Scattered? Multiple Distractions? Controlling Entrepreneur ADHD.

shiny object, ADHD, scattered, unfocused,Scattered?  Multiple distractions? Unfocused?  This is never the intention, but it is the statistical end result for many.  As the start-up or home-based entrepreneur builds their business, wearing multiple hats is the order of the day.

I know this scenario very well.  I lived that scattered approach for a long time and then one day I bit the bullet and decided to hire help.  BEST DECISION EVER!  Sometimes, doing less (of certain things) gives you so much more time (to do better things).  

At first, I questioned the logic, timing, and fiscal responsibility of this decision. How much would I have to pay to get the kind of help I needed? Where was the money going to come from to pay her?Training her would take time, would it be worth it? if I invested in her and she quit later?  Would she work as I needed her to?  What would I delegate away and what would I continue to do myself?

All legitimate questions that just happened to answer themselves as I dived in.

Scattered Attention Means Unfocused Energy

work space,Lack of capital, or in order to save money, many entrepreneurs and leaders are carrying the entire workload from answering phones, to janitorial services in their workspace.  At the end of the day, scattered attention means very little productive time. This is a takeaway from the most important money-making part of the operation.



So, I bit the bullet and hired this College Freshman.  As I anticipated, she was computer savvy, a clean slate, teachable, and eager to earn and learn.  She was a great side-kick and good help.  Her presence added a level of professionalism to my operation and most importantly, freed me up to secure more money-making opportunities and the business grew.

Well, I trained her so well, she moved on to start her own copy-cat operation.  She was unsuccessful in her efforts, but it was overall an eye-opening experience.  Needless to say, I was in an ambivalent mindset.  Do I hire again and teach another person to be my direct competitor? Do I go back to being a lone operator and shrink?

Welcome to Fiverr, Upwork (formerly Odesk), and freelancers; to name a few.

I am still looking for a replacement to this in-house help, but in the meantime, I have found great assistance and quality work outside through various outsourcing opportunities.

Now, entrepreneurial ADHD is also a problem for those of us who cannot ignore shiny objects.  I talked about that in an earlier post.  Shiny object ADHD is a problem, but that is not my focus here in this post.  This form of entrepreneurial ADHD is the unfocused attention to what brings in the money or any of the other reasons for us being in business in the first place.

The thing is, all those other things still need to get done.  Someone does need to answer the phones, tidy the space, file the papers, follow up on unpaid invoices, contact vendors, handle the marketing, look for new customers, and yes deliver on the offer to those who have become customers.  Trying to do it all by yourself is a recipe for frustration and slow growth.

Today, there are so many other small businesses that welcome freelance, or contract work than ever before.  Today, we can re-route our inbound calls to call centers who can field all our calls, offer easy answers, take messages, and give the appearance of having a larger operation than a one-person show.  We can hire out SEO, hire in occasional janitorial help, farm out editing of our written work, have an online relationship with an accountant and more.  Today, we can dial down our entrepreneurial ADHD and get more focused simply by finding outsourcing options for those tasks we dislike, aren’t that good at, or suck time away from where we shine, enjoy, and should be present to.

Growth is good.  Technology has allowed us to be more efficient, however hiring help is why economies welcome small businesses and start-ups.  We are the driving force of the economy, and as our businesses grow, we create jobs, helping other homes have the income they need to survive.  Being profitable is not just a way to stay in business, it should be a mandate, a duty, a responsibility.  Leaders and entrepreneurs should seek growth for profit beyond need, because when we think beyond our own needs and seek ways to contribute to others, we fuel our own excitement for life and bring more value to the world.

#ProfitableSteward creates #DebtFreeWealth

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4 thoughts on “Scattered? Multiple Distractions? Controlling Entrepreneur ADHD.

  1. Keith Everett

    Excellent post, the online marketing space is littered with casualties of shiny object syndrome. I spent a long time doing this but I realised that being very good at a few things was a whole lot better than being not much good at a lot of things… thanks for sharing Trudy. As usual, great value..

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