OBAMAcare. TRUMPcare. Who Cares? Our Dependents – That’s Who!

Obamacare or Trumpcare could cause a heated debate which I am not about to engage in. The option to care for our dependents is actually not up for negotiation. At the end of the day, it is our duty to care for those depending on us. Decisions by the government as to which ___care is enforced only serves to make our jobs easier or harder, that is all.

I recently posted a Democratic Tweet to my Insurance Business Facebook page. Honestly, I was not attempting to make a political statement, but I think the responders may have been responding more to the political sentiment than the actual one. For the curious – I am a LIBERAL! I was a Ron Paul fan when he was running. He was a ‘take care of our own’ kinda guy. A bit kooky in personality, but not big on global interference or heavy subsidizing of those who could help themselves. The beauty of being a Liberal is, I will agree with anyone who posts what I agree with. Not agree because they ride a certain side of the political fence.

What do you think? Here is the post in question:


As at the time of this post, 

So based on the emoji’s I was convinced this was a political response by those who viewed the post because parents with Special Needs often have an above average need for healthcare. Trumpcare is still in negotiation at the time of this post, so Obamacare is still in force. The fact that this Democratic sympathizer saw it fit to identify Go Fund Me as “our nation’s leading health care provider” while we are still under Obamacare amuses me. Does this mean Obamacare is not working even for those who support it? Not sure!

I do agree that those who need healthcare the most should never be denied it, penalized, or having to go without because the system does not support their wellbeing.

What Trumpcare will ultimately look like is still up in the air so all those who are afraid of Trumpcare are frankly afraid of their imagination of Trumpcare since it does not yet exist and is being fiercely fought in Congress and by the democratic side of the public.

As a Liberal, I am in wait-and-see mode. I am not sure what this egotistical billionaire will do. What I do know is, as a Parent and adult child of dependents – I focus on my own first. The fact that I sell Financial Services makes me careful to practice what I preach.

I take care of my own and it is my job to do no matter what the government does or does not do. I agree, the system can make my job easier, or it can add challenges and hurdles. I will fight where I must, however – at the end of the day, the care of my dependents is my duty.


So what plans do you have in place? Is Go Fund Me – YOUR Healthcare or Funeral plan?

None of us PLAN to die, but it will happen.  How is the void filled when you are gone?

A life lost cannot ever be replaced, but money can solve a lot of problems.

Click on the picture to be able to read what the pics say.

As income earners, many of these may make up the reasons WHY you work as hard as you do. Our dependents are counting on us, and once we are gone, their lifestyle could change drastically if we have not given that fact serious consideration.

No one buys insurance to have yet another bill to pay.  Duh! We buy insurance because we love those who depend on us – that’s my reason anyway. It is also the reason why I feel honored to serve those who see the point in taking this loving action that keeps giving beyond the grave.

dependents, go fund me,

If you are a Florida Family in need of coverage for your dependents or want some safe money options that will continue to deliver an income stipend even when you are gone, connect with me.

If you live outside of Florida, I will connect you with a teammate who is licensed to serve in your state.

If you believe a career in insurance may be something you want to look further into, connect with me. Having obtained my Real Estate Broker’s license, trained as a Paralegal, and run my own start-from-scratch business, I have found insurance to be the best for me. Why?

  • Litte out-of-pocket investment to get running,
  • flexible schedule,
  • no inventory that ties up wads of funds and takes a while to liquidate,
    less stress,
  • pays very well with no glass ceiling.

This is a professional industry with high trust and requires licensing and a background check. We help you with the licensing. As long as you have no felonies, I invite you to connect with me regarding this income opportunity.

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