Stand out in the NOISE in the Sea of Options. A 5-Point Marketing Guide.

Options. Options. Options. The volume of options to everything creates overwhelm in the selection process.  For example, the supermarket shelves have 7 brands of red peas. There are millions of posts in your Facebook feed begging to be read, and the 5 gyms in your local community are hoping you will choose membership there.

Consumers are overwhelmed with choices and what makes it to the checkout counter will determine which brands succeed and which flounder to failing.  This is an issue every entrepreneur faces as we take our products and services to the marketplace. None of us go into business expecting to fail, but surviving and thriving in the noise is a challenge we all must overcome to achieve profit and growth.

This is where I am and so this topic is first for my own exploration, the research and results of which I share with you.

Too Many Options!

There is nowhere this matters more than in the Network Marketing space. Thousands of Independent Distributors have the same website, products, and prices.  The X-factor for differentiation is YOU! You must bring your unique flavor to your business or else you will be swallowed up among the many. This applies in every business space, but the Network Marketer is often an entrepreneur by default rather than by decision and if they do not grow into their specialness quickly, they will quit before realizing the opportunity and their God-given calling.

So here is the 5-point Marketing Guide I have come up with regarding my presence in the Marketplace as I offer my products, programs, and services to you – the Christian income earner.

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The #ProfitableChristian’s 5-Point Marketing Guide to Success


#1: Do not compete. Competition is nasty and sometimes bloody. The competition also sees the landscape through the filter of SCARCITY! Cut-throat strategies are then employed to crush the others. That does not sound very loving to me and I want to stay in the realm of love and abundance.

Jesus called me to live life abundantly (John 10:10).  WHY would I then see my world through the lens of scarcity? That makes zero sense to me. There is more than enough of everything to go around to all who are willing to do the right things the right way.  There is enough money, enough customers, enough opportunity for all of us, and there is more than enough for me.

#2: Clarify Your Call. Over time my branding message has tightened up as I gained deeper clarity into who I wanted to serve, why, and how.  This is probably the most crucial strategy worth spending time and money on to get just right.  Honestly, if there is clarity in your call that alone could help separate you from the competition. Competition is mostly about being one of many.  Clarity is when you are the one of few because what you do is seen as unique. That uniqueness comes with absolute clarity.

#3: Stand for something. If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything.  The Bible puts it this way –

Hebrews 10:23 “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful;”

Sometimes, as you define your brand, what you stand for will also be obvious, and hopefully is it a declaration that goes beyond words into action.

As Christians, my husband and I have a preference for doing business with brothers and sisters in Christ first.  However, my husband had an experience that had us define this decision even further.  You see, there is a difference between a Christian business and a Christian in business. There are many Christians running operations or working in the Marketplace. Then, there is the business that claims to be Christian in its operation. The sad experience my husband had was in supporting a business that had the Christian Fish in their logo and presented their organization as a Christian business in policies and procedures but that was where the Christianity ended.  They were no evidence of Christianity in their customer service, in their staffing in their policies – nothing we could see or experience.  I will do another blog post on this in the future because this begs further discussion.


#4: Over-promise, then over-deliver!  This flies in the face of the competition who operates on a plan to UNDER promise then claim to over-deliver. Usually, their delivery matches or is inferior to the corporate promise most of the time.  Even if they do over deliver, if the promise is blah, Meh, or boring – the competitive sea just got wider.

Do not be afraid to make bold, audacious promises. Then, work to deliver on those bold promises.  You see, I have come to realize that I can afford to be bold because the others out there are content to be mediocre.  I promise results – measurable and qualitative results to those I serve. Being bold enough to offer results up front is something the competition is very rarely ready to do and to do in writing.

The Bible showed me how to do this.  As a student of the Bible, I try to mirror many things I learn there.  During the recession, I went to the Bible for answers and emerged with my book titled, THE BIBLE ON BUSINESS. In this book, I share many of the AHAs and insights I received from God.  As far as I am concerned, the Bible is a practical, relevant guide to success.  Get your copy of my book here.

God said, in Malachi 3:10 “test me in this”.  Read Malachi 3:6-12 for the whole context, but in a nutshell, God made some bold prosperity promises in this text and then went on to challenge us to test Him.  I adopted that strategy.  Make a bold promise of action = results, then challenge my clients to test me in it.  Failure to deliver said results, and I have not earned your money outside of the products you have purchased and consumed.

#5: Love the Tire-Kickers! I have seen many entrepreneurs and salespeople quickly assess someone is a ‘tire-kicker’ then snub them in the most obvious, rude way. Even if they think their behavior is ‘low-key’, just as how an animal can sense fear in a human, I believe we can sense things from others even if we cannot put ‘our finger on it’.  I say – LOVE the tire-kickers!  Here is why.

Marketing statistics now show that most people research before they buy. When they come to your website, store, or office – most are in the final stages of the decision process even though they are not ready to commit. Treat them poorly because you sense they are not ready to take out their wallet and you may have lost any opportunity for a future contract.  Competition makes this step even more vital.  Your ‘tire-kicker’ visitor has options and they will use them. Treat a visitor poorly and they simply click the NEXT button.  Treat them as a valued prospect and they may make a special note that when they are ready, they will choose you.

  • If you are a Christian in business, be like Joseph and Jacob. Your employer may quickly realize their business is blessed because of you.
  • If you are Christian business owner, decide if you are a Christian in business or a Christian business. There is a difference and you should be aware of that difference and act accordingly.
  • If you are in sales or running your business, consider how this 5-point Marketing guide may impact your results.  Feel free to connect with me to discuss these further, or to figure out how to implement these in your operation.
  • Consider signing up for my E-5 Your Biz Now Coaching Program.




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