Starting is Great. Finishing is GREATER! Adulting is Necessary.

Starting is great! Do you agree?

Sadly, many never start the very thing they wish to accomplish. That thing stays in wish land.

starting, completing,

Some start – but hold the celebrations… They fail to finish. The time and money they invested in the start are lost, never to be recaptured. Sometimes, they can pick it up later to finish, but most never pick up an abandoned project – but they are quick to tell you how that thing never worked for them. Oi Vey!

I watch this happen time and time again. I used to be guilty of this too, but I wised up really quickly. Starting something and deciding not to complete it may happen today because I have learned more about that thing to know it is not for me and made the decision to stop. Deciding to not continue in a direction is very different than just not completing what is started. Be aware of the difference.

2 Corinthians 8:11 “So now finish doing it as well, so that your readiness in desiring it may be matched by your completing it out of what you have.”

Desiring something may have you START! Having that thing is a result of your COMPLETING what was started.


What open-ended things are on your plate? Review what was unfinished and before you take on another new thing, FINISH.

OK! So your ADHD has kicked in and you are bored with that thing. Grow up! Life is not a constant entertainment delivery.  I will also assume that if you are reading this you are an adult. Some things do have boring, less than desirable steps. Heck – so many want 6-pack abs but refuse to put down the beer. I get it! That is why wishing and having are not the same. That is why desiring and deserving are not the same.

Before you envy your friend or neighbor for what they have, consider for a moment what they did, or sacrificed to have that thing. Chances are, if you would do what they did, you would get what they got. Very few things happen with secret recipes or luck. Most of us just want to believe they are because it is easier than taking responsibility for our actions or lack of.


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