Why does Success Seem so Elusive? 5 Tips to Ensure You Find Your Success.

Success seems elusive. If success was easy to accomplish, more people would have it. Despite the efforts of many, success seems difficult to achieve, and those that do enjoy success find it fleeting even if we do grab it for a moment.

As I write this post, I am actually preparing to share on the Christian Entrepreneur Network’s show on the topic of Biblical Principles for Success. Once that show is made public, I will update this post to include a link to that program.

There are principles for success, and then there are Biblical principles. The Biblical principles are universal truths. Principles for success exist, however, that will not meet the Biblical standard which is the gold standard in my opinion. For example, criminals feel successful when they achieve their goal of scamming or robbing someone. Some sales professionals will have measurable success with strong arm pushy sales tactics. None of these will qualify as Biblical principles for success so, I must clarify that the tips I share will meet the Biblical standard.

When I was growing up, like any child I had my dreams of being successful. As I voiced my thoughts out loud my father quickly lets me know, that in his eyes, no matter how much money, no matter my title, no matter how high up the social ladder I moved, if I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus, I was not successful. I am so glad I grew up in the home I did because this level of clarity is a missing ingredient for many.

My father may as well have quoted Matthew 6:33 “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

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If it were easy to be successful, many more people would be. However, the very first thing that is prudent here is to define success. To determine if a person is successful, success must be defined. This is my Tip #1.

If a student brings home a report card filled with ‘C’ grades, they might not be seen as successful. However, if those grades are a huge improvement over prior grades of ‘F’, then success is agreed. Success must be defined for someone to determine if it has been achieved or not.

How do you define your success? Have you even bothered to do that first step? Failure to define success may leave many successful people feeling like failures when they are not. Failure to define success may cause many to claim success when they are not.

Success is measurable. This is Tip #2.

If you have defined what success is, then measuring for it becomes easy. Accomplishments may be measured quantitatively or qualitatively. An example of a quantitative measure is, you made 6 more sales today than yesterday. An example of a qualitative measure is, you feel more energetic today than you did yesterday.

Whatever is measured, tracked, inspected – tends to move toward success. Failing to measure for success rarely causes people to proactively move. Which brings me to Tip #3. Accountability.

Accountability is probably the single most important component of a person moving toward success. Very few people have that strong internal drive and compass to keep moving in an environment where there is no or little accountability. Entrepreneurs who no longer have a ‘Boss’ will struggle with this the most. A Mastermind of peers may be your answer or hiring a Business Coach, and a spouse could be an accountability partner as well.

We all have a lazy streak in us, a ‘get away with as little as possible’ mentality. Mediocrity, average, doing ok is the order of the masses. The herd tends to hang together and the herd is what the leader leads.

Which brings me to Tip #4. Success can be lonely. So few become successful so the pack thins out as people move to the front. The leader is out front, not hanging back with the pack. To lead is to move away from average. If we were examining grades on a class curve, the successful student, the leader, will cause the curve to skew. A single leader can create a massive impact on the average of the herd.

Strong leaders know that leadership is a continuous ladder with unlimited possibilities. Which brings me to my final Tip #5. Leaders continue to learn and know when to shift back to the pack to learn from another leader.

If you watch a flight of birds heading south for the winter, you will realize that the leader at the front of the apex formation rotates from time to time. Leaders get tired.

Leaders need to refresh, learn some more, then take their leadership to a new level later. Leaders really never stop learning. A kid on a little league team who becomes the MVP will move on to a new team when they are older, say a varsity team. They are no longer the MVP there and they get a brand new coach. If they continue to grow in strength in their learning and training they will eventually move up again, maybe this time to a college level team with another coach. If they continue on this path, they may be a strong enough leader from the pack of possible recruits to snatch a place on a pro team where they will get yet another coach and maybe eventually become the MVP of that team. One day, that person goes on to coach their own team, starting their leadership ladder all over again.

The Bible puts it this way. Luke 6;40 says, “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.”

This is why leaders will continue to learn and move on to new Coaches and Trainers. If they want to find success at a higher level, they will need a new teacher. When fully trained, they will be as competent and as successful as that teacher. The sad thing is, many students do not make an effort to learn while in school and upon graduation cease their learning process. Many adults today have never read a book in years. This is sad, but it is the way of the herd, the average, the pack the mediocre.

Success leaves clues. It is not just a noise of unsubstantiated claims. The Bible gives us another test for separating the wannabes from the real deal. Those who are successful will have proof of that success. This goes back to Tip # 2. Success is measurable.

The Bible puts it this way. Matthew 7:19 “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.”

Galatians 5:22-23 “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 humility, self-control”

In other words. there will be PROOF, clues, evidence!

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