetual hardship for temporary lifestyle treats is, well – short-sighted.

Debt is never a worthy pursuit, but racking up debt for consumable treats like party clothes and expensive meals leads to a different future than running up debt to invest in learning a new skill or starting a business.

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Even if you have a job, setting aside a portion of your income to invest in opportunities that deliver an ROI (return on investment) is a good thing. Not everyone is destined to be their own boss, nor should everyone have that plan.

For those that want to explore and expand their talent, self-manage their time, and direct their future – then creating your own income may be a worthy pursuit. Starting a business from scratch versus starting with a turn-key option also changes the ROI outcome too. Re-inventing the wheel is always expensive and redundant. Even if you decide to start a business from scratch, look for templates, blueprints, or checklists from others who have done something similar.

Finding or affording a franchise is not always easy – but there are options, including Micro-franchise opportunities, otherwise known as Direct Sales, Network Marketing or MLM. If you can understand the idea of owning a McDonalds, then miniaturize that and you have a micro-franchise opportunity. I guarantee you can find a micro-franchise in an industry you love. For example:

  • Love to cook?  Yep! There is an opportunity for that.
  • Love makeup?  Yep! There is an opportunity for that.
  • Love Fitness? Yep! There is an opportunity for that.
  • Love to serve and help others improve their financial situation? Yep! There is an opportunity for that.

Life does not tend to hand out prosperity to all just because we exist. Prosperity is a choice you pursue yourself. If you need more money to take you out of your current condition and make life a bit more comfortable and filled with experiences you enjoy with those you love – YOU NEED MORE MONEY! Go get you yours!

Option 1: I may be able to help you figure out your next logical move – even if it is not with me on one of my teams.  Sometimes we just need to hear ourselves think with guided questions to flush out our subconscious desire for our more prosperous future. Connect with me for a FREE Discovery Session. I guarantee you the gift of feeling heard and walking away with resources to take you to your next logical step.

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